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  1. Argh! Just now that I'm trying to amass some Rhyhorn/Geodude candies for future powering up/evolutions, I seem to keep catching Amazing versions of both. I now have 3 Rhydons and 3 Golems, with another 1 of each ready to be evolved...if I had the candy. I'm not so sure I can get enough candy by tomorrow to even evolve them both, though I suppose not being able to power them up isn't an issue if I don't have any stardust.
  2. Glad to hear your daughter is safe, Mormont. I had a friend there who is fortunately safe and well. I'm just lost for words. This is so fucking wrong.
  3. Ricky - Trailer Park Boys.
  4. I also think trading items would be a good idea even if I'm not fond of trading Pokemon (with other players at least). I've been pretty fortunate with the variety of evolution items I've got (I think the stop you get it from makes a difference), I'm only missing King's Rock to evolve a Slowking. Today being my 7th day streak, I got a Dragon Scale and evolved my second Kingdra - this time at a higher CP and with a better moveset. Very gratifying! Also hatched a Bulbasaur on the way home, which was a welcome surprise.
  5. I recall reading the asteroid explanation for the previous dimming, so I assume that might also be applicable here. How common are planets larger than Jupiter? How much larger would it have to be to cause 3x as much dimming?
  6. Well, so far the rock event is much better than the Grass was. I'm up to my ears in Geodude, Slugma, Kabuto, Omanyte and Rhydon. I've also caught an Onyx and a Skarmory. Managed to evolve another Golem and my 100% Onyx today. I think I'll hold off on evolving anything else just yet though - never know what I'll catch in the next few days.
  7. Yep, the event begins this time tomorrow. Agreed. Kabuto is very rare for me, and I wouldn't mind seeing more Omanyte too. Frankly though, all Rock types are pretty good, so as with the Grass type event I'll not be looking to catch as much as I can - hopefully it's a bit more noticeable an increase in spawns. As for walking a buddy, I'm very much torn on what to walk, but I think I'll end up trying to round up the last few Pokemon on my Generation 1 Dex - Voltorb, Exxeggutor, Dugtrio, etc. Probably makes more sense to stick to walking a Pokemon that requires 5km/candy, but I'll never get around to getting these other Pokemon otherwise.
  8. Really been in the groove for the last few weeks, with only one or two days missed for rest (or necessity). Running has been up and down, but I ran 8km on Sunday with no real difficulty other than it being quite warm. Not running as fast as I'd like, but that's just a matter of time as I get back into the habit - and I've only lost a step or two. Fatigue from weights training is probably also impacting my running, and I've just done my 10th session tonight of SL. Me and my Dad are taking this fairly steadily as we're, for the moment, sticking to the same weights. We've set ourselves short term targets to meet in the next month or so, and after that we'll probably tailor our routines a bit more individually.
  9. No way to check your gym history and it doesn't show up in your journal. There is literally no way to lose HP from a Pokemon without battling a gym. If you're fighting a level 10 gym, you have to take down a Pokemon upwards of 12 times too.
  10. Another event! Lasting from Thursday evening UTC for 7 days. - Increased Rock spawns. Not a lot of rock types, but Golem, Rhydon and Tyranitar are all huge in the gym meta, so definitely worthwhile. - Buddies will earn candies 4x faster. - More items from stops - Also discount Pokeballs from the store, and a new type of hat. Looks like fun. Glad it will last a week.
  11. Nadal takes Madrid! He beat Dominic Thiem (again) 7-6 (10-8), 6-4, but not as handily as the scoreline might indicate - it was more competitive than Barcelona. It might have been argued that Rafa didn't have a challenging line-up when he won Monte Carlo, but I don't think the same is true here. Most importantly, beating Djokovic yesterday must have done wonders for his confidence, given how long it's been since he last beat him. And speaking of Djokovic, Nadal has now equalled his record of 30 Masters titles. I thought he had a strong clay season last year when his RG run unfortunately ended with injury, but if he carries on like this he might conceivably sweep the entire swing. In two weeks, RG will begin. Right now though it's the Rome Open, for which Rafa will be seeded 4th, and quite likely the favourite. Murray and Djokovic have had, quite frankly, a shite season so far. Stan hasn't won anything either I don't think, but you never know when he'll turn it on.
  12. I don't have a lot of book knowledge of Art beyond knowing big names, but I know what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel.
  13. You're correct in saying IV probably doesn't make much of a difference for most Pokemon, but it's not completely irrelevant when you get to the higher levels, I think the difference between a 100% Dragonite and a 0% Dragonite is several hundred CP. Of course, that only matters if you have a Dragonite...personally speaking, there's 30CP difference between my 100% Poliwrath and 91% Poliwrath. Not a lot, but significant enough that it's worth checking for. Plus, if trading ever gets introduced, chances are good that 100% Pokemon will be pretty valuable.
  14. All the consoles I have owned or played for significant periods of time: 1. PS2. Not the first console I got, but the one with the most memorable games (for me, personally). First console I played a lot. 2. Sega Mega Drive. I never owned one, but my Uncle did, and I played it growing up. The first console I ever played. 3. XBOX 360: Played a lot of Modern Warfare 2 with friends on this, which was very fun. Also the console I was introduced to Oblivion on, so brownie points there. 4. PS1. First console I owned. I was still an outdoorsy kid at the time though, so I only have a few memories of playing a few games - Harry Potter, Lara Croft etc. 5. PS3. Probably a better console than the XBOX 360, but I only had a few friends who played this, and I had almost as few games. That's it, as long as we don't count handheld games or computers.
  15. Got my third 100% IV Pokemon today; an Onix that I hatched. I'm hopefully be able to evolve it sometime next week, though I have to walk my Scyther for another 10 km to get those last two candies first.