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  1. I don't understand your post or what you are trying to say. Anyway, as Queen of Procrastination and posters above have rightly pointed out this is not a debate thread and the main purpose of the thread is to allow people to rant about the show. If you'd like to defend the show and D&D, this is not the thread to do it.
  2. If the leaks are true, S7 will definitely top S6 for ridiculousness and the sheer absurdity of the plot. It almost seems like GRRM told D&D the ending of the story, giving them broad strokes of endings of story arcs of a few central characters. The rest of the story they filled in with their sub-par fanfic after they ran out source material.
  3. Who's debating? Most posters are ranting, or so I think.
  4. Yeah in D&D's world it's Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Cersei, and Jaime who's central to their fanfic plot. Arya to them is all about revenge and D&D knows Bran is central to GRRM's end game so they need to fit him into their narrative although they'll have him sit out an entire season because he's not an exciting character for them. Sansa, for D&D, is a tool they use to surprise/shock their viewers but their storylines now have become so predictable that I don't understand how anyone can be shocked or surprised by it. The Vale army coming to rescue Jon and gang was telegraphed from the beginning of S6 that when it happened it was like meh for me. The only surprise I get from the show anymore is how bad the writing and plot is. And it's such a shame as the first couple of seasons were rather good.
  5. Cersei probably just killed most of the nobility in KL, so she's hated by that section of society. She killed the "religious fanatics" and their leader who was loved by the small folk of KL, so she's definitely hated by that section of KL. And I honestly don't know how time works in D&D's world but I'm going to say for argument's sake that much time hasn't passed (especially since Cersei still has that ugly hairdo) since Cersei was booed and jeered through the streets of KL, at which point I'm pretty sure she was universally hated. So to go from hated psychopathic mass murderer to "acceptable" is quite a stretch. But hey this is D&D we are talking about and they expect their viewers like their version of the folk in KL to have a very short memories.
  6. I believe sweetsunray's criticism was quite rationale and if you've read the books you'll know that the Northern Lords are quite loyal to the Starks even with no real Stark claiming Winterfell. There's no Jon or Sansa begging for help just fArya married to the Boltons. Even with fArya married to Ramsay, the mountain clans and Mors Umber are fighting along Stannis' army to save the Ned's little girl. In the books, the reason most Northern houses like the Umbers and Manderlys are in the Boltons' camp is because they have kin being held hostage by the Lannisters/Freys, which the show does not show or imply. The only Northern Lord Roose can really count on in the books is Arnolf Karstark and that is because he wants the real Lord of Karhold, who's being held hostage, killed. The Dustins and Ryswells are only supprting the Boltons because of Lady Dustin and even her loyalties to the Bolton's are suspect in the books. Lady Dustin most certainly will not support Ramsay (who she hates) if he killed Roose. These are Roose's words in ADWD "We have powerful friends in the Lannisters and Freys, and the grudging support of the north ... but what do you imagine is going to happen when one of Ned Stark's sons turn up?" And in the show they have the Umbers (a loyal Northern house) hand over one of Ned's sons to the Boltons for no apparent reason. In the show Smalljon Umber dies at the RW protecting Robb and in the books they have him just come and hand over the Ned's kid to batshit Ramsay for no logical reason. If you think of it, there was no need for him to do so, say like fear of repercussion as you state or anything as Ramsay didn't even know that the Umbers had Rickon. He just did it to curry favor with a mad man and then stands and watches as said mad man kills Roose, his true liege Lord. To make matters worse, Roose just severed ties with the Lannisters by marrying his son to Sansa (whose head Cersei wants) and Ramsay just killed Walder Frey's daughter. Therefore, in the show, the Boltons no longer have powerful friends and hostages from Northern houses and so I wonder why the Northern houses fear the Boltons as you so claim. D&D cut and chopped so many characters and stories (like Stannis reclaiming Deepwood Motte for the Glovers) and stitched together an incoherent illogical storyline with the characters they had left and expect people to be fine with it. D&D can't even be consistent within their own narrative -- in S1 they had the Northern lords (like the Umbers) loyal to Starks and by S6 they have them supporting a mad man like Ramsay. Fear you say. Fear of what? Did the show indicate that Ramsay had other sort of support or a strong army or was an experienced military commander? IIRC, in S5 Roose also claimed that the Northern lords would support Ned's sons if they were alive and so he had Locke go looking for them to kill them. I guess D&D forgot that bit or expect their dumb fans, who'll swallow anything they dish out, to forget it or not care. As for Dorne, I don't seriously understand what's Elia (who btw in the books advocates against vengeance and war) and the Sandsnakes' reasoning is for killing Doran. They wanted vengeance for the killers of Oberyn so they kill his brother? Doran being weak is just lazy and poor writing IMO. D&D made a mess of Dorne in season 5 and then they came up with the stupid plot to have Elia kill Doran to wrap the Dorne storyline. In fact, Alexander Siddig (the actor who plays Doran) was surprised that he gets killed in the first Ep of S6 as he was under the impression that he would be there in more Eps in S6. That implies that Doran getting stabbed was probably a last minute fix by D&D for the fiasco that was Dorne. Your argument "they clearly punished Doran for being too weak to seek revenge, it's a as plausible a mindset for humans to have as any" does not make any sense considering practices in the ASOIAF world or the medieval world the on which the books are based on. For one, Elia and the Sandsnakes have no claim to the rule of Dorne because Elia is a paramour and the Sandsnakes are bastards. Even in Dorne where paramours and bastards have more rights than elsewhere in Westeros, they have no right to inheritance. And, Elia and the Sandsnakes just killed the ruler of Dorne, who in the books and the show has ruled Dorne for decades, and takes over the rule of Dorne, all because he was weak? Sorry, but I don't see that as rationale or logical storytelling just bad writing by two hack writers who were trying to fix their initial messy and stupid plot.
  7. So according to you Arya cannot be queen because she is unladylike. I didn't know being ladylike was a prerequisite in the books to be queen. I'm quite certain that her character does not automatically disqualify her from becoming queen based on anything we've seen in the text so far. In fact, Visenya is described as a temperamental woman with an unforgiving streak. She's a warrior queen. Then we have Nymeria, the warrior queen who I very much doubt was "ladylike" as you describe a queen should be. Arya may not be feminine and seductive as yet but I'm pretty sure she'll get there in the next book. And your choice of words "lousy personality" and "being an asshole" to describe Arya makes me think you dislike the character in general. Arya, IMO, is one of the most empathetic characters in the story who can show great kindness and compassion to the most needy in society, which would be a great trait for a queen to have. She does not view and judge people by their status in society. Another great trait to have for a leader wouldn't you say? She is vengeful, but she's still a child who has witnessed terrible horror and is trying to cope as best as she knows how.
  8. You do know that the Moon Door is in the Eyrie and as The Ned's Little Girl pointed out the Eyrie is closed for the winter. They'll most likely only return after winter, which would probably be towards the end of the last book. So your hopes for Sansa going out the Moon Door will most likely not materialize.
  9. Yeah it seems like Alfie Allen was rambling through some disjointed thoughts, and you are right we can't make any assumptions based on it. The second option you suggested is out of the question in my opinion, and I do hope it's not the first. If we are talking of Jon marrying a relative, I'd rather ship Jon and Arya (well that was GRRM's initial plan, granted probably not so anymore) than Jon and Dany. Besides Luke and Leia were brother and sister.
  10. Fact-check and verify before you post. It's not that hard. Scroll to the top of this page and its the second comment. I'll make it easier for you. This is your post verbatim "its almost as if GRRM made her a major POV character in AFFC/ADWD with 12 POV chapters and that she's the only POV character in KL in TWOW." See the word "only" in your post. And, if by "heavily implied" you mean the guard stating "If he goes back without the gold the queen will have his head..." that can mean anything. If you've read the books, you'll know that it was Ser Kevan who suggested that Ser Harys prepare to go to Braavos to treat with the Iron Bank. And besides, Cersei is still considered a queen by the common folk. The question is if she will regain sole power in KL at the beginning of TWOW. Perhaps she will and Varys' plan may succeed, but my point was not whether she would regain power in the beginning of TWOW but whether she would stay in power by the end of the book, especially since GRRM stated that we'll see many people on the IT before the end. And I highly doubt in the books that Jon and Dany will ask Mad Queen Cersei for help in order to defeat the WWs.
  11. Yeah something to that effect.
  12. Yeah you are probably right. They'll want a cackling villian now that Ramsay is gone. And their Night King won't do as he seems to lack any emotions.
  13. I was referring to your comment that Cersei will be the only POV character in KL in TWOW. No one is disputing that she will be a POV character in the next book. Reread your own comments before posting. And I haven't read the Mercy chapter lately but IIRC there's no mention of Cersei regaining power in KL.
  14. Yeah from the looks of it they'll milk Lena for all she's got. I'm sure they'll try and make the viewer also empathize with Mad queen Cersei.
  15. So what? I said central as in the most important. Cersei is a secondary POV character in the books. And I didn't know TWOW was out for you to know which POV character will or will not be in KL in the book. Cersei, in D&D's stupid plot, is becoming more important than Arya, Bran, and Sansa and that's a cause for concern.