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  1. There's a drunken Septon Cellador at the Wall. Seems like a convenient way for Tywin to get rid of the officiant to his son's mesalliance. If BookSansa ever makes it North again, she might be able to get her hands on a witness to attest to Tyrion's bigamy.
  2. I fail to see that Sansa's initial refusal to kneel is her humiliating Tyrion. On the contrary, it was HE who humiliated HER. HE's the one who knew they were to be married. HE could have taken a hand in the wedding preparations. SHE was issued a royal command less than an hour before the ceremony. HE could have arranged for a stepstool, or before they went in when they spoke, he could have addressed the issue then. Furthermore, him tugging at her skirts was ill-mannered, like a spoiled child begging for sweets. He could have spared both their dignities simply by politely asking: "Lady, will you kneel?" Knowing Sansa, she'd have complied to a courteous request. Instead, he makes fools of both of them through his petulance. Afterwards, she tries to make nice at the feast, but he won't dance, gets stinking drunk, and makes a spectacle of himself. Yes, let's accuse the barely pubescent girl of being immature, instead of the grown man. *headdesk*