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  1. @Grand Moff Mithrandir and @First of My Name please hang in there. Internships are so tough sometimes, I understand, I cried for 3 days straight after mine finished. Hugs. I'm sorry you're dealing with it too. If I had the secret to staying sane, I'd give it to you. I just inquired about going back to school too. That's going to sortof continuously give me internships. Why I did that, I don't know. @Buckwheat yeh I hear you I'm not too fond of city driving either, but it does make life so much easier sometimes. With a bit of practice it does get better (albeit not a lot).
  2. People in power very rarely do want to help to become not in power, I'd say. What is considered good education in Westeros?
  3. Yoho yoho a pirates life for me. I'll take the box. Would you rather be stuck with a bard for a long journey or with a septon?
  4. Promise me Ned, do your homework before you take exams
  5. Hug Lady O. And hugs to everyone affected. I'm very sorry. I think the time to discuss things like pretend fighting and or gun control is not for today anymore. Nor tomorrow.
  6. bump
  7. does that apply to supersoakers too? I'm still undecided on the whole pretend gun fights. I know we did have them and I still came out a pacifist, and I was allowed to watch Zorro, the Turtles and the Ateam for instance. Did not scar me for as far as I know. I do however also agree with Buck. Playing superhero is one thing (Leonardo!!!) but playing war is quite another. I wouldn't want my kid to have toy soldiers or pretend to fight a war. Like most of us here I guess, I grew up under threat of the Cold War and a few wars have been fought close enough to home (for my taste) in my lifetime. My grandparents fought in the resistance in WWII and later on the wrong side of history in the colonial indies. I would not like to disrespect any veterans by making light of something that isn't light at all and I wouldn't want my kids to do that either. I wouldn't want to glorify or romanticise it in any way and I hope neither would my kids. However, kids also need to be free enough to figure out who they are for themselves and the occassional (ignorant) thing will happen anyway. I guess drawing the line is virtually impossible and the best thing you can do is communicate with your kids without judgement...?
  8. That would require a massive amount of tailoring. What would happen if a vampire was fighting the white walkers? Can they be turned?
  9. what the *bleep* Corporal Punishment? Whaaaaat? I can't even touch my students really when I absolutely have to (to save their life, for instance, or when they are super sad and need a hug). Maybe that's too extreme, but no, you don't touch students without a very very good reason and you don't do corporal punishment ever. If i could, i would have called your senator for you since no no no states can not allow that. Glad the kitty is felling better. Hi all I'm working on the attic again blegh but it needs to be done
  10. Promise me Ned, to prepare his lunch every day
  11. Bump from the train
  12. Oh, no. No no no. No no no no no. That I would take up with the principal. But maybe decide on a more fitting punishment first as to not entirely throw staff under the bus? (yeh, I'm a teacher, and it's tough when you need to set an example but can't. She probably also has very limited options. I disagree with this choice, but just saying there may be a reason)
  13. Promise me Ned, use your turn signal when switching lanes. It's there for a reason.
  14. I usually stick with 3. If i'm not in the story by then, it's not for me.
  15. Nights Watch no doubt. I was never any good with church doctrine. Would you rather meet the drowned God or the Lord of Light?