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  1. Are you talking about mercy in the Westeros sense or the modern sense? Westeros - Gared. Modern - Stannis' cannibals.
  2. One of the children of the forest. Bran sees a room full of the past ones.
  3. Yes. You know that part in one of his other books that's vaguely similar to a theory I have? That supports my theory because he's done it before so he'll do it again. And you know that part in another one of his books that's vaguely similar to a theory I disagree with? That disproves the theory I disagree with because he's done it before so he'll do it differently this time.
  4. Can you be specific about the parallels you're seeing? This just seems like a lot of random tidbits thrown together with an assumption that I'll see what you see. For example: for me the clanking dragon story fits best for the golden company itself. - Sign is made by a Heddle - a family with ties to the blackfyres, just as the golden company. - Sign is many large pieces tied together - Bittersteel united the fragmenting remnants of the rebellion into the GC. - Sign was hacked apart and thrown in the river - GC was defeated most recently under Maelys in the narrow sea (river) - Dragon head returns red instead of black- GC returns supporting a Targ instead of a Blackfyre The interpretation for the sign as Aegon is even more simple: - A piece of black iron turns red on the outside but remains black inside - Aegon presented as Targ but remains blackfyre. That interpretation obviously fits Dany just as well already.
  5. None of these are true...
  6. Way off... here's what happened. Rhaegar seduced Ashara because he's looking for a mother for another kid. She gets pregnant with Dany - Rhaegar's hair and Ashara's eyes. Rhaegar quickly changes his mind after hearing how Lyanna kicked 3 squires' asses and goes after her, naming Lyanna QoLaB and thus "dishonoring" Ashara. Ashara then warns Ned about Rhaegar's womanizing since she suspects he'll go for Lyanna next. Ned discusses with Brandon but they can't do anything about the crown prince realistically. Rhaegar runs off with Lyanna and Brandon goes apeshit, knowing Rhaegar will do the same to Lyanna as he has to Ashara - seduce, impregnate, and ditch so Brandon gets a little rash and calls him out to die. yada yada yada. Lyanna is sad that Rhaegar dies - she still liked him after all - and Ned took her daughter and gave her away as part of his promise to "protect Rhaegar's children" to Lyanna. Ashara throws herself off a tower. Barristan thinks if he had won the tourney and named Ashara after Rhaegar dumped her she would have realized he was the guy to go to rather than Ned.
  7. Yea I'm not sure why some people are so driven to make these kinds of generalizations... Many of the examples listed here even break it.
  8. I'll pay $1,000,000 to anyone that can give me a book quote where the term "warging" is used in conjunction with wolves.
  9. Jon climbed a ladder, not the Wall.
  10. You said patrilineage doesn't matter... So Arya Flint is the furthest back we know matrilineally for Jon. So why is she so special? Not sure how this is related to Jon...
  11. So why is Arya Flint so special?
  12. Fire and Blood are the words Black and Red are the colors Black = Fire Red = Blood Goldcloaks and the golden company Gold = Swords White and Grey are the colors Snow and Stone are the lands White = Snow/Ice Grey = Stone There are others I can't remember atm.
  13. I love those passages. Which is the fabulous beast? Which is the cat? Aren't we talking about mythical ice monsters/demons either way here? I haven't even said which my opinion is, you've just assumed it every step of the way... Did I?
  14. If I'm honest I find it amazing when people believe there's ever only one interpretation for any set of text. Even excruciatingly specific legalese is still open for interpretation... I'm usually optimistic so I generally just assume they're only pretending ignorance for the sake of argument though. Anyways, my only point here was that the debate existed well before that letter surfaced. Even if it was a debate based on a faulty interpretation of some text, it was still there. Yes that's why I initially thought it unnecessary to actually quote it again and I simply referred to it as "that exchange between Bran & Old Nan".
  15. Yes that's the standard counter.