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  1. Prove it!! haha
  2. You've brought up the constellation, the ice dragon, which doesn't give credence to the living possibility of an ice dragon. They're stories from thousand of years ago, not centuries, as well. Maybe ice dragons once existed, but I don't think they exist any more. I expect if they did, fire dragons wiped them out when the Long Night occurred. Another way the "good" side won. 
  3. imo, Jon is going to ride one of the three dragons. The ice dragon would be awesome, but there's three living dragons out there and two of them need riders. Also, there's a good chance the ice dragon is just a story, which I believe.    Agree with you, Azor Ahai is Dany not Jon. Jon is TPTWP, it is known. 
  4. testing out
  5. It's a cold one out there...