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  1. It's odd that the events in the original timeline are 2000 years apart: 12,000, 10,000, 8,000, 6,000 4,000, 2,000 ... That seems a bit tidy for reality unless there is some recurring event every 2000 that causes an upheaval; how do you account for it? Otherwise it seems too convenient for a realistic timeline but not out of the question for a chronology of events with a false timeline.
  2. A sea wolf is also a species of gray wolf that inhabits mainland coast and near shore islands of British Columbia:
  3. No sorry, I think there is a chance that Rhaegar and Ashera are Dany's parents. I don't know who fathered Jon.
  4. "The big fish eat the little fish."
  5. Euron mocks the Drowned God. I think the drowned god is the greenseer that controls the Black Gate, to go with Patchface's under the sea ditties. Storms are made of water and air; so a combination of the elements; but I think the drowned god is something else: The 'kiss' of the Black Gate: You have to go down a well to get to the gate.
  6. A weir is a fish trap.
  7. Northern Pike - a species of fish (pike fishing - incredibly fun). Danaerys Storm-born.
  8. I agree. Dany is most likely Rhaegar's and Ashara's.
  9. I don't think it's a tall order at all. It's only a tall order if people are dumping everything they see regarding flowers and roses into RLJ without looking at any other text. I've given a reasonable alternate explanation. It creates cognitive dissonance that roses aren't just associated with Jon or Lyanna, so people fall back behind their own walls. Another argument that has been made is the 'flowers' represent females in the story, not males. Dany sees a 'blue flower' - Jorah is the one who makes the leap that it's a blue rose, but he didn't see what Dany saw in HoU. How do we know Dany saw a rose just because the flower is blue? Shireen is also at the Wall. The Florent sigil contains a laurel of blue flowers.
  10. Yes, your mind is made up. You have decided what these things mean to you. That's fine. Please don't insult my intelligence by asking if "I have read the books". Of course, I've read the books -- all of them -- several times over.
  11. Yes, the Others half-forgotten are the White Walkers: Which answers my question about the WW that confronts Sam: I have wondered if the WW was given shape in that moment when the snow fell from the great sentinel tree; a sentinel being a soldier that stands and keeps watch. It's armor ripples and shifts (like waves created by the movement of air across the surface of a body of water). It's so light, it doesn't break the crust of new fallen snow. So propelled by wind or air. I get the sense that they are creatures made by the storm gods who control air and water. Patchface's pronouncement that 'the crows are white as snow' implies to me, that the WW's might be storm crows and the wights are 'carrion' crows.
  12. All of the Stark kids are 'roses' of Winterfell. If Bran can inhabit the weirwood that controls the Black Gate is he then present at the Wall? If Jon can smell the sweet and foul smell of death around him in the Tree-Bran & Ghost-Jon encounter; does this not qualify as the smell of sweetness that characters associate with the smell of death? How do we know that Bran is the 3EC? It seems more likely to me that Jon is the 3EC. Patchface tells us that he's 'the crow': Patchface isn't getting excited about any old crow of the NW. Bran refers to the crow in his dreams as the crow. He also complains that the crow lied to him and Old Nan backs him up by saying that all crows are liars. She's isn't talking about birds, she's talking about the men of the NW. Mormont confirms that all crows are liars:
  13. deleted - formatting problem
  14. LOL! Frankly, I'm tired of the whole discussion where everything points to RLJ even with a reasonable explanation that something else might be true. I stick to the text for that reason. I still believe rightly or wrongly that some of the answers are contained in the text. I prefer not to look at everything through the RLJ lens since I think that limits discovery. I'm more curious about Bran and Arya at this point than Jon. It's not that alternate explanations are too complicated; it only complicates accepted thinking that something else might be true. Typically that creates a defensive reaction with a silly chorus of neener-neeners; something that involves tribalism, group-think and identity politics; characterized as 'the only intelligent answer'.
  15. Bran can access the weirwood net and any wierwood tree. So yes, he can be at the Wall and he can access the power of the Wall. He is a growing power and is often described as 'sweet'. Jon isn't the only 'rose' of Winterfell. The Black Gate isn't just a glamored and warded hole in the Wall that allows Bran to physically pass through the ice to the other side; it's a door that allows Bran to go where he likes on a metaphysical level. It's the middle head of the god Trios; the one that nobody understands or knows what it does. Compare the language GRRM uses and the descriptions of Tree-Bran and the weirwood at the Black Gate: Bran's power is growing and Tree-Bran is literally growing before Jon's eyes. The Black Gate is a doorway for Bran to use. When is Jon ever described as sweet? Bran also has the smell of death around him in the cave the greenseer. Something that Ghost picks up on and Jon recognizes. I don't think everything is about Jon or RLJ. Bran is just as important to the story.