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  1. I think it was Martin who said he wanted Kit Harrington (and others) to die his hair black for the show.
  2. Geez, I'm not sure I want to know the answer if GRRM identifies with Robert Baratheon. The tale of the Night's King chasing and catching the corpse queen and giving her his seed is reflected in Jon Arryn's fevered ramblings that "the seed is strong, tell Robert his seed is strong". I have the notion that the Night's King had several monikers including Horned Lord. The parallel story would be Robert, the crowned stag giving his seed to Lyanna who is forever his dead queen.
  3. That's a very good summary of all the points in favor of Jon as the 3EC. I want to come back to this idea that the crow is a woman: I have the sense that when the 3EC stabs Bran in the forehead; Bran begins to come back to consciousness and actually shrieks out loud startling the serving woman in his room; the veil of dream is lifting and the last thing he sees in his dream is the crow; the first things he sees when he wakes is the serving woman who is also shrieking. The serving woman resolves into someone he recognizes from Winterfell. If the crow is a woman, someone he recognizes from Winterfell; then perhaps Arya will become a candidate at some point. "Stick them with the pointy end." A grey mist shuddering and swirling around sounds a bit like a glamor.
  4. I am as well considering that the horn of winter is likely the small broken horn in Sam's possession. Of a common type used by the men of the Watch. So I wonder if Joramun was also a crow who flew down from the wall once upon a time. I do as well. What was the watch doing taking a wildling boy from a group of raiders in the first place? Who's son is he really? Considering that when Craster's mother tried to make a claim on the watch, she was turned away. LOL. I have to go with the direwolf. I think Benjen knows more about snarks and grumkins than he lets on.
  5. His helmet of bronze and iron crested with raven wings reminds me that the King of Winter's crown is bronze and iron tipped with steel swords. And so I'm reminded of previous alliance between the Stark of Winterfell and the King beyond the Wall. I also suspect that the KbtW who wear no crowns have the distinction of being horned lords represented by giant antlers: I'm not sure that Mance is a skinchanger, but rather he has the allegiance of skinchangers, which he certainly employs, if Orell is anything to go by. Benjen, on the other hand, tells Jon that the Wall could use a man like Jon, but then backtracks when Jon jumps at the offer. Skinchangers know another skinchanger when they see one.
  6. I did read a very convincing OP somewhere, suggesting that it was Craster who killed Othor and Jafr with his axe, but I don't know where to find it now. The bird makes a curious gesture seeming to protect Mormont's neck, something that Craster finds amusing: I'm not sure that I believe Craster when he says that he hasn't seen Benjen since Craster's Keep would the first place he would likely go for information on Mance or a place he might stop off on the way back to the Wall. Jon's vision of Benjen dead in the snow might be true. It also appears that an axe was the weapon used to kill Othor and Jafr, a cut to the neck. Craster complains about his axe and gets a new one from Mormont. WRT Coldhands; it has also been suggested that Gared was sent through the Black Gate with the pregnant direwolf. If that's the case, then Coldhands would need a man of the Watch to say the words and Coldhands would have to take Gared to the door itself. Benjen is not dead at this point. Eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and becoming god-like is what happens to Bran when he is wed to the tree. Specifically, we are told that Dawn is made from the heart of a fallen star. The key word being 'fallen' rather than falling; the definition of which can include someone who is vanquished or defeated in battle (Arthur Dayne) or someone who has fallen in disgrace; also a fallen angel or soul. Curiously when Jon sees the sword hanging in the south; it's not the morning star (Venus) that he sees but the sword in Orion's belt if we are to add astrononmy to the picture. Another curious astronomical reference is the star of the west: This is all very suggestive and I wonder about Martin's use of the term "old bear". I wonder if Dany's 'quardian' was an unidentified Dayne.
  7. It is Mormont's Raven who tells Jon what to do about Othor: That's not mimicry.
  8. You don't think there might have been some wolf blood in Benjen's veins? Benjen was the bane of the wildlings; could he have had some skinchanging ability? I do think Benjen is dead. The question is whether or not he's having his second life as Mormont's Raven and looking out for Jon that way. Perhaps the bird was more Benjen's raven than Mormont's, always keeping an eye on the LC while ranging; eating and taking counsel with Mormont just like Benjen.
  9. Should we start calling the bird Uncle Benjen? The only other name the bird actually speaks besides Jon Snow.
  10. Don't discount what Jon says:
  11. Indeed, fascinating!
  12. I agree. The genetics argument is a rabbit hole. Ned is specifically looking at Baratheon/Lannister pairings in the Book of Lineages; the last two on record being 90 years and 120 years previous. We're never told about Baratheon issue during those very large gaps. We only have a description of four bastards that can be verified as Roberts out of sixteen. Two of their mothers are fair haired. We don't even have a description of Selyse Florent's hair color if you want to throw Shireen into the mix. That isn't much to go on. Ned wouldn't even be able to make that stick if it wasn't for Cersei's confession. For Ned, this is what Jon Arryn's words mean; it confirms what he has found in his investigation. But it in no way confirms that all Baratheon children have black hair or blue eyes for that matter. Not only does dark hair become lighter over time; but light hair becomes darker over time.
  13. I think that Jon will become the heart of winter and the soul of ice. The heart and soul really represents the mind. Bran has seen into the mind of the 3EC:
  14. I'm not sure how Jon will be resurrected. I think Bran's vision of Jon says that he is dead: The memory of warmth is used to describe death: So in Jon's case, the warmth of life has fled from him and this is a vision of the future, followed by another vision of what comes next, when Bran peers into the heart of winter. So it seems that Jon will end up alone in a cold bed. All the warmth has left Jon's body. Bran describes Jon as 'sleeping' and I'm not sure that Bran will heed Bloodraven's warning not to seek to wake the dead.
  15. I'm not sure that the original Night's King will resurface in the story unless it's the greenseer that controls the Black Gate. I do think the story of the Night's King is being replayed with Jon in that role. The fantastical elements of Old Nan's tales are just that... they appear to have another explanation. Although Bran says the 3EC is a liar; Nan isn't talking about birds, she's talking the men of the Night's Watch when she says all crows are liars. We get the real explanation from Mormont about why the men are called crows and why they are liars. I suspect that Jon is the 3EC. Patchface tells us a much when he first sees him: Jon isn't a crow, he's the crow. There is much in Old Nan's tales of the NK to dig into that may have a parallel to the events around Jon. The NK is the one who's name is not remembered. This is different from the one who's name cannot or must not be spoken. This above passage describes what it would mean to the be condemned, to have your name erased from memory. Old Nan's stories are like the stories of King Arthur, probably based on a roman military leader, about whom we know nothing. I don't think of Old Nan's stories literally, that the original Night's King is still lurking about, or that the corpse queen was an actual paramour. I think they are presented out of context. Rather, I look at current events that might serve to inform the more fantastical elements of Old Nan's stories.
  16. Irrelevant. The conspirators will be the first to die in the aftermath. So much for the law.
  17. Sure, the story about a crow is likely about the Night's King. Bloodraven is more tree than man and Bran dreams of the tree together with the crow at times. They seem to be two separate identities.
  18. Old Nan is talking about the Night's Watch. Joer Mormont on the subject of liars: So yes, the three-eyed crow is a man of the Night's Watch. I think that Bloodraven is the tree that Bran sees in his tree dreams, rather than the crow which sometimes appears in his dreams with the tree.
  19. All I have are Cup O' Soups in my pantry - "We Light the Way"
  20. I'll have to think about it. Will you take buttons for legal tender?
  21. It would be a Reveal of Mass Destruction that would break the internet. People will go crazy. I look forward to it.
  22. To re-phrase, I think a glass candle enhances the ability to see fire visions or communicate with another directly. I'm not sure if Shiera Sea-star exists as a character in the story; but if she does, her name Sea-Star connects her to water. Sea-star is another name for starfish or asteroidean. So a red mask made of starlight?
  23. Yes and this one as well: The howling of the wolf reminds me of Melisandre's vision of the boy with a wolf head howling and here it shows up in association with Quaithe. For fun: the Wolf Moon comes in January 2018 and a 'Blue Moon', another full moon at the end of the month - 'once there were two moons in the sky...'
  24. I doubt that we will ever happen although I would expect Varys, at least, would have kept track of all of Robert's dalliances since he has such a big interest in the value of royal bastards. However, a claim by anyone else isn't easily supported. We see as much with Bella. So unless they have black hair/blue eyes, they wouldn't be much use to Varys of Littlefinger for that matter. Specifically Ned is looking for information on Baratheon/Lannister offspring: Interesting that there is no mention of eye color. We're told of Baratheon/Lannister offspring and nothing else even though there is a gap of ninety years and one hundred and twenty years. All we are really told is that gold yields to coal.
  25. Don't know really. Only that I think braziers and burned offerings are used in conjunction with glass candles; that glass candles enhance the power of fire to see and communicate. I think we get something of this when Varys tells how he was used by a certain man: Although there is no mention of a glass candle, this is the only other time when a voice can be heard using the medium of fire. According to Marwyn glass candles can be used to communicate over a distance, so I'm not sure you need one on each end. So it isn't really clear to me how Quaithe communicates with Dany. She knows something about glass candles since she tells Dany that glass candles are burning in the house of Urrathon NIghtwalker. Her connection to Dany seems to have something to do with creating a link through touch: Quaithe's red lacquered wooden mask is curious. I'm reminded of Morna's white mask made of weirwood and also that the device on the shield of the KoLT is a red face. So perhaps Quaithe has a connection to the old gods. She herself is faceless in a sense. I wonder if Quaithe's medium is actually water rather than fire. Her eyes are described as wet of watery rather than burning like hot coals. I also wonder why the faceless men collect the faces of infants: