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  1. Sure, but be warned my artistic skills haven't improved in the last however many rounds.
  2. Eh, I agree with BigFatCoward. Murray is the weakest member of the big four, but he's a valid member because he is really quite competitive in every tournament other than GS level. Stan is the only other member in the conversation, but there's a reason he's classified as the Stanimal, not the Big Five. His top level is comparable or even superior to Murray's, but his consistency is not at all the same and that sets him apart even more. So in 10 years I'm pretty sure I'll still be happy reflecting on this era as being the Big Four + Stanimal. And Fed will still be winning slams then anyway, probs. Anyway, it's nice to see the Tennis thread on the first page of Entertainment rather than having to check like 7 pages back for it.
  3. Well, I'm 4 out of 6 weeks through the C25K. Again. What a piss take. I think I must have some sort of unrealised love for this programme, given how many times I've done it now. 7 months off after my running early last year did not do wonders for my body, and neither did spending all of my money on food/alcohol in that period. In my defense, there were some real life justifications for that. Not many, but some...probably. Anyway, other than being fairly unsurprised by my newly terrible pace, I am actually pretty pleased with myself at how well I've been doing. If not in terms of speed, then definitely in commitment. With no outside "encouragement", I've had zero issues motivating myself to get up and run at all hours of the morning. Eating sort of healthily, even cutting back (no, really) on drinking. It's been a month, and I can see some changes already. Another two more like this and I'll be as fit as the previous year. Well, nearly.
  4. Man, I wish I could have seen this match. Absolutely incredible that Federer has taken another Slam at 36. He is nearly twice as old as Rafa was when he won his first RG.
  5. Heal Eilonwy Hurt Elsa Snow White - 5 Cinderella - 2 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - 5 Ariel (The Little Mermaid) - 6 Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - 6 (+) Jasmine (Aladdin) - 5 (-) Pocahontas - 5 Mulan - 6 Tiana (Princess and the Frog) - 5 Rapunzel (Tangled) - 4 Merida (Brave) - 5 Anna (Frozen) - 6 Elsa (Frozen) - 7 (-) Moana - 5 Anastasia - 5 Tiger Lilly (Peter Pan) - 4 Kida (Atlantis the Lost Empire) - 5 Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) - 3 Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron) - 6 (+) Megara (Hercules) - 5
  6. If everyone else in the world got smarter and I didn't, I'd finally be recognised as the genius I already am.
  7. Haven't been able to watch anything this year due to work, but I'm up nice and early today so I've put the Fed/Gasquet match on. My thoughts on the tournament so far: - Shame Delpo is out, but I am glad for Berdych getting a good win in. - Djokovic seems to be playing really well and I'm really enthused about that (for the first time ever) - this year the AO has arguably the 3 best tennis players of all time, seemingly in form and uninjured. It's feels like it's been a while since we've had that. - Kyrgios really shining so far is also good to see. - I wish I'd seen that Davis/Halep match everyone seems to be talking about.
  8. I just watched Bright on Netflix. While not amazing, I did think it was pretty fun. The film has uninspired writing and action, but I think the awesome setting really saved it and the decent performances of the leads helped too. I would watch a sequel of this. I liked: Will Smith and the guy playing the Orc. Pretty good chemistry imo That they weren't afraid to really go with the fantasy of the film Following on from that, the general setting and ambiance was very interesting Spoiler regarding the ending I disliked: Plot holes The action and fight choreography was good with guns, but bad with hand to hand stuff, particularly towards the end Some dialogue
  9. They're not reflectors, it's camera equipment from when they faked the footage on the moon. Good thing we live in Europe, so we have a +25% research advantage.
  10. That Art of Editing video is really interesting. I just saw Justice League. I didn't hate it any more than I hated the other films in the franchise, but I still feel very disappointed. However, there were some strong moments.
  11. That looked pretty cool. I really like that it's going to be split between more than one major location. Age of Ultron went a little overboard with that, but I think splitting the action between New York and Wakanda works well, particularly as a follow on from Civil War. Looking forward to the main event now.
  12. 1. Agnostic atheist is the best way to put it though. As other users said, it's not something we can really know, just assume based on the (lack of) evidence available. 2 and 3. Yeah, not particularly fervently but I was definitely part of that structure as a child. We frequently went to Church. Never did me any harm, in fact I suppose I could say that's what taught me my morals and I just happened to still justify these to myself after I stopped believing (aged 11ish). I still go to Church around Christmastime out of tradition and to catch up with people who've known me from birth. It's nice, even as a non-believer. There's mulled wine. 4. Depends on the context. As other Brits have said, it's not really that common that people are fervent believers these days. However, I reckon there's more people who sort of passively believe in God who would answer so on a census than people who talk about it - religion is not exactly a hot topic for debate though. I think I know about 1-2 people my age who are outwardly religious. I was pretty combative as a surly teenager. I'm not at all now, other than strong feelings about secular laws and such. The only reason I wouldn't tell someone I'm an atheist is to avoid starting that sort of conversation, not because I'm afraid of them judging me or anything.
  13. I liked it. Much better than Luke Cage/Iron Fist on the whole. I'd say it had some stronger episodes earlier on, but overall it was still quite consistent. I think the show might have benefited from having 8 episodes rather than 13, but nowhere near as much as - again - LC and IF. I think they did a good job of resolving several intertwined plot lines. Bernthal was fantastic as Castle. Human, but also an utter machine. Really sold it. The supporting cast was generally quite good. Though I think Billy was well cast I do think they gave him stupid lines at times, and at those times his delivery was a little too dramatic. I read going in that it was almost too violent - and I laughed at that. How can you make a Punisher TV show without some violence? Well, I'm not squeamish at all, but by a few episodes in I could almost see their point (if not agree with them). There were at least two moments I can think of that made me genuinely cringe (physically). So while you do need violence to do a Punisher show, okay maybe they could have had a little less violence. In any case, I don't think it was gratuitous or so unnecessary that it ruined the show.
  14. It's a real shame because the DCEU isn't terribly cast. I still think Cavill and Affleck would have been great with another director, script, studio... who knows. The worst part is that Gal Gadot wasn't just good as Wonder Woman, her film was a genuine well deserved success. Now with JL I'm starting to feel like maybe it's time to just wipe the slate clean and try again, but along with the potential of the cast there's a decent film caught in the crossfire.
  15. Wait what? You yourself agreed in your previous comment that "wearing kevlar is helpful", so why are you having a go at me for saying the same thing? I mean, it's almost as if you're under the impression that I think that ''wearing kevlar makes it okay" and that "not touching or touching very little means Franken did nothing wrong". But surely you wouldn't believe that, given that every single comment I've posted in this thread has explicitly said the exact opposite of that. Though you do seem to be mysteriously ignoring those parts of my responses...