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  1. BWB Norcal IV + I =5

    hey kids. Neal will be in town 5/23 it seems. who wants to meet in SF for drinks? I'll coordinate.
  2. drat. I saw you were in SF a few months a go and I hadn't been on the board.  My appologies.  We try to be more welcoming.  I"ll blame Bronn.

  3. Fantasy Football 2015

    who are you people and where have I been?
  4. What's For Dinner v. 6

    i saw the pic. that looked amazing. I'm cooking for tomorrow's extravaganza pop up.  You know when everyone is in white, you start with -- spicy gazpacho!  and fried chicken and avocado bean salad and hummus, from beans in a can! I said it.  and I'll find a clever use for bacon jam, I'm going to twist it and make it bbq fig bacon jam, but there will still be bourbon and coffee.  #SillyPosts2PadMyStats
  5. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    no, we will NOT split a room with you. please stop badgering us about it.  But we intend on coming and rocking the bbq ...probably for 40 of us .....
  6. Dating: Matchmakers, dealbreakers and affairs, oh my!

     it's sad that there is a need to filter out the asses.  clearly, if he got filtered, he wasn't smart enough to see the phenomenal person in front of him.  And he probably had spiders in his hair, so he did you a favor.
  7. What's For Dinner v. 6

    we are still eating leftover smoked meatloaf (the recipe and pictures are here) and the smoked beans I made.  Fried chicken this weekend.  8 days at the con and I'm still not back on a solid cooking routine. :)  Of course I was out most this past weekend, so I can't complain about those great meals.
  8. Dating: Matchmakers, dealbreakers and affairs, oh my!

    after hearing about all the fun I was missing in GC (over the weekend) I decided to pop in.  I am so glad I'm not hip deep in the dating scene from some of these posts, though I have spied some similar shenanigans from my trusty seat in too many bars.  Don't spread it too far, but I'm very lucky that theRedWoman is so perfect.  Although if you all keep calling her 'a living goddess" I'm sure I'll be in trouble.  And yes, I lived through a disaster similar to the one Resonant Frequency described.  But with more vomit.  and much less making out.  But not with my Valkyrie.  Ok, I'm done making my presence known.  :cheers:
  9. BWB Norcal IV + I =5

    Bump. time to move this thread back to the top.  NorCal remembers.  when we aren't too dunk.  or full.
  10. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    you know who hates Karoke.  don't let on I told you ... singers  :bang:
  11. Fantasy Football 2015

    when someone sets up thunderdome and survivor, please let me know. I avoid the board in general these days.
  12. Spokane River Float thread

    that's pretty cold. I keep the pool at 82-83 for her royal highness. :)
  13. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    clearly i communiate with many of you in other means. TheRedWoman and I will be there. :)
  14. What's For Dinner v. 6

    I thought I'd show my face today. Last night was: Smoked leg of lamb smoked baby back ribs Bacon Mac and Cheese Not from a box. Rustic, yellow woman beans with peppers ( Spicyh Coleslaw Finished with raspberry pie (bought) with Lemon Sorbet (home made) why yes, you do need more heirloom beans in your world :)
  15. Fantasy Football - Westeros Survivor League

    please put me in coach. :)