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  1. Because Euron is a vey big villain in the story. He's ASOIAF's anti-Christ figure. The anti-AA. So basically the Bloodstone Emperor analogue. The one that likely ushers in the Long Night
  2. In ASOS. The earliest I remember them mentioned is when Catelyn argues against legitimizing Jon to Robb
  3. Not sure what that's unforgivable. Either way, he'll be betraying either Robert or Lyanna/Jon in the way you phrased it. Like Ned said a bastard could raise high in the Night's Watch.
  4. These aren't old guys. There are the old Stark kings. If your own ancestors don't even accept you as a Stark then I hold a lot loss hope for regular northerners to do so. But it's moot in the end because I don't think Jon is surviving . He's got a death waiting for him in the end.
  5. Mel doesn't wanna bang him 'cause he's hot. She wants to have sex with him because she wants to create another shadowbaby. She made the same offer to Davos who is described as very plain with a common face. Ygritte isn't hot. From how Jon describes her, she sounds like a plain girl with a nice smile. Also wildlings may have lower standards. Val is hot but at that point Jon is Lord Commander and power is an aphrodisiac. Also wildlings may have lower standards. I don't think Alys wanted to bone Jon. I think people are seeing a little too much into that.
  6. Um, wolf's blood?
  7. Sullen doesn't describe Rhaegar at all. Sullen means bad-tempered. In that, Jon is his own person since Ned isn't described as sullen either. Also Jon isn't described as very attractive. That's just the show. Cat thought Ned was disappointing in the looks department and Ned said that Jon's face looks like a younger version of his own.
  8. Less about characters and more actors and how they play favorites. So people with strong actors like Lena Headey (Cersei) gets given more scenes even if it involves a lot of wheel-spinning because they want to give her more scenes to act in.
  9. I mean how? ADWD Tyrion raped a sex slave then realized it was wrong and then raped her again. GRRM has kept hitting on the point that Tyrion is a villain. If you do just an analysis on Tyrion's chapters, you can feel that there's a dark undercurrent running through all of them. I mean he's kind of a misogynist that thinks democracy is stupid, he feeds a singer to the poor, he's physically attacked Shae for mocking him(and later on killed her), he doesn't give a fig about the smallfolk and makes a joke their suffering, he's very much an entitled "Nice Guy", he wonders a lot about just raping Sansa etc. Yes, Tyrion does some genuinely nice stuff but GRRM has said that Tyrion is equally bad and good. He's the grayest of the gray and that was back in ASOS. In ADWD, he's a much worse person.
  10. Well, I'll always bring up the books when I hear people say this but the old Stark kings do not accept Jon as a Stark and see him as an usurper. Also remember that a lot of these northmen lost family members to Jon's grandfather and father. The war killed a lot of northerners. Jon's grandfather killed his other grandfather and executed his uncle and several northmen on top of that, Jon was borne of the rape of Lyanna Stark to their minds.
  11. This doesn't really make sense. What does it mean to matter? That it plays a role in the endgame with the White Walkers? I mean Ned doesn't play a role at the end. Did he matter? And Robb Stark not really either. Did he matter? Actions and plots have domino effects. It's why the show's writing is such a mess. They're trying to get from A to D without hitting B and C first. Take Aegon for example. GRRM has said that there will be a Second Dance of Dragons between Aegon and Daenerys. So how does another war not matter? That is significant in of itself and Aegon's inclusion just by existing and being in Westeros drastically changes the context of Daenerys' invasion.
  12. They weren't actually. I was around for when he first came out with the leaks and predates most of WOWT/L7R's leaks by at least a week or two
  13. This is an absolute mess of a post. AGOT is one of the best books for you because it introduces so few new characters even though every character would be a new character for you in the first book? Lmao
  14. That's how big Dorne is in the books. Dorne gets 4-5 chapters altogether. And the SS only appear in two scenes