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  1. Renly's crowning of himself had nothing to do with the line of succession. The only person Renly betrayed was Joffrey, and he had a good reason to do so.
  2. He's dead, Jim.
  3. Considering that the sample chapter gives us a better idea of what the whole "Grey corpse" vision in the House of the Undying was supposed to be... I'll have to say that yes, he sadly does have a chance, and will likely even succeed.
  4. Considering the Riverlands were where most of the fighting was occurring during the WotFK and that Balon's whole MO is essentially to take as much as possible, with as little effort as possible, pissing off as little big players as possible, then absolutely not. I do believe that his alliance offer to Tywin might have been accepted had Tywin not already come up with the Red Wedding to get rid of Robb Stark though. If Balon had been more expedient and conciliant in his alliance offer/pledge of loyalty, he might have easily tripled the amount of land controlled by the Ironborn.
  5. Loras and Renly have already fled King's Landing at this point, Renly's already planning to rebel seeing as Cersei's coup still happens, which is what caused him to crown himself in the first place. Essentially, nothing changes, Mace declares for Renly.
  6. Renly becomes King of the Seven Kingdoms.
  7. It's pretty baffling when you consider that pretty much every other party agreed proportional, or at least, having a referendum on proportional, would be the way to go. Extremely dirty and disingenuous of Trudeau, and honestly, the good PR he has here and abroad is infuriating.
  8. Nah, that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is him scrapping electoral reforms due to every other party supporting proportional while he was in favour of ranked. (Despite stating during his campaign that he'd be open to both) I still haven't forgiven him for that, and am pretty much guaranteed not to vote for him next elections now. Keystone XL was pretty bad too.
  9. Defeat the Boltons for sure, I do see him burning Shireen as some point too, and he'll no doubt die against Dany. If he takes the Throne before biting it, no clue, though I don't believe he will.
  10. Dany has time for all three of them.
  11. Not always, evidently, else he would have not holed himself in Dragonstone and waited instead of warning his brother, or people he knew his brother loved and that the Lannisters loathed (Either Eddard or Renly). Fact is, once Jon Arryn died and Robert "slighted" Stannis by deciding to make Ned the Hand, Stannis pretty much abandoned Robert to his fate despite "knowing" what the Lannisters were capable of. That is treason, undutiful, disloyal.
  12. I think you seriously overestimate Pycelle's proactivity, especially in a scenario where Cersei has been expelled from King's Landing, and maybe even executed, and think that Tywin is so suicidal to rise against the entirety of Westeros while his grandchildren are kept hostage (if Tywin is even allowed to keep his lands and titles). You are right about Renly being doomed though, but not because of the Lannisters, because of Varys. There's no way Varys lets a competent and unifying figure like Renly alive on the throne, especially when his death would like to another succession crisis and the division of the Seven Kingdoms, further aiding the eventually invasion of Aegon.
  13. Occam's razor. Pycelle is smart, competent, and influential now that Cersei was out of the way. Varys thinks a competent administration would be a hurdle for Aegon. Varys rids said competent administration of the competent men.
  14. Usurping them? Sure. Killing them? Except maybe Joffrey, no way. He's way too obsessed with image and realpolitik, he'd likely send Joffrey to the Wall and keep Tommen and Myrcella as "wards" as to ensure Tywin (and his heir after him) doesn't cause a fuss. He's not going to risk sullying his image of the most gracious King of the Commons by executing children, children supposedly related to him, making him a kinslayer.
  15. Polls indicate he would have won the leadership had he not dropped out. Fortunately for Canadians everywhere, O'Leary also had the good sense that Trump lacked, he realized he was unfit for the job and dropped out.