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  1. It serves the story as well as hold the door or summer dying. Me, personally, I think it's terrible, but I also think it's going to be a twist, and if Tyrion is a Targaryen in the books, he will be in the show also.
  2. Does 'rubbing it in their faces' ever change their minds?
  3. He had dragon dreams. He was able to "communicate" with the dragons when he unchained them. We'll see. Did people predict he would burn Shireen? I know A LOT of people thought she was die, but I don't remember people thinking it would be Stannis and I hope that isn't what happens in the books, having Stannis die a ruined, broken man who accomplished absolutely nothing and betrayed everyone and everything like in the show would be a terrible ending.
  4. Third twist: Tyrion is a secret Targaryen.
  5. Marg still has to have her trial. Cersei has to have her trial. Presumably Marg will lose and Cersei will win and remain in power. Then we have to have Arianne and Aegon hooking up. Aegon, presumably will fight Cersei and take over KL. That's going to be a lot of chapters. Then we have whatever Euron is doing. More chapters. Sam and Gilly. More chapters. And that is all on top of Dany getting her ass to Westeros, Tyrion getting to Westeros and Arya getting to Westeros. Arya could conceivably get to Westeros in the chapter after Mercy. But Tyrion is giong to take some chapters and Dany will take many chapters. And then we have to have Aegon and Dany conflict. Sansa is still in the Vale, it will take at least a handful of chapters for that to change. So more waiting. We haven't even had the battle of ice yet, let alone the battle for Winterfell. That is more chapters. Certainly a perfectly balanced story and set of events could allow all of this to happen in two more books. But, me, I don't think George is going to get the stars to align like that.
  6. It's been 25 years since Babylon 5 aired, and he's in his sixties. So, right now, he's got total control over nothing.
  7. I didn't see Dance's interminable Dany in Meereen chapters as any kind of preparation for her invasion. She is still in Essos. She allegedly spends several chapters with the Dothraki, then presumably she has to somehow get another deux es machina plot gift to get her out of Essos leaving Slaver's Bay in decent shape, how many more chapters is that? So that would make two books of Dany in Essos with nothing at all to do with Westeros. At best, based on my understanding of the author's statements she might land in Westeros at the end of Winds. Literally, nothing happened in Feast except for Cersei's arc, almost everything else, outside of Brienne's last two chapters was running in place, no forward movement. So, unless the pace is very different from the Winds sample chapters overall--which in my opinion are the same, long, slow, overly detailed, not much happening tone from Dance and Feast...... I don't see how it's possible for the story to end in Winds and Dream of Spring and not feel very truncated.
  8. I guess it's possible that only the first third of the original trilogy concept expanded to 5.5 books, LOL, and the other 2/3 can be taken care of in 1.5 books. Seems unlikely to me though. Seems more likely that it would need 2 books for Dany's invasion and conflict with Aegon and finally ramping up the Others conflict, and then at least 1 book for the final battle and wrap up. That would put the series at 9 books total, since Winds doesn't appear like it's going to do much more than finally get Dany to land in Westeros.
  9. How does that do him any good? Babylon 5 isn't available on netflix, it's never on reruns, I can't recall if it's Apple TV or not. Wouldn't it be more helpful for people to be able to see the show and possibly build a new audience that would then help create a reason for a remake?
  10. It's very late in the series to introduce several new 'main' characters in Dance, if the series is going to finish in 7 books. ETA: Why I dislike Dorne in the show and the books: 1. Doran's plots, in the books, are non existent, he was built up to be on par with Tywin Lannister, but his best ideas are that he sat on his ass for 15 years waiting for Vicerys to grow up, then he sends his son to marry Dany, meanwhile his only brother gets himself killed. His daughter and his nieces all hate him. He's totally lame. 2. Sand Snakes are awful. They are silly. They are cartoonish. Every gal with her own weapon. So silly. Worse in the show than the books, but still awful. 3. I know a lot of people like Arianne, she doesn't do much for me, I didn't need another spoiled, 'doesn't get it' bad at plotting princess in the series. We have enough of that already. 4. The only Dorne element that worked well, both in books and show was the Red Viper. 5. Darkstar. Another cartoonish, poorly filled out character introduced late in the game.
  11. I would think, again, me being a libertarian, I know I'm allegedly mentally challenged, that the current leadership of the Democratic Party needs to go based on their record since 2009. They have lost a tremendous amount of seats in Congress and at the state level since they kicked out Edwards and his 50 state strategy. They embarrassed their candidate for president and their party by getting hacked via a lame email scam. It shouldn't really matter if they are men, women, white, black, asian, whatever. The results have been uniformly bad except for maybe Scott Brown losing. Why shouldn't they all be replaced?
  12. How do you know?
  13. A random thought...there has been a lot of discussion about Jimmy's guilt and reaction to Chuck's death, but no one mentions Howard? Isn't he going to feel guilty also? That as soon as he ushers Chuck out of HHM, he tears up his house and then sets it on fire?
  14. This was the first season I didn't watch all the episodes on their first run, and while I have a high tolerance for slow moving stuff, I found myself getting a little bored in some of the episodes....which is probably why audience hasn't increased. Even for BB fans, it can be slow going sometimes. I still love the show and I believe it will age really, really well and I love the story they're telling....but it seems lack a certain level of cohesion that can counter it's pace.
  15. McKean deserves at the very least an Emmy nomination if not the win. While some parts of this season were wonderful and there were a lot of very cinematic segments, I have liked it the least, it felt somewhat meandering and disjointed at times, like the whole was less than the sum of its parts for some reason. I can't imagine AMC will not renew for at least one more year.