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  1. I just feel like it will be early, but you know me, I'm not picky. FFS, just get it on already Jaime and Brienne, all these seasons of build up and I'm blueballing like nobody's business. Right? Or, are we off and it's actually going to be ep 1 or 2? I feel like Jaime will be dead in/by ep 5, so it has to be earlyish, right?
  2. Anyway, I think Jaime and Brienne will probably bang in 8x03.
  3. Just when I thought the show couldn't surprise me anymore.
  4. I find myself using this analogy so much these days.
  5. What you're describing is the grief kind of denial. Knowing something happened, but having trouble accepting it. Kind of like when the police officer at your door tells you someone you love died and your first response is: "That can't be." But I do agree that even before the Tyrion confession, Jaime and Cersei were at odds. He would have disapproved of her actions if he knew or not.
  6. Assuming you mean the grief kind of denial, the kind where you know something has happened but are having trouble accepting it, then yes, I agree. Regardless, the show has not been faithful to the books in delaying Jaime's knowledge that Cersei is sleeping with other men besides her husband and himself.
  7. He learns about Lancel, Kettleblack, Moonboy, etc from Tyrion in ASoS. It isn't confirmed until he goes to Darry. But he knows, and is stewing on it, way before that point. Topic: It's a shame the show has made Jaime such a laughing stock up to this point. I hope it doesn't lessen the impact of the humor of the verbal evisceration he has coming in the next episode (based on what I see in the trailers).
  8. Oh wow. When the episode is too boring to even ignite this thread, all hope is lost.
  9. Thank you, Jon, but your princess is in another season.
  10. Guilty as charged. Leave it to "dude" to give me away. And yeah, they're banging.
  11. It would be nice if Oathbreaker was about Jaime and/or Brienne, but it'll probably just be about Jon or the ToJ or something.
  12. Hehe! Birds of a feather. Gave myself a headache with the eye roll over that article.
  13. Yes, if only it was better thought through to begin with... Although I think I'd mind those strange adaptational choices less if they didn't keep shoehorning book plot points into show storylines where they're no longer suited, ie show!Shae betraying Sansa.