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  1. Funny. If the US would follow that slippery slope, then in 40 years they’d still not have as tight regulations as countries like Sweden or the UK have today.
  2. How does the fairing re-entry work? Is there a heat shield on just one side or do they spin uncontrollably during descent? And how do you steer them towards the ship?
  3. I saw this thread, got inspired and went out and ran 5k. Not much perhaps but it just feels so much better than doing nothing.
  4. I see, thanks!
  5. Why do they need a third drone ship to land two boosters, if the center core is expended? What would the third drone ship be doing?
  6. Oh.
  7. This is too good not to post here:
  8. I just wanted to share this link where you get a much better feel for the sound of the rocket launch. Nothing beats being there of course, but grab a couple of good headphones and watch this video and you’ll get some idea. It’s really well produced.
  9. Don’t worry, it’s great to have some young people in here too. Bowie made the song that they played during the fairing separation. It was supposed to be Space Oddity, but the song that they actually played was Life on Mars. Adams wrote the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, from which the message DON’T PANIC on the roadster’s dashboard was quoted.
  10. That’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever watched. Like, I’ll tell my grandchildren about it cool. The view of the roadster in space is so beautiful it makes me sad that David Bowie and Douglas Adams aren’t around to see it.
  11. The live view is on! I think this might actually happen today.
  12. Postponed until 2:20 pm EST (19:50 GMT) due to upper level wind shear. Still well within the launch window though.
  13. Judging from the cameras placed on Musk’s roadster, I’ve heard speculation that they’ll try to recreate the “Pale blue dot” image with the car in the foreground. That would be awesome!
  14. Indeed. Have a look at this 60s poster where they argued for a space shuttle solution for the very reason that it’s more convenient to land on land than on water:
  15. First: thanks for the detailed explanation of the Falcon Heavy! Sounds like an awesome event. I’ll be glued to my screen. Second, that’s really cool news about the survived rocket. Can soft landing in water be a potential standard procedure in the future? The accuracy demands will be considerably lower and a slight malfunction doesn’t necessarily need to be catastrophic.