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  1. Melisandre gets her power from the Seven. They are the true and only Gods.
  2. I did. "The Wall is not a shield against skinchanging".
  3. Ah yes... 7-8 books 7-8 kingdoms 9 free cities ~30 PoVs 3 major languages (a ~dozen minor) 3-4 major religions (a ~dozen minor) But 1 Mystery Guess I'm just interpreting the series a bit differently.
  4. Congrats! You've won a footlong sub for referring to the wrong quote for the 10th time.
  5. I referenced Catelyn's comparison of current Ned (in AGoT) vs Ned during their wedding... Brandon is not mentioned. You guys are the ones trying to twist it into a Brandon comparison... Clearly impossible to debate people so dogmatic.
  6. It's really just not worth arguing with anyone that can't even imagine any plausible scenario on their own for any theory. It is sad if you have so little imagination though, or are simply too stubborn to even make an attempt. Some things to consider if you do make an attempt: Ned & Howland's relationship, Ned & Lyanna's relationship, Ned & Robert's relationship, Ned & Brandon's relationship, Aerys' motivation for calling for Ned & Robert's heads, the known and unknown events of the Tower of Joy, the known and unknown events at the Red Keep with Aerys, Rickard and Brandon & co. Also good to drop your personal headcannon of Jon being the most important person/thing/idea in all the books and RLJ needing every sentence of the books twisted in its favor (that doesn't mean RLJ is wrong btw, it just doesn't need the entirety of the books). IMO there are many options for Ned being KotLT that are far more compelling than the popular Rhaegar + Lyanna in the forest fanfic. There are also a couple better options for Lyanna than the fanfic... but they still don't stand up to Ned. IMO if you haven't done an entire re-read of the series with a particular theory in mind... you haven't bothered to actually consider the theory yet.
  7. I already mentioned some evidence, Catelyn's statements. I'm not going to go through all the books to list out quotes when you'll just ignore them anyways and say "WHHAAA IT'S LAYNNAAAAA".
  8. Robb is described as being shorter than a 12 year old. The replica was designed with input by GRRM and approved.
  9. One can be established as short without being directly described as short... Nice of you to concede all the points though. Good day.
  10. Nor is he called tall, or even average height. Jon is never described as looking like Lyanna. And yet people believe it by the transitive property of ASoIaF. Perhaps he didn't plan on jousting at the tourney so he didn't bring his own. Ned is often compared to Baelor Breakspear and that is the reason Baelor gives for wearing the armor he does... to stand up for honor... Familiar? Or perhaps it would be foolish for a mystery knight to wear his own recognizable armor... 1) He felt like it. 2) He's shy. 3) He didn't want to bring attention to his house in front of nearly every house of the realm. But he felt he needed to stand up for his family's subject's honor. Robert was called the Laughing Storm reborn, but Ned is a pious northerner and certainly doesn't have the "wolf blood" so a weirwood would actually fit quite well as a personal sigil if he were to ever make one. As for laughing - Ned is mentioned laughing many times throughout the books (have you read them?). As for why Robert would say that, let's use your own logic... Ned is more mature than Robert. But being more mature than Robert doesn't mean he never has fun. There's no good reason to for the author to keep any detail of Robert's Rebellion and the events leading up to it a secret... Oh wait, yea there is. It's called telling a story properly. --- 1) Ice is 57 inches long, or 4.75 feet (hilt included). Not 6. 2) When does Ned ever wield Ice from his back?
  11. According to Catelyn Ned was shorter during their wedding. The wedding was after the tournament. Ipso facto Ned wasn't full grown at the tourney despite what you assume "would" be the case. Robb being a better jouster than Jon only helps my point...
  12. It's definitely Ned. He is, in fact, established as notably short. Especially during the tournament when he wasn't yet full grown. The booming voice is a stronger link than anything for Lyanna. The purpose of Lyanna's horse riding skill is to link her to Arya and Jon, not KotLT. Jaime's statement of horsemanship & jousting is far overblown as it comes down to simply a prerequisite. You have to be a good rider to be a good jouster, but being a good rider does not automatically make you a good jouster. The sad truth is that the theory for Lyanna is only popular because of R+L=J. People think it "enhances" RLJ somehow so they grasp onto it. In truth there are a dozen plausible and narratively effective reasons for Ned to be the KotLT, but that would diminish RLJ for many people so they turn their backs on logic and consistency.
  13. Liking hot baths ≠ heat resistance. Varys is far too young to be Egg.
  14. This is a flaw with your imagination, not the "theory". Without a stated motivation (or even with one, since they're often false) any plausible guess works until proven incorrect.