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  1. What's Varys doing are we going to see a scene reminiscent to the end of book 5 with him involved?
  2. Just have a hard time thinking that Ned would keep it secret and then just have it on full display in the crypts, as much as the crypts are a maze to most and would be hard to find. It's still there to find. Just doesn't seem reasonable.
  3. It's a funny ASOIAF version of bang-kill-marry.
  4. The sword he drives into the ground while they banter back and forth with Ned. Seems like it would be Dawn? It has a sun on the hilt. It has got nothing else in resemblance to Dawn but it seems like a nod to it maybe? I was very annoyed they didn't have Dayne wield the greatsword. I always felt like it was a very important object.
  5. The Targaryens had so much damn sex I feel like everyone is a little Targ. Gonna be shadow babies everywhere by book 7.
  6. It's also interesting to remember they only get Males, at least from Craster. This may be their only way of growing in numbers. Have they been stealing babies from the wildlings all this time? Are there female Others? Episode was interesting, they strayed a lot, I don't like that Jon knows about Bran. I guess the whole Craster's Keep stuff is interesting. But so now Jon goes out there, then comes back fights to defend the back of the wall, fights to defend the front of the wall? I have a theory that perhaps Coldhands comes before Jon and the rest of the Nights Watch and saves Bran and the others, destroying everyone in Crasters, sending them fleeing. Leaving Jon and them to happen upon an empty destroyed Craster's Keep.
  7. Beyond Patchface having some prophetic not really. I mean the only vision into the Drowned God beyond that is with Aeron Greyjoy, perhaps we'll find more in the coming books. The Drowned God has never been touched upon too much. I guess in a similar fashion to the Seven its someone worshipped but has yet to show true power from belief. EDIT: The Drowned God is quite old though, so it wouldn't be surprising if it carried the same weight of power.
  8. I always thought it was interesting the parallels between Melisandre seeing her visions through flames and Patchface seeing his visions through water or "under the sea". That with her obvious fear of him makes me think he is way more than he seems, and may as others have definitely pointed out have some deep connection to the Drowned God. I always wondered if he was in fact stating that through water he sees these visions.
  9. Does everything in this world just look like fists? Martin needs a new descriptive word.
  10. Anyone else make the connection that the Drogon's lair is described as a great fist on the Dothraki Sea. Which to another fist rock formation in the north. Ice and Fire?