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  1. Yeah, pork shoulder is my most frequently-purchased cut. From carnitas to goulash, it's super versatile as long as you put the time in.
  2. I really hope Furiosa takes off, even though I suspect there will be many more Finns, Reys and Poes.
  3. It sounds to me like she's giving tacit permission in advance.
  4. California kangaroo import ban

    Kangaroo leather is excellent leather for many purposes. It's cheap and strong.
  5. Got a phone number after the bar closed last night. It was an easy, underhand pitch but sometimes it's nice to know that you can still hack it at the plate.
  6. I should have specified you want to start with 1.5-2 lbs of greens for a 2 quart jar. But that's approximate.
  7. Edited my post to include a traditional Chinese pickling recipe. If you're thinking easier and more American South, you can use something like this: http://www.jamesbeard.org/recipes/pickled-mustard-greens
  8. Pickle them! Pickled mustard greens are the best thing! Wash the leaves, to get rid of any poop left on the leaves. Cut the leaves into bite-sized pieces, about 1.5-2" long and slightly less wide. Put them in a colander or on a wire rack until they dry thoroughly. Toss them in a bowl with some coarse salt. I'd ballpark the salt necessary as about 1/2 cup of salt for every pound of greens.  At this point I also like to toss in some sliced scallion, but that's not necessary. Let it sit for an hour, covered. Next, knead/massage the salt into the veggies until the veggies have visibly started to wilt, and have given up a lot of their water. How much? I dunno, until the volume is significantly reduced by a third or so. Then cover (airtight!) and let sit for an hour or two, or as long as overnight. In the meantime, prepare a two quart glass jar (or two one quart jars, if that's how you roll) by sterilizing it according to standard canning procedure (boiling it for 10 minutes, fully submerged. Often a dishwasher cycle on the pots and pans cycle and high heat will do the trick as well). Boil some water, then let it cool to room temp.  To the bowl of greens add at least 4 small hot peppers, like thai birdseye or two regular-sized serrano, sliced in half (birdseye) or quarters (serrano) with the seeds left in (unless you're a wuss, in which case take the seeds out). Mix well, then add the contents of the bowl to the jar. It should fill up about 2/3s of the way.  There should be enough liquid from the bowl to cover the veggies when you pack them down tightly (NOT with your hands  -- use a clean, preferably sterile utensil). If there isn't enough liquid, add enough (boiled, cooled) water to cover. Also add 1 tsp of szechuan peppercorns (regular peppercorns are not the same, but can do in a pinch I guess), 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp salt.    If you're using a jar that doesn't have an airtight rubberish seal, cover the mouth of the jar with plastic wrap or a ziptop bag big enough to hang down the sides of the jar. Add some pie weights or some water to make sure the surface of the plastic sits on top of the greens -- the idea is to minimize the exposure to air.  Seal up the jar with the lid and hold at room temp for at least three days, maybe a week depending on ambient temperature. When the water turns yellowish green, taste the greens to see if they need more time or not. If not, refrigerate immediately.  Keep an eye on them -- if the water starts to go cloudy or develops a milky film, your greens have gone off. Should have eaten them sooner!
  9. Entertaining and informative as always, Ormond.   Was there any rise in boys named Kimball due to the popularity of The Fugitive, in either its TV or film incarnation?
  10. Awesome. I've had The Piano Has Been Drinking on loop for the last half hour. Replace "Drawing" with "Writing" and throw in a fifth of bourbon and we're twinsies.
  11. Since the board update removed the bake-off thread, I don't really have the heart to restart it. I did make a mushroom tart, though: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CU3pkJqW4AAFG10.jpg
  12. Can one REALLY be celibate?

      Or don't. If that's even possible.
  13. The Kentucky Licence discussion II

    Mr. Dennit: Ricky, your little obscene gesture is going to cost you 100 points. Do you know how much that costs us in sponsorship dollars? Ricky: With all due respect, Mr. Dennit, I had no idea you'd gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed. Mr. Dennit: What did you just say to me? Ricky: What? I said it with all due respect!  "maybe" Mr. Dennit: Just because you say that doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want to say to me! Ricky: It sure as hell does! Mr. Dennit: No, it doesn't-- Ricky: It's in the Geneva Conventions, look it up!