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  1. He has to know, since Hot Pie knows, that she blew up the Sept of Baylor, and he also almost certainly knows that she killed her cousin and uncle and that Tommen was either flung or jumped as a result of Marg being killed also. So, I think the answer has to be: yes. Which, makes the fact that he even contemplates she might not blackstab Dany and Jon totally nuts. He is the worst hand ever at this point.
  2. The show probably would have done better to get Dany to Westeros last year in the 9th episode maybe, to give a little more context for the Jon/Dany relationship, it's happeneing IMO very awkwardly on the show and quickly. But then Khal Drogo happened over the course of maybe the first 3 or 4? episodes between their meeting/marriage/sun and stars. Thus, it must be the writing that makes it less believable because I don't think many had trouble seeing the development of her relationship with Drogo on the show. I agree. I'd put Winds at about 80%, though, it will be just like Feast, a random assembly of whatever chapters are finished. But, I don't see Dany getting to Westeros, until best case, the very end of the book. And I agree, Jon and Dany will need an entire book to set the stage for some type of romantic relationship, so that would have to occur in the 7th book that will not be written, and resolved in the 8th book that will not be written.
  3. It might also be that the author is going to leave it unresolved....and not give a definitive answer, which would give the show leeway to leave it out. It would be a little weird to create all of those hints in the world book only to do nothing with it in the end...but it's possible. There are a lot of dead ends in the books as it is.
  4. LMAO. Bring on more Emmys!
  5. Here is HBO's map of Westeros. Dragonstone is quite tiny.
  6. It matters because if the fictional universe doesn't adhere to it's own rules then it becomes a silly, unbelievable story. HBO has maps of Westeros. We can see that Dragonstone is small, Stannis already told us that there is nothing there of value. So, the idea of 100,00+ Dothraki on Dragonstone for months is stretching credulity. If this was the only thing, that would be okay we don't expect fictional worlds to never rely on coincidence or to explain all details. But, when the same things are glossed over, again and again, it makes the story weak and silly. When armies are always, every time, showing up over the horizon out of nowhere and everyone is surprised, then it becomes no better than a bad action flick. When distances that used to take time to travel now appear to happen in a couple of days, same thing. When characters forget or remember key pieces of information as the plot demands, it's bad writing and destroys the immersion in the story.
  7. Some stuff doesn't really qualify as leaks at this point? It seems pretty obvious that Jon and Dany are going to have a child together, what else is the point of a romantic relationship between the two? It makes it more likely that one of them will die, because the two of them 'breaking the wheel' to heal Westeros while raising their family...not going to happen. Same Cersei, even without leaks, its a safe bet that she's not having another living child because that would totally change her trajectory and then her brother would never leave her for any reason. I have no idea how many false leaks there were because I only have seen them once they popped up on reddit and people had already done some analyzing.
  8. Um, Cersei has no other lovers in the show, it is obviously Jamie's baby. There is no one even potentially that could be her lover unless you think she's sleeping with Qyborn. So, Jamie is the father.
  9. Yeah, it's hard to get over the level of stupidity of anyone trying to appease Cersei, since it's an absolute fallacy that Dany could not take King's Landing other than a siege that kills thousands. There is no reason in the world why anyone, including Lannister bannermen are still loyal to her. KL should be in a constant state of rioting. All Dany would have to do is fly up: announce to the city to send out the queen and surrender, and everyone gets amnesty or she's going to burn down the Red Keep. It's done. The Cersei story is just stupidity piled on top of stupidity. She is still in power. No one is rebelling against her despite having blown up the most holy religious site in the country, and killing the queen, and being a kin slayer. And her own fucking brother suddenly trusts her. It's all insane. So the magnificent seven suicide squad risking their lives to get her and her non existent army that Dany already destroyed is par for the course.
  10. True. The sheer badness of the script treatment leaks caused a lot of people, myself included, to think that they were fakes based on the leaks of plot points. But, they weren't. They were the actual, real dialogue. Reading those treatments and knowing they are legit, it is an actual miracle that the show was ever good, or even that it now, still on occasion can muster up a good scene or two in terms of writing quality. Those treatments were embarrassingly bad...which is why I'm not going to dismiss the embarrassingly bad season 8 leaks, some of them seem obviously crack pot, but who can say.
  11. Robyn is still in the Vale, so again, it's absurd that Royce hasn't had LF killed already via an accident. Why wouldn't Sansa know that, other than plot contrivance, they've all been at WF for months, its' not believable that she doesn't know that, or that Royce and the Vale lords wouldn't have ever, not once, mention the reason they rode North.
  12. I beg to differ, Sansa tells Brienne that she need LF in order to keep the lords of the Vale, if Royce in the show didn't trust LF that would not be true. At one point, in the past, he didn't trust LF, then he did, then he didn't, and now apparently he does again. Otherwise, Sansa would just tell Lord Royce that it was a lie that she was kidnapped by the Boltons....and LF would have been dead many episodes ago.
  13. Even a one minute scene with Royce and Sansa talking about LF would alleviate that plot hole and tell the audience that Royce doesn't trust LF, remind the audience of the Vale/Stark connection, etc. . Instead, Royce too is trailing around in scenes with nothing productive to do. And of course, if the show had back in seasons 4/5 given a couple of the Northern lords a larger role, then both LF and Sansa might be able to do something more intersting beyond walking around Winterfell talking about armor and supplies. The show is attempting to create suspense, but I doubt even the most casual of showwatchers really believes Sansa is going to depose her brother/cousin or that Arya is going to kill her sister. Considering that they have known the ending since season 1, they have done a poor job in constructing things, so that now, despite rushing to the end, there is still a whole lot of running in place, with people not getting anything accomplished until boom.
  14. I agree. GOT will give me the ending in broad strokes, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like the ending, but it will be an ending. And you can count me among those that would have never started the series if I had any expectation that the author was not going to finish it, which I am sure now he will not ever finish it.
  15. Well, that's another plot hole in the show. LF threatened to have him killed and yet here he is scheming with him as if he's his friend. Royce in a realistic world, if not having already arranged an accident for him a long time ago, would certainly not be seen as trusting him and comspiring wtih him. I get that the show loves LF and wanted to keep him alive for another year, but if they were going to keep him alive in WF then the should have tried harder to craft some type of plot with suspense and meaning, not show him in 25 second screen shots where he's walking or skulking and getting nothing accomplished.