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  1. Part of it is that the Dothraki used horseback archery in a very un-Mongol way. The Mongol horse archers used to ride towards the enemy firing highly-arched shots (far-over any shield wall) attempting to pepper the shield-wall infantry and those massed behind them from a distance and from above. They would fire repeatedly until they got within range of the enemy's archers, at which point they would wheel to the side and ride to the rear of their formation to avoid enemy fire. This also allowed horseback archers behind them to continue shooting, providing a continuous barrage of arrows. This was supposed to weaken the enemy's formation so that the shield-wall or massed-infantry-with-spears was no longer as tightly packed and they could charge in for close combat. The Dothraki in this scene do the opposite, charging straight in, shooting straight in instead of arching their shots (which means that most of their arrows hit those darn efficient Lannister shields), and after firing 1 or 2 shots, continuing the charge into a still-fairly-organized formation of resistant troops. Anyhow, none of this bothered me since the Lannisters are way too overpowered in shoWesteros anyways.
  2. Funny cuz it's true.
  3. ^my first thought was this ^the one I forgot and can't believe I forgot - broken man speech could be turned into a poem, a spoken word piece, taken completely away from ASOIAF and have so much weight and potency.
  4. Manderly and Karstark Mallister and Frey (i'll wait 3 seconds OP) Hightower and Tarly Harlaw and *insert any other savage Ironborn house except the Goodbrothers*
  5. Yes! This is it, the "Hour of the Spear" - the only question is if Dorne has enough manpower to take whatever force is left behind at KL? 10,000 spears ain't what it used to be.....
  6. How did I forget the food - food sounds much better in Dorne!
  7. With the way things are going in the non-animated visual represenation of the novels, this idea sounds awesome. Studio Ghibli team up wth GRRM would be amazing.
  8. White Harbor and Oldtown would be in my top 10 but I'm going to have to go with Planky Town - kinda has a bayou/warm backwater vibe that I like.
  9. I know this is an unhelpful answer for the OP but I'm pretty sure they fought in pajamas and their strategy was generally to sleep until the juniormost soldiers woke everyone up to inform them that the enemy had been torched. Stretch, eat some breakfast, and then go pick through the charred battlefield to find booty. Done and done.