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  1. To avoid confusion, as of me creating this thread Generation 2 has not been released. Which I'm happy about - at least for the meantime. Still have to fill that Original 151 Pokedex. I think Dragonite actually received a small buff when the CP changes happened the other week. However, Cloyster got a massive buff at the same time, which makes it just about as good as Lapras at defeating Dragonite, as well as being hugely more common. So I guess people are less inclined to use Dragonite in gyms now that nearly everyone can get a strong counter to it. Gyarados also received a fairly substantial buff iirc, so that's probably why it's more common again - as well as the Grass types getting weaker. As for actually getting Dragonite and Gyarados...I've seen 2 Dragonite in the wild, both ate a tonne of balls and then ran. They also stand unreasonably far back on the screen, so it's actually a challenge to even hit them, let alone time it well. I'm currently at 193/400 Magikarp candy, having caught 36 of them (and a fair few being hatches, obviously). I won't have a Gyarados any time soon :s Anyway, I caught a Bulbasaur today thanks to the new tracker. Now I'm only 13 candy away from finally getting that Venusaur. And then another 30 candy away from it being a useful CP. But still...so close...
  2. I actually find that extremely satisfying. I hate trailers that give away too much of the plot, I'd much rather they stuck to entertaining musical cues and cool poses. The thing this trailer missed for me was Batman interacting with Cyborg in some way. Hopefully the next one will do more to indicate the relationships each character has with another, but as far as plot goes I'm fine if they don't reveal anything more than they already have.
  3. Official Justice League Trailer: Trying to constrain my excitement because it reminds me a lot of the trailers for SS, but damn that's cool as hell.
  4. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Looks like they've pulled the bill. I wonder if Trump will go through on his promise to forget about healthcare now. I wonder if this was all just a cover for the major fuckery going on with Russia this week. Nunes cancelling next weeks' hearing, Comey visiting the White House this afternoon, Manafort, Page and Stone all offering to testify. The fuck is going on?
  5. Trailer Thread III

    As I said, it's a lot to do with the music. I won't be going to see it at the cinema, in fact I probably won't see it ever.
  6. Kong: Skull Island

    They also deliberately said ''and he's still growing'', so I guess when we see Kong 45 years older in the crossover film, he'll be even larger. I still think he's going to be small compared to Godzilla. This article cites the 2014 Godzilla as being 355ft tall (or 108m), whilst the latest Kong is 100ft tall (30m). I doubt they'll make Kong 3x the size if they're going with the explanation that he's still growing naturally, so he'll still likely be half as tall as Godzilla in the 2020 film. I expect the 2020 film to follow roughly the same pattern as BvS in this sense, hopefully minus the shit editing and unnecessarily weird supervillains.
  7. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Gowdy seemed almost angry at Comey, to be honest. Raised his voice several times in his questions.
  8. US Politics: Ask Fox News

  9. Tennis Volume 6

    Couldn't agree more, Federer's got to be riding one of the mental highs of his career right now. I really hope it doesn't stop anytime soon. Rankings aside, him winning Wimbledon again would be amazing. Both Murray and Djokovic seem a little lost right now, as well as coping with injuries. They're both well ahead of the pack, but both stand to lose a lot by the end of Roland Garros. Between now and then, Novak is defending 4600+ points, with at least 1000 definitely about to be dropped in Miami. Murray is defending at least 3250 too. Rafa is defending 1500+ but looks like he may even be able to improve on that, whilst Federer isn't even defending 1000 points. Tectonic shift incoming indeed! Agreed. I think Dimitrov, Raonic and Nishikori still have shots at a slam, particularly with the season developing as it is, but this season may be their last opportunity before they become ''the lost generation'', or so to say. To be honest, Kyrgios is by all accounts a pretty decent guy in person, and is not at all the cunt you may reasonable expect from his onstage antics. Plus, he really seems to be getting his head in the game.
  10. Tennis Volume 6

    Federer wins! That's his 25th Masters 1000 title, which is pretty amazing. Especially at this age. The only surprising stat is that Federer only served 2 aces in the entire match. This, compared to Wimbledon 2016 when he was serving nearly as many as Karlovic. I wonder if he had to trade in that for his new backhand. All this bodes well for his season from now, as he didn't drop a single set in the entire tournament. He didn't play Andy or Novak, but neither of those two are playing particularly well right now anyway, whilst Wawrinka, Sock and Nadal all are (well, Nadal isn't by his own standards, but at least he didn't go out to a low seeded player). Pretty much a perfect run up to Miami, which Andy and Novak are both going to miss. He's also now at 3045 in the race to London, whereas Nadal is still somewhat below 2000 in second place. He also moves up to 6th place on the regular rankings. A strong showing at Miami could push him into the top 5, and a victory might even put him in the top 3. Exciting times. I hope this Federerennaisance lasts a little longer, because I imagine it won't be long now until Thiem, Kyrgios and Zverev become full time residents of the top ten.
  11. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Practice half marathon done this afternoon, my first HM of any kind ever (not counting Tough Mudder). Finished 1:55:04, tantalisingly close to a sub 1:55:00, but oh well! I was really happy to just get under 2 hours, and to do this well despite the numerous hills, pouring rain and poor choice in shorts is just a bonus. The weather was so bad today that I'd put off running until 3 in the hopes that it would get better (this was not the case). There was a brief period about 11km in where the sun shone, so that was nice. After about 13km my shorts started to slip and by the last few km I was practically mooning the few unfortunate souls I saw walking dogs and stuff. At 17km my parents drove by to cheer me on, which was pretty awesome of them.
  12. Johnny Begone. Chuck Berry died.

    RIP. Back to the Future was one of those films that I saw as a kid that resulted in me learning to love a whole new kind of music. I was surprised when I heard Chuck Berry was still touring until fairly recently, but I knew I'd never get the chance to go see him.
  13. Kong: Skull Island

    I was also under the impression that the 2014 Godzilla movie was the first movie in the franchise as per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MonsterVerse#Godzilla:_King_of_the_Monsters_.282019.29 and also what I assumed from the film:
  14. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    Not quite an episode in yet, so my opinions are essentially worthless. So far though, I am okay with Finn Jones as Danny Rand, in fact I feel he could be quite good with the right script. Unfortunately, this is not the script. The dialogue and general writing is almost all shit. It's way too similar to Arrow, except I got sick of Arrow a year ago. However, I really do like the thread concept. Nice thinking, REG.
  15. Trailer Thread III

    I've seen this trailer at the cinema 3 times since it was released, and I really like it. Syncing Led Zepellin up with soldiers is probably 90% of that, because it otherwise looks pretty fucking stupid. I don't know if I'll go see it (although Guy Ritchie is usually pretty good), but I do like the trailer.
  16. Tennis Volume 6

    Kyrgios has withdrawn due to illness, meaning Fed gets a free pass to the next round. Disappointing, but Kyrgios' statement was really mature and given his performance and commitment to the tournament so far, I'm happy to accept this as an unfortunate situation. That said, I am doubly excited about what this means for Federer. He's playing Nishikori or Sock next, and then likely Stan. That's looking like a good route to another 1000 points *touch wood*. That puts him far, far ahead in the Race to London, and he's already 500 points up.
  17. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Watched Kong: Skull Island this afternoon, which was pretty fun. Lots of fun tongue in cheek jokes throughout, some entertaining action. Surprisingly likable array of characters. Basically, did a lot of what a monster film should do.
  18. I think I'll be more pissed off if the Venom film is good than if it's trash. If it's trash at least that will probably be the (hopefully final) death knell for Sony's ambitions. Seriously, what shitty disregard for the fans though. It's one thing to want to make films with the properties you own, but this half-compromise is fucking bullshit. You can't have it both ways, Sony.
  19. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I think the release time was supposed to be midnight in California, so 9am here. Either way, I just woke up and will try to catch the opening 10 minutes or so with a cup of tea. I like the opening credits already though.
  20. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Began playing Stranded Deep again today, because I'm a sucker for early access survival games. It's been updated pretty majorly since I last played it, and although it's still lacking in many respects, it's definitely improved massively too. There is actually a craft menu now, as well as the option to farm and so on. One thing that hasn't changed is the atmosphere. I'm not big on the horror genre, so don't take me too seriously when I say the game is terrifying...but damn, this game is terrifying. Even more so than last time, I'm scared to go in the water. They even made it harder by spawning fewer large fish close to shore. It's also harder to turn now, and you can't hold your breath for as long. The music to signify that a shark is near is also really great. Fun game, will play again.
  21. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Viewing figures for Arrow haven't already plummeted? I am kind of cautiously looking forward to this now. The reviews are disappointing and have tempered my expectations somewhat, but having a new Marvel show to watch at my leisure is certainly better than nothing. Plus, Luke Cage has like 90% on RT (IIRC) and I thought that was really disappointing, so clearly reviews don't match my opinion perfectly.
  22. Tennis Volume 6

    Man, I'd have loved to see last night's matches live. Given their recent runs of form, I am not too surprised that Kyrgios beat Djokovic so handily. I am surprised that Federer took down Nadal like he did though. IW is slower than the AO and yet he completely dominated him. The match lasted barely over an hour. I know Fed really brought it for Nadal, but I hope we see Fed and Kyrgios play as well tomorrow night. I really hope this signifies Kyrgios getting his head in the game for good. He's definitely going to win multiple slams if he plays like that, though I can also see him retiring early. I hope it makes Tomic step up too, that guy is also really talented, he's just a complete arsehole too.
  23. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Keeping up the streak today with a fairly standard 30 minute run. Weather was probably the warmest it's been all year, and of course that meant it was too breezy to be comfortable for the first 2km and not breezy enough for the last 2. The middle 2 were alright, though. Consistently hitting <5:00/km on sub-10km distances now which is very encouraging. My long runs have been less positive, but I'm going to aim for 5:30/km this Sunday on my practice HM, and we'll see how that goes. I might try to use my watch's pacemaker function too.
  24. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    https://patribotics.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/wikileaks-is-connected-to-russia-despite-their-claimswikileaks-is-connected-to-russia-despite-their-claims/ Interesting read.
  25. Hmm, I think my excitement levels are sort of the same as they always were for this film, if not a little lower. I'm not really sure what this trailer adds to be honest. I hope and expect that the film will be at least somewhat coherent, but at this point I can't help but worry that it won't be anything more than that.