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  1. Jimmy is a piece of shit.
  2. I can't see the story ending with Jon and Dany happy and in love ruling Westeros. I might have been able to see a political marriage, where there was affection and mutual respect, but them falling in love? And both living? That seems like it comes from an entirely different story.
  3. I can't remember exactly what his phrasing was on the 5 main characters.....are they making it to the end, e.g. alive at the end or all just making it to the last book. I find it hard to believe that he will leave Jon, Dany, Arya, Tyrion and Bran ALL alive at the close of the story. I also think George's idea of bittersweet is much, much, much MUCH darker than anything Tolkien ever came up with.
  4. Favorite: 1 Worst: 5
  5. I haven't done it in a long time, but my recollection is that some of the chapters....the only one that comes to mind is the Theon chapter....were written a LONG time ago, when GRRM was moving the story along fairly quickly....and then some seemed written the Dorne chapters...where not much happens. I do think though that all of them were written at the earliest circa Dance's publication.
  6. You still don't seem to understand that this passage exemplifies exactly what I am saying, there can be multiple legitimate claimants to a throne, and people will or will not support them based on an almost infinite number of variables......You are king until you aren't. You are in the line of succession until you aren't. Your claim is good, better, best all depending again on a huge set of variables. But saying Dany doesn't have a legitimate claim to the throne on which her father sat is to me silly.
  7. Henry VI wants a word. LOL.
  8. Yes. Maybe you should read more history. She has a legitimate claim to the throne through her father, who was king. The end. Robert usurped the throne, and became king, that doesn't negate the legitimacy of her claim.....which is probably why she has a variety of supporters from Westeros. Often, there are more than one "legitimate" claimants to a throne. But, once she gets to Westeros she will have won the IT by right of conquest and will also have a blood claim.
  9. To retake the throne that was usurped from her family, isn't that obvious? LOL.
  10. I think the author mixed and matched too many elements in the War of the Roses to draw any conclusions. Edward IV definitely parallels Robert Baratheon, but only so far....Elizabeth Woodville most certainly didn't orchestrate her husbands death because his death basically ruined her life. Dany doesn't work that well as Henry Tudor because her claim to the throne is very strong, much stronger than his was.
  11. She has 300 years of Targaryen history on her side. You know, the people who united Westeros under one ruler. She absolutely has a legitimate claim to the throne if Robert is a usurper, as would any other Targaryen.
  12. Jon and Dany don't really parallel the War of the Roses as Dany has a very strong claim to the throne, unlike Henry Tudor.
  13. Brienne will kill her to save Jamie. Yes, it was right for her to hang Merret and Petyr, and any other Freys she gets her hands on.
  14. Based on the sample chapters and the things GRRM has said, no, I don't think he can wind the story down in 2 more books. It will take 3 at least, and even that depends on how much he resolves in Winds, when it finally comes out.
  15. Yeah. He is the same as he ever was. Impulsive. Likes adoration and the spotlight. Belligerent. Blowhard. Holds grudges. Does whatever he wants to do at any moment and may or may not notice when he contradicts himself in the space of hours or days. Remember what George said, it's not a lie if you believe it.