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  1. Thanks, Ormond. A fun read as always.
  2. You know, DM, I think once you become a slavery-apologist, you've crossed a line that ought not be crossed. That's just me, though, because I'm against slavery. Obviously your mileage may vary.
  3. Anyone hitting Balticon this month? If so, anyone have a couch on which I could crash for the duration?
  4. DM: Oh! I'm sorry if I was misunderstood. Please allow me to clarify: When I said you were a bigot but not like Hitler is a bigot, I 100% meant that. It was not a joke. I think that you are a bigot, DM, as you have aptly proven here in this thread and otherwise. I think it's an unfortunately common, defensive, and ignorant kind of bigotry born from the cognitive dissonance created when insecurity meets insufficiently considered beliefs, and not the burning-crosses kind of bigotry, but it's bigotry nonetheless.
  5. Anyway, being compared to Hitler is no big deal. For example, you could say "Wow, Yagathai, your moustache is much better than Hitler's" or "Wow, Yagathai, like Hitler you are not a very good painter" and that's OK. In your case I could say "Wow, DunderMifflin, you are a bigot, but to my knowledge not in the exact same way that Hitler was a bigot." See? Not so bad, right?
  6. Let's see. One alleged person is saying Geralt from the Witcher series is not white and cannot have white or male privilege, when Geralt is probably the biggest Mary Sue for acne-faced cheeto-fingered basement-dwelling teenage boys (of any age) currently extant. Saying he doesn't have white privilege because he has special monster-slaying mutant powers is like saying Peter North can't have male privilege because his cock's too big. Another dunderhead (#seewhatididthere) is rolling around in his own (metaphorical (I hope?)) filth, panickedly flailing and squirting specious arguments, non-sequiturs and logical fallacies like a terrified squid squirts ink and churns the water with its tentacles in the hope of distracting everyone from the fact that it's actually a spineless mollusc. And a couple of gomergoat bigots tossing (what might pass for) bon mots (in a third grade class at a remedial school) from the sidelines like squat, pot-bellied goblins tossing handfuls their own shit into the ball pit at a Juggalo orgy. NOW LET'S SEE WHO'S REALLY DOWN WITH THE CLOWN MOTHERFUCKERS. Ser Scot, what hath you wrought?
  7. This one's my fault, guys. Sorry.
  8. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2016/07/a_robot_with_a_rat_s_heart_that_can_eat_and_move_is_probably_not_alive_or.html?wpisrc=burger_bar
  9. The eurocommie had it exactly right. This is what the 2nd Amendment is for. It's not so you and I can put holes in paper targets. It's not so my uncle Phil can go bag some geese on the weekend. It's specifically there so citizens can take up arms against their government. In other words, blood in the streets is not a bug. It is a feature. Remember what refreshes the tree of liberty? Right-wing talking heads love to talk about the Founding Fathers, but they forget that the Founding Fathers were violent revolutionaries. The Revolutionary War was won with guerrilla tactics, with civilian-soldier snipers behind trees. This is the libertarian utopia.
  10. I mean they're way better for you, in that by asking them you distract us from the very real matter at hand -- a billionaire ruining his enemies in the press via legal but unethical means -- in order to derail the conversation into a meretricious rant against the flaws and merits of the US justice system in general. I ain't biting.
  11. So you think it's OK that a billionaire gets to dictate what stories a free press decides to report?
  12. You may not like gawker, but it's still a terrible precedent. Just because something is technically legal doesn't mean that it's right, and if you can't see why a billionaire dictating which news outlets live and die is terrible for a free and open society, you're so shortsighted you probably can't see your own nose.