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  1. It must have been REALLY bad to walk out of a movie you're paying theater $$ to see, unless you personally have a super low tolerance for bad movies.
  2. All oaks.
  3. Based on the HBO execs statements, a LOT of main and secondary characters will die, with many dying in the final episode. Based on Emilia's statement of feeling dazed and needing to take a walk when she got the script, if I assume she was being honest and not acting or purposefully misdirecting, that reaction suggests that Dany dies at the end, maybe even both Dany and Jon die at the end, although that is pretty far from bittersweet, LOL. However, Jon killing Dany and his unborn child is just silly and is not going to happen.
  4. What makes her a good choice? Her big budget film was not well received and one of the things most often criticized was the poor special effects, something that any DC movie is going to be very reliant upon. I'd say they dodged a huge bullet when she passed on Black Panther or it too could have been a mess.
  5. Ned being Jon's father has no narrative purpose. He already sees, believes and loves Ned as a father, so Ned + anyone won't change anything for him. Finding out Ned Stark was not his father, now we've got something going dramatically and for character development. Jon as the son of Ned and Ashara, who cares? What does that bring to the story? Nothing. Yeah, sure, Jon Snow is the secret magical prince that was promised is the tropiest trope out there...but that's what the story is going to be. Fire and Ice. Which heritage will your honor, Stark or Targaryen or both or neither.
  6. I don't believe that will happen, either in the books or the show.
  7. As a Patriots fan, let me say: I'm not feeling better about any of this.
  8. well, the only part i skip on rereading is lady dying, so ill go with that
  9. The red herrings are: Ashara, Wylla, and the woman from the Sisters....all people that the characters think might be Jon's mother. Everything else is pure crackpot. IMO
  10. It was veeerrrrry Hollywood. But, I'm okay with that. No one had ever heard of William Wallace until Braveheart. The worst thing about that movie was Gibson's atrocious hair extensions? wig? whatever that was.
  11. Scots won the battle of bannockburn, Edward I was kind of an asshole, Edward II was probably gay.
  12. Robert wasn't mad, not even close. Depressed, self medicating with booze and whores, yes. Irresponsible, yes. Resentful of the expectations of being king, yes. Bored, yes. Wasted his potential, yes. Mired in self pity as the most powerful man in Westeros, yes. Did all of these failings set the stage for his murder and the subsequent war, yes. He's actually among the most tragic characters in the series. A handsome, good, brave, charismatic man is destroyed by getting what he sought, precious.
  13. Another possible reason for the declining audience is that the nature of celebrity has really changed the last decade. Celebrities are more accessible than ever, they tweet, they selfie, they a TV show of celebs behaving formally is actually less engaging than what is available on everyone's phone all the time. It used to be a rare thing, and having all the celebs there at one event was a big deal. Social media combined with eleventy billion awards show makes it not very special anymore.
  14. They "should" follow Jamie by all common sense, but since show is obsessed with Lena they will probably follow Cersei.
  15. There is no way to know what might have happened if the Starks were warned, they may have avoided catastrophe, Robb and Cat may have been saved, or everyone would have still died. But Roslin didn't warn anyone or even try, she played her part as assigned and for that she is culpable.
  16. When you break guest right, you're kind of a fool to think that the 'flag of truce' is going to be respected, or that you should be pitied because you were played for a fool like you played the Starks. Brienne legitimately looks guilty, it's only the audience who knows she is innocent, the evidence is pretty strong that she's a Lannister ally who betrayed her oath to Cat. I expect Stoneheart to die at Brienne's hands, but I don't fault her for exacting revenge against the people who destroyed both of her families.
  17. Maybe. But there are a lot of us out there who gave a 'hell yeah, it's about fucking time some Starks gave a little pay back for the Red Wedding'...
  18. Put me down for Roose betraying Robb at the earliest chance of success in doing so regardless of anyone else's involvement. Walder betrayed Robb only because he had the backing/support of Tywin Lannister. I'm not sure why he would have betrayed Robb solely with a partnership w/Roose Bolton, he couldn't expect any better of a deal from Roose than he got w/Robb, worse probably. Without Tywin whispering in his ear he probably would have sucked it up and been happy with marriages Robb offered as compensation.
  19. I've tried to watch it a couple of times and have been bored to tears, and I have a very high tolerance for bad horror, LOL. Watched Ex Machine this weekend. LOVED it. And what a beautiful movie for only $10M.
  20. So then the newest facts are that the author is overwhelmed and stressed and excited and says he's too busy to blog, LOL. I think? it's also a fact that he has now said on the record that the Fire/Blood 1 will be out before Winds of Winter, and there is no publication date for it beyond 'late 2018 or early 2019' putting the earliest possible release of Winds as late 2019. Not a very encouraging set of facts in my opinion, not by a long shot.
  21. How do you figure? Robb has a huge army, if the Starks/Tullys had been warned there may have been no Red Wedding at all, at the least, it would have given them a fighting chance.
  22. Roslin isn't three though is she? Unless you meant she had the mind of a three year old? She's an adult, and was an active participant, with full understanding. Why isn't she as guilty as anyone else?
  23. Is Titanic really one of the worsts films to win best picture? Is it worse than Around the world in 80 days? Gigi? The Greatest Show on Earth? Or for that matter Birdman? Is it even worse than the nominees it was up against, LA Confidential aside? Its well acted, the editing, cinematography and direction are good. There is nothing wrong with the screenplay either. It also benefited from having been assumed to be a flop due to it's production problems and delays...and then was a massive global hit. It seems that people hate it just because it was insanely popular. Oscars problem is less that it rewards critically acclaimed films instead of blockbusters and more that the divide BETWEEN blockbusters and critical darlings has become a huge gaping chasm, and since so few people go see movies at the cinema for anything other than a blockbuster it makes the audience for these art house films upon their release vanishingly small... The program itself has also become pretty bad. In their desire to streamline it, they took out all the campy elements that were fun, as well as the shorts they used to do about 'movies' and then add in the's a recipe for irrelevance.
  24. Sure, why not? She was involved, she could have tipped off Edmure but she didn't. I wouldn't shed a tear for her.
  25. I've never seen any evidence that Roose Bolton practiced the dark arts, that seems to be one of the theories that have resulted from too much time between books. Regardless Roose would never have let Arya out of his sight or intended to leave her with Vargo if he knew who she was. IMO.