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  1. Watched Jumanji the other night, which was awesome. Crazy nostalgia for that film. Didn't realise it was Kirsten Dunst either. Also just watched Anchorman 2 over the course of about 3 viewings. After attempting to watch this last year sometime and getting bored within 5 minutes, I finally made it through. Honestly, I didn't hate it. It was nowhere near as good as the first one - okay, it wasn't even good at all. But I laughed at least 3 times and chuckled several more, and overall I enjoyed it more than I expected to given the reviews I've read.
  2. That's been rectified - it's now 1 coin every 10 minutes your defender is in a gym. 50 coins max per day.
  3. Not less human, more human, and thus worse
  4. Yeah, I've heard a few things about it being a bit slow, but I've fortunately not had any issues with it. I also love the new fonts, higher definition and design of Pokestops. Gyms look worse at least on the main map screen, but otherwise I'm happy. It's great that gyms are also Pokestops now. Also, looks like you don't have to have a team together to do a Raid, you can do them solo (though you won't necessarily win). That's really good to hear since I've no wish to play with the local high schoolers.
  5. I think I was already fairly left leaning prior to University. My 6th form college was something of an eye opener, but it was never preachy and always open to discussion. I also just grew up in a fairly left-leaning social environment, apart from all the Christian stuff of course. Few things I learned at Uni were particularly politicised. I mean, obviously when you're discussing Marxism or Colonialism it's literally the subject matter, modern politics was infrequently touched upon. We were encouraged to talk about contextual politics and meaning and to be critical of our own arguments, not so much to join the University Communist party (if there was one). Honestly, I may be a little biased on this, but most students spent their time working or partying. There was a lot of political apathy and although obviously there were elected members of the student body, they differed not so much in political persuasion - but rather in what they thought was the most pressing issue to deal with. Perhaps the University experience in the UK is not necessarily the same as the University experience in the USA.
  6. I think Raids are possible to do as an individual. Presumably any ''Raid Boss" mon will scale in CP depending on whether it's facing 1 or 20 opponents. Also, legendaries will appear at some point, as will the ability to have a set ''Battle Team'' - which sounds like it would be useful, but I can't actually see any material gain in there since I'd still have to re-choose my Pokemon.
  7. Whoa! So there's a huge new update coming this week that has a whole bunch of new features, including a complete overhaul of the gym system. Features include: - Only 6 slots per gym (which are all available, meaning no more prestiging!) and Pokemon can lose motivation once in a gym, meaning you have to keep feeding them or they lose CP. Only one Pokemon per type per gym - no more gyms that are just Blissey! - Gyms will also behave as Pokestops now. - Raids! Fight an extra powerful boss at the gym for the chance to catch a rare, powerful Pokemon and get a whole bunch of new items, including Golden Razzberries and... - TMs! Possibly my favourite part of the whole update. Available for both Fast and Charge moves. I reckon they'll be somewhere between Pinap Berries and Evolution Items in terms of rarity (although that depends on how much you gym battle). I'm not sure if a TM will be assigned a specific move or if you can just choose from your chosen Pokemon's move pool, hopefully the latter if they are not very common. Personally, I'm really happy with these changes. There are tangible improvements to both individual and collective styles of play. Can't wait to finally change that Sludge Bomb on my Venusaur to Solar Beam!
  8. I live at home currently (aged 22), though I'm moving out next week. Personally, I'm conflicted on it. I lived away from home during University, and this taste of freedom (along with stigma and ambition) is partly what drives me to move out again ASAP. That said...there is something fundamentally stable about a family home that is very desirable. Something I had always sort of expected but never really understood until recently is that although I am motivated to move to the big city and travel the world, ultimately I want to move back to the village I grew up in, to live near to my parents and family. Until I began to make a more permanent, bigger step towards that, I don't think I ever realised just how much I'd miss it. As for the economics of it, I can totally see why moving out is just unfeasible in so many cases. I paid rent and food money when I moved back in from University, but that didn't last as I stopped earning money from a summer job. I'm damned lucky that my parents are as generous as they have been, because I'd only have to try to borrow it back now that I'm moving out - which will cost well over a grand, and if it's less than 60% of my monthly salary after that I'll consider myself fortunate. Nevermind the £42,000 I owe the SLC - or whatever I end up paying. I don't think the stigma has gone away - terms like ''basement dweller" are pretty common refrains even among political demographics that might be considered more free thinking. But I also think (or rather, assume) that it's definitely an improved situation, and I reckon that's generally related to society generally sort of deciding that other people's lifestyles are 1) totally fine and 2) none of their business anyway.
  9. Argh! I was so close to catching my first Lapras this morning. Ultra Ball, Razzberry, Curve Ball and Excellent. Couldn't have asked for a better shot. And it fled straight away. But I did catch a level 1 Typhlosion immediately afterwards, so it's not too bad.
  10. Well, it appears the event has officially begun. Bunch of fire 'mon on my sightings, which is exciting. Grass are still my favourite Pokemon but Fire types are - if possible - even rarer here, so I am pretty excited by even a Vulpix or a Ponyta, let alone a Charmander. Speaking of which, I caught one just now that has high CP, high IVs and is the only Charmander I've caught rather than hatched. Absurd! But also awesome. Hopefully with judicious use of Pinap berries and some luck I'll be able to finally get Charizard. Just seeing a Cyndaquil would be nice - I don't expect to get Typhlosion based on my current sightings. Hell, even getting another Ninetales/Arcanine/Rapidash would be pretty sweet, and getting the Gold Fire badge (made a lot of progress in the rock event thanks to Slugma). Ice types are less urgent, but as a long shot it would be nice to finally get a Lapras. Otherwise, I'm not short of candy or high IV versions for Cloyster, Dewgong or Jynx, so no hurry. I was already about to get the Ice badge in a day or two anyway.
  11. Lucky! I did the same but with a Togetic. Also forgot to spin yesterday, so my streak has now reset. Fortunately it has at least meant that my Spin and Catch streaks are on the same day again.
  12. What an absolute trouncing. Other than about 3 games, it wasn't a particularly competitive match, but it was one hell of a highlight reel on Rafa's part. Stan was never in with a chance, even when he hit winners Nadal was sending them back with interest. So there it is, 10 times Champion at Roland Garros. Not too shabby! Also, the first time Stan has ever lost a Grand Slam final. With Rafa and Fed playing like that, Wimbledon will hopefully be pretty good this year! It looks like Murray's slowly going back to a good form, and Djokovic has had his moments too.
  13. I have to admit I've never seen the original Superman (to my shame!), so I'll get around to that asap. With that in mind, here's a list of my top 5 Superhero films, no order given because it changes too often. Wonder Woman Iron Man The Dark Knight Spider-Man 2 Logan Shout out to Deadpool, The Avengers and Thor too. I know Thor isn't really in the same league as the other ones, but it's still one of my favourite MCU films.
  14. Yeah, not a great poster. Awesome trailer though, love the El Dorado stuff. The MCU has done it's time as a "realistic" adaptation, time to go full blown comic book.
  15. Well, I was working during the Murray-Wawrinka match unfortunately, but I caught most of the Nadal/Thiem match and that was a little disappointing. Thiem had some strong moments but never really threatened Nadal, and you could see that by the third set it was wearing on him. It's all well and good going for winners every other shot, but if your opponent is keeping it in even when you hit it well, it's not going to end well. Keeping an eye on the Halep/Ostapenko final today. I'm a little sad it's not Wozniacki, but I'd be happy with either Halep or Ostapenko winning. Very excited about the match tomorrow, and I really hope it's not a let down like Nadal/Thiem. Stan is a little more proven in the late stages of Grand Slams though, and with how well he played against Murray - it should be a stormer. Neither Nadal or Stan have ever lost a final at RG. That's 10 grand slam finals out of 10!