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  1. They will be named producers so they get paid, but won't have much involvement at all. The only reason they are named producers at all is so HBO can market this as "from the producers of Game of Thrones, comes...." in a trailer. This happens all the time in TV shows, where people are given executive producer credit for being minimally involved in a show just so the show can be marketed as being associated with another hit show/hit movie. Think how many TV shows have JJ Abrahms was an executive producer, where he literally has almost nothing to do the show at all. (And if you didn't know, while he was directing and producing Star Wars and Star Trek movies, he had producer credit at the same time on about 10 different TV shows). D&D will be producers but they will not be part of the creative team making these shows, and that's a very good thing.
  2. I think it will be D&E because it has the potential to run for a logn time, and is distant enough from the main story that no matter how much D&D screws up the ending of asoiaf it won't affect much. Robert's rebellion would have been great but I think D&D are going to ruin it.
  3. I might give this a chance now that I know D&D would not be anywhere near the writing room.
  4. You seem to not enjoy this thread yet haven't bailed, why?
  5. I myself have no doubt when the hype dies down in a few years the show will be look at much less favorably. With the last few seasons compared to the last few seasons of Lost or Heroes.
  6. Is there a place one can read on all the leaked info? To be honest I have had such little interest in the show since season 6 ended I followed almost none of the off season chatter.
  7. No, season 5 and 6 are trash and not fixable at this point, a satisficatory conclusion is still theoretically possible but it would take writing skills far superior to what the writers have demonstrated so far and therefore highly unlikely.
  8. The problem is that D&D only knows how to write scenes, they have no clue how to write a story. The reason the citadel didn't know was because they were doing a Brazil rip-off scene about beaucrats, and it would be funny in that scene if the officious and serious individual was ill-informed. It doesn't matter to them that it makes no sense in the context of the story being told, because they are alwaysing willing to sacrifice story integrity if they can have their funny scenes.
  9. I actually somewhat agree with you, I find him entertaining and amusing. But you have to remember that he's entertaining the same way a stage magician is entertaining. By all means enjoy the show, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that the magician's stage tricks are real.
  10. Honestly, if you think Preston Jacobs is right about "95%" of the time there is not much to discuss. I'd say he right about 5% of time.
  11. More ridiculous than surviving multiple stabs to the stomach? Or 20 good men? Come on, we're long past making sense.
  12. Making sense hasn't had anything with how D&D writes the story for several seasons now.
  13. The problem I had with what Bloodraven did is exactly the problem I have with Renly's attempt to claim the throne. The rules of succession, just like the Great Council, are established method for peaceful transition of power. If a king dies, it goes to his heir, if no clear heir exists, we all gather together and peacefully settle on the best choice. Once Renly disclares that rules of succession doesn't matter, or Bloodraven establishes that the Great Council is a sham, then the only way to resolve transition any time a king dies is left to fighting it out between everyone who wants it. Think about the Kingsmoot, once Urron Greyiron killed all the contestants at the Kingsmoot there wasn't another one held for 5,000 years until Balon Greyjoy's death. In the long run it's a terrible thing for the realm.
  14. I don't care about any of the characters on the show. Cersei's bomb at the end of Season 6 could have blown up all of Planetos and the show ended right there and I would not have been affected one iota. I only watch to see if the show reveals any clues about the story in the books that I do care about.
  15. The writing on the show the last two seasons have been between mediocre and awful, not at any time approaching "good" or "award winning". The emmy's have turned into a popularity contest like the "teen choice" awards.