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  1. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Concerning_the_Dance_of_the_Dragons See? There will be two dances of dragons, and the response implies that the second dance will be a civil war between dragonlords and their beasts similar to the first. And we have this foreshadowing from one of the Winds spoiler chapters... At least one of the dragons, and it's rider, will surely fight Drogon and Daenerys, unless Daenerys dies first.
  2. The Sorrows are filled with fog, a sorcerous fog according to Ysilla. She advised that many boats had been lost in some kind of Bermuda Triangle like phenomenon with restless spirits in the air and tormented souls below the water. Tyrion suggested one of the tormented souls was manifested in a huge stone hand reaching from the water with the tops of two fingers rising above the surface. Was this a natural object that looked like a hand or was it a submerged sculpture? And was there some hint in the object being a hand rather than a head or a sword or something else? According to legend, Garin a prince of the Rhoynish, had led a huge army against the Valyrians at Chroyane, but they defeated his army and captured him and hung him in a golden cage. He called on the great river to destroy them. The river rose and drowned the invaders. The legend suggested that the Valyrian corpses under the water cause the fog, and that a reincarnated Garin leads the stone men as the Shrouded Lord. And Ysilla suggests that the Valyrian corpses walk among the stone men. The current Shrouded Lord was a corsair from the Basilisk Isles, whose native inhabitants have dark skin. After the stone hand and a few more landmarks, they encountered another boat called the Kingfisher. Was there a hint in that name? As they approached the bridge the first time, Griff advised that the stone men were not likely to molest them, but more likely just to wail at them. Haldon noted that their boat would be hidden by the fog, and Tyrion noted that many of the stone men would be blind. As they passed under the bridge that first time, the stone men moaned and muttered; most took no more notice of the Shy Maid than of a drifting log. Immediately after they passed, Young Griff confronted Tyrion about Young Griff being everything. At the end of about two minutes worth of conversation, Tyrion revealed his own identity, Griff's identity, and Young Griff's presumed identity. Griff tells him to be quiet, and then, shazam, they're back at the stone hand going in for another run under the bridge. They passed several of the landmarks Tyrion noticed the first time, but they did not pass the Kingfisher. This time, a few of the stone men were pointing down at them, and three jumped down to molest them. The first landed on the cabin roof, the second by the tiller. The second was near Ysilla and Duck. Duck knocked him into the water immediately. Griff attacked the other as soon as soon as he came down from the cabin. He was trapped but drew Griff, Duck, Haldon, and Yandry to drive him off the boat. A third stone man caught them by surprise. Tyrion assumed he was a Summer Islander because of his dark skin, but a corsair from the Basilisk Isles would have had dark skin too. This stone man reached for Young Griff who had just been revealed by Tyrion to be (or presumed to be) the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. He would have taken Young Griff who appeared paralyzed by fear or shock but Tyrion drove him over the side of the boat. So, I'm guessing that Martin was telling the reader that the Shrouded Lord was the reincarnation of Garin and that Garin's spirit heard Tyrion reveal that Young Griff was a Targaryen of old Valyria. Through some supernatural power Garin's spirit caused the Shy Maid's weird rewind so he could capture Young Griff. Alternatively, perhaps the spirits of old Valyria under the water heard Tyrion but sensed Young Griff's true identity as a Blackfyre, caused the weird rewind, and sent the Shrouded Lord to capture him.
  3. By the way, is Mother Mole just a woods witch? Or is she a greenseer? Prologue, Dance Jon VIII, Dance 39 Jon XII, Dance 58 And do those caves remind you of the foundation of Hightower and the Whispers?
  4. But when the George tells us that tthe dragons will dance, doesn't that mean they will fight each other?
  5. It was a joke... "extended seasons," get it?
  6. So the dragons won't "dance" then?
  7. No show talk here.
  8. Wait... You and @Lord Varys actually agree on something??
  9. No, she is Missandei's mum.
  10. Oh, I misunderstood.
  11. How would pale unicorns allude to Bran?
  12. Truer words have never been spoken!