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  1. Well, that depends on what happens of course, all I can do is wait and see, and hope for the best. And maybe buy a WaPo subscription (if only for the Crossword). I think perhaps I'm a little too inclined to have positive expectations of the future, and that's why the cost/benefit ratio looks better from where I'm standing. But then, it's not my life on the line if Obamacare goes down, so it's very easy for me to sit here and say in a very cold and callous way, ''well maybe if the end result is Universal healthcare, or improved Environmental regulations, then it's worth it''. So I'm guilty of that too, I just hope I'm right. Should Nuclear war break out, there will either be no beer left or nobody left to drink it, both scenarios I find utterly unacceptable.
  2. I can agree to those terms. Look! A beer that you'd never have had without the Trump presidency. Thanks, Donald. Quite the opposite - it's wildly optimistic. Imagine a scenario with Trump et al impeached and imprisoned. Imagine the incumbent Republican politicians who supported him voted out, replaced by and large with a majority democrat congress. The political backlash from Watergate lasted for years, I can only imagine the backlash from Stupid Watergate lasting even longer. That's the sort of opportunity to get a policy like Universal Healthcare passed, which never would have happened with Sanders in the Oval Office and a minority in Congress. Of course, none of that has happened yet, and there's no reliable way of knowing it may yet happen. But I certainly think it's within the realm of possibility, and as such I believe the argument that the Trump presidency may be ''worth it'' has at least some merit. And if you can't forgive me for that, well, another beer?
  3. Yes, just like the slow dip left via the Obama presidency, which in no way resulted in a hard yank back to the right in the form of an egotistical, maniacal Orangutan. I'm sure there's any number of proverbs or examples that show why claiming that winning is always winning (and vice versa) is shortsighted, but I'm sure you're already aware of that. Personally, while I'd have voted Sanders over Trump, I think it's naive and cynical to pretend that there's no opportunity here.
  4. I suppose you could make the argument that the (theoretical) swing left in a Post-Trump world is preferable to a Sanders presidency immobilised by a Republican led Congress. Rachel Maddow did a segment a while ago looking at the numbers* around Congressional elections, and as much as the stats prior to Republican success in 2010 (I think) was relatively large compared to other pre-election periods, it was dwarfed by that seen amongst Democrats in advance of next years mid term elections. I don't know how that will play out though, or whether the status quo in Congress will be shaken up. From what we've seen so far it seems like a mixed bag - certainly a swing towards the left, but not quite enough to flip as many seats as hoped. I suppose it's still early days yet - after all, we haven't even started the Nuclear war yet! * I realise that's pretty vague; iirc it was both about money invested and number of challengers registered.
  5. Wow, that's pretty impressive. Paul Rudd's gonna have to step up his game! I gotta say, as a fan I appreciate her enthusiasm for the role. I don't think it's important to get that ripped for a lot of characters, Wasp included, but the fact that she was that committed to the role definitely is.
  6. In my mind, the Hobbit films are mostly just mediocre, the reason I can't stand to sit through them is because they were so disappointing coming from the books and previous Trilogy. Plus, aesthetically everything just looks smooth and wrong. There are some redeeming moments (generally, the casting was really good), but so many bad ideas just outweigh it. Can see why it appeals to children, but I hate that they went that way. My answer is a pretty recent one - Suicide Squad. They took all the issues with BvS and made them worse. I didn't even hate the Joker, I just thought it was such a poorly thought out film, I can't believe it lasted so long but managed to do so little with the characters it had.
  7. Have to imagine that will be answered in either a sequel or Justice League, as far as I know there isn't an answer yet. I don't see why she couldn't just nip back to Themyscira for one, but somehow I suspect that didn't happen.
  8. Been listening to a lot of The Darkness lately. Forgot how awesome their second album, One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back, was. I think I prefer it to the first one.
  9. Haha, love the idea to mimic the first Deadpool poster. Also, I had quite literally never heard of Domino the character before this moment, so I don't know what to think of it in those terms. Looks good though!
  10. Electric cars seem like a given in the next few decades. What with more people investing in ever-cheaper solar panels and things like the Tesla powerwall becoming commercially available, by the 2040s it might well be a normal, financially sensible option for your average household. Plus a lot of second hand cars will be available by then, of course. Autonomous cars would be ace, but there's more than a few figurative roadblocks before they become the majority. In terms of quality, they're not really at a point where they're good enough - particularly in a place like the UK where fog is fairly common. Not that they aren't already safer than your average driver, but there's a much higher standard required obviously. The legality of it is another question. Whether or not people are comfortable with it - some will be, some won't. I'd get one, though - if I had the money.
  11. Have to agree. Quantum of Solace and Spectre were both fairly disappointing films, but Skyfall and particularly Casino Royale were excellent. For the record, I may have eased up over time but I think Spectre is at least acceptable rainy Sunday afternoon fare. The problem wasn't Bond either, so I'm more than fine with Craig taking the helm once again. As for him making fun of the role, my understanding was that he loved playing Bond but, being in his late 40s, didn't really enjoy the intense physical training required. Personally, I don't see a need for any more shirtless Bond scenes anyway.
  12. I quite liked that trailer. It didn't blow me away, but I liked it a lot. In particular, more Wonder Woman, Cyborg actually had a relevant moment, Flash was well done. Also really excited about Simmons as Commissioner Gordon now, seems like an excellent choice for this Universe. Momoa as Aquaman is certainly a distinct interpretation but, as he said in the first trailer, I dig it. Looks like a lot of fun. I don't want to speculate on the plot, but I'm hoping that what looks like a fairly simple story can't be that difficult to do properly - i.e. not BvS level of fuckery. Joss Whedon's influence may be useful there, though so far this still looks very Snyder-ish.
  13. I think that's definitely what the trailer wants us to think, definitely the joke being made...but I'm still not sure that's actually how it will go down. Subverting expectations and all that. Edit: I watched the "watchable" full version of the IW trailer. Even watching a shitty recording that's half blocked by someone's head, that was dope as hell.
  14. That trailer is fucking brilliant. So much stuff going on. Looks amazing. Cate Blanchett is awesome. It's incredible that they packed so much stuff in there and still didn't reveal Odin, Heimdall or Doctor Strange, all of whom we know to be in there - albeit briefly. With any other director I would be slightly peeved that Thor is becoming so much more relaxed in terms of his dialogue, but I'm happy to let it go this time - firstly because it's funny, secondly because Taika Waititi knows how to do a decent character who's also funny, and I don't think it will come at the expense of the character. There was only a single small thing that got me to pause for a second in with what was otherwise a great trailer - I hope they don't make Hulk too much like Drax in terms of humour. I also saw some leaked Infinity Wars footage (shit quality and only about 8 seconds long, don't bother looking for it). Didn't really show enough for me to say ''Oh, that's surprising'', but it did look pretty visually interesting to say the least - or rather, it will be in cinema quality. Description: The Captain Marvel concept art looks really, really good. I'm excited for that movie. Brie Larson was a great pick. I expect to see how Nick Fury lost his eye though.
  15. Yeah, that seemed pretty fun. It's weird that the main character is fat, but honestly that's not that important a part of the story. Would be nice to see some mention of the main plot (though clearly it was hinted at a great deal), but otherwise it's pretty cool that they're embracing the concept.
  16. I watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation just now, quite enjoyed it. Needed more Ving Rames. Solid action flick though.
  17. Well, not at all on a par with the AO final of this year, but a well deserved win by Federer all the same. What an absolute champion - 19 slams, 8 at Wimbledon, 2 at the age of 35. Absolutely mental. I hope the best for Marin now, he's a great player and it's a huge shame that it happened like this. Edit: Well, Roger has overtaken Novak and Stan in the rankings. Tomorrow morning it will be 1. Andy Murray - 7750 2. Rafael Nadal - 7465 3. Roger Federer - 6545 4. Novak Djokovic - 6325 5. Stan Wawrinka - 6105 And neither Roger or Rafa have any points to defend after Wimbledon, whereas Murray is defending...a lot. Unless the rest of the year is absolutely nothing like the first half, either Roger or Rafa will end the year #1.
  18. This is some great play by Federer, but not his best. Crushing those backhands though. Cilic has played well too but also seems to be crumbling. He was definitely crying there during the break between games at 3-0 down in the second. I hope it's not a physical problem and he can get his head back in the game, as he sort of appears to be doing now. Otherwise, this is Fed in 3, no doubt about it.
  19. BoB, I think your link isn't working for some reason - maybe it's just me?
  20. Drinking nude seemed like such a good idea until I spilt beer on my balls. As for drinking on buses...trains are better, although there is more risk involved. Missing a stop is less worrying when they're only a few streets apart.
  21. Well, that was a disappointing second set from Venus. Hope the Men's final isn't as disappointing. I was almost got at the end of that second set when it looked like Venus had saved all three Championship points, but damn that challenge.
  22. What a day. I managed to watch the last set of the Federer match, which I understand was Federer slowing down a bit after a very quick first two sets. The tiebreak was pretty awesome. Shame tickets for the final are upwards of 5000 quid! That said, I can only imagine spending the money and then it turning out to be Querrey vs Berdych. If Berdych wins on Friday I'll be supporting him on Sunday. I think I'd marginally prefer Querrey to beat Cilic, but I'm not particularly passionate about that. It's a shame about Djokovic and Murray. In particular, I would have liked to see Federer play Djokovic rather than Berdych. This was his best opportunity to win that match up. Overall, very disappointed that the semi-finals have turned out the way they have, but at least Fed's still in.
  23. So disappointed about the Rafa match. However, from what I saw Muller earned his win - barely fluffed a single point in the final set. Rafa played immensely too, which in a way makes it all the more disappointing. 5 Match points saved or something like that, but Muller just served too well. Rafa's serve was also incredible though, he rarely goes for it that much. Well, I was hoping for a Federer win anyway but a Fedal final would have been nice, hell - even a Murray/Nadal Semi would have been amazing. That certainly improves Federer's chances, but there's a long way to go yet - Raonic, and then possibly Djokovic. Speaking of whom, they really ought to have put him on Centre Court last night when the Rafa match went to a 5th set. Caught the last two points of the Konta match today, really impressed she managed to turn that round after losing the first set. However, I was pretty pissed off when one random audience member screamed during match point, causing Halep to stop playing. That should have been replayed imo. Halep obviously shouldn't have stopped, but nor should the match be decided by a point like that. The woman who screamed should be banned for the next 5 tournaments, too. That said, I've also noticed that the crowd has been pretty rowdy this year too, which is incredibly frustrating. I understand the cheering for one opponent over another, and even cheering unforced errors is nothing new, but continuing to call out even after the Umpire has asked you to stop? Repeatedly?! Fucking hell.
  24. I just watched this today. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I would still put it behind Wonder Woman and Logan from this year, but probably ahead of Guardians 2 for me. Definitely in my top 3 Spider-Man movies too. Holland was great as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. This is very much what I felt coming out of Civil War, and this film proved it for good as far as I'm concerned. He has the quips, athleticism and heart of Spider-Man, and the nerdiness, awkwardness and vulnerability of Peter Parker. The High School parts were great. I went in concerned that they would set too much of it in school drama, but I actually really enjoyed it. Not only did the teenagers actually look like high school kids, but their delivery and writing was almost always spot on too. In particular, Peter's friendship with Ned felt organic. Liz was good. Michelle was hilarious, clearly channelling her inner Ally Sheedy - would like to revisit her character in future films, though I think they did a good job of grounding her too. I liked the reinvention of Flash, and I liked that he wasn't able to maintain his social status within the smaller school group. Michael Keaton's Vulture was, as mentioned, great. The car trip was the highlight, though I also loved that for once starting with the villain actually felt like a strong opening to the film. I loved that they showed Spider-Man fighting in different locations, like the suburbs and Washington DC. It really helped keep the fighting fresh; I'm glad they didn't rely on the classic New York skyscraper shot that previous films did to death. Iron Man was a much more likable and positive influence on Peter (and the film) than I'd expected. I don't think it did actually stray too far from the formula established in the trailers, but RDJ's delivery made it work anyway. Also, extremely gratifying to have Jon Favreau back as Happy Hogan. I hope that's not the last we see of him. Gwyneth Paltrow may be crazy, but I was very pleased to see Pepper Potts back in action too. Dozens of other things, both great and small. Aunt May, Damage Control, Karen, etc... The negatives: You can pretty much say this of any film ever, but there wasn't enough Donald Glover. If his character is actually meaningful in the comics then fair play, but from what I can tell it just seems like a bit part; which is hard to swallow after all the Donald Glover/Miles Morales hype. The aeroplane fight. I liked that it actually seemed like part of the story rather than just the inevitable sky portal of doom, but aesthetically it was just hard to watch and understand what was happening. Generally, the fight choreography for the movie was saved by the creativity with which they used Spider-Man, but I don't think this scene was good enough really. Regarding who is the best Spider-Man... I honestly liked all three iterations a lot. Maguire was a great Peter Parker and a good Spider-Man (he had more heart than wit, though), Garfield was a great Spider-Man and a decent Peter Parker (a little too stylish though). In my opinion Holland is the best incarnation. He does a really good job of portraying both Peter Parker and Spider-Man in motion (figuratively). I think the problem with the previous films is that they tried to show a fairly adult version of Peter Parker do the origin story. Imo, they did a better introduction to the character in Homecoming than in any of the previous films, without even doing the origin story. That said, I don't think Homecoming had anything like the train sequence in Spider-Man 2. The moment under the rubble was pretty close though.
  25. Tough one. No animated shows included, and in no particular order: Scrubs Community Arrested Development Blackadder Parks and Rec Shout outs to It's Always Sunny..., Friends, Office UK, Brooklyn 99, IT Crowd, Fawlty Towers, etc. This was tough so I tried to compromise between amount enjoyed and rewatchability.