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  1. Ned = KotLT Honorable mention: Tywin has been constipated for decades. Guard 1: Why's he spend so much time in there? Guard 2: Where do you think all their gold comes from? Guard 1: What do you mean? Guard 2: He shits gold.
  2. Do you have any evidence for this?
  3. Using mendelian genetics on human lineage is like using addition only to compute the number of atoms in the multiverse.
  4. Syrio is pretty early... Surely his fake death would have occurred before the sum of fake deaths reached the acceptable limit. What is that limit by the way? Perhaps you think Bran & Rickon should be really dead. Or Davos? Or Tyrion x 6 times?
  5. That the 3 page outline is George's "original" plan for the series. More like plan 14Z, with most of it rushed to fill in the blanks for a publisher proposal... Has no relevancy to anything.
  6. 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Maybe Not all at the same time... NN might be one of those, or another such event. More importantly the story of NN reveals how magic works in the world. In a world of blood magic, self-sacrifice produces the strongest magic. The rough sacrificial hierarchy: Slaves, commoners, people-you-don't-know("No one you love, no one you hate") < Friends, Family, Enemies (Kinslaying) < Self AA isn't the important one... it was NN that created Lightbringer. ("The woman is important too!")
  7. Melisandre gets her power from the Seven. They are the true and only Gods.
  8. I did. "The Wall is not a shield against skinchanging".
  9. Ah yes... 7-8 books 7-8 kingdoms 9 free cities ~30 PoVs 3 major languages (a ~dozen minor) 3-4 major religions (a ~dozen minor) But 1 Mystery Guess I'm just interpreting the series a bit differently.
  10. Congrats! You've won a footlong sub for referring to the wrong quote for the 10th time.
  11. I referenced Catelyn's comparison of current Ned (in AGoT) vs Ned during their wedding... Brandon is not mentioned. You guys are the ones trying to twist it into a Brandon comparison... Clearly impossible to debate people so dogmatic.
  12. It's really just not worth arguing with anyone that can't even imagine any plausible scenario on their own for any theory. It is sad if you have so little imagination though, or are simply too stubborn to even make an attempt. Some things to consider if you do make an attempt: Ned & Howland's relationship, Ned & Lyanna's relationship, Ned & Robert's relationship, Ned & Brandon's relationship, Aerys' motivation for calling for Ned & Robert's heads, the known and unknown events of the Tower of Joy, the known and unknown events at the Red Keep with Aerys, Rickard and Brandon & co. Also good to drop your personal headcannon of Jon being the most important person/thing/idea in all the books and RLJ needing every sentence of the books twisted in its favor (that doesn't mean RLJ is wrong btw, it just doesn't need the entirety of the books). IMO there are many options for Ned being KotLT that are far more compelling than the popular Rhaegar + Lyanna in the forest fanfic. There are also a couple better options for Lyanna than the fanfic... but they still don't stand up to Ned. IMO if you haven't done an entire re-read of the series with a particular theory in mind... you haven't bothered to actually consider the theory yet.
  13. I already mentioned some evidence, Catelyn's statements. I'm not going to go through all the books to list out quotes when you'll just ignore them anyways and say "WHHAAA IT'S LAYNNAAAAA".
  14. Robb is described as being shorter than a 12 year old. The replica was designed with input by GRRM and approved.
  15. One can be established as short without being directly described as short... Nice of you to concede all the points though. Good day.