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  1. Here's a cool military analysis of where Jaime went wrong, and how he could fix it for the rest of the season. http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2017/08/07/jamie_lannister_s_military_blunders_explained.html
  2. Section 51, xxi: The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to: marriage. But even if it wasn't, a referendum could be used to add it in.
  3. Swap your cards for more favourable ones in the deck. Also, if you stash one or two extra infantry onto the areas you've not used in a while, nobody notices. If you spread them near the borders you can plausibly pretend you "Just noticed" that you left 2 armies on Ukraine, not 1, and there were "3 on Northwest territories, how about that?" Or, my favourite method, is to take a photo of the board with your partner's consent to show you're not up to funny business. Then, when they leave the room, add more armies onto their side. Go to the toilet, come back and demand why they've cheated. They'll deny it, so you show them the evidence. They'll be flummoxed and assume they must have cheated by mistake. As they scream their apologies through their tears, saying it was a simple mistake, you scream, "My only mistake was trusting a CHEAT LIKE YOU!"
  4. A round of applause, that made me laugh. Like others, I see no reason for Bronn to show loyalty to Jaime rather than Tyrion, with whom he was actually friends.
  5. I don't think there is a reason, beyond the fact that they wanted Jaime to survive and it seemed dramatic for Bronn to save him. For an in-universe answer, it seems strange he wouldn't grab his money and run. I think that would've better suited his character, and then had Dickon (snigger) save Jaime.
  6. It's hard to determine Turnbull's motives here. The vote will be extremely unpopular for its cost and its non-binding nature and he doesn't have much political capital to spend as it is. Given he is perceived as lacking the convictions needed to truly express his beliefs, you'd think that a more prudent move would be to call for a vote in parliament even though it'd fail in his Coalition, or to simply make it an election issue, thereby kicking the can. There are risks with those choices to, but I'm not sure why he has gone with this option. Meanwhile, in Victoria, the Herald Sun's campaign of returning the Coalition to power hit a speed bump with this latest story: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/lobster-plot-alleged-mafia-boss-promised-postdinner-donation-of-swag-of-money-20170808-gxrz7i.html Somehow I get the feeling that they won't print off bumper stickers, as they did for the MFB/CFA dispute. It is naive to think that had the government backed the CFA, then the Sun wouldn't have made a "SAVE OUR FIREYS!" campaign. Really, they knew that they'd have clout no matter which way the government fell on the issue to milk it to their agenda. I hate the Herald Sun. It's our country's Fox News. They're run a front page story about the opposition leader meeting with organised crime figures, but there's no way they're going to have the same campaigning and electioneering they'd have done if it was Daniel Andrews in the meeting.
  7. That's a sensible approach. Part of Sanders' appeal came from a lack of the close scrutiny that would have been applied to him had he won his party's nomination. He may have won, he may have not, but the fact that a majority of Democrats at the primaries preferred another candidate indicates that his support is not as strong as it seems. He'd be on the nose with hard-line right-wing people in the USA, so losing a chunk of his own party would have made it really hard for him.
  8. If free will exists, then how come I can't get the Sesame Street "Number of the Day" song out of my head? My kids were playing it non stop today.
  9. I hope not. I'm over Cersei. Never thought it would happen, but I think her immediate transformation into the most incredibly talented tactician, politician and teleporter made me lose interest in her character. She just seems to win effortlessly, including always knowing her enemy's plans... before they've planned them. Jaime ended last season looking mightily annoyed that his sister had done what he killed Aerys for. Now... he seems to be over it, while King's Landing, for some reason, believes Cersei's terrible lie. There is no ingenuity to her, just we're led to believe everything is going her way for no reason other than making her this season's main villain. I'm all for Jaime strangling her next episode (which I think was foreshadowed by the map scene in episode 1 of this season when Cersei stood at "The Neck" and Jaime stood by "The Fingers").
  10. Agreed. She is no longer enough to be the main villain and they are stretching her story out too much. There is an army of magical ice zombies. Can we pleeeeeeaaase see them?
  11. 6. It was engaging at the end. Not sure why Bran is now so dull and an arse. We saw the previous 3ER and he wasn't so cold. Also, Arya/Sansa was badly executed. They haven't seen each other in years! Returning was a matter of, "Sup?" Dany and Jon was interesting, the bit on the beach.
  12. I've just begun reading The Golden Fool. You know what, though? I'm still struggling because of what happened in the last book...
  13. I did see that. The fact that his security are no longer within close reach, but in a caravan nearby, doesn't exactly break my heart. Not that I'm advocating anyone to murder him, that wouldn't solve anything. But I assume that they must spend a great deal of their day reminding him not to put forks into toasters, to step away from the balcony, not to microwave his phone to charge it, to take the batteries out of his mouth, to wash his hands after using the loo, to tie his shoes so he doesn't trip, not to run by the pool, not to kick next door's dog when it barks... It's a lot to look after him. He'll be ready for his big-boy nappies soon and with the SS really close by to help him out, maybe one will be a bit late in the change of shifts, who knows what he might get up to?
  14. For all of our faults, an executive without a President is better than an executive with one. Our Governor-General is entirely symbolic. Except for that one time... I'm all for removing the office altogether and not replacing it with anything. It's too much power for one person, especially if that one person turns out to be a molesting reality-TV loser who lies more often than he upgrades his wives.