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  1. Why would the publisher sue? He announced Dance was finished on his blog, I believe. What difference would it make to them? He almost certainly IS going to announce that Winds is finished on his blog first anyway.
  2. a) at his next big event appearance.....but i don't know when that is. b ) he will eventually explain it.
  3. By Right of Bad Plotting.
  4. Yep. Even if we credit that he released the absolute slowest no action chapters, they still have the same meandering, over long, overly descriptive tone as Dance. Lots of words, no forward movement. But, I really don't know what that weird blog post was about, other than the content and timing make me think nothing to do with an announcement on Winds. If he was holding off for 2 months until the show wrapped, why post anything at all let alone that cryptic weirdness...oh well, that's GRRM in a nutshell I guess.
  5. He is sickly by my viewing standards, we will have to disagree that he's sickly and that he was supposed to go to WF. He stayed in the Vale, I thought that was obvious.
  6. So what? Robyn isn't at Winterfell, a sickly boy isn't going to be marched North for a war, that isnt a plot hole. It doesn't matter what Robyn believes, they could tell him that LF caught a cold and died, or went crazy and wanted to kill Lord Arryn. The plot hole is that for unknown reasons, despite herself having seen and heard the distrust that the Lords of the Vale have had for LF in the past, thinks that she has to keep him alive to keep the Vale army, which is nonsense. And of course, when LF finally is killed the Vale army isn't going to march home making it double nonsense.
  7. True, there has always been very bad, silly, childish dialogue. I'm in the minority on season 2, I thought it had a lot of good stuff in it, Dany's story aside, which wasn't really that bad. All of Arya's stuff was good, the KL stuff was good. The Robb/Cat stuff was mostly good. I also liked the musical chairs sequence, that was well done. Everything having to do with Winterfell since Sansa got there is a pit of plot holes and makes no sense no matter how much someone tries to connect the dots. It's a clusterfuck of stupidity from beginning to end, and even now it still is. Where in the hell is Jon thinking he's going to mine dragonglass? It's just spouting some lines to be connected to Dragonstone later on, even though he already should know about the dragonstone dragonglass from Stannis. Why in the hell is no one talking about Bran? For fuck's sake, he's known for 2 or 3 seasons now that his brother is alive and Sansa has known also. And an entire scene to give the pintsize badass some meaningless lines for fan service? Ugh. I agree, the play was an unbelievable amount of energy put toward something stupid, but I quit watching last year after they killed Summer other than the sept blow up/finale.
  8. All Sansa has to do is tell Royce that she wasn't kidnapped by the Boltons but was taken there by LF. Between that and his threat to have Royce killed, LF would be counting his life in minutes. So, the fact that Sansa thinks they need LF to keep the Vale army is a plot hole.
  9. The worst thing is, that her stupidity, which is apparent in the plot, is supposed to go unnoticed by the audience and she's just to be brilliant, player, badass, despite consistently doing things that are objectively getting in a public squabble with Jon or withholding critical military info. before a battle.
  10. They are capable on occasion of writing above average dialogue. Like the introduction of the Red Viper was above average, the Bob/Cersei wine drinking convo from season 1 was above average, there are other examples..... But, since their audience doesn't demand good dialogue, they don't spend the time anymore...they come up with what they think is a good line and then they're done. I can't even believe 'shall we begin' as the ending which is cliche as fuck, is getting praise. I mean, okay it was a pretty sequence....but still cliche as fuck. Dany walks through Dragonstone, touching things with her stormborn stare on and no dialogue. Gee. What person who has seen more than 20 movies couldn't have thought that one up? LOL.
  11. You can take that to the bank.
  12. People said this about Good Shae too, in the beginning. They said that she was faking her love for Tyrion when there was no faking apparent in the acting, and that is because there was no faking going on. It's the same with Sansa. You can tell by the comments of the showrunners that they see Sansa now as a strong player, so the idea that she's running a double/triple game on LF pretending to be pissy and unhappy is more audience imagination....just like the imagination of last year over how Mystique Stark was able to sustain massive injuries and still ninja around, LOL. The Sansa we see is the Sansa they wrote: inconsistent, meanish, mini Cersei....the show doesn't write these double fake outs, what you see is what you get.
  13. He did have a couple of good lines, 'two hands' was a good line, the ongoing trolling of Jamie while he was standing in front of him was fairly well done. Punk rocker Euron is at least watchable, unlike dowdy pudgy Euron from last year.
  14. But the Targaryens came from Valyria because of the impending doom. The only thing that doesn't fit is the Greyjoys. However, the author could always have added in a back history for the Greyjoys having visited Valyria in the past. I just can't square the actual revelation quote, which is about loss, as being a pre pre announcement that would be about Winds, a huge positrive.
  15. Euron was much, much improved over last year, both in the performance, the vibe and the costume. That said, he's appears to be a slightly different version of Ramsay....a joke cracking, kin slaying killer. So, while this is better than the absolutely flat, unscary, uncharismatic, badly costumed Euron of last's still more of the same.
  16. On the show, she was presented with a choice, marry Ramsay or go back to the Vale. But the purpose of attacking WF was to get their brother back, not avenge Sansa, and she first convinces Jon they need to get Rickon and then announces Rickon is 'already dead'.....part of her duel personality personna. If we don't want to call what she did Treason, then we can just call it a betrayal of Jon and the people who fought for him.
  17. Or no writing at all. Or he was just as wrong about his timing as he was about Dance, which he thought would take 1 year and instead took 6. Sadly, there is good reason why GRRM doesn't and shouldn't give any updates relating to timing, as he is almost always off by massive margins. I think this is about a spin off or about Fire and Blood, not Winds. If Winds is done, what's he waiting for? If he's waiting until the show wraps to announce, why bother with the 'enigmatic' post at all? If it was a crazy mood that overtook him on the anniversary of Dance's release and a feeling of doom over Winds....which is possible....he should have said so.
  18. No she didn't. She double crossed her half brother/cousin by (1) complaining that no one was listening to her, (2) saying she don't know nuthin bout fighting battles anyway, (3) failing to inform John she had sent for the Vale army, we won't get into how Ramsay and his 20 good men failed to notice this giant army moving through the North, LOL. This makes her a traitor to the North and House Stark. And yep, she straight up murdered Ramsay. Not an execution, no trial, no list of his crimes, nothing official about it, pure I spit on your grave revenge. She is a traitorous beast in the show at this point and should be confined for her own good and the good of everyone around her.
  19. I thought her expressions were pretty bad also....she can be okay, I will never understand how or why her best season by far was Season 1, and as she has had more experience, she has gotten worse, same with Sophie, I'm now feeling that Sophie and Emilia are neck and neck for bad acting, and I used to think that Sophie was almost always good. That puts Kit as only the third worst actor on the show, LOL, and at least he has generally improved, even if just a little.
  20. Maybe his inability to finish Winds is a mystery to him as well as everyone else...I have no idea really. But, it seems like a very "off" sort of post as a prelude to announcing that Winds is completed.
  21. LOL, sure, he was clearing the decks and not taking on any more new projects or doing any new events......... I think, but am not sure, that Fire and Blood is going to be another World Book type of history of the Targs.
  22. Maybe it relates to this new "fire and blood" book he's going to start writing........and it's really just one more in a long set of red flags about Winds of Winter being on the back burner.
  23. That seems to make it worse...he had more written of Dance back in 2005, but it still took him six more years to get the rest finished. Plus, he still had many chapters of Dance that got moved forward to Winds, and still it's been 6+ years and still counting.
  24. Presumably, he got greyscale for a plot reason larger than just to have the audience feel sort of sad about his condition, he's got to infect someone, something or why bother with all of that set up for greyscale and then he gets cured. My guess is that LF will last until Ep. 5 or 6, if Cersei is lasting until the final season, LF will last through most of this one.
  25. Most people do seem to buy it, Sansa is a player, all of the massive logic fails are hand waved away. It's weird. But then a lot about the show fandom is weird to me since the plotting went completely off the rails in season 5. She is definitely split personality Sansa, she can contradict herself in a single scene, LOL. I do find it kind of sick that they're styling Sansa's hair the same as she isn't now emulating her strong, smart, loyal mother....but that bat sh*t insane criminal Cersei. Sad.