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  1. Ok, whoever came up with the thread's title has my standing ovation I've just finished the second part of the fourth season, so I'll be slowly reading the thread to avoid season 5 spoilers.
  2. Isn't that the style that makes wine taste like piss, and snacks so hot that make you puke, but 'cause it's foreign cuisine it's called Gourmet?
  3. Wow, I loved it. The soundtrack was amazing. And the cast, the cast was really on point.
  4. Thanks Xray I'll report back when I get the merchandise.
  5. I'm used to watch anything in its original language with subs. With anime in particular, I used to watch some fan subs that explained further more some idiomatic expressions, jokes, terms or cultural references that were difficult to translate. Maybe a bit distracting at first, but when you get used it's pretty cool. With your issue with sentence structures... sadly I have to tell you that anime is not the best school. You'll learn a lot of vocabulary, but better learn some Japanese from somewhere else if you want to learn something worth of using in a normal conversation. ETA: Try finding the book Minna no Nihongo, with an English guide. You'll need to learn hiragana and katakana beforehand, but it's pretty useful.
  6. I was handed a Natura catalogue (Brazilian brand of cosmetics) a few days ago. I was looking for a particular lipstick that seems that is not continued anymore (at least in this last issue), but ended up shopping a couple of creams, a triphasic shower oil, and 2 metallic lipsticks. They are not the long lasting ones I was trying to purchase, but the colors got my attention. I bought Pink and Uva (metallic both). Although I checked some swatches before ordering, I'm not sure if they'll suit until I receive them. On the other hand, I'm having right now an allergic reaction (probably due to bedbugs or some other creature found in hostels' mattresses ), so doctor said no creams, perfume, nor make up till the reaction calms down (and also diet, that is what is killing me right now ).
  7. What is rhetorical about Kit being a lousy Jon?
  8. Moths ate my clothes I tried to convince myself that all the little shits I saw flying didn't dare to have their meals inside my wardrobe but sadly I had to face the truth. Threw away some nice shirts and sprayed the inside of the wardrobe with moth poison. Now I'm afraid of checking the fine clothes if they're fine... or not.
  9. I finally watched the last 10 episodes I had left unwatched of The Sopranos. Excellent. I was afraid of a shitty finale, but I wasn;t disappointed. Also, I continued watching Downtown Abbey from season 2 where I had left it. Sometimes I find it dull but I can't stop watching it... This weekend I watched Atomic Blonde. Meh. I like Charlize Theron, but I think I've seen a lot of films like this, and better done. Also, these days my city is holding a Bizarre Movies Festival. I already watched a national candidate and I've been thinking on attending the screening of Hostile (2017). I'll try going, but if not I'll just try find it online.
  10. Hellooo, is there any rebel here that wants to chat with a very bored boarder?
  11. Lately I've been watching a few Spanish suspense movies: El Bar (2017), directed by Álex de la Iglesia. A group of people in a bar are suddenly trapped there after a shooting begins outside. It's mainly suspense and dark humor. I like dark humor and bizarre terror movies, so I loved it. Also it stars Blanca Suárez, who is part of the casting of Las Chicas del Cable, a Netflix original series worth watching. Contratiempo (2017). Directed by Oriol Paulo. The story begins with the main character being charged with the homicide of his lover. He and his lawyer have only a couple of hours to come up with a defense before a critical witness declares with the judge. A suspense full of twists. Paulo also directed El Cuerpo (2012), that has a similar tone to this movie. In El Cuerpo, a body goes missing from a morgue. If you like stories taking twists, you'll like both movies. My recommendation is not to watch them one soon after the other, as the director uses similar resources, and one ends up comparing them instead of just enjoying them. La playa de los ahogados (2015), directed by Gerardo Herrero. A drowned corpse appears in a beach, and soon a homicide investigation starts in a small town that nobody seems to know anything until you ask the right questions. Not very original this one, as there are better movies with a similar story, but it's not bad, just meets some obvious clichés.
  12. Leaving with them from the Wall or after the bear attack? Lol, how little I focus on extras... The main doubt is cleared though, thank you very much FireWinds.
  13. Just a question, since I haven't rewatched (nor read the whole thread): When the bear appears, is it a random wildling running back from it? Or one of our seven boys? I couldn't figure who of the seven ones it was. Shortly, some extra wildlings appeared to be walking with the group, to be killed soon after. Or is it the very same one that got eaten by the bear?
  14. As long as you draw me like one of your french girls... I'm freezing cool, right?