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  1. What? You really can't make this stuff up. As for the later point, I'm not surprised.
  2. Eh.... this does not excite me. I also stopped watching GOT after season 4 and feel no urge to revisit it. I guess this does make sense that since D&D made a very popular fantasy TV show that got people talking, they'd get more big-name work. But I also wonder, like Mormont, who else could do a better job. I understand that Disney and whoever's in charge want a guaranteed hit, but how much power does the Star Wars name alone grab? I mean, it's Star Wars, the 500lb gorilla of pop culture. Who here would be genuinely interested in an SW series even with complete unknowns heading it up? (honest question- what would you think of the announcement without the showrunners' names included? Or would it be completely unsurprising and the meat of the announcement relies entirely on D&D+ Star Wars = social media kerfuffle?) Also, for no reason whatsoever, I now want to see a Dungeons and Dragons/Star Wars mashup series. Didn't that kind of exist in RPG form? Starjammers or something? Or, please, just make a Shadowrun TV show.
  3. I wonder if Rey's parents, despite being dead, might still have some bearing on future development. It might be tight to squeeze it into the final part of a trilogy, but if they knew some other smugglers like the unscrupulous one dude (DJ? Del Toro's character), it would Rey an idea of what she's building on. And it would give that guy more story significance, if anyone's clamoring for that. I do like that Rey's parents' significance was ultimately of importance only to her. I wonder if we'll get another flashback (there was a brief one in Force Awakens, if I recall correctly) showing more about when they left, how they left, did they intend to return and got killed instead... But at the same time, it might be good to just let that plot thread end.
  4. I want some Jedi porgs with tiny lightsabers (yes, lightsabers are not useful weapons for tiny combatants, but maybe they have to master the weapon as part of training and then get to design something more porg-friendly.) I would guess the title The Last Jedi is ambiguous in that sense- is it singular and refers to Luke? Or it is plural and includes Ben/Kylo and Rey? With no council, who decides who is a Jedi at what point?
  5. I saw the trailer for this on Netflix yesterday. It has been a while since i read the book. I admit, if they're really did trim/alter that that particular scene, I'm not going to be complaining. It will be interesting to see how the series portrays a lot of the book's psychological stuff. I, too, am wondering if I should try to reread the book before giving the series a go.
  6. I had a bizarre thought- okay, it's not that bizarre. it's more pointless head canon theory. And I'm sure someone's brought it up on some other fan site. (Also I stopped reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe sometime around the turn of the century). Basically, Rey and Kylo/Ben are alternate dimension versions of Jaina and Jacen Solo. Except in the new movie 'verse, Jaina/Rey was born to different parents. But she still relates to Kylo like a sister. And EU verse Ben Skywalker is... uh, the kid in the stables at the end. This had been your random Star Wars thought of the day. Also, where can I find a stuffed Porg that doesn't make noise?
  7. Okay, sorry, I don't have time to go through this thread or the previous two? three? to get everyone else's thoughts. But I finally got to see the movie myself. And I loved it. I do see some of the complaints as valid, and maybe they'll bug me more on a rewatch. I was half-convinced Admiral Holdo was a spy herself (Poe does call her a traitor, but that seems to be more his perspective on her escape plan)- it seemed that the way the First Order was tracking them had to be a twist. I thought, does Finn have a tracking device implanted for wayward Stormtroopers? Is Holdo a traitor? Boba Felt finally crawled out of that Sarlacc and is clinging to the side of the ship? I felt this film had a sort of Rogue One vibe going- since everyone seemed to like the last movie where people were dying nobly en masse for the greater good, this one kept that trend up. I know that even from the first Star Wars, the pilots were getting blown up to drive home the cost of war, so this could be a false perception on my part. A few things: It was great seeing Luke Skywalker again. Mark Hamill was awesome. Even with the debates about what Luke would have done here and there, and why, I wasn't disappointed. And now he is more possible than we can possibly imagine... (also, loved Force Ghost Yoda's lightening attack. But who explained this to the Jedi Nuns? They aren't going to be happy.) I loved the grumpy officer in charge of the dreadnought ship at the beginning. After Rose's sister drops the bombs (maybe they're magnetic and attracted only to bad guy ships and that's why they fall?), he just glares at the oncoming explosion as if he could shame it away with pure disapproval. I hope they had fun filming that scene. Leia's space-moment nearly brought me to tears, for reasons... And then she Forces herself back to the ship, and it was awesome. I know it won't happen, but I still want her to smack some sense into Kylo Ren in the last movie, and that beats the whole First Order. I also loved when she laser-blast-stuns Poe for being a dink. I do like Poe, but he was being a dink here. I love Finn- in my opinion, he got some of the best defiant hero moments. I love him sticking up for Rose to get her medallion back. I love when the code breaker guy tries to sell Finn on the middle ground towards the end, and Finn isn't having it- he knows he's standing on the right side. I love Rose, too. I didn't mind the tangent to the casino, since it worked for character and world building. I liked how they reversed the "hive of scum and villainy" description. Even the music was a callback. Kylo Ren remains a good villain- sympathetic but ultimately digging deeper into his hole of hate. I know some people are disappointed that Snoke got taken out, but I wonder if he, too, won't become stronger as a Force Ghost... Rey was also great. I think her parents being just some random people probably works out for the best. I do wish Chewie, R2, and 3P0 had more scenes, but they at least got some fun stuff to do. My biggest complaint, though? Not enough Porgs! So 1 out of five stars.
  8. I'm also a big fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. And while Disney's Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast are mostly known for their songs, I really like their instrumental music as well.
  9. I know we've got a bunch to threads devoted to writing, but I wondered if there were any other artists here who work in the fantasy/scifi area. These would apply to professionals to hobbyists to those who just like to doodle. I work in the graphic design field, but I've always been into fantastically-themed art. I work a lot in digital art these days, but I still like to do ink and painting traditionally. I also love to do comics and storyboarding. I try my hand at everything from epic fantasy to goofy critters doing goofy stuff. I'd love to monetize my side projects more, but in the end I just love to work on them regardless of profit.
  10. It was a glorious day when I discovered the Dune soundtrack sitting in a used CD bin years ago. Toto and Brian Eno's work on that one always gets me. I was just about to mention the Suspiria theme! That and the piece for Profound Rosso/ Deep Red. Creepy and delightful. For the Marvel movies, I do agree that Alan Silvestri's work for Captain America and the Avengers is great. I have both of these. I haven't paid much attention to the other soundtracks. I think the first Thor one had a few memorable bits, but most of the others seems so personality-free to me. Switching universes, I recall some movie reviewers mentioning how Wonder Woman's theme was actually recognizable and different from other superhero stuff. Like it or not, it stood out. I saw Trevor Jones mentioned- he became one of my favorites at an early age for his soundtrack to Dark Crystal. I believe he also did stuff for Dark City and From Hell. For anime soundtracks, I love Yuki Kajiura's work. She tends to use a lot of dramatic female vocals, but if that's your bag, you'll love her stuff. Yoko Kanno is great, too. I've heard some people accuse her of the "borrowing" aspect of composition as well, but she still comes off as very prolific. One of the only times I was disappointed by one of her soundtracks (Wolf's Rain) was when the CDs omitted a few particularly good tracks from the show. I agree that Yasunori Mitsuda is awesome. I also miss buying soundtrack albums. I realize I probably bought the Crow album and sold it only to buy it used again used later three separate times I think the Batman Forever album also traipsed through my music collection this way. On a side note, sometimes I go through iTunes' collection of "epic music composers" looking for some gems. While the idea of composing for a film that doesn't exist is interesting, I admit, a lot of them are very same-y sounding for me. I know trailer music is its own genre these days. Anyone have any favorites from these?
  11. Well, at least the Koch brand toilet paper is used appropriately... I agree that it's near impossible to only support 100% ethical business, especially if one is on a budget. And since so many smaller companies are owned by sneaky giant ones... I guess we just have to keep trying. I admit I never liked Chick-Fil-A, so that one's not a problem for me. Maybe you can figure out how to make your own waffle fries?
  12. Multiple back ups on a variety of media, tangible and intangible, seem to be a good idea. Any recommendations for lots and lots of large art files- multilayer Photoshop psds and the like?
  13. I've actually tried to read Glen Cook's books before, only I'm pretty sure the first time was either not a Black Company book, or was one well into the series and I didn't realize it. Maybe it was Instrumentalities of Night. Second time was definitely the first book, because I remember the characters. Third time must be the charm because I'm over halfway into the second book within the omnibus. There's a lot to like about the brusque writing style, although I wish there was more description and atmosphere in certain parts. Interesting to find out there's a new story due that takes place in between the first two books.
  14. I wonder if people who believe such things think there's an entire department of the government devoted to fake photos.
  15. I admit, when 9/11 happened, I speculated that it might be our own government's doing for about five seconds, but that mostly a "omigod WHAT IF" moment rather than serious consideration. Plus this was very early and before we knew who was really behind it. There are some fun conspiracies out there. A personal fave is the one about secret reptile people running the planet (I find this funny because I love reptiles, so if they were running the planet, I'd be all "DAAW adorable secret reptile conspiracy!" and they'd be all "hey, take us seriously!")