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  1. So, did Visenya off Aenys, or what? I think so. The suggestion is certainly there from the author, and the timing gives it away. Aenys only took his turn for the worse after he (and Visenya) learned that his heir Aegon the younger was besieged at Crakehall. With young Aegon holed up at Crakehall, Visenya was able to put down Aenys and retrieve her son Maegor to be crowned.
  2. Whether Aenys was the son of Aegon I or the son of a mummer, he was the son of Rhaenys Targaryen. The suggestion that Aenys, and his progeny do not, in fact, descend from Aegon is there fom the author, but this seems likely never to be confirmed one way or the other. My question is, does it make a bit of difference since all Targaryens afterward descend from Aenys?
  3. Reasons why certain houses and individuals might oppose Aegon and/or Daenerys... Aenys I, The Targaryen Kings, TWOIAF
  4. I think someone else has a hard-on (or would have) for the blood of the dragon.
  5. And Cersei knew it. Petyr knew it too. Petyr took systematic steps to lure Eddard onto ground of his choosing, and to instigate conflict between Houses Stark and Lannister. Then Petyr saw that with Catelyn's capture of Tyrion, and with Tywin preparing for war, it was time to spring the trap, but when Robert renamed Eddard as Hand of the King, Petyr decided to remove Eddard's principal backer from the board, advising Cersei of the monstrous boar.
  6. Varys tells Eddard that she had been trying to do so for some time. Just before Eddard warned Cersei, though, we learned this from Petyr... Eddard XII, Game 45
  7. Somebody upthread noted the example of Aerys's comments at Tywin's wedding, suggesting that the right of first night applied to any level of nobility, but as the discussion above suggests, a liege lord might be extremely unwise to take advantage of the men with the muscle.
  8. Eddard resigns his office as Hand of the King. Jaime ambushes Eddard. Robert reninstates Eddard as Hand of the King, and departs for the hunt. While Robert is still hunting. Eddard warns Cersei. Then, Robert returns, mortally wounded.
  9. Although the political structure of the Seven Kingdoms most closely resembles an absolute monarchy, the power of lords and kings does not appear to be absolute. We see examples of rebellion left and right. And imagine the following scenario... A man at arms from a village in the territory of a lessor lord is raised to knighthood, and earns a position in the household guard of that lessor lord's liege. Then, let's say that knight's sister is raped by the lessor lord. Wouldn't the knight be able to seek some redress from the liege lord? And wasn't Robert's Rebellion motivated by the injustices of King Aerys II?
  10. It seems so far-fetched, but then,,, So, there does seem to be something there. I suspect it probably has something to do with some fell sorcery fusing the blood of the dragon with the blood of forty noble Valyrian families.
  11. Nobles in Meereen send their daughters off to the graces for a year-long... um, internship in the pleasure gardens... Daenerys IV, Dance 23 The Dragontamer, Dance 68
  12. It is disgusting. But it doesn't mean the Lord "owns" the lass. He is only entitled to that one act. As you say, though, it is disgusting.
  13. By going to Queen Cersei with Lord Eddard's plans on the morning of Cersei's purge, did young Sansa indirectly accelerate King Robert's dying? First, let me just say that I am not a hater. I dont believe that The George is setting up Sansa to be player or a typical heroine, but I do believe her character is tragic and sympathetic. I found Arya's and Sansa's plight to be the most riveting aspects of the first act of ASOIAF the first time I read the novels. Even though Sansa's actions that morning had negative consequences for House Stark, I don't think we should be throwing an eleven-year-old under the ox cart. With that said, I'm wondering if one of the consequences was that the Queen had the King's life terminated a bit prematurely . . . There is no doubt that King Robert was a good as dead when he returned from his hunt . . . Eddard XIII, Game 47 So, it would be foolish to suggest that Sansa's actions caused the King to die. That die was already cast. But we have this scene the following morning . . . Eddard XIV, Game 49 Here the author suggests that Cersei was demonstrating her strength. But, presumably, the King was still alive, and Sansa was having breakfast with her father and her sister . . . Eddard XIV, Game 49 So Sansa knew that she and Arya were expected to be ready to depart the Red Keep by noon that day, and that the Wind Witch would sail later that evening. She was not happy about having to leave Joffrey . . . Eddard XIV, Game 49 It's too bad for House Stark that Eddard did not allow Mordane to follow the young, despairing Sansa, because, just one hour later . . . Eddard XIV, Game 49 Notice that the author tells us that Robert passes immediately after the scene where Sansa runs off. The information is presented by Cersei's creature Pycelle, one hour after Sansa goes to the Queen and tells her of Eddards plans . . . Sansa IV, Game 51 That word again was the first signal to the reader that Sansa had done what she did . . . Sansa IV, Game 51 So, now we know that Sansa, defied her father, went to the Queen, rather than to the King, whom she hoped would command Eddard to allow her to remain in King's Landing with her love Prince Joffrey. Cersei had Arys take her into custody, and within the hour, Pycelle advised Eddard that the King was dead. We also knew that Cersei benefitted from the information she gained from Sansa that morning . . . Tyrion I, Clash 3 We can surmise that Petyr promised the gold cloaks to Cersei sometime after Eddard told Cersei that he would advise the King of her treason upon his return from the hunt. We can also surmise that Cersei suspected Eddard of plotting with Renly since Boros and Preston observed them talking on the drawbridge right after Robert returned from the hunt. But she could not have known about Eddard's letter to Stannis until after Fat Tom was killed during the purge. And we know this as well . . . SSM, April 10, 1999, Regarding Sansa Once Sansa told Cersei that Eddard's daughters were to leave King's Landing in a few hours, Cersei could no longer wait for the King to die. With her Lannister soldiers and Petyr's gold cloaks she had the muscle she needed to move against the Hand. But she could not make such a move before Robert died. On the other hand, she could not risk losing Sansa and Arya as potential hostages. Sansa proved to be the leverage she needed to force Eddard to bend the knee, and knowing that Sansa could be executed likely kept Robb from executing Jaime. Shortly after Pycelle advised Eddard of the King's death, Cersei summoned the Hand and the small council to the throne room, and Eddard noticed that the Lannister men were not practicing in the yard anymore. Whether Robert's death was hastened as a result of Sansa's action that morning is not provable, based on what we know. Nor can I find any hints that this is the case. But it is possible . . . What do you think?
  14. Maester Yandel writes that there are three theories for the origins of dragons and their mastery by Valyrians. First, that they sprang forth from the Fourteen Flames. Second, that Doreah was right. And third, that dragons originated in the Shadow Lands, an ancient people mastered them, and then taught the Valyrians. I think Doreah's tale was a foreshadowing of Daenerys's arc in game, and "Yandel" included it in The World of Ice and Fire. I think there is truth in the other two legends. I supposed dragons originated in the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, possibly by some supernatural event or magical process, and spread around the world, concentrating in volcanic centers, especially Valyria. When the Valyrians decided to get busy, perhaps they sought the dark arts to master the dragons in Asshai, binding the dragons to the blood of the 40 dragonlord families? This is from the forward to The Sworn Sword originally published in Legends II... Presumably that was written by "Gyldayn." So, I think Valyrian dragonlord blood is required, and Targaryens are the only ones left.