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  1. I think this must be the case as well. He saw that the train had derailed and bailed out rather than trying to get it back on the tracks. Does anyone know who the creators will be for the spin-off shows?
  2. Of course a tiny bit of the guesses from the leaks will be in the right direction. D&D laid out some groundwork in the season finale. but I definitely think Arya will take someone's face to kill showCersei, and that the Hound will go with her to KL for Clegane Wrestlemania. I am thinking it will be Qyburn's face she takes. He is the only character left in KL besides Cersei at this point correct?
  3. I agree that is where the show took their turn for the worst and never came back from it. Talisa was a VERY Stupid character and made Robb look so STUPID, then it just got worse and worse and here we are. The more I think about the wight hunt the madder I get. mainly because it is literally all Tyrions fault that The Wall just fell. If they had none of them ever gone up there the NK would never have gotten a also makes you wonder what exactly was Blue Darth Mal's plan? What was his plan to bring down the Wall had Tyrion/Jon/Dany not handed him a dragon on a silver platter? Because the way his subordinate WW handed him that ice spear, it seemed like they already had it all planned out (also they obviously HAD MILES OF CHAIN ALREADY FORGED)--so how did they know a dragon was on the way?
  4. Lol I was referring to showDany only. Mainly that D&D mustve completely forgotten she did that on their show? bookDany I agree was wrong to lock them up, but she didnt do it that long. But more importantly I am quite certain that Martin wont have her chastising her family members for something she also did. It's just weird that they have such amnesia about their own series.
  5. At this point I honestly believe that Martin is taking so long with the books because he now wants them to be VERY different from the show. How can he not hate the show at this point? Im sure he likes seeing Dany ride a dragon but that is IT!!! think how mad we all are. If I were him there would be no words...... my guess is that he said to himself; 'fuck em, let em finish their stupid show without anymore help from me.' I think he has finished or almost finished Winds and will start on the next book and not publish Winds until after the show is done filming the final season. Sure he told them his grand design for the series, which was Jon+Dany beat the WW's together with her dragons. I doubt anything else will be the same books and show.
  6. Since my first read of GoT, the chapter where Viserys dies I have been certain that these books end in a Targaryen restoration, agree with you there @Lord Varys But I still think they are both going to live. I think the whole point is that they live and Westeros has a nice long period of peace when it's all over. Doesnt it deserve that? FFS
  7. could be.... showDany sure has some audacity to complain about her ancestors locking the dragons up in the dragonpit when she herself locked her dragons up for a whole season. I guess she is lucky that their size and growth was not stunted at all, they are the exact same size as Drogon.
  8. I would agree with this pre-stabbing. I have a feeling that once Jon is dead and his spirit goes into Ghost then he is raised from the dead he will care a lot less about trivial human emotions. I think it's the same about coupling with his Aunt; would a wolf care?
  9. I think it'll be Aemon in the books. due to Jon liking him as a kid, and Maester Aemon's death, and like you all said, Rhaegar already had a son named Aegon, and even if Lyanna heard that Elia's children had been killed she wouldnt change what Rhaegar had already told her to name the kid. She would do what they had previously decided, and there's no way Rhaegar woulda wanted to name 2 of his male children the same thing.
  10. do you all agree that bookDany and bookJon will not have any qualms at all about being related? I cannot believe D&D are already focusing on the fact that the 'incest' will be an issue for D&J's relationship on the HBO. It's like they are taking a 21st century American stance on this issue for whatever reason. Targaryens dgaf about being related and I cannot see bookJon caring much either once he finds out. They did not grow up together so it's not really weird. Cersei and Jaime growing up together, knowing what they are doing is wrong and doing it anyway is 'weird'. but marrying a stranger who you happen to be related to would raise no eyebrows in bookWesteros if you ask me.
  11. this is all exactly accurate
  12. I think it is fairly obvious that those leaks for Season 8 are based off of this last episode of Season 7. Obviously the leaks for the season 7 finale have been out a long time, and much of season 8 groundwork was laid out in the finale last night. So someone made fanfic based on hating Dany and the finale (which they already had the script for). I think this because several things in the leaks were in last nights episode. the incest reveal, the GC stuff (including elephants) and Jaime leaving Cersei, the rest is total nonsense.
  13. How long does it take to get from Oldtown to Winterfell in a carriage with a baby, travelling through several stationed armies? so dumb
  14. Agreed. After everything he did and plotted it all amounted to nothing. All.A.Big.Waste.Of.Time.
  15. Ok HBO officially confirms everything about RLJ. Hallelujah I think that may be the only thing that is the exact same as the books.