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  1. Lord Okra you are clearly biased against Arya no matter what and there is no point debating you even though so much you just said is wrong and/or twisted.
  2. Solely based on Season 7, how do you consider the overall acting performances? Who have been your standouts and why?? Who have been your weaker performers and why??
  3. Season 1 Sansa was not smart. She was niaive and stupid. Arya was MUCH smarter than her then. Also, Sansa made a foolish choice, not the smart one as you claim. If Sansa had backed up Arya's claim (which was true), Robert wouldn't have done anything to her. Robert (her current king) explicitly told her it was a great crime to lie to a King and wanted her to tell it true. Sansa LIED to her current king, a greater crime than just supporting her sister's statement and not directly accusing the Prince of anything. If Robert found out Sansa lied to him directly, he would have been more likely to punish her than for just backing up her sister (even if the process of doing so pointed at the Prince lying). Yes, Sansa was in a difficult situation, but she didn't make the 'smart' choice at all. She was manipulated by Cersei. And yes, Arya may not have suffered the same things as Sansa, but she has suffered and you are unfairly dismissive of everything she has been through. Arya too was held captive a LOT, first by Yoren taking her to the Wall, then in Harrenhall, by the Brotherhood, then by the Hound. None of those were pleasant experiences and she wasn't free. Just as she was so close to reuniting with her mother and brother, everything turned to shit. She witnessed Stark men being slaughtered, saw Grey Wind die and saw the wolf's head sewn on to her brother's body and paraded around by Frey soldiers. Do you have any fucking idea how traumatic an experience that would be?
  4. The Nymeria scene was purely a set up. Its pretty obvious at some point in Season 8, Arya and her siblings will be in trouble and Nymeria and wolf pack will come to rescue. The entire pack including Nymeria will die in the process but the Starks will survive (at least that attack anyway). Ghost similarly will come to rescue Jon and die in process. As plastic throne said, the show is just pure Hollywood now. It has no substance.
  5. Sansa didn't hold her own at all in the Game of Faces. She didn't want to play and she was terrified. Arya was never making a real threat to her and was always giving Sansa the dagger (hilt first), regardless of Sansa's responses in the game.
  6. Apology accepted. All good. I love the Starks. They are my favourite family in Westeros by far, although I respect other houses and individuals too.
  7. Wow.....just when I thought I couldn't lose any more respect for the GoT writers.....
  8. The interviews from "Inside the Episode" this season regarding Winterfell plot have pissed me off no end. It seems D&D have zero understanding of either Arya or Sansa as characters and are just making shit up as they go and creating bogus tension while they are at it. Awful.
  9. What bad story choices did I suggest?? All I did was make the point that if they were going to kill direwolves, then Ghost and Nymeria should have died before Summer. That would not be a bad story choice within the realm of the show at all. In show, Arya and Jon are not wargs, which greatly lessens their connection and consequently the importance of Nymeria and Ghost in their storylines respectively. Ghost and Nymeria can pretty safely be killed off without impacting Jon or Arya's show arcs in any meaningful way. Show Bran IS a warg. His connection to Summer was incredibly strong. In the show, with the story they are telling, if there was one direwolf that needed to survive and be with their master on the journey to the end point, it was Summer.
  10. Jon and Arya don't have the bond in the show that they do in the books. Also, just because I think there's a chance Arya may be No One now (or at the very least doing her very best to convince Faceless Men she is no one) doesn't mean she will necessarily remain No One or be that at the end of the story.
  11. I'm not fully convinced of that. I think it's very possible Arya genuinely did become No One after killing waif at end of last season and is now only acting in her old identity of Arya Stark, so the real emotions of Arya Stark are no longer there. There's definitely more to be revealed here. Also, a lot would make more sense if Arya was truly No One now. 1. Jaqen's line "finally a girl is no one", which makes no sense if Arya killed the waif and just resumed being Arya, turning her back on the Faceless Men and leaving a death cult with no consequences. It would make much more sense if Arya's survival and defeat of the Waif was passing her final test to become a Faceless Man and her first assignment as No One was to pose as "Arya Stark" for purposes yet unrevealed. 2. Jaqens knowing smile as Arya leaves House of Black and White 3. Maisie's markedly different delivery of the character this season. 4. The cold and stoic reunions with Hot Pie, Nymeria and even Sansa. 5. The bag of faces, the game of faces. These don't seem the actions of one who has turned their back on the Faceless Men and leaving that world behind.
  12. And this is different from the show, how? Arya lacks emotion in the show also this season and Maisie's delivery has been VERY different (writing choice I'm sure) to that of Arya seasons 1-6. I won't go over the reasons why here as I already did that in the "Arya Stark" thread I created here a day or two ago. Even Arya's supposedly angry words at Sansa last episode did not delivered that way. It was almost like it was all for show. Something is definitely happening with Arya this season that hasn't been revealed yet. I do not believe the Arya we've seen in Winterfell last 3 episodes has expressed any genuine emotion at all.
  13. Precisely. This a prime example of what frustrates me most with D&D - they dont even make sensible story choices for the story they are trying to tell. Ghost and Nymeria should both have been killed before Summer in the show.
  14. I believe yes, in the books Sansa is also a warg but her abilities never manifested because her direwolf died so early. In the showverse, Bran is the only warg amongst the Starks/Jon. I feel the showrunners deliberately had just Bran as the sole warg: 1. To ensure the main characters all had distinct unique talents to make it simpler for audience to comprehend 2. Minimise the characters with freakish magical abilities as sometimes casual audiences can find those harder to relate to and connect with as they can come across as superheroes instead of real human beings. I accept these reasons, but then it makes killing off Summer so early seem even more stupid. That was the one direwolf they should have kept alive and killed Ghost and Nymeria instead.
  15. I think we all understand why dragons would get preference over direwolves in the CGI budget, both from their critical importance in the story (for Danys arc and also just being the Westeros nuclear bomb in terms of power) and also the coolness factor and the epic possibilities with them on screen. However, I do have to question why a CGI wight polar bear got preference over direwolves. They have no more coolness factor and are definitely far below the direwolves in storytelling potential. Id have much rather seen Ghost accompanying Jon and fighting with him against the wights (and surviving) and the bond between them than a stupid and pointless polar bear.
  16. Hmmm...interesting question. The direwolves have virtually no purpose on the show. They have been loyal pets and guard dogs, nothing more, where it is a very different situation in the book and the bond between the Starks and their direwolves is MUCH stronger. I think it is very likely the two remaining direwolves, Ghost and Nymeria, will both be killed off in season 8. I imagine Nymeria and her wolf pack will all die after saving Arya and/or her siblings from danger. Ghost will die fighting to save/help Jon. It may even be the NK himself who kills Ghost. The scenario some have predicted for Arya and/Jon to die and live on in the body of their direwolf may be a valid possibility in the books. In the show, Jon and Arya are not wargs so it isnt happening. The way the show unceremoniously killed off Summer proved how the showrunners feel about the direwolves. They are not important in the show universe. In the books, Brans connection to Summer is intense and easily the strongest direwolf/master bond, but Show!Bran wasnt even that concerned about the death of his wolf.
  17. There is something very different about Arya's character this season and in Maisie's acting. Im surprised more people havent noticed/commented on this. Arya had always been a strong minded individual who wears her heart on her sleeve. She always spoke her mind directly when something was bothering her and she was very expressive. Maisies acting was too. She was brilliant. In season 7, Arya is almost a different person and Maisie is definitely playing her more controlled and emotionless, like she has lost touch with most of her humanity. Even in the conversations with Sansa this season, Maisie's delivery has been more in line with the Waif or the Hound than that of Season 1-6 Arya. Even where the content of the dialogue leads us to believe its angry words, the delivery doesnt match. Its like Aryas soul has been removed. Compare Maisies delivery of her 'anger' with Sansa this season to her performances in S1 with Joff/Sansa, S2 with Hot Pie bullying her, S3 with Hound/BwB, S4 with Hound and even S5/6 in HoB&W with Jaqen "Im not playing this stupid game anymore". Delivery VERY, VERY different this season. I also believe this is by design and not just an acting choice from Maisie. I see only 3 possible reasons for this: 1. The writers are taking Arya down an even darker path towards full blown psychopath and the change in delivery of the character is to illustrate that descent. They will then either find a way to bring her back from the edge or will kill her off in S8. 2. Arya is dead and the Waif is wearing her face. I would absolutely loathe for this to be true but I am genuinely fearful the show may go that way. 3. Arya truly did become No One at end of season 6 and is just playing the part of the old Arya Stark, therefore the true emotion of the real Arya isnt there.
  18. Absolutely she is. Sansa, like everyone, has her weaknesses, but unlike Cersei she also has an abundance of redeeming qualities. She is trying her best to rule Winterfell and protect her people wisely until Jon returns, so on that alone she is far better than Cersei. Cersei would happily kill every single commoner in the Seven Kingdoms if it meant she could destroy her enemies and consolidate her power absolutely.
  19. I agree there is definitely a social stigma attached to how people view those of a particular gender in certain roles. For example, how male nurses, dancers, gymnasts or administrative workers can be looked down upon or mocked and how female workers in primarily male dominated roles (construction, sport, executive positions, etc) may be labelled 'rough', 'weak' or 'butch' by some small minded people. I also agree that people's actions are often viewed differently depending on their gender, particularly those of a sexual nature. For me though, using the women you named for example, I think every one of them has had genuinely bitchy character moments, but Cersei is the only one who I would regard as a complete bitch...the others are mostly strong, likeable women. In Cerseis case, my revulsion has nothing to do with her being a woman and everything to do with her being Cersei Lannister (a selfish, spiteful, hateful cunt with no redeeming qualities whatsoever - even her love for her children, which was genuine, she used as a tool to ultimately serve herself first).
  20. I agree with this, except for the part about Faceless Men not being political players. Individual Faceless Men aren't political players. That is true. However, Im not completely convinced the Faceless Men as an organisation, at least in the books, dont have any political affiliations or aspirations. I think its entirely possible the Iron Bank uses the Faceless Men to achieve its own political aims.
  21. Yes, Arya is certainly more direct than Sansa. Arya is equally cunning as Sansa, but in a different way. Arya has learned deception and how to play games or to act a certain role to achieve an objective. She has good street cunning I guess you could say and I believe she is currently using this in Winterfell. You could say some of the skills she has could be transferrable to the political arena, but not all, and not necessarily easily. For example, the Faceless Men ability to lie effectively and detect lies from individuals could be awesome in politics if you had only one political opponent and were in a one on one conversation with them in person. However, when you have any number of enemies spreading communications (both true and false) and gaining information (both true and false) through multiple methods, it becomes much more complex to suss out the truth of what is really happening and determining the most appropriate course of action. Sansa has directly learned real political cunning. She has learned from the likes of Cersei, Tyrion and Littlefinger, so has developed political savvy, which she is currently demonstrating in Winterfell on the show.
  22. This is strange how you and Capo Ferro have lumped Arya in with Ned and Jon, when Arya is a completely different character and does not share Neds and Jons values. Arya isnt dogmatic like Ned. She is not completely pragmatic, but is practical and her actions are not based on any code of honor like Neds and Robbs were or Jons are. Honor is and always has been fairly low on Aryas list of personal values. She has always been far more practical than any of her family (except perhaps Sansa now - as children Arya was by far the more pragmatic one while Sansa spent her time dreaming about the way she thought things should be). I dont think Arya has any problem with Sansa wanting to do things pragmatically - indeed Arya herself takes the pragmatix approach much if the time, but its the motivations she is questioning when it comes to Sansa, not her actions. I agree with Jon its a bit different as his view is more dogmatic than Sansa's so understandable they would have different opinions on how to handle situations. Arya's outlook is unique and doesn't really match any of her family's.
  23. Actually, I think in some ways, our modern western society is worse and more immoral than Westeros, but thats another issue entirely and one Ill not debate here. I agree that morality should ideally not be the only thing that drives a person's actions (nor should being practical), but not everything has the same importance for every person. Depends on the individual's values, which are also influenced by their environment and upbringing. For example, one person may value practicality absolutely, as in that is all that matters and morality doesn't factor. They will do what is practical regardless of the situation. (Tywin was somewhat like that). Others may value their morality (or what they see as morality) and can be stubbornly unwilling to compromise those values even a little for the sake of practicality (Ned is an example of this. His honor and duty WAS his morality). I suppose one of the reasons I view Arya as having a more mature view of right and wrong than most others in Westeros is because she doesn't just serve herself, blindly follow any 'code' or go with what the current society dictates. She assesses situations and comes to her own conclusions on what is the right or wrong action to do. Arya is aware of the way Westeros society operates and the harsh realities of it, and she is also aware of her father's teachings and what she has learned from other sources (Syrio, the Hound, etc), but she doesn't just accept them. Arya draws her own conclusions, as any adult should. Tyrion is a lot like that too, which is one of the reasons I respect him so much. He takes things a step further and looks at the bigger picture more than Arya does. I still believe Tyrion would have dealt with many situations virtually the same as Arya did had he been in her place (Joffrey/Mycah incident, the Hound robbing the farmer, etc).
  24. I disagree that Arya is pretending the realities dont exist. On the contrary, she fully recognises the realities of her situation and this is pretty clear in the books. Arya doesnt accept many of those realities and nor should she have to. Arya is different than Tyrion in that she has a more narrow viewpoint - ie she just reacts to situations as they present themselves and isn't after the 'long con' or to effect more global change like Tyrion is trying to in his time with Daenerys for example. I think had Tyrion been there in Arya's place when Joff attacked Mycah, he would have responded pretty much exactly the same way Arya did.