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  1. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    I hadn't heard of this other stuff but since listening to an interview posted by Fattest Leach; I was struck by Martin's comment that he was having difficulty writing Bran's POV. Something tells me that this difficulty has something to do with saying good-bye to the character and perhaps the reason for the delay in publishing as well. It certainly seems like D&D are holding out for something more from Martin by splitting the season. Or it could be something as mundane as scheduling conflicts with the actors.
  2. Numbers and their significance in the story

    The crown of the Kings of Winterfell has 9 iron spikes in the shape of swords and Jon takes his oath of the NW at a grove of 9 weirwood trees standing in a circle.
  3. Heresy 197 the wit and wisdom of Old Nan

    I agree. I like the notion that the Umbers were chained giants at one point. I could never imagine a scenario where the giants of Wun Wun's type were ever in conflict with the CotF. It seems more likely to me that the conflict was always with the races of men and that the wildling population could be considered one of the old races. The question is what price was paid for peace and how and when were the chains broken.
  4. They have separate hut for men and women that can only be shared by married couples. They do allow women to stay among them. The Quiet Isle is also a place of smoke and salt; the Saltpans and smoking beehives. I'm inclined to think that Jon fits one of the smoke and salt prophecies and this is a place where noble ladies and/or pregnant ladies have visited in the past. Although the brothers haven't always had a skilled healer until Elder Brother came along.
  5. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    All the clues pointed to Hillary Clinton and the answer wasn't x.
  6. I think Ned swapped Aegon for Jon who seems to have been at Starfall. I suspect that Walys Flowers is actually Haldon Haflmaester since Flowers was the son of an Archmaester and a noble woman... so half a maester. Ned's big issue when Robert wants him to have Dany assassinated is that he thought the war they fought was to end the killing of children. It so angers Ned that he quits and intends to leave as fast as possible back to Winterfell. This sounds like an old wound torn open again and it seems to me something similar happened regarding Ned's orders for the confrontation at the ToJ. My thinking is that Jon was born on the day that Robert won the three battles of Summerhall on the Quiet Isle where Lyanna died. At that time, Ned would have been traveling from the Eyrie to Winterfell. So it's conceivable that he found her there with Walys Flowers. The famous words 'they found him there' would indicate the Silent Brothers and the reason that Lyanna's whereabouts were unknown and why Ned never holds Rhaegar responsible for her disappearance. She left of her own accord with the maester that the Starks trusted. The Quiet Isle is also a smugglers port so Walys was sent into hiding with Jon on Ned's orders. Varys would certainly know the whereabouts of Rhaegar's son, and Aerys would have known as well, since the KG are sworn to him. Varys was probably involved with any swaps since he uses children for his own purposes. If Ned send Ashara and Walys with Aegon across the Narrow Sea that would certainly fit Ned's MO where Cersei and her children are concerned. Varys wouldn't have any difficulty discovering their whereabouts or setting up Illyrio as their benefactor.
  7. What would you ask the GRRM??? UPDATED

    I'd ask if Jon is the 'sleeping lion' but I wouldn't expect an answer.
  8. I agree that Dany is half a Dayne given Selmy's confirmation that she is a younger version of Ashara among other things. I have a problem with Rhaegar as her father. Rhaegar already thinks he has produced the tPwiP when Aegon is born. I think it more likely that Aerys is her father rather than Rhaegar given Aery's proclivities in that direction. When Dany sees Rhaegar, Elia and Aegon in the HoU; Rhaegar tells Ashara/Dany that there must be one more. I think this has more to do with finding three guardians or heads of the dragon. This seems to be Aemon's interpretation when he says that he must help guide her as one of the heads although he is too old. So we see three KG guardians at the ToJ and then later, Jon Connington, Haldon Halfmaester and Septa Lemore in charge of fAegon's education and upbringing. Along with 3 additional guardians. If Rhaegar was so certain that Aegon was the PwiP, he and Elia would have taken measures to make sure that he was somewhere out of harm's way during Robert's Rebellion. Most likely the child who is being guarded at the ToJ rather than Jon or Dany. This is probably the most likely the reason that Ned and Robert had a huge fight before Ned left for the ToJ. I suspect he was given orders to kill the child that was there and end the Targ line. Something Ned refused to do, sending Aegon into hiding instead and lying to Robert about it. I think it's also possible that neither prophecy has anything to do with Aegon. Dany is an unexpected outlier; the story is that she is the daughter of Aerys and Rhaella even if she is not. That still fits the prophecy because that is the 'official' story of her parentage. I think the prophecies will unfold in unexpected ways.
  9. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    I'm not sure. If he publishes on the heels of the show's conclusion; that would drive a lot of publicity without the anger and disappointment over contradicting fan expectations. Most people will be pining for more and hearing about the alternative storyline in the books. The controversies will be big news. Fans will want to know! I don't think he needs to publish before the show concludes and it may be more advantageous to wait. Once again, I really have no idea.
  10. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Yup, what you said. I'm not expecting anything to be published until shortly after the HBO show concludes. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to publish something that would contradict or spoil the production value and fan expectations for the show. That would be bad mojo all around. The issue is when to publish, not whether or not the book is finished. In the meantime, we wait and discuss.
  11. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    All we know is that Jon is defensive about his dreams when Tyrion brings it up. He could be defensive about something other than dragons for example something he considers a dirty secret about his place as a bastard and wishing he was something else. In particular that he was Lord of Winterfell instead of his brother. He thinks about it privately. That can't be ignored. He also has hero fantasies about Daeren Targaryen, the boy prince his favorite story: That doesn't make Jon a dragon dreamer any more than Arya's favorite story makes her Queen Nymeria. I don't think Jon wants Tyrion probing into his private thoughts and it has little to do with dragons. Even if it did, all this would prove is that most children would fantasize about the stories they hear, substituting themselves for their heroes. Edit: This is what Tyrion says to Jon that both horrifies and fascinates him: The secret that Tyrion knows about Jon is that Jon resents being a bastard; not that he dreams of dragons. As Tyrion points out to him, all dwarfs are bastards in their father's eyes and that rejection is something they have in common.
  12. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    I don't know about dragon dreams; although Jon harbors some guilty fantasies and secret thoughts about being the Lord of Winterfell and wielding his father's sword that he might not want anyone to know about. Perhaps he is defensive about Tyrion's line of questioning about dreams but not dragon dreams specifically.
  13. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Because he's fAegon. It's curious that Illyrio's has a statue in his courtyard of a youth with gold hair no more than 15 or 16; surrounded by 6 cherry trees like sentinels. It's also curious that fAegon has eyes so blue they look purple in a certain light. Also a comely youth of 15 or 16. Tyrion's observations... As the Fattest Leach has pointed out; fAegon is surrounded by 6 cherry-picked protectors.
  14. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Oh, nice catch!
  15. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    I trust Selmy's recollections of Ashara's appearance since we don't have much in these books in the way of portraits except for the tapestries of the Targaryen ancesters and the occassional statue. Not even Lyanna's statue does her justice in Robert's eyes. I'm referring to the conversation that Ned has with Cersei in the God's grove when he confronts her about her incest. She throws out the business of his 'affair' with Ashara and the loss of her girl child. Also suggesting that he stole a child from her. Swinging wildly in other words based on various gossip she has no doubt heard over the years. Of course, I agree with your assessment of the Orphan Boats as a likely hiding place for Dany. It explains the lemon trees as well. Concerning Aerys' lion symbolism, exactly the point that lions represent kingship or royalty. Dany's father perhaps. Although the stag and horned lord symbolism around Jon doesn't make him a Targaryen in my view. Only that Longclaw and the sleeping lion banner nearly torn in two also points to royalty and kingship and that he nearly died in childbirth. Twin fawns spattered in blood, of which only one survived; delivered by a butcher... someone without any healing or medical knowledge other than the anatomy of animals. A Silent Brother in other words. As for the Dayne sword; I think Brienne is being set up as the Last Hero in this turning of the wheel; while Dany is being set up as Nissa Nissa or the crone who carries the lantern. The one who opens the door and lets the first crow fly into the world; the one who actually brings the light. Brienne might also be considered lion-hearted, a true knight to Dany's as true dragon and Jon as true sword. Brienne might be the white lion taller than a man that Dany sees in the HoU. There is plenty of morningstar/eveningstar symbolism around Brienne not to rule it out. Jon has Targ blood from the Baratheon side, which explains Tyrion's comment that Jon has more of the north in him and by omission, less of the dragon.