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  1. Posted just now · Report post I am not sure if this has already been posted about, but I have been looking at the Sansa I chapter in ASoS. I see tons of foreshadowing in her luncheon with the Tyrells. I even see some clues for a poisoning of some lemon sauce on a pigeon pie but I am going to speak about the two chicks out of the dozen who jump out of the egg. Butterbumps arrived before the food, dressed in a jester’s suit of green and yellow feathers with a floppy coxcomb. An immense round fat man, as big as three Moon Boys, he came cartwheeling into the hall, vaulted onto the table, and laid a gigantic egg right in front of Sansa. “Break it, my lady,” he commanded. When she did, a dozen yellow chicks escaped and began running in all directions. Little Lady Bulwer snagged one and handed it to him, whereby he tilted back his head, popped it into his huge rubbery mouth, and seemed to swallow it whole. Lady Bulwer began to wail in distress, but her tears turned into a sudden squeal of delight when the chick came squirming out of the sleeve of her gown and ran down her arm. The chick is Bran Lady Bulwer = Meera Butterbumps= Bloodraven notice Lady Bulwer snagged the chick ( Meera uses a net that snags direwolves and people) She hands the chick to Butterbumps who swallows it in his huge rubbery mouth. This is the door below Night's Fort that opened wide and swallowed Bran. This could also represent the mouth of the Cave of BloodRaven. We saw Meera crying in the cave later. The foreshadowing may be also that Bran will save Meera in some way while warging Hodor's body. We have already seen him do this for Jorjen and Meera once in the cave. The Second chick One of the chicks hopped back onto the table and ran through Lady Graceford’s broth. No one seemed to be paying them any mind, but even so, she was frightened. A chick runs through Lady Graceford’s broth. Arya is the chick who will use the broth that frees the Northmen at Harrenhall. No one seemed to be paying them any mind, There is a NO one paying attention to Arya while she is in HH (Jaquen H'ghar) but Roose Bolton is not paying attention to the cupbearer “ Nan” who is becoming a No one. Lady Graceford’s broth is interesting. I am struck by the name grace and ford. Arya HotPie, and Gendry are trying so hard to get to Riverrun which means fording rivers. But also the future of Arya with the Hound. They will ford the river and grace will be given to the Hound by the Elder Brother after Arya does not give him mercy which could be looked at as " grace". Sorry my eye sight is really bad and I am not sure how to change the fonts so that all the letters are the same size. There is much more foreshadowing in the antics of Butterbumps and also the conversation Lady Olenna is having with Sansa but I was str;uck by the chicks. The egg that Sansa cracked had 12 chicks. In another part of the story Tyrion alludes to Marcyella as a chick. Perhaps we should look closer and find the other nine?
  2. I am as old as George. Read the first book in late 90's after my son finished it. Hooked on the idea of something very scary living beyond the Wall. Loved Martin's writing style. I felt so bad for the bastard Jon Snow who went to the Wall. Horrified by Jaime pushing Bran out the window. Disliked Catelyn. Cried over Lady. Loved the sister brother relationship Jon had with Arya and his love for Bran. Loved the direwolves singing to each other and having a mental connection to each Stark child and the idea that the wolves were magical. Loved Old Nan's stories to Bran. Horrified when Ned Stark was beheaded. I refused to read Clash of Kings for a long time because I was so upset over Ned's death. Eventually finished all the books after the first season of the TV version. Now I wait like everyone else for the next two books. My health is not good and I do wonder if I will ever get to read the last book. Hoping the author writes like the wind.
  3. This is an amazing thread. Wonderful new insights being posted by so many. I would love to hear the list of 27 possible heroes who might eventually be the 12 who fight with the VS. This thread has made me want to search once again in the series to find more clues about the various Houses of the First Men and to reread the clues to the possible locations of the swords . I love the idea that Longclaw is actually Blackfyre. I especially love Modesty Lannister's idea of the pro pact houses vs the anti pact houses. Just well done everyone! Thanks for the great new ideas.
  4. This thread is awesome. Such wonderful insights and essays from so many outstanding people . All the word play on sewing, needle, just excellent. I have little to add but I have wondered if Needle along with being Arya's literal sword is also a metaphor for Jon himself. ? I like the play on words with Arya and doing needlework at Acorn hall. However, it is when Arya is throwing away all her literal items at the HOBAW. In the end Needle is Jon Snow's smile! She has tears and she can't let Needle go. Can't let Jon go in her heart. "Needle was Jon Snow's smile." Is it possible that Jon's warning to her is prophecy that in the end she needs to come home and stop being no one. I love Jon Snow as a character and I so hope George gives us at least this much of a happy ending. I love the idea that Arya would clutch ( the dragon who has teeth sharp as a needle) and Jon Snow's smile being Needle. Sorry but I am so mushy when it comes to the love these two characters have for each other.
  5. Thanks Seams for wishes for my health. My eyes are so swollen I can hardly see the screen. I actually think Martin has written Penny with characteristics of both Sansa and Arya. Penny's wistful thinking regarding their future if they travel to Quarth and perform reminds me of Sansa. She is a bit of a dreamer like Sansa but in some weird way it reminds me of Arya too. Arya was so desperate to get to her mother that she did not want to accept the Hounds pragmatic and realistic words that the Freys would kill Arya and Sandor himself. Penny's grief on the ship is similar to Arya's grief over her mother while traveling with the Hound. As to what the future holds in regard to Penny and Tyrion. Martin could reverse it and have Penny be very ill with " pale mare" in which case Tyrion would be forced to leave her. If Penny is mirroring Arya it is also possible that since Arya is presumed dead ie in the Saltpan raid Symbolically Arya is dead in she is " no one" at the moment. Penny could possibly just die in the upcoming battle of Meereen. I am just throwing these ideas out there. I wonder if Penny's grief over the dog is subtly telling us that somewhere Arya also silently grieves over the Hound. I have no idea about the pig! LOL
  6. Arya/Penny /Hound Tyrion story arc Parallels There is a similar pattern found in Arya’s storyline and Pennys. Both have important meetings in an Inn. Arya at Sharma’s Inn, later she will encounter the Hound in a hidden place where Beric D sits on a weirwood throne. Penny at the Waterfront Inn with a crone ( The Widow) who seems mysterious and does not trust Jorah M. Arya is misidentified as a boy and by Sharma. Tyrion also thinks Penny is a boy at first when he spots her eating in at Inn. There is a discussion of eating a duck by Anguy and other BWBs just before Harwin arrives and finds Arya. Arya becomes a captive of the BWB for ransom. Later she will be a captive of the Hound. Tyrion keeps hoping a duck will wander in the Inn before he meets Penny. ( Rolly Duckfield). t Tyrion is a captive for ransom by Jorah and later he and Penny will be captives of slavers. Arya is thinking about sailing the boat she saw behind the inn to get to her mother. Tyrion and Jorah are also in a discussion about finding a ship to get to Dany ( Mysah) Arya accuses the Hound of killing her friend Mycah and wants him to die. Penny accuses Tyrion of being the the reason her brother is dead and she also wants someone to kill him. Penny will also accuse Tyrion of murdering her brother and they will end up traveling together with Tyrion trying to protect Penny. Tyrion becomes Penny’s mentor but Penny is also a mentor to Tyrion. The same happens with Arya and the Hound. He becomes a mentor to Arya but she is also teaching him.
  7. I like your ideas Seams regarding power, whores, horse. Seams. A while back I noticed that Cersei and other characters refer to women as fillies. Margery for example, I need to check and see if Cersei also refers to a whore. She is encouraging the Kettleblack to ride the filly. So the idea of females and horses and power does make sense. I also like how you noticed Jon being considerate of his horse which I think he refers to it as " Lady". Sorry for typos, I am ill right now and my eyes are swollen and inflamed. I really should not even try to post till I can see but I wanted to thank you for this thread.
  8. Seams I have really enjoyed this thread and all the puns you have posted. Definite clues. Regarding the whores/horse word play. Tywin Lannister is not the only character to ride a horse inside a building. Bran ACOK Dancer was draped in bardings of snowy white wool emblazoned with the grey direwolf of House Stark, while Bran wore grey breeches and white doublet, his sleeves and collar trimmed with vair. Over his heart was his wolf’s-head brooch of silver and polished jet. He would sooner have had Summer than a silver wolf on his breast, but Ser Rodrik had been unyielding. The low stone steps balked Dancer only for a moment. When Bran urged her on, she took them easily. Beyond the wide oak-and-iron doors, eight long rows of trestle tables filled Winterfell’s Great Hall, four on each side of the center aisle. Men crowded shoulder to shoulder on the benches. “Stark!” they called as Bran trotted past, rising to their feet. “Winterfell! Winterfell!” He was old enough to know that it was not truly him t hey shouted for—it was the harvest they cheered, it was Robb and his victories, it was his lord father and his grandfather and all the Starks going back eight thousand years. Still, it made him swell with pride. For so long as it took him to ride the length of that hall he forgot that he was broken. Yet when he reached the dais, with every eye upon him, Osha and Hodor undid his straps and buckles, lifted him off Dancer’s back, and carried him to the high seat of his fathers. So I am not sure that whores/horses has so much to do with desecrating holy place. I wonder though if Martin is playing with us. " Where do whores go" asks Tyrion after Tywin says " Where ever whores go!" and we have a boy likened a few times to a " mule" in the story. HOdor! "Whore dooor?" Anyways I love your insights and the work you have put into this thead Seams. Well done.
  9. Apologies to you Wizz-The-Smith, I posted a day or so ago and referred to you as a her when your a he. LOL so sorry. Thanks for kind words. Will be back later, when I can type better and not in so much pain. I still think there is a pattern to be found in one eyed people, animals that is a hint that BR has used them and the same with people who clank wooden teeth, and can smell the cold, and also short rangers who sleep in hollow
  10. Tijgy, Thank you for responding about Dywen. I too have long loved this character and I also believe GRRM is wanting us to see him as some sort of tree soldier. Here is the part of the story regarding his using a tree as a temporary home. ACOK Out under the trees, some rangers had found enough duff and dry wood to start a fire beneath a slanting ridge of slate. Others had raised tents or made rude shelters by stretching their cloaks over low branches. Giant had crammed himself inside the hollow of a dead oak. “How d’ye like my castle, Lord Snow?” “It looks snug. You know where Sam is?” “Keep on the way you were. If you come on Ser Ottyn’s pavilion, you’ve gone too far.” Giant smiled. “Unless Sam’s found him a tree too. What a tree that would be.” What a tree indeed! I am also wondering about the conversation regarding Sam finding a tree! You know why? Because Sam did find a tree! A Brandon Stark tree...and with Bran's growing powers indeed " WHAT a tree that would be." Perhaps this was a bit of foreshadowing. Sorry, I had surgery yesterday on my mouth and still not feeling well enough to spend much time typing but wanted to thank you for writing about Dywen. I love Ed Tollett, Dywen, Giant. These characters are helping Jon and I am very fond of them. Mayhaps a crack pot idea but I wonder if Ed Tollett's name is a play by Martin regarding Hands of the King. Remember way back when Robert told Ned the hand takes the crap for the King? Could Jon ( I believe our hidden king) have had his own personal hand ( squire) whose very name was a hint? Edit so sorry. OOps I blame my mouth surgery yesterday for this lapse, It is Giant, not Dywen hiding in the tree. I was in the dentist seat for four hours with two extractions and two crowns. Dry socket issues today so the pain meds are flowing. It was Not Dywen hiding in the tree but another beloved character. Giant.
  11. Perhaps the scene of Arya hiding in the dragon down in the dungeons is also a metaphor for " the dragon" =Jon = who secretly thinks about Arya his little sister whom he loves but is torn because he is supposed to give up his real life family for his NW brothers. So in effect Arya is hiding ( in his heart, in his thoughts) of our black dragon Jon. He is trying to think of how to release her from Ramsey and where to send her to keep her safe in ADWD. I wonder sometimes if GRRM is using labyrinths and mazes in our series in more than one way! Literal, mythological, and perhaps metaphors for the thinking and minds, decisions some of the characters are making.
  12. Evita I wish there was a like button regarding your mention of the Mass in Latin and the language issue of the CofF speaking in Old Tongue. Good find! Whizz comment about Hodor and his one eye frozen shut, I hope so much that she is correct in her idea that he is being used by BR to help get Bran to the Cave. I worry about this because while he has one eye frozen shut, he also has a hint that is not so good for his long term living. Please forgive how gross this sounds but GRRM sometimes does the gross. Snot it a death clue? It also mentions that he has frozen snot on his face and beard. How awful is this? Well ..I have personally looked up every character in the series that has some type of mucus coming from the nose. It is the same as chewing sour leaf...a real death decree I fear, so I went hunting to make sure our Bran, Arya, Jon, Sansa did not have any Sweet Robin is not yet dead, but he is called a snot nosed wretch by Tyrion. Chiswyck The men all roared, none louder than Chiswyck himself, who laughed so hard at his own story that snot dribbled from his nose down into his scraggy grey beard. Arya stood in the shadows of the stairwell and watched him Rorge began to laugh. He laughed so hard that snot flew out the hole where his nose had been Lark the Sisterman . "The Lord Commander wouldn't like that." There was ice under the big man's squashed pug nose, where his snot had frozen. A huge hand in a thick fur glove clenched tight around the shaft of a spear Samwell Tarly but maybe the scarf is a protection. He had wrapped his scarf over his nose and mouth, but it was covered with snot now, and so stiff he feared it must be frozen to his face Sallador "And Sallor picked his nose as if his snot was gold." He stood with his hands crossed at the wrists, his palms resting on the pommels of his blades; a curving Dothraki arakh on his left hip, a Myrish stiletto on his right. ( Possible foreshadow) Tyrion's trial. Shae speaking the people's reaction. . "It's true," Shae protested. "My giant of Lannister." The laughter swelled twice as loud. Their mouths were twisted in merriment, their bellies shook. Some laughed so hard that snot flew from their nostrils. I'll be sure to read it," Jon Snow replied. A line of pale snot ran from Maester Aemon's nose. He wiped it away with the back of his glove. "Knowledge is a weapon, Jon I am sorry my longest post this far has to do with mucus from the All my favorite characters so far have kept their nose's clean, even if a lank of hair has fallen over one eye.
  13. Still following this thread. So many wonderful essays and theories being put forth. I am a rather ill older woman (GRRM) age and my eye sight is not the best with my illness at the moment. I am also not pc skilled which means while I have ideas regarding the story line and the characters fates I am not really able to type them up correctly. Hopefully, my health will improve I can get off the medication and I can figure out how to use this new format. This is the main reason I read everything but seldom post. I just wanted to tell everyone who posts their thoughts, ideas here how much enjoyment they bring to me After reading the newer essays written, I am so pleased because I have suspected for awhile that another entity is in Ghost beside perhaps BR, and Jon. I have long wondered if the clues Martin gave us regarding "motherhood" might not be a clue to who is also residing in Ghost at times. Lyanna Stark might have in some way imparted enough of herself to Jon (Nissa Nissa idea of the mother's character and traits in the " sword" ie child.) Is it possible that in some way a part of Lyanna is also influencing Ghost? I was contemplating the UNCAT mother figure we have. She is not at rest because her children are not safe. Is there perhaps a subtle theme with mothers? It would be crackpot I know if some spirit of Jon's mother is inside Ghost, but I think perhaps there are some subtle clues in the story that could lend to that theory. Perhaps some of you fine folks can think on this idea or debunk it..Either would be fine. I am always struck by the fact that when Bran is in the coma and he is coming out of his coma..the end of his dream ( vision) involves him seeing a woman..(mother figure). This could be a very very subtle clue that GRRM slipped in right in AGOT to alert us that there is a woman hidden behind the direwolf (Ghost) The theme of mothers as ghosts in the mists in GRRM prose writing Spoiler below regarding a DUNK and EGG story! Also in one of the Dunk and Egg stories we have BR glammored in a Maynard Plumm? . Later in AFFC We also have this weird story about a dead Plumm fathering a child. Thers is no doubt that BR was using a Plumm knight to glamour himslef in the Dunk/EGG story..If it was a dead Plum body then we have our answer regarding Br's power. Also the idea of one eared, one eyed animals being used by BR. YES! I have long believed this to be true. What I do wonder about is whether one eared, or one eyed people are also being used in a sense by BR. Something about Dwyen the guy with the wooden clanking teeth who holed up in a tree on the ranging and I think is missing an ear? Anyways, my poor thoughts regarding so much fine material presented here. Please excuse mistakes, my eyesight is not good.. Evita's essay on the communion and Father, Son, and Holy Ghost makes alot of sense. But I wonder if Mother Lyanna is also somehow alive in Ghost.
  14. Ok now I have tears in my Thank you for wonderful welcome and this does indeed seem a very very nice thread with kind and thoughtful responses. Perhaps I will post more. I understand completely the dilemma of posting about Bran's capabilities in other threads. Very few serious readers willing to really delve deeply into Martin's use of prose as literary clues for us. I think someone mentioned a blog by a very nice fellow named Cantuse. He has been ill for a while but I recently noticed he has posted a wonderful article on Bran's visions and how they are actually explaining happenings in real time to other characters and possibly even the future. I do not know how to link his blog here but I think Whizz or Longrider might know his blog. Really a great read and much like your breakdown of the wind and rustling leaves metaphors with BR and Bran. Oh, one other idea from all of you. I rather liked the ideas all of you presenting about the symbolism of Bran. Bran with his bird like perch on top of WF and then later his being in the whole raven idea and learning to fly. I do believe Bran is in the raven in many parts of the story in ADWD and especially the gift Wind chapters. Also how you all included Jon on top of the wall ,,,the black crow perching. l loved the person who posted the comment about Araya in Braavos " PERCHED on the piling while its windy and foggy.( She reminded me of a seagull ) Sansa in the Vale and her bird thoughts wishing she could fly away. I will have to do a reread to see if any other characters other than the Stark children arg given this symbolism. I know Tyrion perches but he is noted with the gargoyle that perches. Will have to check on Dany over in Meereen high on top her pyramid. Just love this whole thread.
  15. Evita and everyone who has posted on this thread. I want to say how much I have enjoyed your posts. So much thought and work in all the details you have written. I seldom post on the forums but I read many of the threads. I want to tell Evita that I have followed her posts for the last year in whatever thread she posted in and I have just loved everything she has posted. A wonderful teacher who has given me many moments of pleasure. I am sorry I waited so long to post appreciation. I am a very old woman and not very good on the computer side. I wish I had been a young student in Evita's English lit class...what a joy. Once again thank you to everyone who has posted here. I have pages and pages of notes from the books because I noticed hints of symbols and metaphors but could not put them together in my understanding. Parallel plotlines etc etc. Someone above mentioned the wind and the various ways GRRM describes cloaks being affected by the wind. I have had that list broken down into characters for two Those whose cloaks flapp, or snap. Those whose cloaks stream. Etc... Perhaps one day someone will explain how these characters are aligned. I am sure there are clues there, I am just not able to figure it out. Thank you to those who do and who post their finds here. I have just loved the wind is Bran idea and I am convinced by all of your fine work on this thread..