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  1. I've actually tried to read Glen Cook's books before, only I'm pretty sure the first time was either not a Black Company book, or was one well into the series and I didn't realize it. Maybe it was Instrumentalities of Night. Second time was definitely the first book, because I remember the characters. Third time must be the charm because I'm over halfway into the second book within the omnibus. There's a lot to like about the brusque writing style, although I wish there was more description and atmosphere in certain parts. Interesting to find out there's a new story due that takes place in between the first two books.
  2. I wonder if people who believe such things think there's an entire department of the government devoted to fake photos.
  3. I admit, when 9/11 happened, I speculated that it might be our own government's doing for about five seconds, but that mostly a "omigod WHAT IF" moment rather than serious consideration. Plus this was very early and before we knew who was really behind it. There are some fun conspiracies out there. A personal fave is the one about secret reptile people running the planet (I find this funny because I love reptiles, so if they were running the planet, I'd be all "DAAW adorable secret reptile conspiracy!" and they'd be all "hey, take us seriously!")
  4. Does that make Trump into Governor Ratcliffe?
  5. Do we want an AI like Hal? I mean, he's efficient, but... This reminds me of the Clockwork Orange film. The design looked like the 1970s lasted forever, but it works well even today. I don't know much about the making of the film, but perhaps it was a deliberate choice to remove the film from time progression to make it timeless? Given that's design aesthetic versus the technology presented. Reminds me of a MST3K joke- "wall mounted keyboards... it must be.... the FUTURE!"
  6. Yeah, I'm still holding out for a DIck Grayson/Nightwing film or TV show. Along with Wonder Woman, he's one of my favorites. I really enjoyed Diana's solo movie, and she was the best part of BvS for me. I'm on the fence about seeing Justice League. I've heard Aquaman is glorious.
  7. Just finished it up last night. I really enjoyed it. Great acting from the whole cast. I love the concept that the Mindflayer showed up in the sky in the Upside Down, but was creeping into Hawkins underground. So simple but very effective. I agree that Billy's arc was sort of a puzzler. I would assume he gets his racist behavior from his dad, who seems like a prince of a man! /s. As to Billy being gay, he could be bisexual, which doesn't help the stereotype he may represent. And if he's going to do a heel/face turn next season, he's got A LOT to redeem- assaulting a child and all. (I cheered when Lucas nailed him in the nads, tho ) He's going to need more than a spiked bat and a fight with a demogorgon.
  8. Yeah, I'm not really tickled by this news. The movies are iconic and very present in people's minds. Unless they want to do something really weird and transpose the story into a different time era like an anime adaptation of a literary classic (Les Miserables in SPAAAACE!), they really shouldn't bother.
  9. I remember this one. I think I finished it, but I'm not sure. I remember it started to get weird, so I might have dropped it. I do remember wondering when a half-way likable character would show up. It did feel like that book was asking the reader to emphasize with the typical evil-cannon fodder normally plowed down by the Good Guy Heroes, but then had them doing a bunch of evil stuff... so... kind of disproved itself...
  10. Sadly, some folks seem to be more comfortable with the idea that there's a Secret Conspiracy Behind It All, because otherwise they have to face that all it takes is one person or a small group to ruin things for a lot of people. The illusion of Order, even doing something evil, can be more comforting than the omnipresent possibility of chaos. And then there's always that sense of superiority some people get when they know The Truth, and everyone else is just a bunch of "sheeple."
  11. My condolences to you, Dr. Pepper, and my best hopes for your brother in law. I hope all the injured pull through.
  12. I've put aside a few books without finishing them, but I can't recall most of the titles. I wasn't able to get through the The Darkness That Came Before (it's the first one) by Bakker. Just wasn't in the mood, I guess. I am more the type to get through a book and then decide not to continue with the series. Grace of Kings is one of those. And I might finish the Dagger and Coin series, but right now I'm not feeling it. (Of course, by the time I get too it, I'll have forgotten a lot about the previous books, so I'd better get to it soon.)
  13. That's the one that King revised in 1985, right? (The year the Captain Trips plague took place.) Originally published in 1978, if I recall. I wonder if it could be revised again? Of course that treads into the Possibly Needless Remake category, as I always felt the TV mini was a fine adaptation.
  14. The whole farce may be worth it if the multiple endings are filmed Clue-style, with Varys running around like Tim Curry revealing who done what, and the rest of the cast trailing behind him. "That's what COULD have happened, but how about THIS?"
  15. I would like the see the twist that his real name IS Jon, and Lyanna asked Ned to name him that, because she and Rhaegar discussed it before he left- if it's a girl, Visenya; if it's a boy.... uh.... name it after Jon Connington! (Sorry , Arthur!) I like this idea solely because if Aegon VII is a fake, Jon Connington might get some respite from knowing Rhaegar wanted to name his kid after him (and because the coincidence of Jon Arryn as a namesake for Jon Snow but also Jon Connington being one for R+L=J. ) There's no real proof other than the coincidence, but still, it's a nice thought. It's highly probable even if Rhaegar and Lyanna had a name in mind for a son, Ned chose Jon because in made sense and wasn't a Targaryen name. So Jon Snow has always been Jon.