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  1. Defeat the Boltons for sure, I do see him burning Shireen as some point too, and he'll no doubt die against Dany. If he takes the Throne before biting it, no clue, though I don't believe he will.
  2. Dany has time for all three of them.
  3. Not always, evidently, else he would have not holed himself in Dragonstone and waited instead of warning his brother, or people he knew his brother loved and that the Lannisters loathed (Either Eddard or Renly). Fact is, once Jon Arryn died and Robert "slighted" Stannis by deciding to make Ned the Hand, Stannis pretty much abandoned Robert to his fate despite "knowing" what the Lannisters were capable of. That is treason, undutiful, disloyal.
  4. I think you seriously overestimate Pycelle's proactivity, especially in a scenario where Cersei has been expelled from King's Landing, and maybe even executed, and think that Tywin is so suicidal to rise against the entirety of Westeros while his grandchildren are kept hostage (if Tywin is even allowed to keep his lands and titles). You are right about Renly being doomed though, but not because of the Lannisters, because of Varys. There's no way Varys lets a competent and unifying figure like Renly alive on the throne, especially when his death would like to another succession crisis and the division of the Seven Kingdoms, further aiding the eventually invasion of Aegon.
  5. Occam's razor. Pycelle is smart, competent, and influential now that Cersei was out of the way. Varys thinks a competent administration would be a hurdle for Aegon. Varys rids said competent administration of the competent men.
  6. Usurping them? Sure. Killing them? Except maybe Joffrey, no way. He's way too obsessed with image and realpolitik, he'd likely send Joffrey to the Wall and keep Tommen and Myrcella as "wards" as to ensure Tywin (and his heir after him) doesn't cause a fuss. He's not going to risk sullying his image of the most gracious King of the Commons by executing children, children supposedly related to him, making him a kinslayer.
  7. Polls indicate he would have won the leadership had he not dropped out. Fortunately for Canadians everywhere, O'Leary also had the good sense that Trump lacked, he realized he was unfit for the job and dropped out.
  8. He didn't care about the claim, but didn't act out of greed. He acted pragmatically, and crowning himself was the best way to stay alive from his point of view. Stannis being lenient to Renly should he bend the knee matters little, the Tyrells are the ones who hate Stannis and who are hated right back, and they're the real power brokers.
  9. Joining Stannis loses him Tyrell support, and he doesn't have any reason to believe Stannis in any case, Stannis has no proof of what he claims, and he himself knows it as his only answer to Cat asking him to prove the bastardy of Robert's children is more teeth grinding.
  10. Concerning the Conservative leadership, do you people think that the Conservatives truly believe that Bernier can win Quebec by virtue of being a Francophone? It's a completely bonkers position to espouse, the guy would be poison for the province's farming industry, which is also the backbone of the province's Tory electorate outside of Quebec City. The guy's a complete joke, they can't seriously think he'll lead them to victory.
  11. Not quite. Renly tried to usurp the crown out of self-preservation, crowning himself was the only way to save his skin once the plan remove Lannister influence by replacing Cersei failed and after Eddard stubbornly refused his help to install him as regent. Joffrey and Lannisters were coming for him, and the only way he could get the Tyrells on his side was by offering them something, in this case, to make Marge a queen. He did very much get enamoured with the idea of being King though.
  12. As I stated earlier, the FN splitting in the following years is definitively a possibility. There's no ideological cohesion in their party beyond general nationalism and insular (read: xenophobic) sentiments. Northern (and mostly newer) electorate is working class and, economically, to the Left, while their traditional Southern base is really, really to the right as far as economic policies go. Marechal-Le Pen, representative of the party's traditional right-wing base, just left, and now Philippot, the party's VP who's seemingly trying to turn the party into a nationalist authoritarian, but left-wing party, just threatened to walk out if his policies (most specifically, the withdrawal from the Euro) are dropped. Losing both Florian and Marion means the FN would be considerably weakened, as both of them represented what its future could potentially be. Seems like its future seems to be heading towards fragmentation. - Also, Macron really dropped the ball with Bayrou. He's lucky that the Left is as divided as it is, because losing the support of the MoDem could have otherwise been catastrophic for his during the legislatives. EDIT: Also, quick correction, MMLP didn't really leave because she thought the FN wasn't nationalistic enough, she thought the party was going too far to the Left to try to broaden their electorate. There's an important distinction to be made there.
  13. Jon's mindnumbingly boring as far as PoV characters go. Bran's chapters turn pretty bad too past ACoK.
  14. Philippot's (the party's VP) vision of what the FN should be is genuinely left-wing in terms of economic and social policy. A lot of FN voters think he's moving the party away from the right and see it as a betrayal of the party's ideology. That being said, there is no ideological consistency in the FN. Their Southern backers are even further to the right than the Republicains... The party itself is only held together by xenophobia and nationalist sentiment, hence why they probably will go through a severe existential crisis soon, especially with the alliance with NDA, which is seen as an extreme vote deterrent for the FN's poorer, more working class Northern electorate.
  15. Mainline Protestants usually vote like one another, yes. They're usually standard right-wing. Evangelicals are so extreme they deserve their own category, and Mormons aren't even technically Christians, and so they are their own voting bloc. I don't think American Catholics really mind the Orthodox, or the Copts, or any Eastern branch of Christianity.