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  1. Or not...
  2. Do we know who knighted Rhaegar Targaryen?
  3. This might have been the most prescient thing the Mad King ever did... The Targaryen Kings, ASOIAF
  4. Hmm... There are only three "scurrilous" rumors in ASOIAF. The first was in the Rogue Prince... The second was in TWOIAF's account of the reign of Baelor I... The third was in TWOIAF's account of the reign of Aerys II... The second "scurrilous" rumor appears to be all but certain. The first scurrilous tale was spread by Mushroom, and I always assume that Mushroom's account is closest to the truth. So, if the first "scurrilous" rumors are correct, I am going to assume that the third scurrilous rumor is correct. ETA It is pretty difficult to use this to argue that Cersei and/or Jaime were Aerys's, though... The Targaryen Kings, TWOIAF Tywin wed Joanna in 263. This passage suggests that Joanna was sent away from King's Landing in 263 or 264, and seldom returned. She did not have the twins until 266. ETA II The more likely possibility, from the perspective of timing, is that Tyrion is Aerys's bastard. The Targaryen Kings, TWOIAF ETA III Still, I agree with you that Cersei shares several parallels with the Mad King, and although I think Tyrion might be Aerys's bastard, I believe he is Tywin's son.
  5. Plot device to develop Arya's character?
  6. The Ned still woulda lost his his head.
  7. This is clearly meant to tell us that Aerys was banging Lady Joanna after she was wed to Tywin... The Targaryen Kings, TWOIAF Right?
  8. But what would be the point of that?
  9. That makes a lot of sense. And a girl might throw herself from a tower for that--losing a stillborn child, losing a lover, and losing a brother who was killed by the hand of the one you loved.
  10. Most likely.
  11. But since history is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging, and what has happened before will perforce happen again, as Archmaester Rigney once wrote, we should see echoes of the legends from the past in the characters and events in the tale being being told today.
  12. I started a thread on this idea a while back... http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/89914-littlefinger-hired-a-faceless-man-to-kill-ned/ As to the purpose of the faceless man who paid Arya's debt to the red god, the George might have suggested to a Spanish ASOIAF website that the character turned out to be kinda like Boba Fett. Here is a translation of the relevant portion of the interview... In the first response, the George appeared to make up a backstory on the spot for Syrio, clearly indicating that Syrio was who Syrio said Syrio was, and that Syrio was a plot device for the development of Arya's character. We can infer that the George's second response equated "Jaqen" to Syrio. Alternatively, he could have been laughing off the question to avoid spoiling the mystery of the character's back story and larger purpose.
  13. Somebody else posted it up-thread.
  14. Do you have the source for that? ETA Never mind.
  15. I agree with the bolded statement, but I think Petyr was the one who arranged it, not Varys.