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  1. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Brienne is the Warrior. From Brienne's thoughts before she fights Rorge and Biter... Brienne, Feast 37 Samwell, Storm 44
  2. Tormund's Member is So Big...

    No, no, no... You've got it all wrong... Tormund's mighty member is the member that was promised. The Myrish swamp is Nissa Nissa. The other two heads of the dragon are the fat pink mast and the floppy fish. But only the former is the true steel. The latter is the mummer's member. See?
  3. What will happend in the minutes after „For the Watch?“

    The allusions to Shakespear's Julius Caesar are too strong to ignore... Just as Wick Whittlestick barely grazed Jon's neck with the first dagger, Casca was the first to cut Ceaser with a glancing cut to the neck. Just as Caesar caught Casca by the arm, Jon caught Wick's wrist. Just as Wick retreated and put his arms up, Casca was frighted and shouted for help. (That Jon understood this to mean that Wick was denying involvement was very curious. I'm not sure what to make of that other than he might have been mistaken.) That Bowen Marsh wept and claimed to be doing it for the Watch clearly alluded to Brutus... "Let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully; Let's carve him as a dish fit for the gods, Not hew him as a carcass fit for hounds:" And Brutus expected his fellow Romans to be glad, going so far as to persuade his fellow conspirators to ignore Marcus Antonius. Given the strong allusion to the assassination of Julius Caesar I'm assuming that Bowen will expect his brothers to be glad. I don't think he has a plan. And much like Brutus was forced to flee Rome in short order I think Bowen is in a very, very tight spot, because Tormund is set to play the role of Marcus Antonius. I would expect him to whip the wildings into a frenzy against Marsh and the other conspirators.
  4. Dancy is Tywin's Bastard

    But Gerold wasn't slidin' in and out of the hand's tunnel to Chatayaya's.
  5. Tormund's Member is So Big...

  6. Joke Thread

    That's pretty good too. Hey, is that Nominations thread still open? I vote for this one. I am still waiting to hear a good one about Tormund's mighty member...
  7. Joke Thread

    That's pretty good.
  8. The Amber Compendium of Norse Myth: Chapter I, Yggdrasil

    My mind is not quite as beautiful as yours, but that lightning strike caught my eye this time too. It reminded me of this post... http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/109906-wow-i-never-noticed-that-v5/&do=findComment&comment=5786723
  9. The Amber Compendium of Norse Myth: Chapter I, Yggdrasil

    I just reread this, and I thought of y'all here... Brienne, Feast 37 (My apologies if this post is repetitive.)
  10. The Amber Compendium of Norse Myth: Chapter I, Yggdrasil

    They sure are...
  11. Queen of [Love and?] Beauty

    Hmm... Catelyn II, Clash 22 So, Brienne won a tourney (the melee anyway), and she was named "A Beauty!" And of course, she is Jaime's love, isn't she? Does that make Brienne a queen of love and beauty?
  12. Friends in the Reach

    Getting back to the possibility of Illyrio brokering a new alliance of the Three Daughters in support of Aegon, if Braavos allies with Stannis, and if Stannis is able to lead a host of Northmen to old to survive a long winter south, perhaps that will help Illyrio marshal support for the noble lad... TWOIAF, The Quarrelsome Daughters
  13. Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    When we see lemons, things don't usually end well... In Sansa I, Game 15, she was looking forward to lemon cakes in the queen's wheelhouse, but her day ended with her prince's loathing and contempt. Samwell's early childhood went from snitching lemon cakes to contempt, abuse, and banishment by his father. In Sansa II, Game 29, Sansa went from enjoying lemon cakes with Joffrey at the feast following the first day of jousting to being escorted back to her cell by the Hound. In Sansa III, Game 44, Sansa and Jeyne (poor Jeyne) looked for lemon cakes in the kitchen, but at the end of the chapter learned her father was sending back to Winterfell. Sansa shared lemon cakes with the Tyrells before being forced to wed the imp. On the morning Sansa was forced to marry the imp, along with the new gown, Cersei sent her favorite scents for Sansa's use too. Of course, "Sansa chose a sharp sweet fragrance with a hint of lemon in it under the smell of flowers." Before donning the ugly little girl's face, the kindly man gave a girl a drink so tart it was like biting into lemon. That made "no one" think of Arya's sister, and Sansa's fondness for lemon cakes. In Arya V, Game 65, Arya offered to trade a fat pigeon for a lemon, but ened up at her father's execution. Jeor Mormont drank lemon in his beer every day. He still had his own teeth but his men mutinied and murdered him. At Bitterbridge, Renly's bannermen feasted on lemon cakes. Of course, Renly's campaign ened shortly thereafter. As Davos sailed with Stannis's fleet into Blackwater Bay, he observed Aegon's High Hill, dark against a lemon sky. That's an odd description for a sky, no? As Davos turned downstream, the mouth of the Blackwater Rush had turned into the mouth of hell. At Edmure's wedding feast Catelyn noted that Ryman Frey had bathed in lemon water but failed to mask his sour sweat, and that Roose smelled sweeter but no more pleasant. The Feast did not end on a happy note. At Joffrey's wedding feast Tyrion had a slice of pigeon pie covered with a spoon of lemon cream. A few paragraphs later Tyrion stood accused of regicide. That was the last of 18 dishes served to Joffrey just before he choked. Cersei drank lemon water so tart she had to spit it out the morning she learned that Tyrion had murdered their father. Lem Lemoncloak just reeks of bitterness and disappointment, and Doran's Water Gardens smell of lemons and blood oranges. Anybody think Dorne is going end up happy with their blood and fire? In The Queenmaker, Arianne noticed that Darkstar preferred lemon water to summer wine, and she served lemonsweet to Myrcella before Darkstar cut off Myrcella's ear amidst lemon orchards watered by a spider's web of old canals. Stannis enjoys boiled eggs and lemon water for breakfast, and, well, I think we all know his end will be bitter and disappointing. In Jon IV, Dance 17, Stannis offers lemon water to Jon. Wisely, Jon refuses. Stannis drinks more. The merry band aboard the Shy Maid enjoy a pike with lemon juice, but come on, who doesn't eat Pike without lemon? And Ysilla was from Dorne. Still, I woulda passed. Tyrion suspected Yezzan was drinking lemon water as the yellow whale bid on him and Penny. Tyrion served Nurse lemonsweet with the mushrooms from Illyrio's garden.The Green Grace accepted a goblet of sweeetened lemon juice from the Queen's hand, just before infected corpses started flying over the walls. Oh, and guess what kind of trees Daenerys has in her terrace garden in Meereen? Oh... and dig the spices Cersei smelled when she entered Maggy the Frog's tent... Cersei VIII, Feast 36
  14. Dancy is Tywin's Bastard

    And Merry Meg's girls... Wait, what was that? ...Crash!