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  1. Very interesting, but I'm inclined to go back a bit further. I've been wondering if Howland Reed's visit to the Isle of Faces didn't inadvertently trigger something. Right after leaving the place where the Pact between the COTF and the First Men was signed, he attends the tourney at Harrenhal and, through his encounter with the squires, set in motion Rhaegar's interest in Lyanna.
  2. So how's everybody doing today? Anyone see anything cool on TV last night?
  3. This. I find AFFC/ADWD much more interesting when you view Bran and Arya's storylines as parallel. Both get a new teacher, both travel to a new place, both encounter a child-like female who is far older than she seems, both teachers seem to be hiding something. If you read the Arya's first encounter with the Kindly Man and Bran's first encounter with 3EC back to back, the parallel is hard to miss. Yet, almost every book reader I know is 100% positive that Arya will leave the Faceless Men and that the Faceless Men are up to no good, while also believing that Bran will be stuck in a tree forever and the 3EC and COTF are teaching him how to save the world. If their stories are meant to be parallel, I don't see that type of divergence happening.
  4. I think it's more "breaking" than actually breaking, but yeah, this. We'll get the ToJ flashback, followed by the reveal about Jon's true parents, and perhaps a scene with young Ned and young Cat with to show how he established the lie. The showrunners do enjoy their double entendres, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were another "oathbreaker" in the episode, but my guess woudl be Jon rather than Brienne or anyone else.
  5. The last we saw of Brienne before this, she was given a choice by Lady Stoneheart of either "sword" or "noose." In other words, take up the sword and do Lady Stoneheart's bidding or be hanged. Stoneheart wants Jaime dead for a great many reasons so it seems likely that Brienne is lying to Jaime to lure him into a trap set by the Brotherhood.