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  1. That's a more modern-type of mindset that doesn't really belong in a patriarchal society like Westeros. It makes sense with the Dornish because the Rhoynar were more matriarchal. But it's very hard for a patriarchal society to turn that way after one generation. You won't see that happen in this series though. Just like you won't see Westeros change into a Republic anytime soon.
  2. That's so ....lame and uninspired. Every important character gets a kingdom to rule and everyone has babies ever after. Bleh.
  3. The source says that Jon stabs pregnant Daenerys through the heart. . So we'll see.
  4. New pic leak came out. Looks like Daenerys and and the baby are being Nissa Nissa'd by Jon.
  5. Eh, GRRM kinda implied he wants something that you would think is anti-climatic to form the ending.
  6. Idk if we know when it takes place. The burning of Winterfell could be Episode 4 or 5 and the destruction of KL could be Episode 3 for all we know
  7. Frikidoctor. He's a pretty reliable source and he got his information from Javi apparently.
  8. My bad. I posted on the wrong thread.
  9. Anyways, Friki is confirming that KL blows up and that Cersei isn't queen when the dragon fire attack starts
  10. Context is everything but no that's not nihilistic in of itself just depressing which you can definitely say the series is.
  11. .
  12. Yes, Theon's dream. You have to try to avert it though and even then it's not foolproof. Like Rhaego doesn't become the Stallion that Mounts the World but Daenerys does in his place.
  13. Robb and Greywind literally walked into feast of the dead riddled with arrows in Tywin's dream. Rhaego was the Stallion that Mounts the World but as Melisandre says, the future can be averted.
  14. Too much foreshadowing. Moquorro even calls out Euron as Dany's most dangerous enemy. It's like people expect Euron to be villainous Quentyn when it's actually Victarion that is Quentyn's counterpart. The closest Dornish counterpart to Euron is Doran in role and Oberyn in personality.
  15. It would be his real name but obviously, she would expect Ned to give him a different name.