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  1. It would be crazy if the [Tom Coughlin] Jags met the Patriots in the AFC game. Crazy.
  2. I just want Arya and Jon to live. That's all. I have a feeling that Jon will die, Sansa will rule the North, Arya will die, Dany might also die, Tyrion will live and raise the love child of Jon/Dany, the WW will be defeated, Bran will sit in the garden. Jamie will kill Cersei.
  3. Eleventy Billion.
  4. I still think Fox is a good coach, not a great one, not a very good one, but good. How Fisher managed to stay a head coach for 100 years with .500 and no playoff wins for 10? years, I have no idea. Gruden to me has massive clusterfuck written all over it.
  5. What is the attraction of Gruden? He won one superbowl by psyching out his former QB and using the team built by Dungy. I don't get why anyone would sign him let alone to a massive 10 year deal. Insane. Al would be proud I guess?
  6. I didn't like him in TFA, in fact, I thought he was one of the weaker elements...the story itself, lost boy w/hero parents rebels and turns to the dark side is fine, nothing really 'new' there though, but that's okay, SW is about, or was about, those timeless stories and putting a new spin on them, however the delivery didn't work for me as he wasn't menacing, I couldn't take him seriously in the scene with Rey in the chair, and he is the same at the end, no more powerful, no more I don't see evolution to a big bad.
  7. We're two movies in, so I am inclined to think what we see is what we'll get with the character, other than whatever final twist/end is going to be. I know they're planning to make these SW films forever, but how much more will he evolve?
  8. I'm curious, for people who like Driver and his role, what makes him a good villain? I just don't see it, he's not really scary, the characterization is nothing special, I can't understand the comparison to Heath Ledger's joker, like at all. He isn't even particularly competent. I have no feeling that he will possibly win in the end or even that he is very dangerous. He carries no menace. Even granting that Vader is one of the all time great villains in cinema history, he doesn't seem to measure up, and by measure up I don't mean he has to be 'like' Vader, Smoke was lame also. But he should still seem like a serious, powerful antagonist. Is his appeal then really about macro commentary on arrogant boys and deconstructing the SW 'myth' so it's somehow 'fresh' to have the arch villain be a bumbling immature loser?... If so, I count it as weak sauce. CGI Peter Cushing is 100 times a better villain to me.
  9. maybe both then, bad casting and poorly executed/conceived character.
  10. I really think he was brutally miscast, I just can't take him seriously on any level. But, obviously, many like him in the role.
  11. I guess because a silly, overpowered man child doesn't seem like much of a villain to me, that's why. He's not much of a replacement for Vader or Palpatine, IMO, and I can't see him..Driver...ever having the level of gravitas necessary to be taken seriously as a villain.
  12. Then who is the villain? And if he's just a silly child, why does he have so much screen time?
  13. I really dislike Adam Driver as the villain, I don't see sufficient gravitas there, at all.
  14. Well, they improved every year that he coached them, if we don't count the last year when the owner announced the team was moving. and things fell apart...if we discard that year his record looks pretty decent, ending at 11/5 with a playoff win. He still has a terrible relationship with the media. Lastly, the skeleton of the Ravens org was built by BB.
  15. What a depressing thread and state of affairs.
  16. Do the leaks tell if Arya is alive or dead at the end? ETA I can't find these leaks on reddit, but its true that the previous leaks were called fake right up until the shows aired that proved them accurate.
  17. This thread is depressing on multiple levels. Everyone simply talks past anyone that doesn't agree 100%.
  19. An anonymous survey of female Capitol Hill staffers conducted by National Journal in 2015 found that “several female aides reported that they have been barred from staffing their male bosses at evening events, driving alone with their congressman or senator, or even sitting down one-on-one in his office for fear that others would get the wrong impression.” One told the reporter Sarah Mimms that in 12 years working for her previous boss, he “never took a closed door meeting with me. ... This made sensitive and strategic discussions extremely difficult.” Social-science research shows this practice extends beyond politics and into the business world, and it can hold women back from key advancement opportunities. A 2010 Harvard Business Review research report led by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the president of the Center for Work-Life Policy think tank, found that many men avoid being sponsors—workplace advocates—for women “because sponsorship can be misconstrued as sexual interest.” Hewlett’s surveys, interviews, and focus groups found that 64 percent of executive men are reluctant to have one-on-one meetings with junior women, and half of junior women avoid those meetings in turn. Perhaps as a result, 31 percent of women in her sample felt senior men weren’t willing to “spend their chips” on younger women in office political battles. What’s more, “30 percent of them noted that the sexual tension intrinsic to any one-on-one relationship with men made male sponsorship too difficult to be productive.” not just mike pence
  20. Kill him. That's about it. There might have been a theoretical possibility she could somehow mesmerize him with her awesomeness until she could kill him ...but really, the only revenge would be either kill roose or kill ramsay or kill them both. And since Sansa never even contemplated either of these actions, let alone tried to kill either of's obvious the show didn't care about making any of those decisions sensible or logical.
  21. I did work with a senior manager who grabbed a woman's ass at a work event, and while her husband wasn't standing right there, he was close by and the ass grabbing was witnessed by other staff members. He was fired. But not until she threatened a lawsuit.
  22. I'm curious what people think of this NY Times reporter....who has made many statements supporting women and condemning harassment....and is now accused of..... let us say...... inappropriate behavior. Is he your garden variety hypocrite, who says all the right things in public but keeps hitting on 20 year olds and then spreading gossip about them? Or did he see his behavior as somehow not across the line? Was he misreading signals? I might give him the benefit of the doubt except for the multiple women who say he hit on them, they declined and then he gossiped about them, reversing the roles and making the woman out as the aggressor...that's ugly.
  23. I'm over the whole thing. I expect to be disappointed by the ending. I expect this disappointing ending is the only ending that will ever exist for the story. The whole thing is a cautionary tale on many levels.
  24. Well, I would be happy to see Dany die, but it seems doubtful that will happen...more likely Jon dies, and Dany lives and she and Tyrion raise the magic fire and ice baby. The books and the series show that greatness is hard to maintain. Both started off strong and have seemingly lost their way, lost sight of what made them special and interesting in the first place. I do agree that there is a sense of diminishing returns on many of the later plot twists, especially in the show, where these deaths or twists have much less resonance than in the earlier years/books. It's a shame, really.
  25. That movie is SO underrated! I love it.