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  1. Everything you pointed out here is interesting. Foreshadowing is fun =) I noticed this in the last Bran chapter in ACOK, when he is leaving Winterfell and looks at it: I couldn't help but think of Bran with Bloodraven, where the roots of the trees go deep, in the land of always winter.
  2. I laughed hard at this! :lol: Well... about the episode... Ignoring the usual changes, I really loved this episode. It made me laugh a lot and also remember why I love this story so much in the first place. Some things that were great points for me: 1- The moving chairs scene. I had a big smile in my face. 2- Tyrion and Bronn wanting to hear the gossip like two girls. 3- The Tyrion-Littlefinger dialogue "You are richer that I am." "Good point." 4- The inclusion of the "Rhaegar"quote. 5- Wonderful acting by Nikolaj. I really love Jaime, and his perfect acting was a gift for me. 6- The introduction to the Tullys. It was different, but good, and I agree that the Edmure-Robb strategy didn't diverge from the basic plot. I actually like that they even kept this plot line. 7- Edmure missing the arrows. 8- Riverrun in the opening credits. 9- The way they are introducing Ramsay. 10- The Robb-Stark-turns-into-a-wolf rumor. I thought it was very nice of D&D to bother mentioning that. And what I didn't like: 1-Stannis wanting Melisandre. 2- Mance not being a bard. 3- Edmure portrayed as an idiot. 4- Jon's story is absolutely boring in the show, although it's one of the best parts in the books.