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  1. @LmL?
  2. Absolutely. I was just looking at what we know as of early game.
  3. I suspect Rhaegar and Lyanna fell in love with each other. But he certainly could have taken her against her will. As to why Lyanna didn't write letters--I don't think we can say definitively that she did not. Isn't it possible that she did, and that Eddard knew where to find her? I don't see any reason to think she did though. You are correct. We know nothing. But we are learning.
  4. Eddard Iv, Game 20 I think this simply means that Petyr is aware ofVarys’s little birds and use of the secret castle passages.
  5. Eddard IV, Game 20 Since we know that Sansa pleaded for Eddard not to kill her wolf, perhaps we should assume thatLyanna pleaded for Eddard not to kill something, presumably her son.
  6. Jon III, Game 19 The Wall will fall.
  7. I think it's just a wee Easter egg.
  8. I Maester Kym was not a very good tutor... Catelyn IV, Game 18 She was off by 67 years. II Two events happen in an Inn on Eel Alley in King’s Landing: that's where Catelyn stays before Peter has the Gold Cloaks bring her to him, and it’s where Jaime and Cersei spent the night when she convinced him to join the Kingsguard.
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. Several threads back, @Fire Eater suggested the bull represented Victarion, and the bear was Jorah. @Isobel Harper has a thread on the red wolves of the Rhoyne.
  11. Well, there you go! How you been RH?
  12. Dragonflies are mentioned six times in ASOIAF. Three of the references are comparisons to galleys skimming along the water by Catelyn, Jaime, and Arya. In The Hedge Knight, Dunk watches a dragonfly about the pond near his camp at the beginning of the tale, and again latter when Maekar offers him a place in his guard. Dunk considers whether he should choose dragonflies and remain a hedge knight or dragons and enter Maekar's service. He chooses the former. Dunk's choice, of course, explains why Prince Duncan is later called the Prince of Dragonflies after he abdicates in favor of Jenny of Oldstones. And then we have Daenerys near the end of her walkabout in Daenerys X, Dance 71. She notices dragonflies just before Drogon returns to her. Since she gives them no motlre thought, I think we can assume that she will choose dragons.
  13. In Catelyn IV, Game 18, we are told, "The Tyroshi were notorious for their avarice." Given that's where the Blackfyres ended up, I wonder if there's anything to that. Probably not. Interestingly, Tyrion describes Tywin as "the soul of avarice" in Catelyn VI, Game 34, and Dunk tells us in The Mystery Knight that the Sisters "were sinks of sin and avarice." Getting back to Tyrosh, the only other time the George used the word was in describing the the privateers of the Triarchy before the Dance of the Dragons.
  14. The sword was not mentioned by name in The Rogue Prince or The Princess and the Queen, but we can presume that it was with Viserys I in the Red Keep when he died, so Aegon II would have had access to it. And I think we can presume that Aegon took the sword into battle. Apparently, Aemond did not take into battle after Aegon was put out of action. Since Aegon was stripped of his finery and disguised as a fisherman, I think we can assume that the sword remained in King's Landing when he left as Rhaenyra arrived. But neither Rhaenyra nor Daemon took it up, and I don't see any indication that she carried it with her when she slipped out of King’s Landing. ETA It woulda been cool, though, if Ser Criston Cole had given it to Prince Aemond.