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  1. There will be no raping. Khal what's his face made that pretty clear when he captured Dany. (Honestly what is it with all the rape in your prediction? Oo) From the promo: 1) Sansa, Brienne & Pod either arrive at Castle Black or the Last Hearth (since last episode I would say CB) 2) LF & Robin and Royce in the Vale, I guess they will raise the banners and prepare to march 3) Theon & Asha reunion: I don't quite get why Asha is so mad at Theon, I mean she set out to rescue him a couple of seasons earlier 4) Cersei: "Margaery will repent her sins before the city" Olenna: "That cannot happen." C: "I agree." Looks like they might prepare to free Marg by force. 5) Tyrion being confronted by some Meereenese guy (former master?) about Dany's absence. 6) Dany at the temple of the Dosh Kaleen 7) CSI Jorah and Dario 2.0 appear to be fighting in Vaes Dothrak So I guess we will have to wait for ToJ reveal for another time...