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  1. I liked it. I didn't really go into it expecting a masterpiece, but this was pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be, with a few standout scenes. The opening sequence to Mr Blue Sky was brilliant. I thought the general plot was alright, glad they didn't lean too heavily on It was a very funny film, and also had plenty of pathos. I thought it was pretty much as good as the first film - certainly with a better villain, just had the flaw of being released at a later point and thus seeming less original.
  2. Saw Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children earlier. It was alright. Eva Green is awesome.
  3. To avoid confusion, as of me creating this thread Generation 2 has not been released. Which I'm happy about - at least for the meantime. Still have to fill that Original 151 Pokedex. I think Dragonite actually received a small buff when the CP changes happened the other week. However, Cloyster got a massive buff at the same time, which makes it just about as good as Lapras at defeating Dragonite, as well as being hugely more common. So I guess people are less inclined to use Dragonite in gyms now that nearly everyone can get a strong counter to it. Gyarados also received a fairly substantial buff iirc, so that's probably why it's more common again - as well as the Grass types getting weaker. As for actually getting Dragonite and Gyarados...I've seen 2 Dragonite in the wild, both ate a tonne of balls and then ran. They also stand unreasonably far back on the screen, so it's actually a challenge to even hit them, let alone time it well. I'm currently at 193/400 Magikarp candy, having caught 36 of them (and a fair few being hatches, obviously). I won't have a Gyarados any time soon :s Anyway, I caught a Bulbasaur today thanks to the new tracker. Now I'm only 13 candy away from finally getting that Venusaur. And then another 30 candy away from it being a useful CP. But still...so close...
  4. Leveled up to 27 today. Not had a lot of luck with catches and hatches this week, but I did get a Dratini last thing today. Officially halfway from my Dragonair to a Dragonite!
  5. Finally back on the weight lifting routine. Starting a slow and steady 5x5 program with my Dad, with a few pull-ups thrown in for fun at the end. I'm also going to start running again tomorrow after two weeks off. Plan is the same as ever: build some muscle and shave off the (not insignificant) residual chubbiness I've not quite managed to lose through HM training. In terms of hard figures I don't have a lot in mind at the moment (lest I let myself down), but I'd like to be able to do the monkey bars again. Also, next goal in running is sub-23mins. It's been over a month since I was nearly hitting that target though, so maybe it'll take another month to get back to there.
  6. Yeah, I don't think ''wonder'' is a specific thing in Po Go, it's just the phrase that the Mystic trainer says to describe high IV Pokemon. I was hoping that I could change teams to Instinct (because Zapdos > everything), but having looked at the appraisal notes for the other teams, I think Valor is actually the best.
  7. When I appraise things (as a member of team Valor), if the IVs are over 82% the first thing the coach says is ''Overall, your [Pokemon] simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!''. Apparently in Mystic it says ''Overall, your Pokemon is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon'' (and I'm guessing your Mystic), and if you're in Instinct it says ''Overall, your Pokemon looks like it can really battle with the best of them!''. You'll get a different message if the Pokemon's IVs are in a different bracket.
  8. How do you mean? Isn't it the first line of an appraisal? Agreed wrt other features though. Pokemon Go really has a long way to go, and I hope they make it a great game before they release any more generations.
  9. Got a Dragon Scale this morning, immediately evolved my Seadra into a Kingdra, which is pretty dope albeit in dire need of powering up. Working in the city has done amazing things for my Pokebag - I currently have no fewer than 75 balls, which is basically unheard of even when I was able to go hiking a lot last summer. Also, nevermind seeing a lot more Pokemon, the increase in diversity compared to a rural/suburban area is insane. For the first time, it's looking like I might one day be able to evolve a Dragonite. As for Porygon, I saw one for the first time on the sightings list the other week, but being fairly disinterested about PoGo at the time I didn't bother going to get it. Kind of regret that now.
  10. Congrats! That's an awesome time. To both (all three?) of you.
  11. I had a brief period of having uninstalled the game, but I've picked it up again since and am having much more success than previously. I'm back in my two local gyms. I also hatched a Gyarados, which is pretty awesome and already occupies one of the top spots. I've had a lot of luck catching Dratini too, though I'm still a long way off ever getting a Dragonite. I also got another 100% IV Pokemon - an Ekans. I also have a perfect Poliwrath - I was previously disappointed in the Mud Shot/Submission moveset, but as it turns out, that's an amazing moveset vs Tyranitar, so I'm going to be powering that up now. I'm not sure how to use the Arbok yet, but I don't have enough candy to evolve it yet anyway and probably won't anytime soon. Only disappointing moment was prestiging a gym yesterday, only to have someone jump in the last empty spot right before I could. Bastards! Although I think they were prestiging it at the same time as me, so it was kind of inevitable that one of us would be screwed over.
  12. Michael Keaton is another obvious one, having played Batman and the Vulture. Also, not sure how I feel about the casting, but I don't really know the character anyway. As of yet unconvinced by Brolin's Thanos, though.
  13. I'm not really a fan of Djokovic per se. That is, I really quite like him - his off-court behaviour is way more laid back and fun than his on-court demeanor. But I'm not really a fan. The main reason I was rooting for him yesterday was so Rafa would get the chance to properly beat him. But I do like him enough that I hope he wins a few more Masters, and a Slam or so. As relieved as I am that that period is over, I really didn't want it to go like this. Or rather, I did, but I still need to see Fed/Nadal beat Novak in person. And for Djokovic to play well on that occasion. But yeah, it is pretty shocking how the tables have turned.
  14. Djokovic out! Honestly I'm quite disappointed, would have loved to see a Nadal/Novak battle for the first time in a while. And speaking of which: the Nadal/Schwartzman match started with a bang (but not like that Sarasota match): Nadal being broken to love immediately, before breaking back in a similar fashion. Currently 4-1 up, having broken him once more. Have to say, it's really impressive that Diego Swartzman is able to play at this level despite his height - 5'7'' is fairly short as is, let alone in the world of tennis.
  15. So, Murray out of Monte Carlo early. That's 315 points he's dropping. Novak currently playing Carreno-Busta, who has had a great season so far. Should Novak win, he'll definitely gain points on Murray (he's only defending a second round loss). At the moment though, I cannot see him beating Nadal, who just absolutely thrashed Alexander Zverev 6-1, 6-1. But I've been hurt before. Stan is also out, so he drops 150+ points, though Federer will drop slightly more points.
  16. Happy Easter!
  17. Thanks, folks. Just to do the Half Marathon. I made it into a four day trip and then spent another 3 in Berlin, but that was more due to wanting cheap flights than anything else. I will definitely look into this, thanks. The hard part will be seeing if I can get some running buddies to sign up for it too, which I agree is much better. Good luck with your HM next week!
  18. What a great trailer! Looking back, I think I actually prefer it to the first teaser for The Force Awakens (though I was probably more hyped at the time). However, I'm also looking over the other stuff, and I think the first full trailer for TFA was just outstanding, so I'll be impressed if they can match that. Things I am excited about in this teaser: - all of it Also, the new poster is epic, and is now my phone background.
  19. The day finally came: my Half Marathon was last Sunday. It was awesome. Budapest is incredibly beautiful. According to my watch (but annoyingly not the official score) I beat my target of 1:55:00 (1:54:21). The official score was closer to 1:56:00, but that's okay too. The run went really well - I struggled a bit in the last few KMs, but it was otherwise really strong. I maintained a really consistent pace - my slowest KM was 5:41, my fastest was 5:15, and the vast majority were much closer to my average pace (5:26). I guess it's not so hard to go wrong when the course is fairly flat. The run was pretty amazing too. This is the first time I've ever done a spectated race like this, and it was brilliant to see all the people lined up and the bands at the side of the road, and the people in costume. It was perhaps a little hot for that though, I was feeling it in all black. Reminiscing like this makes me want to sign up for another one straight away, but I think for this year I will focus on cutting down my 5k time. I almost stopped running completely when I started working, and I don't think I can face doing anything more than 5km or so in the evenings at the moment. Will definitely consider doing this again next year though.
  20. Not a great deal is different, but there's about 10-30 minutes of extra footage. That goes a small way to rectifying some of the messed up editing and storytelling. The result is a longer film that feels roughly the same length - so in other words, not a lot.
  21. I have to agree on all counts, although I didn't mind Jesse Eisenberg too much. There's a lot that frustrates me about this film, mostly the fact that it manages to waste three potentially awesome storylines at once. It just tries to do too much. Hopefully [insert next DCEU film] is better. Did you watch the Ultimate Cut or the Theatrical Cut? The former is marginally better, though not to the extent that it saves the film.
  22. I'm not sure how it works in the US, or the UK for that matter, but doesn't the state only license you to drive in public areas? Do you require a license to drive on private property?
  23. That was awesome. Well worth the wait.
  24. Wow! Can't say I didn't think it was a possibility, but I am a little disappointed that it didn't at least go to three sets. I really hope Rafa does well this Clay season. I only managed to watch most of the first set before my power went out inconveniently, but it was very close from what I saw - though apparently not so much in the second. Looks like Fed will be taking all of the clay season off until RG, which I suppose makes sense though it's a little disappointing. If he really needs the rest that much though, then hopefully it will be as worth it as the season has been so far after taking half of last year off. I'd be very impressed if Federer managed to maintain this run of form for the rest of the season, but whether he does or not - I can't wait to see what the rankings look like at the end of the year.
  25. So here we are! Another Fedal final, and it's only the third major tournament of the year. No matter who wins, the top 5 will once again comprise of Murray, Novak, Stan, Fed and Rafa. If Rafa wins he'll leapfrog Federer. Djokovic will be below 8000 points for the first time in ages. By all accounts - and it comes through on the highlights too - the crowd were appalling at the Kyrgios-Federer match last night. Constantly cheering errors, even shouting out in the middle of points. That said, it's very satisfying to see that Kyrgios really seems to be progressing. Let's hope that continues. So, it's kind of hard to say who will win on Sunday. Fed has beaten Rafa both times they've played this year, though the courts at the AO and IW were both slower than Miami. Federer has also been (seemingly) struggling with fatigue playing two Masters consecutively, and playing 3+ hours last night really can't have helped. Rafa doesn't have that problem. Both are playing really well. As always when they play, it's a lose-lose for me. Although I slightly favour Federer usually, the fact that he's beaten Rafa twice recently mostly nullifies that for me.