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  1. I remember this one. I think I finished it, but I'm not sure. I remember it started to get weird, so I might have dropped it. I do remember wondering when a half-way likable character would show up. It did feel like that book was asking the reader to emphasize with the typical evil-cannon fodder normally plowed down by the Good Guy Heroes, but then had them doing a bunch of evil stuff... so... kind of disproved itself...
  2. Sadly, some folks seem to be more comfortable with the idea that there's a Secret Conspiracy Behind It All, because otherwise they have to face that all it takes is one person or a small group to ruin things for a lot of people. The illusion of Order, even doing something evil, can be more comforting than the omnipresent possibility of chaos. And then there's always that sense of superiority some people get when they know The Truth, and everyone else is just a bunch of "sheeple."
  3. My condolences to you, Dr. Pepper, and my best hopes for your brother in law. I hope all the injured pull through.
  4. I've put aside a few books without finishing them, but I can't recall most of the titles. I wasn't able to get through the The Darkness That Came Before (it's the first one) by Bakker. Just wasn't in the mood, I guess. I am more the type to get through a book and then decide not to continue with the series. Grace of Kings is one of those. And I might finish the Dagger and Coin series, but right now I'm not feeling it. (Of course, by the time I get too it, I'll have forgotten a lot about the previous books, so I'd better get to it soon.)
  5. That's the one that King revised in 1985, right? (The year the Captain Trips plague took place.) Originally published in 1978, if I recall. I wonder if it could be revised again? Of course that treads into the Possibly Needless Remake category, as I always felt the TV mini was a fine adaptation.
  6. The whole farce may be worth it if the multiple endings are filmed Clue-style, with Varys running around like Tim Curry revealing who done what, and the rest of the cast trailing behind him. "That's what COULD have happened, but how about THIS?"
  7. I would like the see the twist that his real name IS Jon, and Lyanna asked Ned to name him that, because she and Rhaegar discussed it before he left- if it's a girl, Visenya; if it's a boy.... uh.... name it after Jon Connington! (Sorry , Arthur!) I like this idea solely because if Aegon VII is a fake, Jon Connington might get some respite from knowing Rhaegar wanted to name his kid after him (and because the coincidence of Jon Arryn as a namesake for Jon Snow but also Jon Connington being one for R+L=J. ) There's no real proof other than the coincidence, but still, it's a nice thought. It's highly probable even if Rhaegar and Lyanna had a name in mind for a son, Ned chose Jon because in made sense and wasn't a Targaryen name. So Jon Snow has always been Jon.
  8. Cersei is not a good ruler, full stop. Heck, the only reason she's still "in charge" is a plot contrivance. King's Landing should be freaking out after she blew up their version of the Vatican. She doesn't care at all about the realm, only her own validation. She's only been "reigning" for a short time- how is she going to handle the oncoming winter, never mind the invasion of the White Walkers? The ravages of the War of the Five Kings? Robert overspent and didn't pay much attention to ruling, and he had a tendency to promote lickspittles here and there, but he did seem genuinely concerned about being a good king. And he certainly knew how to delegate.
  9. Welcome to the forum! (as a poster, anyway. I lurked for while myself. ) I agree that the best writing treats the characters as real people making their own decisions. And, as we've seen in ASOIAF, those decisions have consequences, good and bad. As you've probably recognized, even the most fantastical story needs characters who feel real- that's what connects us to the story. And, yes- the characters in this show are now directed entirely by plot points- go here, go there, we need you to stay there until this happens. It no longer feels like a real world with people and consequences.
  10. I agree with this. At this point, season 7 just makes me laugh. Seasons 5 and 6 pretty much ran the show off the rails, (and there were problems before then, to be sure). It's not like the show was running strong with competent plots and realistic characters, and then season 7 drops the ball. The decline has been building, and now it seems it's getting harder for it to hide.
  11. I'm planning to see it at some point. I remember being so proud as a kid carrying around the book, this giant and SPOOKY novel. I actually read it, too. Nice to know they lost the orgy scene. I always thought King should have had more than one token girl in the group- Bev's "loser-ship" could easily have been her family's socio-economic status. But I wasn't expecting them to make that change for the film. And this is one film that makes sense as a two-parter movie! Finally!
  12. Good to know we're not alone anymore. Although me thinks Rick and Morty are off on those dates by two years.
  13. I got both of the Dreamsong volumes a few years ago, and it might be time to revisit them. Another fun bonus are the personal essays and critiques he includes in between stories. It's been a while since I've read Dying of the Light, and I suspect it's time to reread that one instead. As to ASOIAF being part of the 1000 Worlds (and that GRRM has stated it isn't), I don't mind the references, but I'd prefer that they remain subtle background hints. Even if for whatever reason, Westeros IS one of the 1000, I think it would be better to never make that clear.
  14. Thanks for the info- I forgot about that Wolverine movie ha hah hah! Yeah, I don't have high, or any hopes at all, for Confederate. Even if some creators I actually liked were doing such a project, I'd probably feel the same. I admit when people started catching on to D&D's hack-ness, I will be like the Emperor cackling on his throne- "good... GOOD...."
  15. Oh, I don't deny there were changes in the first two seasons that I disliked. Episode Six had that DEE lightful scene with Littflefinger and Ros and the other young lady where they proceeded to give away what an evil douche Petyr Baelish really is. Rather a foolish move for a duo who seem to enjoy shocking audiences, too. But it is far easier for bad-to-mediocre writers to adapt a work that is so ready made for good TV. Even with annoying changes like Talisa for Jeyne, the good in the first two seasons outweighed the bad. And then nitpicks turn into rants, and small changes that maybe the loyal book audience can live with turn into reasons why I stoped buying the later seasons on DVD. Considering that the only other thing I've seen one half of the show runners do is the movie Troy, which is... well, it had a good cast. But it has so many lazy tropes and takes the easy route- it's mediocre at best, if you want to be kind. So, no, I don't chalk D&D up as great script writers or show handlers, or even competent ones. But if the show had maintained its season 1 quality, I'd probably still be buying the DVDs, even though I'd probably still find plenty to complain about. D&D's best bet would have been to get outside help and find good talent to keep the story at least minimally coherent. Instead, they seem to be riding high on praise and attention and see no reason to switch course. This may change, hopefully, since mainstream reviewers are starting to notice the flaws. And it is always popular for someone to write a think piece on How That Show Everyone Liked Wasn't Really All That Good. (and by popular I mean clickbait)