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  1. To destroy the army of the dead. I can't see Cersei sticking around or if she does, Jaime will kill her long before the White Walkers get there. If Jaime kills her to stop her then she won't set it off and we've gotten reports that dragon fire is hitting the streets of KL. Daenerys is a possible alternative but Jojen says that it's Bran that stops the army of the dead not Daenerys. Bran warging Viserion against the NK is pretty much game over for the NK so I doubt that'd happen.
  2. Well the theory is that he wargs into a dragon to destroy KL aka Bran becomes a dragon whereas Aerys thought it would turn into a dragon if he blew up KL
  3. The line about a new god being born isn't about what Euron wants. It's a prophecy just like when Daenerys took the warlock's wine and was hit with prophetic visions. And we know that Bran's fate is to become a god a la the show hence the line must refer to him. I will also note that I do think Bran and Euron are going to interact in some form as Euron is Bran's foil (along with Daenerys'). Like they're both connected to Bloodraven and are immersed in magic. Euron wants to be a god and Show Bran is a god. I've actually theorized that the NK is replacing big parts of Euron's role and that it's Euron that brings down the Wall, successfully steals a dragon and has something to do with Bloodraven's death.
  4. It doesn't matter what the truth was because we're looking at what the text is foreshadowing. According to Jaime, Aerys believed he would turn into a dragon and crush all his opponents during the wildfire explosion of KL and that's what I'm proposing that Bran does. In Aeron's prophetic dreams, Euron believes the new god that will be born from the mass graves and charnel pits is himself. It's actually Bran Stark. And we know Bran is a god already in the show so....yeah. But I do agree it tells us what Euron's plans are too. It's called layering though like the vision of a maiden slaying a giant made of snow is foreshadowing two different events at the Eyrie and Winterfell. And in the show, Bran will only blow up KL because of Jon and Daenerys empowering the NK with a dragon.
  5. Viserion is literally already dead.
  6. Well I don't think Daenerys is going to burn down the Dothraki's temple. That's a show only thing. I do think the fire for death is the burning of King's Landing though. The third fire is ???
  7. The problem with the NK burning KL is that it's just a killing machine killing a city of people. There's no drama in it. And the NK is even less of a character than God Bran. He has no relation to anyone, he doesn't talk and he doesn't have any other motives besides killing people. I have a similar problem with Cersei doing it because she's just a psycho doing it because she's evil. It's like the difference between Hitler genociding the Jews and the US nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One is pure evil and isn't debateable and the other is in a gray area that we can debate on. Was it justified? Was it not justified? We know Cersei has been ruled out of blowing KL up because it's dragonfire that's hitting the streets so it can only be one of 4 people responsible: NK, Daenerys, Jon and Bran. Show Jon wouldn't do it. God Bran would. NK wouldn't because he wants to recruit people not burn them all. And Daenerys might do it. And again, Bran has been called the most important person and the one that can stop the army of the dead. Not the Night's Watch and not the kings of Westeros. How did Sauron lose? It wasn't through force of arms. Similar concept and Bran is the Frodo of the series.
  8. I just told you what it would achieve. The destruction of KL and army of the dead. Side-note: Aerys believed he would turn into a dragon by blowing up KL. Bran would turn into a dragon to blow up KL. Also take into account that TWOW says that a new god will be born from the mass graves. I mean what's your perspective on that? There's only two real candidates: Euron and Bran. I don't think Euron could succeed at that without upstaging the Others so it must be Bran.
  9. This is really vague and doesn't actually foreshadow anything. In fact, Bran is no longer the focus of the vision in your scenario whereas D & D say that the visions are about Bran and mastering his powers. Not sure why you're so against the idea that Bran will warg a dragon. He's likely the third head of the dragon because of it. (Although I acknowledge that the three heads are only a thing in the books)
  10. I expect it to happen the way you said in the books where Bran is a character and not an emotionless god yet. The show fumbled it. I know you said that it could be an indication that it won't happen but D & D have said that the vision about dragon flying above is KL is about Bran using and mastering his powers. What's the alternative explanation to that?
  11. D & D thought that Ramsay raping Sansa was a good idea. You really gonna trust their idea of satisfying? Besides there are more characters than Bran and Daenerys around. This is the idea that I agree with:
  12. I mean this is all fair but this is what the show and books are setting up. Also that's what the pregnancy is for. She still has a chance at a family with Jon.
  13. GRRM said that Arya and Gendry have separate futures. That said, I could buy King Gendry in the show and King Edric in the books.
  14. That's not Daenerys' downfall though. It's just another obstacle in her way that she pushes past to become the Protector of the Realm. Doesn't matter that the people don't want her anymore. In her eyes, she's still queen and has a duty to save the people. It's a consequence that she deals with for bringing "WMDs" to Westeros. Note: I'm not the one that relates them WMDs or nukes. GRRM did that.
  15. In the S4Ep2 inside the episode, D&D specify that the visions which Bran sees upon touching the Weirwood Tree will all pertain to the destiny laid out for him specifically when he masters the abilities of the Three Eyed Raven. They state that of all of these visions, the most crucial shot is of shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing.This shot is seemingly from the perspective of a dragon, and Benioff poses the question; “is this shot from the past, or is it from the future?” He says we will have to find out, which in this context almost certainly means it pertains to Bran’s future. Putting it all together: All of the S4Ep2 visions specifically relate to Bran’s destiny upon mastering the powers of the Three Eyed Raven. The showrunners state that the most crucial of Bran’s visions is a dragon’s eye view over King’s Landing. Bran can skinchange things at long range. In Bran’s S6Ep6 visions, wildfire, along with the phrase “Burn them all!” is repeatedly accompanied by visions of the Others. According to Jojen and UnBenjen, Bran’s purpose has always been stopping the Night King and the army of the dead. Both Bran and Daenerys have seen visions of a snowy, ruined Red Keep. In the season 7 finale, Jon brings up the population of King’s Landing. In the season 7 finale, Cersei has expresses a willingness to abandon King’s Landing if the dead come. Despite Dany’s war with Cersei, King’s Landing still hasn’t burned down yet.