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  1. Nah, that's a good thing. Euron was horribly miscast, the less time spent with him, the better. I think it's best to treat it that way. They may have hopped over a few Westerosi laws to get there, but ultimately I think he's at the same place now that he will eventually be by the end of Winds. Best to just go with it.
  2. I watched with a bunch of Unsullied, and they all knew the theory. All friends I've asked since were also relatively unsurprised. Nature of the beast I guess. Not much you can do about that.
  3. Giving it a 7, after long consideration. As far as production is concerned, you can't fault this episode. They really brought out the CGI big guns for Mereen. And that battle? Talk about the horrors of war. For a show that's always struggled with their depiction of violence, I thought they handled it pretty well, and that battle felt far more cautoinary than most violence has been on the show up till this point. However... The false and contrived emotional stakes were a big problem in this one. The only time I felt real tension throughout the whole episode was when Rickon was running; other than that, I could (and did) predict every major beat of this episode, from Dany going fire and blood on the slavers (and slaves, btw), to Davos finding out what happened to Shireen, to Jon's army getting completely destroyed, to the Arryn reinforcements riding in to save the day (that has literally happened on every battle in the show so far), to finally Ramsay getting eaten by his own dogs. Seriously, what was the point of that entire battle when we KNEW Littlefinger was bringing reinforcements??? A quick hypothetical; way back in episode 4, Sansa rejects Littlefinger's help (fair enough) because she's already had the conversation with Jon and co about where they can get some men, and Littlefinger goes away. Jon and Sansa go on and get their men: not as many as they wanted but enough to take on the Boltons and feel they're in with a serious shot. However the tide turns, and then at the last minute, to the surprise of EVERYONE, Littlefinger rides in to save the day (we could later have it revealed that he had a spy in their camp, and was keeping tabs on how things were going). Now, he finds himself in a much stronger bargaining position, because everyone thought they were finished and genuinely wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. It's stuff like this where it just seems baffling to me that the writers can't be just a little more clever: not a lot, just a little. The predictability of the show currently is a grim omen for the future, particularly given that the major selling point for watching the show before the books came out was that we're in the dark about where things are going. I gave David and Dan the benefit of the doubt this season, but my patience is running low.
  4. Ok, lets break it down. I get that you believe it's 'cunning' for her to lull the Waif into a false sense of security, and I admit that using the dark at the end to gain an advantage was a very clever trick. The massive problem with that however is that she WAS stabbed three times in the belly by the Waif, and that was clearly something she didn't anticipate and/or plan for. It's no exaggeration to say she could (and should) have died from it, not least because she would have fainted from blood loss before she ever got to Lady Crane. Then there's the fact that she could all of a sudden run full pelt as though she'd been completely healed... No, it was just bad writing. The sooner you accept that, the better things will be.
  5. Not sure if serious...
  6. Gave it a 5. Unbelievable. Every time I think this show is taking a step forward it takes two steps back. David and Dan don't deserve this story. Unsurprisingly, the best parts of this episode were those taken directly from the book (Riverrun, etc). Sandor's stuff was good but nothing special, but all of Arya's stuff was actually unacceptable.
  7. I don't think the bit where Brienne is talking to Jamie and the one where he is talking about Cersei are the same scene. I don't think it's Brienne he's talking to in the second part either, we don't know what the context of any of that is. I think it's premature to suggest that conflict is coming between Jamie and Brienne (though it's certainly not premature to mourn Jamie's redemption arc). Give it time; for me, everything in Riverrun so far has shown promise.
  8. Gave it an 8. Mostly enjoyed this episode, and there was nothing terrible, but still a few clumsy moments. What I liked: - Stark recruitment. Everything was great, and I particularly liked the trip to Bear Island. Really wished that Sansa had vowed to come back and hang Lord Glover for an Oathbreaker as Robb did to the Greatjon though. - Jamie at Riverrun. Great to see some of the book dialogue survive, and really enjoyed Jamie putting down the Freys. - King's Landing. Glad to see Margaery has some kind of a plan, looking forward to seeing where this goes. What I wasn't wild about: - Septon Meriband and the return of the Hound. They bungled this in my opinion, very clumsily done. Didn't mind the Cold Open and early reveal, but the Septon himself was a big disappointment. - Arya in Braavos. Surely she was expecting some kind of attack; she should have been much more covert than she was. And after being stabbed in the abdomen three times, there's no way she can walk around straight the way she is. Was expecting much more of a fight between her and the Waif after all this build up. Very disappointing.
  9. Gave it a 6. Really strange episode, didn't really feel like an episode of Game of Thrones. I wouldn't bring back that director at all, he didn't get the tone right. What I liked: - Everything in Braavos. Now that they've stopped beating Arya half to death, her storyline has really picked up. Pity they left it in a cliffhanger, but I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next instalment of that particular arc. - Benjen reveal. I knew it was him as soon as I heard his voice, but it was still great when he took his hood off. Moment was kind of ruined by the fact that I was watching with a bunch of Unsullied who had no idea who he was. - Walder Frey reintroduction. They've got the Frey tone spot on. Well done. - Tommen's moment at the sept. Not entirely sure they'd done a perfect job forshadowing that, but it was still a good moment. Also loved Jamie riding up the steps of the sept. What I wasn't wild about: - Jamie getting stripped of the white cloak. He's basically a different character now, and I don't know why they've changed his relationship with Cersei so much. Don't think it improves him as a character at all. - Visit to Horn Hill. Tone was all wrong, nothing from that worked for me. Randyll Tarly was a big disappointment as well. Not a fan of any of that. It felt completely out of place, like it came from a different show.
  10. MVP: The one who held the door Littlefinger: Doing nothing, going nowhere Likeability - most improved: Sansa Likeability - biggest drop off: Brienne. Doing nothing for me this season. Position - most improved: Gotta be Jon, by virtue of coming back to life. Honourable mention for Dany Position - biggest drop off: Doran. Shafted as a character. Rookie award: anyone but Euron Best assist: Hodor, again. Honourable mention to Mel. Best fight: Arya, for getting beaten to a pulp for five episodes and still coming back for more. Hottest character girl: Gotta be Dany for stripping down again Hottest character guy: I guess Daario? Best Episode: Ep 4 holds the biggest sway on me. Best scene: Jon/Sansa Stark reunion Worst scene: Dorne. Just everything Dorne. Best monologue: I really enjoyed Varys with the Harpy's whore. Best kill/death: Jon hanging the mutineers Worst kill/death: Trystane Most exciting area: Beyond the wall and everything that comes with it Best verbal battle: The High Sparrow and Jamie Most likely to die: Ramsay. They're setting that one up big time Most likely to kill someone: Stoneheart. I want to believe.
  11. A lot to digest in that one, plenty of highs and lows. Think I'm giving it a 7. What I liked: - All the stuff North of the Wall. I don't at all buy that that's how it goes down in the books (though Hodor's origin was very well delivered) but that doesn't mean it wasn't extremely well delivered. Hodor's origin was great, kudos to the people who predicted that. - Everything from the Kingsmoot that wasn't Euron. Yara and Theon were great, and the drowning ceremony was also good. - The red priestess and Varys. Thought that was an interesting moment. - Sansa, Davos and Jon planning recruitment, and just everything Stark. Loved it. What I wasn't wild about: - Euron. Miscast IMO. I get that they're going for less cartoonish, more classic ironborn, but I'm still just not a fan. No charisma whatsoever - Sansa and Littlefinger. Firstly because of the return of Littlefinger's teleportation device (like seriously, they could have left that an episode or two and met him on the road). Littlefinger's complete lack of a plan to handle the whole "you sent me to marry a monster" situation, and Sansa's poor decision not to make use of the quite substantial army he's got at his disposal. Still think it'll play a part. Sidebar: Word of the Blackfish and Riverrun making its way North is interesting, looking forward to seeing where that all goes.
  12. Targaryen's practiced polygamy, and it is theorised that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married in secret.
  13. More evidence that Season 5 was glorified filler.
  14. How do the Dothraki know that? All they've known their whole lives is the Dothraki life. And it's not just about the magic, its about the fact that Dany challenged, and defeated, the men that were leading them. We've been given every reason to believe, given the Dothraki culture, that they would respond positively to that rather than negatively.
  15. I'm not wild about the show telling the characters stuff the audience already knows, just so they can react to it. Sometimes it's appropriate, but most of the time It's just not great writing, and the show does it too much. I'm glad they forged ahead and got on with the 'what happens next'.