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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but I am categorically refusing to consider any Castalia Press works. They will all rank below No Award for me. It's the whole white supremacist, pro-apartheid,anti-women's suffrage,supporting acid attacks on literate women thing. Lie down with that dog and I'm just going to assume you've got fleas.
  2. That's a quitter's attitude.
  3. I made a pot roast. A 2.5 lb hunk of beef, half a cabbage, two onions, celery, chicken broth, red wine vinegar, garam masala, salt and pepper,heavy cream. It was tangy, tender, creamy and aromatic. My whole house smells AMAZING. I had been planning to eat that over the course of the week. Instead,I ate it all. Myself. In a single evening. Uuuurgh. Instant regret.
  4. What happened to the old knife thread? Anyway, this is a thing: http://kotaku.com/gothic-lolita-themed-kitchen-knives-exist-1766111051
  5. (the individual you, not the collective you. Cheaper membership for thee.)
  6. Good news everyone! If you have been wondering how to support our bid with your blood and treasure, we have opened membership in the Illustrious Order of Procyon, the Great Celestial Trash Panda (aka pre-supports) to all fans! Visitwww.valleyforge2017.org/contributefor more information. (this is where you give us money to help us prosecute our bid -- if we win, the money you gave us gets translated into cheaper membership for you.)
  7. Hey guys. So, uh, we're doing this: http://www.valleyforge2017.org It's a bid for the 2017 NASFiC, which all y'all can vote on at Worldcon this year. Most of the bid committee is BWB, includingXray, Mr X, Eefa, Lugajetgirl, etc. LOOK UPON OUR GLORY AND DESPAIR, MORTAL W- Er, I mean, it would be really great, unless you're already backing the San Juan bid, if you would vote for us.
  8. Yeah, pork shoulder is my most frequently-purchased cut. From carnitas to goulash, it's super versatile as long as you put the time in.
  9. I really hope Furiosa takes off, even though I suspect there will be many more Finns, Reys and Poes.
  10. It sounds to me like she's giving tacit permission in advance.
  11. California kangaroo import ban

    Kangaroo leather is excellent leather for many purposes. It's cheap and strong.
  12. Got a phone number after the bar closed last night. It was an easy, underhand pitch but sometimes it's nice to know that you can still hack it at the plate.
  13. I should have specified you want to start with 1.5-2 lbs of greens for a 2 quart jar. But that's approximate.