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  1. Also king dies in the end. I kinda hope Jon is not killed fighting the knights king both dying like Mordrid and Arthur.
  2. I think Jon will choose his mothers name for he always wanted to be a stark. I am certain Jon still saw Ned as his father.
  3. Sansa only enjoyment is that little finger can't be warden with her now but am sure sansa was hoping she would rule winter fell and there will be tension especially if arya comes home.
  4. I sense this is not the last we see of pety daario
  5. I can see dany setting sale for westeros supposedly but lands in dorne where Euron ,varys and the sands trap her dragons kill yara and even harm tyrion maybe even cutting his tongue out. I think in season 7 they will land in dorne and dany will stall getting to westeros to give time for Jon winter fell and it to gain ground as a real foil for dany or seem like he will be her enemy with the name. King stark. Or the further legend of Jon snow. Dany with dragons must stall especially if the wall does not fall.
  6. I heard what happens is that lyanna angry over rhaegar attacks Ned who by reaction cuts her down Ned sobbing what have I done. Wylla comes with her baby and lyanna makes Ned promise to raise him as a stark and protect him from roberts fury and the lannisters.
  7. I think Mel would strangle sansa in her sleep if Jon don't burn her ass for shireen first if Mel feels sansa is a life risk to her lord.
  8. People give sansa too much thinking credit. She has always been about her but Jon didn't hug her she leaped into his arms when she saw him in episode 4
  9. Tower of joy scene will open then we will see Jon and Davis is yelling about shireen burning. Jon will make a decision . then there will be Lora's trial. Then the Frey feast. Back too meereen and what happens there. Cut too either brienne and pod or bwob. Then back to winter fell and sansa and little finger. Jon appears behind little finger and asks to speak to sansa alone. Back to whatever happens with the Frey's. Then bran reaches the wall And benjen parts with him. The events at kings landing. As fire consumes we cut too dany boarding ships. Mel is put to death and Jon snow dies or feels something happen as Mel becomes a sword and its aevo the conquorer sword. Jon breaths again engulfed in flames and we cut too the nights king And he says so it begins.
  10. Maybe the 62 mormont survived and it was most wildlings didn't.
  11. Maybe Jon will have her burned as her request but he starts to die and sansa yells stop. Mel cannot die since she was part of his return
  12. I think Jon with get wounded several times and never fall and it revealed she took every wound and dies in a pool of blood when Jon kills Ramsey and goes on living and Mel draws her last breath.
  13. What would be cool is that the walkers come the last ten minutes kill the Bolton's and n k kneels and says we serve the lord that is of winter fell once more against the vile dragon monsters and there bitch queen.
  14. How about this arya pops out of little fingers teleporter and slits peters throat and nymeria comes And rips Ramsey open and arya dumps a bucket of rats on him and she starts a fire in his cage. Re embering what heat did to rats in harrenhaul.
  15. Jon snow will always pop up in an episode.