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  1. idk, one of Dany's main themes is her 3 mounts. She now needs to find 'the one to love' and the blue flower in her vision. I think her and Jon will have some sort of epic love story in the last 1.5 books, but that also makes me think one of them will die, as you said, which would be more like the author. If they dont fall in love, then they wont die. But I'm super seriously wishing that none of the Main 5 die.
  2. Ellaria Sand and Yara. Who could have ever guessed that?
  3. @Lord Friendzone I agree, Jon has already died. So they probably dont need to kill him again. And I still don't see why Dany HAS to die. I think many more people will including Jaime, Sansa, Cersei, Davos and obviously Rickon, and possibly Tyrion although I hope not. But Dany and her dragons need to live so House Targaryen can go on in some way, to me a lot of this story is about their epic comeback, so killing off every freaking one of them makes no sense to me.
  4. @Lord Friendzone Don't say that, I can't deal with waiting 15 years to watch Dany or Jon die!!! ugh Closing this thread and opening a new one
  5. Forum will not let me post on this thread in Internet Explorer or Chrome. It's letting me post on other thread, just not this one specifically. I am trying to close thread and open a new version of it, but forum keeps freezing and acting crazy. Edit: ok tried to post without quoting anyone and it worked. idk
  6. Next Season starts in July....... previous versions
  7. it's quite possible
  8. Lol I have no idea why D&DB do anything they do. I assume book Dany will stop in Volantis and since on HBO they made a point of showing it to us last season I thought that maybe it had some point in the story, but you're probably right and it doesn't, just like the IB of Braavos.
  9. Then why show Volantis at all last season? And that woman staring at Tyrion?
  10. Ah yes! that would make sense, I was thinking Volantis, since they did have some Tyrion scenes there...... It's a little odd that D&D are showing Jon, Dany and Cersei as the last three main rivals, no ironborn, no Dornish, no Littlefinger, No Sansa, No Varys or Tyrion...... And If Jon was in Winterfell he better get south double quick or else he'll be facing the White Walkers alone.....of course HBO travel time is only seconds long so I guess that will be no problem
  11. I've always said it'll be snowing in KL!! Still want to know if the snows will reach across to Essos??
  12. So Where is Dany in this preview?
  13. Yeah these overtime rules really make sense
  14. Moving this party to my garage with the car turned on.
  15. Oh these mother fuckers like to keep it close