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  1. I love austra! Been listening to them since their first album, never made that connection though.
  2. Vassals of Kingsgrave are tops. Davos Fingers are tops as well.
  3. To spite his face?
  4. Perfect opportunity for Dolorous Edd to caper around with them adding the same sort of comical and an added morose lines as they evade the conspirators.
  5. I am even more excited for your next cast now, and you are one of my main asoiaf people to check on. I absolutely love the writing and production process, being another amateur musician and artist or whatever. If only I had the computer capable to do the production work I'd like. I also see your next episode is a available, I'll take notes to have a more insightful and impactful response. And the Fingers do a chapter by chapter review and analysis, but they, as a group, are not entrenched with either the forums or tv show. They have really great and unique views, as well as maintaining relatability and enjoyment. I fan boyed a message to them a few casts ago.
  6. Nothing constructive or furtuitous to add, just been a fan of your essays and podcasts since your started. Originally your handle drew me in, I have a soft spot for old Lucy. But I love your work, as someone mentioned you have a very unique and different way of approaching asoiaf topics and it's refreshing. Much like the Davo's fingers podcast (highly suggest to anyone who hasn't checked them out). Also, great job on the readings on this one. One of my wishes is to create my own audio books for asoiaf. There are so many options for a project like that! Keep up the good work my dude, I'll still be listening/reading/wishing I was good enough to partake in the fandom like many of you lol.
  7. I do have to say though, I really love Iain Glen's readings of the Rogue Prince and the Princess and the Queen. I would much prefer if he could do all the readings for any asoiaf related work.
  8. I am hoping it isn't even true just because of how much that theory bothers me.
  9. The Blacks, which is overwhelmingly being agreed upon it seems. But I also support the Blackfyre claim so...
  10. Agree so much, was trying to explain to my parents this morning why I dislike Tyrion, quoting myself, "He's my least favorite Lannister".
  11. JQC, unfortunately I'm on mobile and can't see sigs
  12. "Robert, we could rule Westeros, as cousin and cousin."
  13. And I will now forever imagine Rhaegar saying at the trident, "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy".
  14. Super off topic, but, I vote for Aeon sticking around. Absolutely love that cartoon.