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  1. Cersei will get pregnant with the NK's baby, while she is pregnant with Jaime's baby! they will grow up and get married.
  2. LOL Cmon man, believe in something!
  3. they suggest it was invented, someone (Sansa? Meera? I cant remember) is like 'What a clever idea' And with how fast news travels on HBO-Westeros, and how many ravens are constantly flying from Oldtown to WF, there is no excuse for people in WF to not know something that's happening in Dorne. Everyone knows everything in HBO-Westeros, they have the internet, they have iphones information travels just as fast as it does in RL. except of course Arya hadnt heard about the entire events of the North from last season, miraculously, I guess she lost her phone charger that week?
  4. YES thank you for posting this. I noticed it when I watched then forgot about it (probably because I was so infuriated with the ridiculous idea of Tyrion sneaking into KL the way he did, that would NEVER happen) But yes the 'monster' thing is a huge AJT hint in the books I outlined it in an old thread here And to the posts above that pointed out some of the other AJT hints in the show above, yes i completely agree those are all AJT stuff from the books, what worries me is that they are all subtle and D&D are not subtle, IMO they could just as easily be adding that stuff in with no purpose. Often when they give hints they are quite blatant about it, nothing like Martin. So if in fact they do go the route of AJT then all props to them for laying the ground work over several season and keeping it low-key like the books. I just wish the scenes with the dragons could be more fluid, but every scene the dragons are in has to be SO EPIC, there is never a casual Drogon scene since they were little. I want to see a human go up to the stables and interact with them while they are calm, like Tyrion.
  5. Yeah they want to hurry up and make the slavery fanfic show, because the world really needs THAT right now, like we dont have enough fucking problems.
  6. Ive discussed this with several ppl and all agree its dragonbinder, it has carvings and markings as described in the books. And it's a horn that has already been introduced, Horn of Joramun is either a myth or just has not been introduced yet.
  7. However I will also say that even though D&D have laid little to no groundwork for AJT they could still do it. For Instance; They never once showed a connection between Arya and Nymeria, but brought Nymeria back with no hints beforehand. I mean she knew where Arya was because of their warging powers, but show doesnt mention that at all. Brought Rickon back from hiding with no hints beforehand that he would die or that Shaggy would die. Gave the Hound the power of fire-sight without any reasoning or previous hints Brought Jon back to life with almost zero explanation or magic. Made Dany fireproof but now seem to have forgotten they did that. Made Jaime kill Olenna with zero build up or conflict between them personally. Even Reek I feel like they did a poor job with, Theon seems perfectly fine most of the time now, book Reek looks like a frail Ghost with missing parts who can barely talk. Reek only pops out the one time when Theon jumped off the boat. I had no idea Tommen would jump out of a window, there was zero character development to show that he was depressed or unstable at all. Gilly said Sam 'always wanted to be a Maester'.....Did he? IIRC he did NOT want to at all, books or show, but for some reason they made her say that to him this week when he quit his job and walked out (also something that came totally out of left field). WHy did they make her say that? Jon and Dany are being shipped on the show which started this season and there have been absolutely zero hints of it prior, no prophecies, no hints, nothing. They do things for shock and awe and AJT they could whip out in one conversation to shock us without anything to back it up. ,
  8. I feel that way about the 'big 5' characters who lives and who dies and who is in charge at the end. But that's about it at this point. I dont think Summer dies, Still not sure about Rickon and Shaggy. After all Martin went to great lengths to hide Rickon out on Cannibal-Unicorn Island, and to me it would seem very odd to hide him away all this time just to bring him out and kill him. He is still only like 6 years old in the books (or younger) at this point. I think the show left out vast amounts of Jon's resurrection which will play a big part in his entire future in the books, including stuff with Ghost. And like I said before the Dragonbinder horn is on the Cover of WoW, confirmed by Martin as the actual artwork, which means if nothing else, that the horn will play a huge part in DoD 2.0. The dance will only happen if there are 2-3 other dragon riders (even if one is Vic with the horn). But it is possible 1 dragon will die, books and show.
  9. I think that a lot of the 'dragon decisions' on HBO are based on costs,and are entertainment-driven---- not based on sticking with the books. IMO Jon will definitely ride on the show, which is why Drogon liked him last episode. It is true that the show has not really touched on AJT hardly at all, they have barely discussed Aerys either tho, so any affairs or friendships he may have had dont really play a part in the show. All it means is that in the great wisdom of D&D they didn't think it was worthy to survive their cuts (which include MANY very important plots and characters from the the books) In the books, Tyrion being AJT and riding a dragon fulfills part of his arc (if you believe AJT) he's been obsessed with Dragons his whole life, treated like shit by father (for no real reason) etc. Almost all of that was cut from the show. We know Tyrion hates his father on HBO, but we dont know much else,Like we know the Tysha story, but we never once see Tyrion think about it again after telling that story in Season 2, in the books he is still wondering where whores go in every one of his chapters...... and the character of Saint Tyrion is so stupid and whitewashed that we never really see his desire for a dragon. We dont know he dreams about them all the time or that Joanna had an affair with Aerys or that the common folk thought that Tyrion was a curse sent to Tywin by the gods to punish him for rising higher than a king.
  10. Why you say that?
  11. LOL They are both going to live guys! Almost everyone else will die, it's the fandom price for these 2 living. She is on Arya's list for killing Ned and Lady/estranging Nymeria. That was the only time they talked books and show (IIRC) was Arya yelling at her not to kill Lady. I seriously believe that Drogon being the only focused on Dragon right now is due to CGI budget. It would cost a lot more to get super detailed on 2 Dragons instead of just Drogon right now when it is not super needed. \They will give close-ups of Viserion in next few episodes then Rhaegal next season when Jon bonds with him. ^^^ This so much.
  12. 11. woops, RLJ is a a true marriage, Jon is King of the Iron Throne, yay Gilly, so glad Sam taught you to read! Please hang on to that book! 12. Archmaester just decided NOT to tell Sam his family is dead? not cool bro 13. Varys 2 episodes ago claimed to only care about his boys in the hood, the common man on the street, but now he's upset about 2 dead Highborns, which saved 1000's? ok 14. Hey Tyrion this is all the worst plan i've ever heard. going to KL is VERY STUPID for you to do. Also sacking a zombie is also stupid.
  13. ok this was an especially stupid Episode 1.Jaime and Bronn swam 100+ yards under water in ARMOR, so take that gravity! They swam so far so fast they escaped an entire army, and Tyrion who saw his brother go in the water then never mentions it!!! 2.All advisers keep arguing with their leaders in front of everyone. Tyrion does it to Dany, Sansa does it to Jon, Euron and Randyll do it to Cersei. #ThatsNotHowItWorks 3. Dany still has on this GD ridiculous get up, I am most looking forward to Jonaerys sex scene because it means she will take off these awful clothes! 4. Can Deadpans and Drogon get any more words into their vocab besides 'Dracarys'? JFC 5. Why is Carol's hair so orange? Why does she only hang out in her bedroom? 6. THEY ARE FUCKING PREGNANT???!!! NO WAY THAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOKS!! Yay lets make out to celebrate!! --oh wait, didn't books and show have a prophecy about Cersesi having children? She will have 3 they will all die, how the fuck does this fit into that? 7. Why is Drogon the only dragon who ever lands on the ground? 8. Why Do they make Dany look like she has such an awful spray tan? 9. Jon/Dany/Jorah love triangle....fucking spare me....also didn't this already happen with Daario ugh 10. Why do they make Dany keep touching his skin so much?
  14. Jesus H. I mean I dont think getting a good shot is worth bending the laws of physics and gravity. Did you guys notice that when Euron's ship attacked Yara's...OK she is below deck hitting on Ellaria and the whole boat shakes, like they got rammed. Then they go above decks and see Euron's ship approaching (meaning it actually hadn't rammed them yet) so wtf caused that giant shake when they were below decks? Oh i know, I was like since when does the outskirts of KL have giant Mid-west rock plateau's? It looked like they shot in the exact same location as where Dany got picked up by the swarming Dothraki after walking away from Drogon outside of Mereen. But yeah that Utah backdrop was beyond stupid, it's the fucking 'River'Lands guys, hello!!