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  1. Horrific! It makes me laugh and scream at the same time.
  2. Spaghetti Westerns! They're the best! (I made spaghetti for dinner tonight - yum)
  3. Oh! This is fantastic, Lollygag. Spells and rituals are songs. The cotf are the singers who sing the song of earth. Moqorro sings as well when performing his 'magic' on Victarion. Melisandre's voice is musical. The dragon sings to Dany in her dream. Is there a song of fire and blood, water and blood? I think you are onto something.
  4. Brienne and Renly Brienne and Jaimie Littlefinger and Catelyn Ned and Ashara Barristan and Ashara Jorah and Dany Tyrion and Tysha
  5. While I think it's entirely possible that a part of the population will flee east; I'm doubtful that a large part of the population will have access to resources available to get across the Narrow Sea. I think it more likely that those who can't leave will flee south to Dorne; just as Osha and company intended when they met up with Bran. There is also a long history of disbelief in the snarks and grumpkins north of the Wall; so why would anyone believe tales of the Others at this point? The wildlings know what they are fleeing; but what of the population at large much further south? I imagine that most of the population will be unprepared for an invastion of white walkers and their dead army if they make it past the Wall. It may be that Essos will be affected by the cold as well, that the cold may not be confined to Westeros. North of Essos is the Shivering Sea. Ghost grass has already sprung up in Qaarth.
  6. This seems like the track that D&D have followed so far.
  7. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell...
  8. Aerys had a thing for the Starks. Killing both Rickard, Brandon and then attempting to get his hands on Ned. So if Rhaegar was involved with Lyanna's disappearance; was it to prevent Jon's birth or ensure it. I still don't think that Jon is Rheagar's offspring. If anything, Dany is his third child (child of three) and he wanted another Visenya to complete the second coming of Aegon and his sisters. When Dany has her vision of Rhaegar, Elia and Aegon, Rhaegar thought this son was the PwiP and later we learn from Jaimie that he thought he would win at the Trident. So why did he need Lyanna and Jon? I suspect it gave him leverage and he needed the Starks to kneel.
  9. When Kevan Lannister said that Rhaegar wouldn't have 'looked twice' at Lyanna if Cersei had been present; he assumes it would be a contest of beauty. But 'looking twice' at someone can also mean that he recognized something. I've come to think that his solo trips to Summerhall weren't just about composing songs but rather meeting with the Ghost of High Heart and trading songs for dreams. She is most likely the woods witch who made the prophecy to Jahaerys. That's speculation on my part but a preemptive strike might begin with recognition.
  10. I've suggested before that the 'singing dragon' of Dany's recurring dragon dream is Rhaegar who of course is known for his songs; spending much time alone at Summerhall composing songs. I don't think that Drogo's soul went into the black egg during MMD's tent ritual; but rather it was already occupied by Rheagar and this is the 'dragon' that she wakes. I think the black egg was Rhaegar's egg and this is the mystery of 'waking the dragon', that it contains his soul after death. Jorah says it nicely: I think this is essentially why Aerys thought he could die and be reborn a dragon. In this case, Dany sacrifices her unborn son who trades states with the 'dead' egg and so he is described as dead long ago and partially transformed into a dragon at birth; while Rhaegar is resurrected as a dragon with his memories intact. Memories that Dany is subject to and the reason why she sees herself as Rhaegar or wearing Rheager's black armor. Essentially the black dragon is the black armor; both when she rides the dragon and when she sees herself transformed into a dragon. Waking the dragon from stone seems to be about waking the soul contained in the dragon egg. What I wonder is how much Rhaegar knew about being transformed into a dragon and whether or not he knew something about Jon's destiny given the mystery around Lyanna. Especially if he revels in bathing the northmen in fire in triumph.
  11. Perhaps, but specifically, they are armored in ice and we've also had that same description of Jon.
  12. Yah, my own interpretation of this dream is that these aren't her memories. I think this is a prophetic dream, a dragon dream of sorts and the nightmare memories of the usurper at the Trident are the dragon's memories. Specifically, Rhaegar's memories.
  13. I like the notion that the Wall has a consciousness. If a WW is made of ice and serves as a receptacle for a soul; the Wall might do the same.
  14. It's very interesting and I like when people think outside the box. We do have this passage that does suggest that Dany will confront ice in Westeros:
  15. I think it's fascinating overall and not improbable that Jaime and Brienne will trek north of the Wall. Although I see a reforming of the ancient order of the star and the swords under the banner of the Dawn Sword involved in some way. I'm not so sure about Jon fleeing east; but the notion that Sansa and a large portion of the population will flee does make some sense. Euron is something of an outlier since his expressed purpose is to kill all the gods including the small gods of the wood. I'm expecting him to make an assault on the god's eye, as well as Kingslanding since Aeron sees him sitting on the iron throne in a vision. Dany may end up fighting the Red Lot who are heading towards some fiery ragnarok.