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  1. Agreed, very interesting idea behind it, could have been better executed/written.
  2. I also agree, found it very funny at times, managed to live up to the expectations.
  3. So, season 10 has begun now. Opinions on this first episode?
  4. And they are syndromic, lowering life expectancy and quality for the patients, besides, if there is a Y chromosome with the SRY gene being expressed, the person is male, if not, female, medically speaking.
  5. I really like this series, it is entertaining and raises the interesting questions about ethics, morals and conscience/self-awareness at the same time.
  6. I'm liking this season so far, seems better than the last one.
  7. What I like most about this show is that there are no pure heroes, you easily see both sides as the monsters they are/become. The motto for the whole series appears to be "lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
  8. The later, It lasted almost 1 hour
  9. Brazilian here. Yes, in most normal situations someone that broke the law in the way she did (and yes, she did break a law) wouldn't be impeached, but her lack of popularity, disastrous management of the economy and lack of ployic habilitated made that a reality. The Supreme Court( most members were nominated by Lula and Dilma) has verified every step of the process and found it legal. About the process now, the Senate, now presided by the president of the Supreme Court, judges Dilma. Most people support the impeachment (69% in the last pool). The impeachment may be unusual in the way it happened, but it was legal and definitely not a coup. edit: Also, she isn't corrupt, but she tried to shield Lula, who certainly is, from investigation, and now the attorney-general, nominated by her,has started to investigate her for obstruction of justice.
  10. Hodor talking???
  11. Maybe Marvel's Agents of SHIELD could be a more recent example of a show that survived (and improved) after a dismal first season?
  12. Sorry, didn't want to nitpick,I fear I've expressed myself badly, what I meant was that oil is just around 10% of Brazilian exports, while in the other countries mentioned it is the main export (78% in Nigeria, more than 90% in Venezuela) , and that the brazilian economic crisis has deeper roots than the oil price, but I do agree to your main point, about the damage low oil prices inflict in poor. oil dependent nations. Sorry again if I implied anything else, my english is not that good.
  13. I would disagree with Brazil's inclusion on this list. Only a few cities and the state of Rio de Janeiro really have a significant oil income and the funding of the hospitals have been having trouble since forever, mostly thanks to corruption and bad administration. We are having a serious economic crisis, but that comes mostly from the awful economic policies that our leftist government implemented. Besides a huge corruption scandal has hit hard our state oil company, so it is crumbling faster than other oil companies
  14. Is there a "go to first unread" button anywhere? I can't seem to find it, it is very much needed in big threads.