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  1. The Northerners have pretty much mopped up the Iron born, i think only torrhen's square remains, the mountain clans have joined with Stannis to fight roose bolton and the northerners in boltons camp are all mostly going to stab him in the back like he did to the young wolf. The Northerners have lost a lot but winter is upon them and who fights better in winter than the Northerners. I think the mountain clans numbered in 4k so them and the rest of the North they should be able to field a respectable number of troops. Lord Wyman Manderly has been building ships for a year probably with the help of the Umbers and he still commands more heavy horse than any other lord north of the neck. his words not mine. The only true ally Boltons have are the Freys and Lady Dustin, I even think the Ryswells are in on the conspiracy as Roose once remarks to Ramsey that his only Northen ally is Lady Dustin.
  2. none of the above I am really looking forward to all starks including Jon reuniting, as Ned said the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. If any more starks die i would be really disappointed. O yeah and lord wyman manderly's grand daughters or atleast one marries the starks boys, probably Rickon, since Bran has a thing for meera and bran would abdicate winterfell to Rickon as he will want to be a greenseer
  3. yup, I see your point about Jon's conflict and his guilt
  4. I thought it was the Tullys and the other riverlords he wanted to lure into a trap by spreading their forces thin so tywin could pick them off one by one, until Robb came down, the riverlords were all over the place trying to catch Gregor, though i might be wrong
  5. I am only saying that Jon is not responsible for Melisandre's actions
  6. Yes, But it was Stannis who allowed the wildlings through the gates and decreed that all wildlings should be allowed to pass through the wall so long they keep his peace and laws. Jon is simply making use of them and yes although they are under his command Melisandre is not. she sent mance not Jon and mance is under her control not Jon's. Stannis's wife has a conversation with Jon in ADWD where she approves of Tormund coming through the wall, as the wildlings will be needed in her lord husbands wars. Stannis didnt want to wait and Jon wanted men so he took the wildlings from Stannis in exchange for his insight about the mountain clans
  7. Jon doesn't spare Mance, Melisandre does. Jon wanted to use Mance to keep all the wildlings under one leadership and man the wall against the WW. I would call that sound judgement even if mance's crime means the death penalty since he is a good leader who united all the different clans/tribes of wildlings. Melisandre sent Mance to get Farya as he wouldnt bcoz of his vows, they come under stannis command not Jon's Ramsay declared war on the NW with that letter, Jon had to act or wait for Ramsay to attack castle black which doesn't have any formidable or even sufficient defenses to withstand an attack from the south
  8. Although not "wow that escalated quickly", Daenerys realizing in her last chapter of ADWD that she has been stalling, coz i was so used to the idea of her in meereen and her determination to rule, finally !! and i did not see Jon being stabbed multiple times as Thorne was not in the picture and that blasted boar kept ghost on the edge
  9. When Winter comes the Lone Wolf dies, but the Pack Survives