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  1. The hurricanes are very sad, but one of my cats passed. Sad sad bump.
  2. I don't really have any answer that would make sense either, but heh, I'm walking around in dr Martens motorcycle boots. Very little femininity, daintyness or elegance there ;-)
  3. They love women of varying heights. What's up Darkstar lately?
  4. @Buckwheat A Boyfriend? ooooooh ;-) Have fun! I hope he does not haunt you in your sleep. @RhaenysB give yourself time, as Buck said. Hugs. Thank you @Lord Sidious We just brought her to the morgue. It's truly over now. Somehow I'm glad I did not let her suffer longer, I will miss her terribly, but the worst (this morning, just before going to the vet) is over.
  5. bumping for everyone in the path of the hurricane. Also sad bump.
  6. Congratulations on the Basketball. What is up with the supernatural entity? Hopefully teaching will go well. I know it has good and bad days, sometimes. What helps me (if you want any unsolicited advice) is starting with the questions students have and then shoehorning in the plan step by step. If you want to vent or talk about teaching, my inbox is open
  7. Thank you all. I'm sorry I'm all gloom. I've lost one cat before, but that was a very different feeling. He was old and was a rescue that had been mistreated before. He got to live out his life very happy. This one is young and had a genetic issue. It happened so unexpectedly and suddenly. Blegh. How are you all doing?
  8. Sorry Buck, been a long and draining weekend, saying our goodbyes to kitty. It's the better choice for the cat and for us but it still feels very difficult. Hope your weekend was a lot better.
  9. @Col Cinders Lol, I'll help you. PMN, never end sentences with a preposition.
  10. Sally March What would Arya do with Cerseis face?
  11. bump
  12. Thank you for all the hugs and wishes. I'll relay them to her. At the moment she's not bouncing back, so I think we're going to let her have a fantastic weekend and then say bye. It's heartbreaking, but she doesn't deserve a long long road of suffering. On the other hand you never know what difference two days can make. We're hoping, but we're not hopeful
  13. Thank you all. Preliminary tests weren't great, but we're going to wait over the weekend. Hope she'll turn. About H&M jeans: I have never fitted any of those either. I had much better luck with other European chains in the same price range. H&M sizing is ridiculous, at least in my range (8-10 us / uk 10-12 / 38-40). Since i'm 6ft / 181 everything is too short as well.
  14. PMN, to take your boots off at the door
  15. @Lord Sidious She's not, but with the vets approval we could cancel the cremation for tonight. She's hooked to an IV now and the vet says it's hopeful. It's still uncertain whether or not she will pull through. Coming days will tell. Thank you for asking.