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  1. Most moral: Probably the Faith and the Sparrow movement organizing mass efforts to protect the smallfolk who had been murdered and raped en masse by the nobility by that point in the books. Least moral: No clue, probably generally the Ghiscari slavers' treatment of their slaves.
  2. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Jon Arryn took care of Dorne, and the Stormlands bannermen were not a considerable risk, they're pretty loyal to Robert already, which wasn't the case of the lords of the Narrow Sea. The threat coming out of Dragonstone are the Velaryons, the Sunglasses, the Celtigars, pretty much any House that could have potentially supported a Targaryen coup. Stannis took pretty good care of them though, but they could easily flip as soon as Dany or Aegon lands on Westeros, they could have also flipped if Viserys ever came back with his horde of Dothraki, as Robert feared. Dragonstone and the Narrow Sea is pretty much the main naval entryway to King's Landing and the Crownlands, and if Viserys were to come back, he'd likely go through there. Robert could not under any circumstance let it fall or else he'd be in a pretty precarious position, hence why he appointed the brother he thought he could trust to the position (and made him Master of Ships).
  3. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Renly was barely a boy when Robert generously gave Storm's End away to Stannis for safekeeping, expecting him to be able to suppress what would likely be of the main rebel hotspots at that age is simply absurd.
  4. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    But Stannis is the one who rationalizes hurting family members above any other character. He rationalizes leave Robert behind to die, he rationalizes murdering Renly before even bothering to crown himself, he rationalizes burning Edric, and he might very well eventually rationalize burning his own daughter. The only two family members whose harm we know Renly rationalized were Joffrey's (but he's motivated by self-preservation here) and Stannis (same). I don't think he would have had to go down that slippery slope, because I think he'd have brought stability to the Realm rather easily, especially when compared to the other pretenders.
  5. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    I think it's contradictory of Stannis-supporting zealots to complain about Renly doing it (even though he's got far better reasons for his "treasons") while describing Stannis as "dutiful" when he actually shirked his duties to his House and his King in an even more mind-boggling manner. I agree all of the Baratheon brothers are dicks and bullies, but only Stannis stands out as a blatant hypocrite between the three of them. They're great characters though, probably the most entertaining characters of the first two books.
  6. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Because it's his duty. To abandon your brother and rightful King when his life is in danger is downright treasonous, even if you believe that your warnings would go unheard. Stannis' wait-and-see approach to the Lannisters cuckolding and murdering their way to the Throne paints him as a complete hypocrite when the topic of brotherly duty comes up. You simply can't bring up self-preservation as a valid reason for Stannis shirking his duty and committing treason and then blame Renly for doing the same, it's completely contradictory.
  7. He's on the taller side of 5'5, and not much of a lady killer either, except maybe in the literal sense.
  8. Isn't that picture of Stalin retouched Soviet propaganda? Also, Stalin was 5'5, no way this teeny weeny man-boy poses any threat, compared to Justin at the very least.
  9. Generally in agreement with that post, I do think Bernier will take it instead of O'Leary though. Also, I'd add the Bloc to the list of parties who lost ridings due to strategic voting to keep Harper out and might make a comeback these upcoming elections. We yet have to see who the opposition parties elect as leaders before making any concrete predictions though.
  10. U.S. Politics: Courting Trump

    Obviously, but if you look at Jones's position, it's absurd to label him as anything but right wing. He might pin himself as anti-establishment, and he might very well be, but pretty much all of his political positions fall within the political theory definition of what the "right wing" is.
  11. U.S. Politics: Courting Trump

    The right wing is not as homogeneous as you believe. Hell, just look at the Democrats and the Republicans if you want a concrete example of two right wing entities that are regularly at each other's throats.
  12. Nothing foolish in lamenting a massive change leading to heavy job losses while society has no plan to deal with the people axed by it. If we had a plan to deal with the rapid change, then sure, fighting automation is foolish, but at the moment it doesn't seem like anyone has any idea as to how to help those who will be affected by it for the worse. EDIT: And as is to be expected, it doesn't seem like politicians especially care about it.
  13. Thing is, there is no irony in that, no tragedy, and it's a completely underwhelming end to both Shireen and Stannis' storylines. Stannis is a man who would do anything to get the Throne and to save the world, there is no fulfilled arc if control is taken out of his hands and his daughter is sacrificed against his will. He's a tragic character, not a classic hero, his hubris and tragic flaw will be his downfall, and not the witch he has no control over.
  14. I really don't think it's going to happen. A sacrifice has to have value to the person doing it, and Shireen doesn't mean much for Mel. That's Stannis will be the one to burn her when the time comes, to fulfill the prophecy, and ultimately achieve nothing, tragic character, tragic end, Agamemnon, yadda yadda yadda.
  15. The slow revolt of Western electorates

    The Socialists will likely fall in fifth place, not in third place, actually. Mélenchon and the Parti de Gauche holds pretty solidly to his 13% or so of support, and Macron regularly polls at 15 points or ahead. The Socialist Party is effectively dead, and at this point only a merger could save it, but if I'm not mistaken both En Marche and the Parti de Gauche are opposed to it.