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  1. Interesting. It's also worth noting that Ned doesn't attribute any romantic intention either when he says that Lyanna was given the crown of beauty, rather than the crown of love and beauty. Kevan Lannister also says that in a contest of beauty, that Cersei would have won if she was in attendance. Rhaegar had to look twice, because on first glance Lyanna's wildness and tom-boyish behavior hides the beauty that she will become, not unlike Arya. I would ascribe political motivation as well. Rhaegar says that he wanted to make a change long ago, possibly having something to do with the Defiance of Duskendale where Aerys could have met his end without Barristan Selmy to rescue him. The Tourney of Harrenhal was fraught with political tension with Rhaegar attempting to forge political alliances. Again, Kevan Lannister gives the bottom line -- had Rhaeger chosen Cersei over Elia, war would have been avoided. Rhaegar tells us that Aerys was more fearful of Tywin Lannister than he was of Robert Baratheon. Awarding the crown to Lyanna, directed Aerys's suspicions to the Starks and Baratheons. Brandon's anger seems more akin to a reaction concerning a betrayal to me than anything else especially since he doesn't make any demands about Lyanna when he goes to Kingslanding. It seems more a matter of honor and pride which seems to be Ned's sin as well. An accusation perhaps.
  2. Touching the hand, followed by raising the hand, sounds like something that would occur in a hypnotic state, another means for accessing the unconscious mind. It implies a certain level of suggestibility. Bran might not be aware of lifting his hand and he may not feel any differently.
  3. Even if Jon wasn't Rhaegar's, who would believe it? Certainly not Robert. So double jeopardy. Given that Cersei married Robert; no child of uncertain identity with royal blood either way is likely to survive. Better for Ned to lie to everyone, including Robert.
  4. I'm not sure that skinchanging is the term that I would use. Rather Bran is merging with the tree. - to combine, blend, or unite gradually so as to blur the individuality or individual identity And perhaps more literally, he is being grafted to the tree.
  5. Just putting in a good word for you.
  6. As Matthew points out, Bran is vulnerable but too innocent and trusting to be suspicious. Notably Meera, Jojen, Hodor and Summer are all absent when the wedding takes place. So he is also isolated from his protectors. As Pretty Pig points out, Jaime, Dany and Drogon all perceive the menace of the encroaching darkness while Bran does not. I think the darkness is really the 'heart of darkness', something that loves him not. Black Crow may be right in saying that his body is becoming irrelevant although I'm still suspicious of Leaf's actions here. He drops the bowl, she touches his hand as though testing his response before the 'signal' is given to put out the light. I think it's curious that Jojen tells Bran that the ravens can't find the crannogmen and that the Isle of Faces has remained unmolested since the time of the Pact. I wonder what ravens he has in mind and I don't think it's the ravens sent from the Citadel or from some Maester. I think the Crannogmen as agents of the Isle of Faces are hidden from the ravens sent by the 'heart of darkness' beyond the Wall. There is a reason that the warg connection is blocked by the Wall. There might also be a reason that the God's Eye also separated from the North by the Wall as well. Now we have Euron Blood-Eye's express intent is to attack the God's Eye and kill all the small gods or impale them on his own tree of thorns... the iron throne.
  7. Is Dragonbinder actually made from dragon horn? The cup of fire?
  8. I don't recall one myself. Be careful! Black Crow might suggest an essay.
  9. It's an interesting turn of phrase to characterize the WW as the watchers. Leaf's compatriots are also watching and we could extend that to watching via weirwood tree. Not all trees have a face, but we are given to understand that the purpose of giving faces to trees is so that someone can bare witness. The drunken ash, old chestnut and oak tree appear to have the face of the one sacrificed by the wildlings; but there isn't a skinchanger attached to their roots. The blood sacrifice suggests that trees with faces become gateways and portals to be used by greenseers travelling the weirnet web. When Bran breaks his connection to the weirnet, a torch is lit immediately. How does Leaf know that he is no longer under the influence without Bran speaking a word? I think it's possible that the cotf travel with Bran as 'watchers' and that he is unaware of heir presence. Leaf asks Bran what he has seen, but I'm not so sure she doesn't already know -- "A thousand eyes and (the) one." When Patchface says that 'under the sea, the crows are white as snow'; I think he's saying that the cotf are the crows in question and that they are white as snow in their guise as White Walkers. The exchange between Gilly and BranCo is interesting because not only has Coldhands been sent to find 'the one'; Bran is looking the 'the crow'. Once again it's Patchface who identifies the crow when he sees Jon Snow for the first time. "The crow, the crow... under the sea, the crows are white as snow." The 3EC also shows up when the torches go out, adding ambiguity, since in the darkness, the reader isn't shown who is speaking. The immediate assumption is that it's Bloodraven. It's a curious detail that in the HBO show, BR is referred to as the three-eyed raven rather than the three-eyed crow.
  10. Hah! @ravenous reader This will amuse you. Especially the bit about Martin's script "The Road Less Travelled". And since he brought it up:
  11. I'm inclined to go with this as well. Dragonbinder may not necessarily bind a dragon to someone's will; but rather bind the soul of the one who blows the horn to the dragon. A dragon god is born. I'm not sure what Euron's intent would be in giving the horn to Victarion or what Moqqorro might think is Victarions destiny.
  12. Oh my! It sure looks like they are related.
  13. That's the way I read it. That feeds right into all those suspicions about the cotf not what they seem. When Bran raises his hand, the other singers take that as a signal to put out the torches. "The darkness thickened and crept towards him." That's creepy as hell. The darkness creeping towards Bran as the cotf come closer and closer, until all the lights go out. I'm reminded of Dany in the HoU, when she succumbs to the voices, can barely move or speak.
  14. We'll be swerved. I'm betting on it. And he'll marry Sansa with Tyrion's blessing. LOL