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  1. You're not doing it for her. You're doing it for yourself. If she rejects your attempt at redemption you can always say/think "well, I'm not that bad, I did get the GoT autographs". Even if you don't see it, you're trying to get some kind of insurance and that's not cool in a situation like that. Don't get me wrong. I believe we're always doing thing for ourselves and that's part of being a good person. But just do the best thing both for yourself and her and offer a sincere apology. If she doesn't want it, oh well, that's life. We can't fix everything. On a side note, I don't know if the actors use to sign the books, but I'd be very uncomfortable signing a book authored by another person.
  2. I'm very disappointed. I'm done with asoiaf. I'll start watching the TV show and catch up to watch the last season when it airs. MAYBE two books in 2018 (lol) and possibly one of them is this. So maybe no twow until 2019 or who knows when. This series will never be finished. Publishers realized it and are trying to cash in with some nes material while they can. That's clear to me.
  3. I didn't research the tags comprehensively, but at a fast glance I couldn't spot any difference. To me it seems like he uses both tags interchangeably, and sometimes he uses both.
  4. Could you please explain the difference in the tags? I couldn't find it in this thread. In the blog, "a song of ice and fire" showed posts about the tv show, the books, TWoW progress etc. "song of ice and fire" showed posts about the books, ants named after characetrs, sample chapters etc. Sometimes he uses both tags. What's the difference and what does it tell us about the "alas, valyria" post?
  5. That Song of Ice and Fire tag gives me hope that the post isn't about the new blog. If it's that GRRM screwed us over pretty bad lol
  6. Agreed. Even if he is writing other stuff, he wouldn't tell and he certainly wouldn't publish them before TWoW.
  7. Ok then, if you know the theory that's all there is to it. We'll know the truth (not) soon enough. I've believed the theory for years, way before more recent and clearer clues came out, so after that it's practically cannon for me hehe.
  8. Tyrion is probably a Targaryen bastard, though.
  9. Now you have me worried that he might be giving up. It is very possible that the show's last season overwhelmed him with a sense of defeat. Things will not be easy for him. Even if he manages to finish TWOW today, what then? He has a whole new book to finish before he can move on to new stuff. And when he does, people will say "well, it was about time". The impact will never compare to the show's finale, unfortunately.
  10. I'm trying to understand why he would choose to deliver such an enigmatic announcement. I read somewhere that he was very clear that when he was done he would be straight forward about it. Assuming he really finished the book, an explanation could be the coincidence that he completed his work almost at the same time as the show's last season was about to start. He might feel that announcing the new book at that moment could be seen as a move to prevent people who wanted to read first from watching the last season right now. Of course the impact on the ratings would probably be negligible, but people from HBO might see that as an unfriendly move from him. There are people, after all, who gave up reading the books first since it's not absurd to think the TV show will spoil a great deal.
  11. I guess it was just a way to show her infatuation with the Hound, as creepy as that is.
  12. I'm from Brazil, so there's no way to read the Barristan Selmy chapter? I searched for it and couldn't find it at all. Is there a kindle version I can buy with the chapter? The only chapter I haven't read because I just can't find it :(
  13. I have a cheap Samsung phone and a Note 8. It's incompatible with both devices. I tried to install the APK directly but it won't work because you have to download stuff and it won't let you if your phone isn't compatible. :( it's sad
  14. I hate them too. I don't think it's the same thing. It's not as bad as watching a movie or tv show, but you always lose something. There's always interpretation and I don't like it. I like to read the books and imagine things myself. Though they're a great alternative to those who drive a lot etc. Recently I found a way to read my kindle while working out, and I mostly use public transportation so I can read :) I like language audio courses and maybe I could get into listening to non-literary stuff, but I too find it harder to concentrate on listening alone.