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  1. Dammit spoilers. I should have known better...
  2. Now that you mention it, the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do somewhat fit the trope. Especially Death, who is often depicted as a skeletal rider on a pale horse, wielding a scythe.
  3. Well, the Death Knight was created for the 1981 D&D Fiend Folio, years before Lord Soth was introduced in DL and fleshed out with a tragic backstory. Can anyone come up with examples of Death Knights predating LOTR?
  4. I read this review on Goodreads and thought it was hilarious. But is it true? Did Bakker go overboard with the gay snuff porn this time? Is there really a dragon who yells "I like cunny"? Is it just a massive cliffhanger for the next series of novels that leaves all major questions unanswered?
  5. I have heard the grave news that TUC pretty much sucks. Is it true? How could the messiah fail us so?
  6. So I been thinking about Deathknights. Former noble knights that for one reason or another have been cursed to walk the land forever as mere shadows of their erstwhile selves, trying to find redemption and perhaps their final rest. The most prominent example are probably the Deathknights from WoW. Another - and my favorite - example is Lord Soth from Dragonlance, who may well be the most tragic character ever written, second only perhaps to Raistlin. But what was the origin of that trope? Was it Lord of the Rings' Ringwraiths who, even though not skeletal in appearance, fulfill all of the other requirements of the trope? Or does it date back even further?
  7. Pretty sure it's been linked before ITT. Anyway, how can one take that wiki entry seriously when it doesn't even mention Bakker, given that he is the seminal author when anything grim or dark, let alone grimdark, is concerned.
  8. I wouldn't name MCA in the same breath as Bioware's writers, he's on another level entirely. AFAIK he's now working with Larian on Original Sin 2. I wonder how compatible he'll be with the usually very light-hearted tone of their games.
  9. Ah yes, POE. Playing that, I found it bore some thematic resemblances to TSA, though without reaching the same philosophical depth. MCA didn't do much writing for that game AFAIK, just a couple NPCs; part of the reason he ultimately left Obsidian I think.
  10. Some of those recommendations would be arguable but I'm in no mood to argue. Grimdark, well-written oldschool RPGs where you can make morally questionable choices or even do outright evil things include: Planescape: Torment Arcanum Mask of the Betrayer VtM: Bloodlines
  11. Well, that decision now rests with the Turkish court.
  12. Whatever he is, Gollum is a very tragic figure. One of the few things I distinctly remember from reading LOTR is rooting for Gollum as the underdog. Can't say the same about Erdogan.
  13. Once more unto The Barrow because that happens to still be fresh in my mind:
  14. I see. Well, I guess it could be expected he wouldn't give up on his characters so readily. I was actually hoping that Oh, and one more thing
  15. While I don't necessarily disagree with their rather broad definition of the term, I object to the suggestion that a some magazine should be the default authority on a subgenre simply by virtue of covering it exclusively. I understand the author also publishes comics and RPGs in the same setting, but to my knowledge it's his only actual novel so far.