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  1. Lol I have no idea why D&DB do anything they do. I assume book Dany will stop in Volantis and since on HBO they made a point of showing it to us last season I thought that maybe it had some point in the story, but you're probably right and it doesn't, just like the IB of Braavos.
  2. Then why show Volantis at all last season? And that woman staring at Tyrion?
  3. Ah yes! that would make sense, I was thinking Volantis, since they did have some Tyrion scenes there...... It's a little odd that D&D are showing Jon, Dany and Cersei as the last three main rivals, no ironborn, no Dornish, no Littlefinger, No Sansa, No Varys or Tyrion...... And If Jon was in Winterfell he better get south double quick or else he'll be facing the White Walkers alone.....of course HBO travel time is only seconds long so I guess that will be no problem
  4. I've always said it'll be snowing in KL!! Still want to know if the snows will reach across to Essos??
  5. So Where is Dany in this preview?
  6. Yeah these overtime rules really make sense
  7. Moving this party to my garage with the car turned on.
  8. Oh these mother fuckers like to keep it close
  9. Omg Julio
  10. Serious Defenses happening
  11. Jesus
  12. 'Crabcakes and football! That's what Maryland does!!'
  13. Sure let them slowly creep down the field and eat the whole quarter...
  14. Me too!!! From Athens, GA. Literally been waiting for this my whole life.
  15. Dont bring up Neigan right now, Im having a good day.