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  1. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/profile/60435-leap/ Pretty complete list there. This very evening I ordered a takeaway in person, and I started my order by saying ''I'd like to order some food...for collection...'' On the flip side, the other day getting out of a taxi the driver said ''have a good journey'' and I said ''You too'', but managed to tack on ''wherever it is you're off to next'' without it being so late as to seem like an awkward afterthought. Still not a great response though, but at this rate I'll be able to say ''Cheers'' by next year sometime.
  2. Gadot has shone in her role as Wonder Woman more than Cavill has as Superman, but I've always been of the impression that he was capable of something better than what we got in MoS and BvS, Snyder sort of skipped over that (apart from the scene when he first flies, which is dope), I hope Whedon does the character justice. Anyway, the new trailer looks good to me, I am excited about this. The music choice was fantastic.
  3. Sorry, that's my fault for being an idiot. I had the spoiler thread open and accidentally closed it, then somehow got to this one. My sincere apologies to anyone who was spoiled by my post.
  4. sorry
  5. Watching a bit of Toast of London, starring Matt Berry. The first episode felt a little rough, but I've begun to quite like this. Berry is very watchable. Huh! Just as I was typing this comment and continuing to watch, I recognised Daisy Ridley. I could have sworn this show was recent, but apparently it came out in 2013.
  6. I'd say I listen to a fairly broad variety of music, whether it's R&B or funk, or classic rock or rap, blues or folk, whatever. I listen to catchy modern pop a fair bit - there's even a Justin Bieber song I listen to semi-regularly (although it's mostly for the video), which I wouldn't have been caught dead saying 5 years ago. There's a few genres I passively avoid, like most metal subgenres and a lot of electronica, but the only thing that I actively avoid and dislike is - I'm not even sure what the name of the genre is; I think it's something along the lines of ''Whine-Core", or maybe "Post-entertaining hard listening" or something like that. Post hardcore? I don't know, but I fucking hate it. It's just barely intelligible screaming at an awful pitch, with some shitty guitar thrashing for good measure. It's like the unloved, unholy offspring of 2000s alternative music and a demented cat.
  7. I suppose I'm a late-stage millennial. Born in 1995 (UK), it's an interesting generation to be in. They say Millennials are the last people to grow up without being connected by technology, and that was certainly true for me even though I was born so late. I suppose semi-rural Yorkshire is not a hive of modernity (who knew?). There's quite a lot of stereotypes about millennials floating around the Internet, but I don't really see that amongst my peers - not that I'm in a position to judge fairly. What I do see is a lot of my peers almost unreasonably angry about - you guessed it - millennials. Throwing terms like ''special snowflake'' and "PC" with absolutely no sense of irony, except hardly anyone around here is genuinely that socially or politically active. In my view, it's like a social movement has been half-transplanted from the USA to here. Of course, many of these people completely fail to realise that they themselves are millennials. Lastly, one thing that is not unique to my generation is that they like to party. Alcohol is a big part of my culture, but we definitely take it too far. Although I do think that a fairly liberal approach to kids drinking is, in the long run, for the best, it's not properly supervised at all. Looking back, I can think of countless times when myself or others could easily have died of alcohol-related causes, and we were 14, 15 for crying out loud. We were the nerds.
  8. Damn. What an absolute shambles. I mean, Marvel won't even blink, but it really is a shame how much trouble Marvel TV is having. The last time they put out something really good, it was immediately followed by the second half of Luke Cage. I hope the Punisher is good.
  9. Flight of the Conchords - Fashion is Danger William Bell and Beverley Knight - Private Number - blew my mind when I watched this on tv the other week. Amazing performance. Shame the BBC don't seem to have uploaded the entirety of that session, as there was also an epic duet between Sam from Sam and Dave, and Tom Jones. They have "I Can't Stand Up", but they did another one if I recall. I really love backing music, and Beverley Knight is someone I definitely need to listen to more of in the future. Most of all though, I'm impressed that these near or actual Octogenarians are belting out tracks as if they were 50 years younger. One last pretty special cover from the same concert.
  10. I meant more in terms of the run-up to that, specifically the ''Worse, you're smart.'' monologue. While Beth is clearly intelligent, I would never have said she was similar to Rick in that regard, and I really just didn't see how her being a terrifying little sociopath fit into that either. At the end she's given the choice, either go out and do Rick stuff or choose the family life. I sort of expected her to have to deal with the fact that she's not Rick and that looking up to him/emulating him is not healthy, as is mentioned during the Pickle Rick episode. Of course, that may well be further down the line.
  11. That was definitely the weakest episode as far as I'm concerned. I've heard criticism of Episode 2, which I thought was really good. This one was pretty interesting and had a lot of good moments, but I suppose I was expecting Beth's character to go down a different route.
  12. Just watched Arrival, which was excellent. Insanely interesting concept that was handled really, really well. And I didn't see the twist coming. Really enjoyed it, and probably the first film I really enjoyed Amy Adams in - I've not seen her in a lot before this, and looking at her filmography it seems like I'm missing out on her most of her really well received films.
  13. I've seen the first two episodes of Season 2, very much enjoyed both of them. I think they were maybe a little weaker than the majority of last season, but still great with plenty of laughs, and true to form - absolutely absurd. Gillian Jacobs was a great guest. Kind of hope she comes back, it's weird because I thought she was way funnier in this role than in her Rick and Morty part. I did think she was a little too meta with almost every joke, but overall still pretty awesome. I didn't know the guy from episode 2, but he was fairly funny I suppose. The plot seemed more Harmonquest to me, whereas the first episode was very much a ''let's just resolve what we can from Season 1 and then get back on track''. Spencer as DM obviously still fantastic. Erin and Harmon with some hit and misses both. Jeff B Davis the most consistently funny cast member.
  14. Just watched Train To Busan, and that was a great watch. Very fun. Amazingly shot. Extremely emotional and that's with watching the subtitles. Probably my second or third favourite Zombie movie, after Shaun of the Dead and maybe one other. Agreed, for exactly the same reasons. Edge of Tomorrow is a blast though, I hope they make a sequel.
  15. I really hope Fed goes through tonight, I'd love to stay up for a semifinal on Friday night - I don't think Fed/Rafa have met at the USO before. That said, I am a big Delpo fan as well as Nadal, so at this stage there is really no bad outcome for me, on the top side of the draw at least. I hope Anderson makes it to the final rather than PCB, but he'll have to play pretty damn well for me to be convinced he's a worthy champion.