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  1. The writers are really good at showing the complexity of behavior. Jimmy does have a good heart, sort of, some times. A few different breaks, a brother with a more forgiving attitude, it could have been different. Or not. Because he's been given several chances to succeed, and he has always either self sabotaged or cut corners. I can't see Kim still being around once Jimmy goes full Saul. And I feel like whatever happens it is going to result in her leaving to start over somewhere else. I still think though that something else is going to happen w/Chuck, there is also no way that even a crazy Chuck would stand for Saul Goodman in the same town as HHM, so Chuck has to die or fully break w/reality and be committed.
  2. Yeah, I think the odds are higher that she makes a mistake than that they ditch her over Jimmy, it's also a certain type of poetic justice that she got the account due to a fake mistake by HHM, and then would lose it due to a real one of her own. Howard did treat her pretty badly there for a while, I can't imagine she would ever go back there, maybe the other firm would take her the ones that offered her the job, but I think the resolution of Kim's story is she will leave NM altogether, so there will be no hope for Jimmy.
  3. I understand that if your income changes then your subsidies will change...but it is highly stressful, because as someone who is a freelancer, hence why no employer insurance, my income does vary sometimes hugely from year to year, but it's another unknown expense, and then who knows how long all that paperwork takes. I have other issues w/ACA related mandates, like how the electronic system is MUCH worse than what existed before in terms of your records and prescriptions. For single payer to not suck like the VA does, we would need massive, massive overhauling of everything. Literally everything related to medicine in this country.
  4. My income went up last year and the penalty is now 2.5% of your yearly income if you don't sign up and can't claim any of the exemptions.
  5. Yes, I have some subsidies, but they don't affect the deductable, at least in my understanding, they're for the premiums only. Although since I have yet to actually use the insurance, I might be wrong.
  6. I know it is crap based on the massively high deductable that my 'silver' plan has, which means that in order actually get any insurance coverage I have to spend around six thousand+ out of my own pocket....which is more than my annual medical costs in pretty much every year of my life except the one where I had surgery. So, it's a financial drain unless I either don't use any services, so am only out the premiums, or develop a major health issue that will cost more than $6K. My PCP supported ACA as better than nothing, even though he doesn't accept the insurance. ETA...there is also the awesome stress factor that god forbid, you should make more money in any given year than what you were making when you signed up that ACA will RETROACTIVELY raise your premiums, so at any time, should you make more money, you will be basically penalize and owe anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand, depending on what the subsidy might be.
  7. I simply do not see that kind of a happy ending with Dany and Jon ruling jointly over Westeros, restarting the Targaryen dynasty, and living happily ever after.
  8. I think Kim will definitely lose Mesa Verde, because, it looks like it really is too much for a single lawyer to handle, if she is basically staying up all the time and catching 5 minutes in her car..... That look Paige gave at the end was like 'WTF?' She will either eventually make a mistake due to exhaustion and sheer volume of work, or Jimmy will do something that somehow reverbates onto her. It looked like she was no longer down w/the bar scams though, so I don't know if I see her doing that again. I'm just glad that she is feeling guilt over Chuck, it shows she still has her moral compass, even if that whole fiasco did tarnish her a bit.
  9. You can binge one season at a time:) And bonus, the first season is only 7 eps! It's totally worth it.
  10. An IRS spokesperson said it was too early to know how many people paid penalties this tax season. About 6.5 million taxpayers paid a total of $3 billion in penalties for failing to have coverage in 2015, down from 8 million people who paid $1.6 billion in penalties in 2014, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress in January. The minimum penalty increased between 2014 and 2015.
  11. Millions of people are just like me, why do you think they never got the numbers of people signing up they expected? Why do you think only sick people signed up? And more signed up as the penalties increased? Because it isn't as good of a deal as people...most of you I would guess are getting your health care from employer plans, so it's all to think, it isn't a good deal for everyone, it isn't a good deal unless you are almost on the poverty line for your income, or you have major medical problems, at least in my state. That's it. Nothing about being lucky, just an anecdote from someone who actually has dealt with the exchange insurance. I never expected to change anyone's mind, but I didn't expect to be attacked and called a liar and have my actually semi famous PCP called a criminal who is perpetrating some kind of fraud. That is the telling part.
  12. The logic is that I was uninsured and that being uninsured was a better financial deal than what I have under ACA. And that while it's true being uninsured I did limit health care costs, e.g. didn't get a year physical, I did not go without health care, nor did I sponge off the taxpayer through the ER, I simply self paid and was given discounts by almost every doctor I saw during those years.
  13. So, every doctor who gave me a discount for not having insurance, the PCP, the podiatrist, the dermatologist, the optometrist, they all were breaking the law? This seems unlikely. Really, really unlikely.
  14. Like I said, its a risk. It's a risk that I undertook for several years, before ACA, when my premiums for an individual w/no children were apprx. $600 a month, and I determined this was much more than what I would be spending if I paid for everything myself. I saved tens of thousands of dollars by being uninsured. And, I never had that unforseen illness, but believe me, I needed those thousands much more than the insurance company did. I don't know what else to say really, other than, it feels like people simply don't like my story and my perspective because it doesn't fit with the idea that ACA has been a godsend to people who were previously uninsured. It's an unfortunate sign of the times that anything that doesn't fit with most people's belief systems is met with the same level of unpleasantness I have experienced since sharing my story. I will have to make another note myself to not ever tell another personal story unless it involves cats.
  15. Paying out of pocket for your own medical expenses is not gaming the system.
  16. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. Perhaps in the Obamacare America, a doctor would be penalized for giving a discount to a long time patient who was paying out of pocket in order to maintain the relationship. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  17. But if you only needed say $3 or4K of medical services throughout a given year, then you are ahead if you have no insurance at all because you aren't paying the premiums, which would range anywhere from another $1K up to $4K a year. Although this is a risk.
  18. Why is it a mess? It seems like a pretty smart thing to do if your patient base is such that you can support a concierge practice, why would you not do it as it's more lucrative and less restrictive, no paperwork or adminstrative BS, just practicing medicine. It's an adjunct to the regular practice which takes regular insurance--I started going to him when I had employer corporate insurance, which I no longer have. To my knowledge they don't take Medicaid and they don't take the ACA exchange insurances. He can't bill my insurance for anything because his office doesn't accept it, that is why I am self pay there.
  19. LMAO. It's all one practice, the waiting room is divided. It's right out there in open. There is a huge sign for 'concierge patients'. I am afraid that maybe you simply don't know as much as you seem to think you do. All I did was give my personal story of not having insurance v. ACA insurance and everyone jumped on me, and my doctor, calling him a criminal and me a taxpayer sponge. It's not very pretty.
  20. What makes you think that those same people can afford to use services when their deductable is six or seven thousand dollars? They are in the same place they were w/out insurance only now they are paying monthly premiums for insurance but still can't afford to access actual care beyond a yearly doctor visit.
  21. He does take regular insurance. Please do not accuse me of lying. It's incredibly rude and inappropriate. He takes regular insurance. He also has a concierge practice. I am a self pay patient for him because he does not take my crap ACA exchange insurance.
  22. Yeah, it's much better when your expensive ACA 'insurance" won't cover your actual doctor at all, so you can just go see whatever schmuck the insurance company says you can. Yes, that is much better than me self paying and oh my god, getting a discount for it.
  23. LOL, well multiple people on this thread have said it's illegal for doctors to take cash or offer a cash discount, but lo and behold, google shows multiple news articles from the last 2 years advising people to do just that... Interesting.
  24. Concierge medicine is not illegal. There are some doctors who don't even take patients with insurance, only those who are paying directly. So, I don't see how me, a private pay patient, getting a price that is less than the standard fee is a 'kick back' or would be illegal. As consumers get savvier about shopping for health care, some are finding a curious trend: More hospitals, imaging centers, outpatient surgery centers and pharmacy chains will give them deep discounts if they pay cash instead of using insurance.
  25. Oh you should watch Breaking Bad! It is well worth bumping pretty much anything else. Cinnebon is post BB. "Saul" cashed out to get a fake identity after everything went south with Walt.