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  1. Ah, no one mentioned Gerald Tarrant from the Coldfire trilogy. The books make the argument that if the collective unconscious of humanity was backed by a magical force, in this case called "the Fae" then Dark Lords would inevitably be produced.
  2. Finished it two days ago. Overall, great stuff. I particularly enjoyed the first half but the second half was a bit boring. Some random thoughts about it: Main cast was great except for Reileen Ortega had so much screen time but she did almost nothing except follow Kovacs around. All the detective stuff was passed off to her two fellow policemen. I'm not a fan of that. If you're gonna make her a main character, at least make her do something. It seems she was just there for eye candy and for Kovacs to have a relatable romantic interest. Having said that, I understand why they went for Ortega as Kovac's main love interest instead of Miriam. IIRC, in the books Kovacs was more into Miriam than Ortega, right? Kovacs drooling over hot Miriam like he did in the books would probably be a turnoff for TV viewers The brother sister plot was bizarre. Quell was actually okay for me at first even though they mixed her up with Viduara. The only problem was when they made her into the main love interest. Their romance fell flat for me. Loved the visuals of the city, the casting was mostly great, and wow, that one actor who was the grandma and two other characters was great CTAC are just soldiers in this setting? Hmmm, they didn't seem to do anything very Envoy-like at all I hope there will be more psychological manipulation and Sherlocking next time. Just having Kovacs kick ass physically doesn't do it for me. I prefer the way Envoys would mess things up via manipulating people I loved the part I look forward to the next season.
  3. Really? Ciri is the protagonist? Hmmm I read The Last Wish and Blood of Elves but she hasn't done anything so that seems strange to me.
  4. Yeah, at the time I was pretty mad at Robb for not trading Jamie for Sansa. His reasoning was that Jamie was worth a lot more than a girl therefore he shouldn't trade since he would be on the losing side of that transaction. I really do understand why Cat freed Jamie. It was totally wrong, of course, but she must have have felt so desperate since Robb basically had no plans of saving Sansa. This is the main reason why I wasn't super upset about what happened to Robb. I was more sad that Dacey and the other Northerners died.
  5. Agreed. Based on the reviews the book does seem lawful but there's no way to really tell without reading it first. Edit: oops I meant "awful" not lawful.
  6. I saw two of the books in my local bookstore and snapped up The Last Wish and Blood of Elves. Alas, I had no idea there was a book in the middle of those two that I missed. I had already read some fan translated English work around ten or so years ago. The Last Wish was what I had read before and it's pretty interesting. The Blood of Elves was super confusing since it started in the middle for me (since I accidentally skipped a book, lol) and it's the first time I read about Triss. I was like "um Triss what? Isn't the witch Yennefer?" at first but gradually I realized that I had missed a chunk of the story... I loved the parts where they went back to the Witcher's stronghold/home. This was the first time I had read about a witcher who isn't Geralt. So Triss said that Geralt seemed aged? I always thought of him as pretty young-looking (what with him sleeping with 17-year-olds). How strange to think he might look like an old man now with facial wrinkles and all. BTW I have not played the video games. I also have not read the entire thread this time since I am afraid of spoilers. Just wanted to put my two cents in. I'll be back once I've finished the series.
  7. Gosh, yes. I won't read any more news about that since spoilers seem to be everywhere and I haven't read it yet.
  8. I read Jemisin's first book and liked it but having said that, I totally understand it has a ton of flaws and weird content. We hashed that book over extensively in 2011. Robin Hobb's Fool's Quest - Very good stuff in it but it is the 2nd in a trilogy so it doesn't have an ending yet. This trilogy is also the third trilogy in the series so it's probably best to read the other 7 books first. Django Wexler's The Price of Valour - a fine book that continues the story with a great deal of action. This is a Naploeanic (guns and swords) fantasy army books series with lots of magic, too.   Thanks to everyone who posted, I have been looking for more good books to read.
  9. Hmmm so there is a very important link to dragons. Interesting. Thank you.
  10. Yes but [spoiler]vapid and ignorant is not the same as a bitch.[/spoiler] [spoiler]"didn't Bee mean him when she said Shun's "hidden father" would "shred" their attackers? I wonder if he still has a role to play." Yes, Bee meant Chade but I think that was just a possibility. I would love it if Chade suddenly came out of nowhere and shredded those Servant. Elderling ancestors of the Farseers - hmm it would tie up the Fool's tasks of preserving the Farseer line and bringing back the dragons if the two are related. [/spoiler] Helena, do the dragons use Skill? Or is it a special dragonmagic type of thing? I have not read RWC. If they do use Skill then the Elderlings probably do have it.
  11. I was just reading some Shun stuff last time I posted.This time I am already   [spoiler]at the healing part again (re-read) and I am going over the implications if Fitz can actually do a LOT more.   The blood - ooooh I didn't think about Chade's bloody hand.   Link to the Fool - good point about the dragon blood. Also, the Fool dipped his hand in the silver Skill stuff again. If Fitz's Skill abilities are being affcted by his bond to the Fool, I am guessing that might have made him stronger, too.[/spoiler]   Edit: I think we are posting and editing for errors at the same time, hahahaha.         Yes, there are. But there are also extenuating circumstances for other people.   As for the example I gave, I don't think Verity put more thought into the name than Patience did, he just came up with the most obvious name. Verity says he wrote down "FitzChivalry" in his report when Fitz was left with him. "Fitz" means boy, IIRC so FitzChivalry just mean's Chivalry's boy.I think it's like Fitzroy, the name they give to royal bastards since it means "son of the king." At least Patience gave him an actual name and not just "that guy, hes the son of that other guy."   I'm kidding. My point isn't that these incidents are both exactly the same but they are very similar. I'm thinking that it just depends on how you look at it.The fact that Fitz has used the name Patience gave him probably means he likes it now so these days he views both naming events are good.
  12. Yeah, it didn't come off too well when I posted but I was talking about how Fitz/Bee will be giving a ridiculously exaggerated "reading" of someone's actions which make it out that some trivial stuff is so bad when it really depends on how you look at it. To clarify, this is not *bad*, it's just what POVs are like.   It adds a whole nother level to re-reading for me. Like, another example would be Bee complaining about Shun's dress which apparently has a lot of cleavage. I'm guessing Molly never dressed like that. She was like 50? or so when Bee was born. Nevertheless, I really doubt that Shun's dress was really a big deal.  :blushing:   Yes! She was a bit snobby there. I just read that part and she said the servers should serve her first, not the farmers.   I forgot to say that in her view, Tom is some peasant/servant who should be behaving better to her. When Chade and Fitz were talking about Shun, Chade told her she would have two servants to take care of her needs and an allowance. So Shun is looking for what she was promised. Not really well-bred of her to be complaining about it, but if she kept quiet she would never get anything. Not like Fitz was buying her nice clothes, was he? As we all know, Fitz thinks plain dress is the best. That's not really gonna cut if for Shun, she likes pretty clothes.    [spoiler]I think there might be a moment where he actually realises his hypocrisy in chastising Lant for leaving Bee[/spoiler]   Agreed.   About RWC: hmmm, idk I kinda want to read it but it's 4 books and Hobb is a bit slow on the plot. Can I just pick up the last book and read that?
  13. Uh the only other conversation they have about Shun, Chade only says "her education has been sadly neglected" and that is neglected by Chade's standards. I actually searched all the mentions of Shun's grandparents. I don't think Shun's education has been more neglected than Fitz's daughters Bee and Nettle. Regardless, Shun is just a minor character at this point. I suspect Hobb only put her in so that plotwise there is someone who can be with Bee at some crucial points.   [spoiler]Perseverance is there to stay in Withywoods so there is someone who can tell Fitz who took Bee. Shun is there so Fitz and Co will know what happened.[/spoiler]     Yeah, Liveships was boring for me. I do like the parts with Paragon in it but the rest was a yawn. My brain is telling me that there was a lot of slow parts with the Satrap, Althea, and Winthrow. Hmmm, I think I was bored by all the Vivacia parts. :frown5:  I can't even remember what the point was on having Althea, she didn't even do anything except whine that Viva was supposed to be hers. It has been a while since I read it but that is what I remember now. Soem good parts but 90% of it was boring.   Actually, most of Hobb is boring, as I noted above I only like some of her books and even then most of the parts are boring. :unsure: Maybe because I can almost always tell where the story is going? By this time I already know Hobb is gonna tie everything up in happy ending... I really wonder what is up with the dragons and the Servants. I think it will be interesting to find out,. I have very high hopes for a great last book.  :laugh: Edit: so many typos.
  14. Some other, more important questions/comments:   [spoiler]- Has Fitz actually leveled up his Skill or is this an effect of the location and the nearness of the skill well when he did the healings? I have been wondering how on earth he is going to kill all the servants but if his Skill has actually grown that much, maybe he can go in and change their minds the way Chivalry changed Galen's mind by making him loyal. Honestly, it would be mind-rapey but considering how evil the Servants are, they deserve it. Using the Skill that way would possibly be better than mass murder.   - Serious question: Has Fitz been Prince FitzChivalry all this time? Because for some reason, I just can't remember that before. When he is publicly recognized, Dutiful calls him FitzChivalry Farseer but Dutiful doesn't say "Prince." I don't get it.   - Does anyone have any idea why the Servants didn't want the dragons to come back? I have not read the Rain Wilds series.   [/spoiler]   Btw, I have been meaning to ask, is the Rain Wilds worth reading? I read the samples I found online and didn't like them. Of Hobb's books the only one I really liked was the Farseer Trilogy. I have read Liveship (boring), Tawny Man (liked first and last parts, got bored by middle parts), Solder Son (so bad), The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince (very nice, but price too high), and the current Fitz and the Fool (excellent so far!).
  15. I meant the rep in the book. By the book characters. Not by you. That's why I'm talking about the differences in how Fitz spins different things and not how readers view the book.     Uh, nope.   [spoiler]"Her mother left her to be raised by her grandparents. Good enough people in their own way. I can recognize that, even if they bled me for money. Obviously they were not fond of me, but they were loyal to their own blood. She was undeniably their granddaughter, and they raised her as such. With the same haphazard raising they had bestowed upon her mother, I am sad to say. Benign but not intelligent. Keeping a child from harm is not the same as rearing one."   That's what Chade said. Hardly a bitch.[/spoiler] Actually, what he said about benign neglect reminds me of how Fitz did with Bee. The poor girl is running around with no one to care for her, smelly, dirty, and dressed like a peasant boy. :eek:   [spoiler]Again, like how Fitz neglects his own daughter for months yet he is not an awful person but Lant just leaves her for a few seconds but he is a horrible person. It's all in the spin put on actions that makes the worst stuff totally okay depending on who is doing it yet trivial stuff is seen as the worst thing ever.[/spoiler]   Ah, I think I found the term for it: Protagonist Centered Morality This trope is examined in The Last Hero by Vetinari who points out that most "heroic" acts would have anyone else hanged for wanton death and destruction, but since they are committed by a "hero" they are considered acceptable.   “And then Jack chopped down what was the world's last beanstalk, adding murder and ecological terrorism to the theft, enticement, and trespass charges already mentioned, and all the giant's children didn't have a daddy anymore. But he got away with it and lived happily ever after, without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done...which proves that you can be excused for just about anything if you are a hero, because no one asks inconvenient questions.” ― Terry Pratchett, Hogfather