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  1. Well, this makes sense since if there was anything the writing in the TLJ reminded me of, it was the last few seasons of GOT.
  2. Yeah, there were always problems with each season, but 1-4 there was enough good stuff to hold the thing together. Season 5 was when it started to crumble because it could not be held together anymore. I said emotional farewell to the show after season 5.
  3. People are making too much of the "fire wight" comment from GRRM. Of course there are parallels between them and the ice wights, but they are not exactly the same. Beric retains much more of his own will and personality compared to the ice wights who are basically mindless zombies. Beric also can be killed, he can be brought back again but the iced wights bascially cannot be killed except by fire, if you cut off its arm the arm continues to move. That's not how Beric worked, if you cut off his arm, he will lose the arm (just like he lost an eye). Again, there are paralells, but they are very different and drawing conclusions about how the "fire wights" work based on how the "ice wights" work is premature.
  4. I posted in the General R&R thread a suggestion by someone on reddit that would have much improved the WF storyline. Here's a quick recap. 1. Have Jon's decision to bend the knee to Dany be the cause of unrest among the Northern Lords. 2. Have Sansa trying to hold them together and LF whisper that she needs to take over for herself as the only way to keep the North united and keep the Stark rule over the North. 3. Have Sansa play along with LF and Arya catches wind of this plot of a coup against Jon. Thus creating real tension between the sisters. 4. Have Sansa in the end turn it on LF in the finale and keep the North united behind Jon.
  5. The completely reversed the theme of the story. GRRM wrote a story about people too worried about power struggles and petty greivances and ignores the real threat that is lurking, while a few faithful tries to get them to wake up and see the real threat. D&D turned it into a story where the people who worried about the threat up north are chicken littles who should have just ignored it like everyone else. That if everyone just ignored the WW then everything would have been fine because the threat can't come south, and the people who are paranoid about the threat are responsible for empowering the threat to become real.
  6. You forgot how Theon can get kneed in the crotch and not feel a thing all because he was castrated, even though in season 4 when Brienne got kicked in the crotch by the Hound it hurt like hell for her. The show has become your standard mass entertainment mindless action fare. It's no different from the Transformers franchise.
  7. Wow that last line, Preston is done pulling punches.
  8. The The Jon coming back to the read one is the biggest offense. In reality no one should believe him, they would all just assume he was injured badly and recovered and is lying about it to get out of his vows. Because Jon dying was not a large witnessed event, just a few conspirators (who conveniently for Jon) were executed by him. Everyone in universe should just consider him an oatbreatker and the dead and coming back alive would just be considered a convenient but implausilble excuse to get out of his vows.
  9. Somebody on reddit made a great post on how easily with a few changes the Winterfell plot could have been compelling and believable: I think it's pretty good and compared to what we actually got it's downright brilliant. And proves that the main problem is not that D&D didn't have original material to adapt. It's they either are horrible writers or don't care. Because the basic plot they had could have been executed to be a coherent and compelling story with just a modicum of effort in the writer's room to make it work. They just didn't put in the work.
  10. And this is how you know the writers are hacks. It's one thing is to pay homage to other prior works, but when all you have is referencial stuff and no original content has value.
  11. It has become a copy of everthing else in pop culture instead of its own supposed source material.
  12. They are fake mainly because I don't think the scripts are finished yet
  13. Haven't watched since episode 3 this instead just reading summaries, and I truly don't miss it at all. While for a couple of episodes I was reading to the summaries right after the show ends. Last night I even forgot it was on at all, and only remembered this morning. It's pretty hard to fathom that during the first few seasons I was thinking about the show non stop even between seasons, that was how much I was into it, and now it has driven me to disappiontment, then to dislike, and now to completely apathy. I can't even muster up a good rant any more because I just don't care.
  14. But that's why it was such a downer of a episode, that even normal show fans who used to defend the show have started to question the writers, that their "big event" was all flash and no substance and ultimately no better than the filler material from a few seasons ago. Because filler is all this show has now, when they aren't checklisting some plot points that GRRM told them about,
  15. When you really think about it the rot set in during season 4 when in order to have their "episode 9 spectacle" they delayed the defense of the wall until episode 9, which meant they had to invent a bunch of wheel spinning filler material for the wall, like the nonsensical atttack on Craster's Keep. When they could have had the wall defense in episode 5 or 6, and had the proper amount of time to develop the LC election plot, and the Stannis in the north plot. This Wight hunt plot really is just another iteration of the Craster's Keep assault, nonsensical event invented to drag out the event they are delaying for (the confrontation with Cersei).