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  1. Men's xl for me. Women's Xl for this red woman following me around please and thank you
  2. no spoilers. City of Mirrors is on my desk. And there are about 8 books on my kindle to be read. This is what happens when my commute via train (and reading time) turns into 3+ hours per day of bumper to bumper traffic. gag I have been waiting for this book for years.
  3. drat. I saw you were in SF a few months a go and I hadn't been on the board.  My appologies.  We try to be more welcoming.  I"ll blame Bronn.

  4. since this is stuck and i haven't posted, i've been adding recipes to my blog. feel free to peruse. or don't. :)
  5. i don't have a cover. I have several. but I might be proudest of Saga Swamp Thing 21 "anatomy lesson" (that was about the time the world realized Alan Moore was something special), but I digress from ASOIAF.
  6. and I thought I had a nice collection. Nope. Even if Mike did put on a cover <points>
  7. i have most of the ususal, but I got stiffed on Meisha Merlin GOT. But I have this original art: Dunk and Jon I believe those are 1 of a kind :cheers:
  8. Thought I'd add my Italian Sausage Soup. It was a hit. Notes: Fresh herbs are better than dried. This made enough for 2 meals for 3. You may want to make half or so. Cut the stock by 1/2 but I'd only cut the veggies by less than 1/4. This is a very "pasta intensive" soup. Limit pasta as you wish -- I maximize it for theRedWoman. :bowdown: one carton Chicken stock one carton Beef stock dried basil 1-2 T dried oregano 2+T 1 Onion quarterd Lots of garlic - chopped 2 stalks of celery roughly chopped 2 large Carrots roughly chopped 2 jalepenos seeded and chopped 2 fresno chiles seeded and chopped 2t cumin 1t paprika salt and pepper to taste add everything to large stock pot and and simmer for 60-90 min strain broth to remove vegatables return broth to simmer add: 1 14oz can of diced "italian tomatoes" 1 14 oz can of Canellini beans (white kidney or great northern) drained 1 lb italian sausage (not in casings) Brown sausage, drain and add to stock simmer 30 minutes 1lb of macaroni or other good tube pasta cook to al dente reserve 1 cup of cooking water drain (don't rinse) and add to stock add 1 cup of pasta water cook 10 minutes lots of salt and pepper to taste. top with good parmeasan or similar cheese. enjoy
  9. Hi, really sorry to hear about the trouble you went through with this book. He's the contact info I got from Jonathan :

    Jonathan Nelson email [email protected]

    He even gave me his contact number: 917 860 5356

    I think I have his mailing address too, I'll see if I can dig it up and send it through. Good luck.

  10. I was actually thinking that if they'd cast "semi-heavy weights" as Stannis and Davos (oh and for the hell of it, Melissandre) with a minor introductory scene in ep 9 or! a bit late for that strategy.
  11. I dunno, I think Syrio kicking serious ass with a piece of wood lends credence to the crackpot theory that Syrio=FacelessMan. Its far less crackpot to me today.
  12. I'm laughing at your name because I recently noticed how often that term is used in ASOIAF.

  13. I now I have status

  14. I think its the Kevin McKidd syndrome. Can't get Luscious Verenious, so let's pine for Titus Pullo. :cheers:
  15. I saw Beanophile and thought -- finally a fellow coffee lover. nope back to Boromir. Welcome PaintGirl and Jester.