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  1. Show Sansa is awful, there is no getting around it: immature, selfish, petty, destructive. Euron remains much improved over last year, but why stage a battle that no one can see? It was sooooo dark for that scene, I wanted to see the Spice Snakes get it in a well lighted room. The Nymeria/Arya stuff was weird, and pointless....I suspect it was the show's way of reminding the audience that there is a wolf out there w/a wolf pack because that wolf is going to come back in some final battle, and probably die. Stormborn's deadpanning was among her worst ever outings. The battle plan of everyone is so stupid it isn't even worth ranting about in detail, because no one cares anymore including me. Let's just get down to the last season and get The End.
  2. Happy that Spear Spice and Whip Spice got taken out by their own's too bad that entire segment was so dark I could hardly see what/who was happening.
  3. That's what the show is about now, it has further devolved from being 'big scenes' that didn't make sense in relation to the plot and other scenes where now it's about 'big lines' Break The Wheel. Shall We Begin. Be a Dragon.
  4. It was literally DAYS ago that people were convinced the author was finished with Winds and an announcement was coming within the month. Instead, he announced he is still working on Winds, has good days and bad days, and that it is possible that Winds will be released some time next year. Or not. He has now been 'months away' from finishing the book for more than 2 years, and instead of not taking on any new projects until Winds is complete he has taken on a multitude of new projects including writing another book. Only in a world where up is down and black is white can this be judged anything but near catastrophic news in terms of Winds of Winter.
  5. lol. good one
  6. lol. good one
  7. Emilia had the deadpan turned up to 11! Whomever said she delivers every single line as if it's going to be in the trailer or highlight reel was exactly correct. Why did they make the battle so dark? I literally couldn't tell if these were the same 3 actresses playing the sand spices or if one or two had been recast? Thankfully Obara who could give Emilia a run for her money in the deadpan delivery category was put out of her misery.
  8. But why in the name of the prince (or princess) that was promised would Randyll Tarly, Sam’s hardheaded dad and the chief military commander of House Tyrell, suddenly throw his lot in with the woman who murdered his liege lord? Mace Tyrell wasn’t exactly Alexander the Great, but he (and his two heirs) were incinerated in cold blood, and it’s hard to imagine a blinkered rule-follower like Randyll sullying their name just because he’s afraid of a few Dothraki. I appreciated Jaime’s opportunistic playing on the invading foreign horde—it’s just like our Kingslayer, who’s always been underrated as a politician. But I didn’t buy that Tarly would go for it. The same goes for Jon Snow, who is declared King in the North and instantly decides … to leave the North on a boat with his most trusted adviser. There’s a reason we hard cut from that decision to a statue of Ned, holding his longsword in noble judgment. Jon seems similarly afflicted with the idea that the logically sound decision is always the right one. Dragons, as Davos points out, can breathe fire, so they might be useful against the White Walkers. Fine. But maybe wait a second before approaching Daenerys and asking her to open a second front, in her brand new war, against a race of mythical beings? Jon’s role in Winterfell has to be healing the bitter divides of a just-ended civil war, and, as his lieges point out, the last King in the North who left Winterfell never returned. The only reason I can think for his rashness is that foul mistress, plot. Jon doesn’t make much sense as a King in the North anyway—the title should fall to Sansa, pronouns be damned, just like with the so-called prince who was promised. Jon came back from the dead to defeat the Night’s King, and if he has to make a few stupid decisions to spur that final confrontation along, so be it.
  9. RIP Whip Spice and Spear Spice.
  10. No from the last 7 years of of the author's actions and words, plus the back story on Dance and Feast, so that is more than a decade of the author's actions and words to draw conclusions from.
  11. LOL, well that was a bad plan Dany, Tyrion, Yara, Ellaria, QOT.
  12. Thank you rocker pirate Euron!
  13. The North has already declared it's independence from the Baratheon/Lannister/Targaryens. Nothing hypocritical about it.
  14. At this point, I'm ready to forget about the whether it will take 2 or 3 more books, because it's looking like he is barely going to be able to cobble together Winds of Winter and get that out some time in late 2018 or more likely 2019, after the Fire and Blood book.
  15. Yes.