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  1. since not everyone looks at the FB group -- i'm closing in on finalizing details on Sunday's (8/21) BBQ Dinner at Jack Stack BBQ. IF you want to join us or have a food need I should be aware of please let me know. thank you. Continue on with your day.
  2. its definitely a US MEAT place. that being said, Daeneyrs and I will with them to make sure there are a few vegan meals. on the standard menu are a few different veggie sides and kabobs. Besides Peadar, who is now considered officially rsvped -- its been too long friend, who else might have special dietary needs? Let us know.
  3. for those that haven't seen it.... and there may be no info here too ... maybe getting a large dinner space in KC is actually much harder than Spokane (I guess we got lucky there). We've got a large room at what I'm told is the a favorite of many boarders (and I'm spacing on board names). That's sunday night. Post here, hit the fb group PM me or Daenerys stormborn. yeah, she has a better name. The room holds 50 and I'll need to have some numbers to the restaurant next week (but in my mind all are welcome till we hit 49). I'm mean if POD can commit, so can you. and let's be honest, if this place is as good as its rep, i'm going more than once. We are working on Wednesday night dinner ... not quite nailed down.looking like it might be a pub take over, they are working with us. if you'll be in town tuesday, i've set up a dinner for 20 -- hopefully it will be as memorable as last years first dinner. you know, the one that encouraged blackfyre to shave off his beard. And HUGE ups and much love to Daenerys Stormborn who is doing most of the heavy lifting here. can't wait to see you all in few weeks. Even POD
  4. Men's xl for me. Women's Xl for this red woman following me around please and thank you
  5. no spoilers. City of Mirrors is on my desk. And there are about 8 books on my kindle to be read. This is what happens when my commute via train (and reading time) turns into 3+ hours per day of bumper to bumper traffic. gag I have been waiting for this book for years.
  6. drat. I saw you were in SF a few months a go and I hadn't been on the board.  My appologies.  We try to be more welcoming.  I"ll blame Bronn.

  7. i saw the pic. that looked amazing. I'm cooking for tomorrow's extravaganza pop up.  You know when everyone is in white, you start with -- spicy gazpacho!  and fried chicken and avocado bean salad and hummus, from beans in a can! I said it.  and I'll find a clever use for bacon jam, I'm going to twist it and make it bbq fig bacon jam, but there will still be bourbon and coffee.  #SillyPosts2PadMyStats
  8. no, we will NOT split a room with you. please stop badgering us about it.  But we intend on coming and rocking the bbq ...probably for 40 of us .....
  9. we are still eating leftover smoked meatloaf (the recipe and pictures are here) and the smoked beans I made.  Fried chicken this weekend.  8 days at the con and I'm still not back on a solid cooking routine. :)  Of course I was out most this past weekend, so I can't complain about those great meals.
  10. I thought I'd show my face today. Last night was: Smoked leg of lamb smoked baby back ribs Bacon Mac and Cheese Not from a box. Rustic, yellow woman beans with peppers ( Spicyh Coleslaw Finished with raspberry pie (bought) with Lemon Sorbet (home made) why yes, you do need more heirloom beans in your world :)
  11. since this is stuck and i haven't posted, i've been adding recipes to my blog. feel free to peruse. or don't. :)
  12. i don't have a cover. I have several. but I might be proudest of Saga Swamp Thing 21 "anatomy lesson" (that was about the time the world realized Alan Moore was something special), but I digress from ASOIAF.
  13. and I thought I had a nice collection. Nope. Even if Mike did put on a cover <points>
  14. i have most of the ususal, but I got stiffed on Meisha Merlin GOT. But I have this original art: Dunk and Jon I believe those are 1 of a kind :cheers:
  15. Thought I'd add my Italian Sausage Soup. It was a hit. Notes: Fresh herbs are better than dried. This made enough for 2 meals for 3. You may want to make half or so. Cut the stock by 1/2 but I'd only cut the veggies by less than 1/4. This is a very "pasta intensive" soup. Limit pasta as you wish -- I maximize it for theRedWoman. :bowdown: one carton Chicken stock one carton Beef stock dried basil 1-2 T dried oregano 2+T 1 Onion quarterd Lots of garlic - chopped 2 stalks of celery roughly chopped 2 large Carrots roughly chopped 2 jalepenos seeded and chopped 2 fresno chiles seeded and chopped 2t cumin 1t paprika salt and pepper to taste add everything to large stock pot and and simmer for 60-90 min strain broth to remove vegatables return broth to simmer add: 1 14oz can of diced "italian tomatoes" 1 14 oz can of Canellini beans (white kidney or great northern) drained 1 lb italian sausage (not in casings) Brown sausage, drain and add to stock simmer 30 minutes 1lb of macaroni or other good tube pasta cook to al dente reserve 1 cup of cooking water drain (don't rinse) and add to stock add 1 cup of pasta water cook 10 minutes lots of salt and pepper to taste. top with good parmeasan or similar cheese. enjoy