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  1. Prequel Discussion

    I don't think they will do Robert's Rebellion, we know the entire story, the only difference is we'd be "seeing" it instead of having heard about it and even seen some flashbacks on GOT. We know what all the main characters do, when, why and where it leads. Plus, it would be jarring to see other actors playing the main characters who are supposed to be only 15 years younger than their GOT selves. GRRM seems to be most interested in House Targaryen at this stage, so I would think either the war of succession in Westeros or they'll go all the way back and do Aegon and his sisters.
  2. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Why is it so difficult to just take the showrunners at their word? This season is a showcase for's all about Cersei. Weiss said this. Having watched GOT for many years, I know that the show is happy to sacrifice plot logic and cohesion to get to whatever dramatic point they want to reach. This season, they want to reach it with Lena, they've said as much. So the plot logic of her being powerful enough that Jon and Dany and their combined forces put their own lives at risk to make her an ally is unimportant to the showrunners....because their purpose is showcasing Cersei as queen. I still am now forced to wonder if Cersei will live to the end of the books and beat the prophecy, as that would explain much of the show's treatment of her and brother.
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I did. You can only break guest right if you are one of the hosts. When you plan someone's murder you are considered guilty of murder whether you commit the actual act of killing or not, e.g. transitive property, you hired killers, your orchestrated the killing, the killing was done on your orders, so Tywin is guilty of murder and so is Cersei. But not breaking guest right. Just like Roose Bolton is guilty of betraying his liege lord and king. Tywin is not. Both are guilty of Robb Stark's murder. One is not like the other. However, guest right is irrelevant to how realistic it is that Cersei Lannister would be able to command forces outside of the Red Keep or King's Landing, maintain her father's bannermen and their loyalty or be serious enough force that anyone, let alone Daenerys Targaryen would seek to appease her and ally with her, based on the events of the show in preceding seasons. We can agree to disagree.
  4. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    How so? Guest right is a thing, it's different from murder. If Robb wasn't a guest of Tywin Lannister, how did Tywin break guest right at the Twins? Is Tywin guilty of betraying his liege lord and king, Robb Stark just because he aided Roose Bolton to do the same? Answer: no. He's guilty of participating in the planning of Robb's murder and the murder of his men. He didn't betray his liege lord or his king or break guest right.
  5. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Tywin didn't break any guest rights, he wasn't at the Twins. That is on Walder Frey and his family. Maybe Cersei is going to pull a Joan of Arc, and lead the troops herself. That would be great.
  6. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    LMAO. Somebody else blew up the Sept that just so happened to be full of people for Cersei's trial and she so happened to be the only person not inside the Sept, except her son, who killed himself. It's true that GOT show characters are generally not too bright, so I suppose that is possible, that everyone would think how lucky that Cersei is the sole person who escaped, and coincidentally, the only person who benefited by all those people being dead.
  7. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Sure, when she was the king's mother and Tommen's guardian, and when she hadn't committed any massive kin slaying or religious atrocities. There is now no reason for anyone but Qyburn to be loyal to her.
  8. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Why? What supporters are these? She is no one's liege lord and has not ever had any "supporters" on her own unless she was paying them. The Lannister bannermen were loyal to her father and to the Kings and the army to her uncle and brother...the kings are now dead, outed as incest bastards, and she murdered her uncle. She's also a religious heretic to boot. She never had any cadre of personal supporters like Stannis did. I understand why the show wishes this to be 'her season' and make her powerful, which is fine...but I just can't agree that this makes sense in the context of the story. It's like much else of GOT, it works as a stand alone element when one doesn't seek to link it to previous plot points or think too hard about it. LOL.
  9. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    "That's what so much of next season is going to be about; finding out what Cersei's mindset is. Who is she? While Cersei has certainly done a lot of horrible things in her life and she could be a very cruel person, the one thing that was redemptive about her was that she genuinely loved her children. Now they're all gone, and I think that is very interesting for us. Who is she without her children? The answer is something you'll find out next season." According to Weis.
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Exactly again. If Cersei hadn't killed the Tyrell heirs, then there might be a reasonable basis that House Tyrell and it's once huge army, LOL, plus the Lannisters would try to fight her....but having killed and betrayed now every single past ally....everyone in Westeros would be laying flowers at Dany's feet as their savior. It doesn't matter really, though, and as I said in an earlier post, it's possible the book readers have been wrong, perhaps after losing everything she holds dear Cersei will somehow stay alive at the end, this would explain some of the show's weirder choices about Cersei and Jamie.
  11. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Exactly. She killed her uncle and her cousin and former lover. Not to mention the High Sparrow, the popular Tyrell queen, and blew up the most holy site in Westeros. If she will kill members of her own family, and do all the rest of it......why would any Lannister bannermen follow her? You'd be instead looking at Kevan's remaining children or what other Lannisters are left alive to try and neutralize her, lock her in the attic and restore some order and prestige to House Lannister. The fact that Jon, with a Vale army, an army of wildlings, and Dany, with a Dorne army, a Dothraki army, an unsullied army, a huge navy, and 3 dragons would do anything but tell her to sit down and STFU and release your "army" to us is more nonsense.
  12. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    They lost the dragon attempting to get 'proof' for Cersei, I hope she laughs in their faces, they already proved her calculation was correct, in their desire to get her "support" Dany loses 33% of her best weapon. The Dornish lords are already fighting for Dany. Tullys are a non factor, I guess Jon will bend the knee and beg the Freys for their army too, neat. Again, Euron Greyjoy is a nut job, anyone thinking he can be trusted for more than 10 seconds as an ally is going to deserve the knife they get in their back. Tyrells allegedly still had an army, but apparently they defect not to Dany, but Cersei, more hilarity. But, I'm willing to say that maybe we book readers have had it all wrong, and Cersei is going to beat the prophecy in the end, and so she might sit the IT at the end of the series, that would be a twist, and it would certainly explain the changes to her and Jamie's story in the show.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Don't the leaks also say she roasts Tarly? One of the best military strategists in Westeros. Another miscalculation I guess, LOL. It's going to be amazing with the level of stupidity shown by the major players that will somehow manage to defeat the white walkers.
  14. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    If the leaks are to be believed they lose a dragon to the WW in their quest to get Cersei's help. That's a very, very bad outcome. They would have been better off to say 'fuck it, bitch' release your army or we're burning KL to the ground, and doing it. They need the dragons more than any amount of soldiers.
  15. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    She has never been sensible. Never. She let Joff run wild and start a war. She tried to destroy the Tyrell alliance from the very beginning. Then she re armed the Faith. She's a short term thinker who never sees the big picture as both her brother and Varys already know, so believing she would unite with Dany and Jon to fight the WW is dumb, totally dumb.