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  1. In the books, characters are on different sides of the conflict and you feel for them all so much you can't help but root for all of them. On the show, espeically since season 4, characters are on different sides of the conflict and you dislike all of them so much you can't help but wish failure on all sides.
  2. And Bran, who may have gotten even worse shaft from the writers when compared to his siblings.
  3. If there is one thing everyone should have learned from last season, it's that ever time the audience comes up with a theory that suggests there is something coherent underneath the incoherent mess we see on the screen, it always ends up being wishful thinking, the incoherence is never the result of some deeper hidden plot, but just plain poor writing.
  4. She will pull a Wyman Manderly, depart and then follow them and kill them.
  5. I completely understand why this happens. When the writing was better. and the character you're playing had consistent and defineable characterization. It's easier to just make believe you're that character, and method act. She could just act by pretending in her mind that she is "Sansa Stark". But now, when the characterization is such a mess, it's impossible to do this. You can't pretend to be "Sansa Stark" when Sansa Stark has no definieable characteristics and personality, You are a different person each scene because this scene requires you to be this kind of person and the next scene requires you to be a completely different person. Now, this is where experience comes in. For an experienced actor like Charles Dance, he has played many different types of characters and personalities in his past, he can draw from his past experience to play these difference personalities, and literally be a different type of character as the scene requires. For young, relatively inexperienced actors like Turner, they can't do that, they haven't played all those different characters and can't draw from them to match the character they need to be for this scene. When the writing is bad, their inexperience gets exposed.
  6. No, she said the "good" at ruling thing before she compared him to Joff
  7. No he didn't. He was stripped of the role by Tommen after his attempted assault on the Sept of Baelor to rescue Margaery
  8. They put her in there because they cut out one of the best moments in ADWD where a brave young girl made a great speech that moved the reader, yes I am talking about Wylla Manderly, but they wanted to copy it. The problem is that the result of that feel good speech in the real world is that it changes nothing, Wylla made a great speech but it didn't shame the Freys into retreating from their position, it didn't galvanize Wyman into accepting Davos' offer. She was dragged away. And that's why it was brave, you say it even though knowing no one was likely to listen to you. In the show even before she opened her mouth I already knew that everyone would agree with her, because she's not a real person, nor are her audience, they are all set pieces for D&D to virtue signal about how they are onboard the "girl power" train.
  9. That's kinda how I feel, I didn't hate it enough to warrant a rant. Most of the problems with it comes from the fact it continues the awful stuff that has already been done in season 5 and 6.
  10. But she also said he's "great" at ruling, just 30 seconds earlier. Maybe she thinks Joffrey was also "great" at ruling.
  11. Obviously everyone will participate, but fighting requires more than just swords. You need all kinds of support to fight a war, people to prepare food, people to sew leather armor and repair metal armor, people to care for the wounded, , etc, etc. Even the Nights Watch divided their forces into rangers and stewards and smiths. That scene was in there to virtual signal about present day sensibilities of "let's have women in combat".
  12. I am a huge Arya fan, heck I name my dog Arya. And I can't stand ShowArya. I really don't care if she dies at all. Well, it would make me really sad that it foreshadows something bad for BookArya, that's the extent I care about ShowArya's fate.
  13. Red Wedding II at RIverrun will happen. Euron/Cersei alliance will happen.
  14. Good point, Jon, if he were "good at ruling", should have made a comprise by giving the Bolton lands to Stark loyalists and let the Karstarks and Umbers keep their land. But I think D&D's short attention span already forgot about the Boltons and the Dreadfort.
  15. In the books Euron is important because he has magic/dark ritual stuff. In the show it makes no sense because they try to cut out most of the magic and still want Euron to be important and it makes no sense because without magic him and the iron born simply aren't a signficant force.