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  1. But is it alive?

  2. Police killed at Dallas protest

    The eurocommie had it exactly right. This is what the 2nd Amendment is for. It's not so you and I can put holes in paper targets. It's not so my uncle Phil can go bag some geese on the weekend. It's specifically there so citizens can take up arms against their government. In other words, blood in the streets is not a bug. It is a feature. Remember what refreshes the tree of liberty? Right-wing talking heads love to talk about the Founding Fathers, but they forget that the Founding Fathers were violent revolutionaries. The Revolutionary War was won with guerrilla tactics, with civilian-soldier snipers behind trees. This is the libertarian utopia.
  3. What's For Dinner v. 6

    Made kimcheez-its last night. Attempt was almost a success. They're edible and they taste great, but I couldn't quite get the crunch I was looking for. I think the dough was too moist. Next time I'll press more juice out of the kimchee to make it dryer before I integrate the dough. Also I might see if I can borrow a food dehydrator instead of trying to dry in the oven after primary baking is done.
  4. What's For Dinner v. 6

    I'm going to make some cheese crackers I think. Not tonight, but next week maybe. Never made crackers before, should be fun. I'm thinking cheddar, kimchi, maybe some ground smoked peppers.
  5. Thiel Vs. Gawker

    I mean they're way better for you, in that by asking them you distract us from the very real matter at hand -- a billionaire ruining his enemies in the press via legal but unethical means -- in order to derail the conversation into a meretricious rant against the flaws and merits of the US justice system in general. I ain't biting.
  6. Thiel Vs. Gawker

    So you think it's OK that a billionaire gets to dictate what stories a free press decides to report?
  7. Thiel Vs. Gawker

    You may not like gawker, but it's still a terrible precedent. Just because something is technically legal doesn't mean that it's right, and if you can't see why a billionaire dictating which news outlets live and die is terrible for a free and open society, you're so shortsighted you probably can't see your own nose.
  8. What's For Dinner v. 6

    A little bit, but this time I super-duper washed and then skinned the pork shoulder, and also made sure that my braise was more acidic. Seemed to do the trick.
  9. What's For Dinner v. 6

    Today I ordered pickled szechuan vegetables with hot peppers for lunch, and just taking the lid off of the takeout container was like being pepper sprayed. It was amazing. Earlier this week I made a pork shoulder stew that I've been working my way through for dinner. Leeks, onion, cabbage, garlic, charred tomatoes, whole peppercorns, assorted spices, bone-in pork shoulder, Ephemere Poire from Unibroue as the braising liquid. It needs some acid and some heat, which I add to the bowl when I eat it. Balsamic works OK but red wine vinegar or umeboshi vinegar is the best, and of course sriracha or Angry Chef.
  10. Valley Forge 2017: a NASFiC Bid

    You can come to both, Peadar! We're the week after Helsinki!
  11. What's For Dinner v. 6

    The short ribs are bubbling away. For dinner tonight I threw together a huitlacoche omelette with parmesan cheese and deep fried garlic. I thought I would miss queso fresco, but actually the parmesan was perfect. My only regret is that now I'm out of parmesan. Also it was great cooked in butter but next time I'm going to use the last of the duck fat. Note to self: buy more duck fat next payday.
  12. What's For Dinner v. 6

    Tonight I'm going to do some short ribs braised in stock and beer. Leeks, tomato paste, mushroom for extra umami, celery, cabbage, various herbs & heavy on the black & white pepper. Should be ready by the morning for lunch tomorrow.
  13. I can't speak for anyone else, but I am categorically refusing to consider any Castalia Press works. They will all rank below No Award for me. It's the whole white supremacist, pro-apartheid, anti-women's suffrage, supporting acid attacks on literate women thing. Lie down with that dog and I'm just going to assume you've got fleas.
  14. That's a quitter's attitude.