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  1. You could also think of healthcare as a right essential to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Remove "over 65" from Medicare's requirements and just have a single-payer system like the rest of the developed world.
  2. Yep, my sisters and law and I always joke (with more than a little truth) that we're our husbands' secretaries.
  3. WOW! This was just some bloke! That's so cool! Nathan Poe, just somebody whose words are now immortalised. Impressive.
  4. ... ... ... ... ... Some people need breathing licenses issued before they can continue.
  5. We're 2nd on the Human Development Index while the USA is 8th. So I'd still say Australia is better overall. And I wholeheartedly agree with his point about how much safer we are without guns.
  6. I find it really worrying how much the USA spends on military. That would pay for clean water worldwide, and be much more productive. It's also weird that America's conservative agenda is expanding the military. Surely the return on investment is zero. I know that there are enormously influential lobby groups like Lockheed-Martin who pile on pressure for the USA to keep renewing expensive contracts, and that manufacturing in the USA is now firmly tied to military spending... But even still, that's a lot to be spending on blowing things up. Or, as is the case in the huge number of tanks they purchase but don't drive, that's a lot of obsolete technology to leave lying around for police forces to later buy and use to help quash the next protest against the 1%. What's weirdest to me, though, is that it's as though this budget was specifically designed to most harm Drumpf's core supporters. And they're not at all bothered by this. They keep saying in interviews, "But we know he won't let anything happen to us," or they're saying, "Things are already better."
  7. I don't have a direct reply, but I read this quote somewhere, but I can't recall who said it. It was along the lines of: "Parody and sincerity are impossible to distinguish at their most extreme." It's really hard to tell who is genuinely deluded and who is just pulling your leg.
  8. Hahaha! That made me snort as I was drinking tea. I'm not sure everyone knows that we share it. It's just we both log into it. I do the very rare posting that actually happens. He'll just login sometimes to shoot a personal message or check the events pages. It's in my name, it's not a combined account as such.
  9. I see no ambiguity with Stalin being a socialist. He definitely was. Mao is more a matter of semantics. For his iron production idea, when people were to make iron in kilns in their houses: that's one of his many ideas where people were expected to privately finance their own contributions and then sell them on a market. He had many socialist tendencies, but I also think he lacked a coherent economic narrative that truly represented anything more than a selection of ideas that appealed to him on a whim. Socialism is a spectrum, rather than a binary, term. Stalin was hard-core socialist (and we can all agree a hardcore horrible person) whereas Mao was kind of a socialist with capitalist tendencies. Also, I've seen a lot of people mentioning that the state owns the means of production in socialism - that's true, but also bear in mind that the state itself can vary. You could have a very open collective democratic government where everything is communally owned and it would be socialist. You could also be Stalin, who was the exact opposite of democratic, and it is still socialist. Just as capitalism can be within a very totalitarian or very democratic state, socialism can, too. And most societies adopt elements of both ideals anyway.
  10. T-Shirts make the best nightgowns. It is a worldwide women's conspiracy! Perusing anything, even the bank records or emails that we share, is weird to both of us. That's not really very trusting and we'd not have come very far if we weren't trusting each other. Even with teenagers, that's overly intrusive. It's kind of like a pre-nup in my mind: if you think you need one, perhaps it's not the best for you to continue as you are. In the same way that I'm not bothered where he goes with his friends, or that most of his friends are women and he isn't bothered if I come home and say, "Look! I bought all of this clothing!" or where I head out with my girlfriends and so on. We're a couple, but still individuals, if that makes sense. Sharing money is no issue to us. Money is just money, you can't eat it and it's there to be spent. We save some, we spend some, whatever really. We co-ordinate our shopping sometimes, or try to time car services so that they don't happen at the same time, just to keep lots of rainy day funds aside. Even though we share a Facebook account, we don't use it a lot even between us. It's more that I am his de facto secretary and let him know when events are happening.
  11. This sentence is especially scarring for anybody who has been through labour. I've shown some arguments to my brother, who said somewhat drolly, "You even shared your genes. Strictly speaking, you have shared the same vagina." To which I replied, "Perhaps altering your views on sharing would allow you to share a vagina one day." He also replied to that, but I'm telling the story so I'm leaving it there so it looks like I won.
  12. My deodorant is really flowery smelling. I know he'd prefer BO to the smell of mine. I, however, disagree. As does anybody with a functioning olfactory bulb.
  13. Trump wants to eliminate the one and only reason he paid almost any taxes at all. And his supporters still cheer. That annoys me. Also, kudos to whoever leaked a partial return. They're facing five years in gaol once caught. Good on them, though. Pity we don't have the full details, such as his Russian business ties. All we have is Eric Trump's praise of Russian investment in that speech from, like, a decade ago in terms of specifics of who has invested in Trump.
  14. I can see why you'd argue Mao wasn't really a socialist, I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Stalin is interesting, though, I don't think there's any question that he was a socialist. He ran a centralised, mostly nationalised, economic model. It was even... somewhat? ... equal, if you take his demented form of treating all human life as equally worthless as a type of equality. Socialism is an economic model, and it's possible with very little or a great deal of democratic input. In Stalin's case, I think it's fair to say there was no democratic input, but it was absolutely socialist. Albeit in no way egalitarian. Moscow was the undisputed beating heart of the USSR. The soviets themselves were a series of small councils who were all subservient to the centralised government and very little private investment was tolerated. Come to think of it, under Stalin very little of anything was tolerated. I heard a fascinating question in history at uni: Given the USSR's essential role in the defeat of the Third Reich, was Josef Stalin's overall contribution to global development positive? Not an easy one to answer, I think. Not impossible, but not easy. Anyway, tangent over.
  15. Oh yeah, by that I mean that you can combine cards. In Australia children and dependents go onto their carer's/guardian's card. If you like, a spouse can go onto the same card, too, but it's not mandatory. By default, even a married couple will not be automatically combined and will remain with two separate numbers and cards. Combining cards is handy if you both want to take kids to the doctor, or to take each other, without needing another card. One person terminates their separate Medicare details and combines to the other so they're shared from now on. That said, of my two siblings who are also married (not to each other, we're not Lannisters), one has not bothered to combine cards and one has.