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  1. If it's complaints day -- damn those blu-ray players! They work for a little while and then stop reading blu-rays discs. Then they stop reading dvd's. Off to the store.
  2. I'm not sure. It's the business of getting lost if you take the wrong path that Dany is warned about before entering. So I wonder if becoming trapped leaves a part of your soul behind: the eye-eater sucking on Dany's eye is Sybassion (?) since his behavior mirrors the undying one in the HoU. When Dany burns the place, his soul is released and he is no longer blind? If so, that could mean there is a counterpart in the real world for those Dany sees: I've wondered if the Kingly Man is actually Euron and the wizard king is Qyburn. Qyburn has a thing for twisting nipples and he takes offense when Cersei is disgusted wtih his rags although he's careful not to show it. Dany is told that Pyat Pree is gathering the 'surviving' wizards. Some were perhaps destroyed when she burned the place down; but perhaps others were not in residence? Just a strange thought about the place.
  3. I've wondered about this because after Dany burns the place down we're told: Which begs the question: did Sybassion go into the HoU and leave something of himself behind?
  4. Yes, I can see Jon being raised by fire and he's been marked as R'hllor's instrument - his fiery hand. It wouldn't surprise me if Jon ends up with the Dawn sword.
  5. Yes, he's one of the creepier characters to be sure along with Ramsey Bolton. Euron is going to attempt some great magic using holy blood and I'm not sure that he isn't himself an abomination or being controlled at least part of the time in some fashion. I'm not discounting that he will be transformed into something even more corrupt and evil.
  6. She's been touched by the shadow: I suspect that the cure is to touch the light: I don't think this is Asshai where GRRM has said she will not go; but rather the shadow beneath the Mother of Mountains - where she is currently heading: Where I expect this part of her vision in the House of Undying will unfold in some way:
  7. Yah, I can't believe she doesn't know about it. I expect if she asked to see them in the fire, that she would. It's not top of mind for her for some reason.
  8. I don't have a problem if you don't agree. I don't expect people to agree with me most of the time. LOL! I'm just trying to put myself into Melisandre's character to make of some sense out of why she does the things she does. Although I do think GRRM is mining his catholicism with respect to saviors . In particular Bran who is essentially chained to a tree or a cross. The same with Dany. Ultimately she will have to sacrifice her own life to save others.
  9. I think Melisandre's approach to waking dragons from stone is quite literal: The sword that Sam describes does sound like obsidian or a supercharged glass candle and Melisandre is very familiar with obsidian: So according to Quaithe, fire can be drawn from dragonglass. This might be Melisandre's version of 'waking the dragon' which might explain why Melisandre has no interest in Dany and her dragons. Melisandre doesn't have any dragon eggs; so what does she mean by waking the great dragon unless she is referring to Stannis. What we get from her interpretation is that the great dragon is the warrior. I can't agree that Dany is AA at this point. Moqorro says she is the 'savior' and usually implies sacrificing yourself. I think it more likely that Dany will sacrifice herself to give the Warrior the weapon he needs and I think the Warrior's Sons will coalesce around that character whomever it turns out to be.
  10. Aemon forgets the part of the legend that says AA's sword didn't have any heat until it was plunged into the heart of the beast: I think we are being told that Nissa Nissa is the beast or dragon. That the sword must be tempered in dragon blood to have any heat. Which make me wonder if Melisandre herself will become that sacrifice to Stannis' sword. She also changes up the prophecy recorded in an ancient book of Asshai (and I'm not sure that Aemon has read that book): I think the bleeding stars refer to the Faith Militant who carve bleeding stars into their chests. Melisandre believes that Stannis is the warrior of the legend. So perhaps she thinks she has the wisdom and power to make it happen. She'll turn Stannis into something in the end but I don't think legends work that way and the warrior of light and the legendary weapon will turn out to be something and someone else. What surprises me is that Dany and her dragons never seem to cross Melisandre's mind. It's like one big blind spot. I'm not sure that Dany is the warrior of light either or that Drogon is the flaming sword. I think she fits the imagery of the crone who carries the lantern or at least that may be the case after she joins the crones at Vaes Dothrak and 'touches the light'. I think it likely that Dany will fit the forging of the sword as Nissa Nissa's counterpart rather than the warrior who forges the sword.
  11. Euron shows up with several wizards/sorcerers who seem to be bound to his will for some reason. He's removed their tongues and they seem to be enslaved. I wonder how he managed it; how and why they are with him. Are Euron's mongrels wizards? I don't know:
  12. I'm wondering if the Wall is made of both fire and ice magic. According to Melisandre, Jon can access the power of the Wall, within himself and within Ghost. I question whether it was Melisandre who burned Orell's Eagle and Varamyr or if it was a fire ward that burned them with Melisandre only taking credit for something nobody else understands. I wonder if this is why she says that the Wall is as much her place as it is Jon's. We know the Wall block the ability to warg if Ghost and Jon are on opposite sides of the Wall. So it interferes with skinchanging and Varamyr was scouting with the eagle and burned when he was directly above the Wall. If the Wall was only ice magic; how would it stop the ice wights? I think if there is a controlling entity within the body (dead or alive); a fire ward stops them from passing by destroying the soul inside. The eagle burns from the inside-out. It's fire after all that destroys the wights. The ice wall itself, might block or contain the killing cold that raises the wights; so it works to protect the living. At least that's my guess at the moment. Melisandre herself seems to channel the power of the Wall through her ruby: So I'm wondering if it will be in Bran's gift to raise Jon using the power of the Wall and I don't see him using ice magic to make him into an analogue of the White Walkers. I don't think Jon can stand on top of the Wall unless he is raised by fire magic. But I don't think it will be Melisandre who does it; but rather Bran. It might be Jon who ends up the most powerful warg of all; someone who is capable for warging a dragon. Just speculating.
  13. I'm not so sure that Bran will skinchange a dragon; but I do think it's possible if someone is transformed by spiritual fire as seems to be the case with Dany at one point. You can't burn if your soul is wreathed in flame. Dany can't see the soul within the great wolf but she can see the soul within the great dragon. Dany's transformation: If Jon is raised by fire in the manner of Beric or Lady Stoneheart; he could potentially warg a dragon although I don't think Targs skinchange dragons but can soul transfer to the dragons for which they are bonded. I think this is the riddle of the sphynx - the dragon with the head of a man or woman. The great dragons are the dragon gods of the Targs. The similarity between Dany's vision the great wolf and the man wreathed in flame is similar to Melisandre's vision of Jon in the flames:
  14. "A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly." - CoK Dany IV
  15. I don't hate RLJ but I don't subscribe to the 'clue' that Lyanna was ever at the ToJ because of Ned's dream. I don't think it is the 'best' explanation. I don't think anyone has clearly understood the meaning and symbolism of that dream. I think it more likely that Lyanna was at Starfall and the KG chose the ToJ as a meeting place for their final confrontation in the war. I don't think they were hanging out there for any length of time with orders from Rhaegar to guard his prize. What seems obvious to some, seems unlikely to me.
  16. Wylla seems to be a common name. A number of characters are so named. I've wondered if Lyanna took the name Wylla as a means for keeping her identity secret. That's not to say that she died at Winterfell because it seems more likely to me that she was at Starfall.
  17. Indeed. The Undying are corrupt and deceitful. So whatever purpose the cotf have for Bran may have something to do with consuming or co-opting his power. It's a bit chilling that they creep up on him as the lights go out after giving him the weirwood paste that will chain him to the tree.
  18. Or the abuse of magic began in Qaarth - the heart of corruption.
  19. I'm still perplexed. Why does the House of Undying have a entryway that is a facsimile of the Black Gate? Dany encounters the door like a mouth three times: entering, leaving and once in the middle of her passage. So I wonder if this in another depiction of the god Trios. Once again, the Faceless Men seem to be a factor in the construction of the House of Undying or the sorcery of the doors themselves. Before Dany reaches the inner sanctum she must pass doors like the entryway to the House of Black and White. Any thoughts?
  20. In case you haven't seen it:
  21. I think the story from Old Nan is the the Long Night lasted a generation. In a medieval world, that would be birth to parenthood - 13 or 14 years? So I'm guessing that up until the first long night, the seasons were normal and Old Nan's story is a verbal of record of the first time the seasons became unbalanced. Now the winters are as long as the summers and the last summer was 10 years long. I'd also say that the long night refers to the normal decrease in daylight during the winter months but doesn't extend to an entire generation. It's not the orbit of the planet that is affected. The long night is probably a reference to the fact that to survive, the population had to move underground and live in the dark. So I think the long night describes their living conditions rather than a catastrophe that covers the planet in literal darkness.
  22. This is good. Best explanation I've read.
  23. According to the Damphair bones are the memories of the soul. At least we see this with the wights who only remember they are dead when their bones are crushed. So I suppose the question is whether the dragon bones contain the memory of a soul.
  24. The Black Gate itself, not the holdfast. How tall is it?