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  1. And the North should follow Edmure because? Edmure has no direct ties to the North besides his sister being the Lady of Winterfell. Leaving the North to Edmure would likely cause a civil wat amongst the northern houses.
  2. If he did (very plausible) it could be yet another way to be a thorn in the side of House Stark by an Iron Islander. Davos goes to Skagos, gets killed by the natives, Rickon isn't found by anyone able to verify his identity, and Stannis loses his most trusted advisor to boot. I don't think he lied though, but that still doesn't mean Davosw will succeed. Skagos is allegedly a perilous place.
  3. If Eddard lived, he'd have taken his punishment like a man, at least on the surface. This guy places honor above nearly anything. He'd have gone to the wall, rose to LC, and likely participated in the war via communication with Robb. I can see him rebelling, but not by joining with stannis. He didn't want to join renly. If anything, if he rebelled, he'd have returned to winterfell and took the place of Robb. However I do not think he'd have accepted the crown of KITN.
  4. The characters with the most plot armor: Tyrion, the dwarf battle commander and politician miraculously skilled in combat and saved by his page from near certain death. Danaerys, the inexperienced youth waging war in an unfamiliar territory far from "home." Jon Snow, who can't even be killed off without the certainty of a Jesus like ressurrection to save the day. Arya Stark, all of, what 8 years old or so, training to be a Faceless man. Brienne of Tarth, who isn't the usual favorite, but the one character guaranteed an arc no matter how boring it is, amounting to not much more than a travelogue. Bran Stark, paraplegic psychic training for head old God. Did I miss anyone? Mind you I'm being mildly sarcastic.
  5. What point does he have in telling anyone else? It's just a suggestion, but I'll stick by my thoughts that if he would tell anyone it'd be Jon Arryn, a father figure who'd likely protect Jon Snow if it ever got out. This is all assuming that Ned would tell anyone at all, which is unlikely given his nature.
  6. If he ever told anyone other than Howland Reed, I'd wager on it being his mentor, Jon Arryn. Isn't Jon Snow named after Arryn? Ned fostered in the Eyrie, with Jon Arryn basically being Ned's other father. If he told Jon Arryn, maybe Arryn told his batty wife, who in turn leaked it to Littlefinger. Or maybe he muttered about it inadvertently on his deathbed. Of course, Jon Arryn is dead now, but there's a chance that Nee trusted him with the secret, and it could have potentially leaked to other parties. Crackpot? Highly likely.