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  1. Actress is a woman acting. Emilia Clarke is a woman acting. Yes. Why ice cream hasn't been invented in Westeros yet?
  2. Is the Count trying to frame me?
  3. poll

    Far better than the first episode. I have to admit I stood up and jumped when Jon hit Little Finger. Jon choking LF was like Ned choking him in season 1. I loved it. Liked a lot that Hot Pie made his come back <3 Now I want some Gendry. The Nymeria scene was a bit weak as how it ended, but good, not bad. The suspense when Arya started feeling cold was great. For a second I thought a white walker had made its way south the Wall. Overall, an 8.
  4. A man today approached me out of nowhere to talk about veganism. Yep, like the memes. He tried to keep conversation even after I told him I approve dog stew (which was a bitchy move from my part to shut him up), and was polite all the time. He probably had some kind of social issues, regardless of his eating habits, so I felt a bit guilty afterwards for mocking him, but I couldn't help myself in that moment...
  5. To be fair, the narrative of the episode wasn't difficult, it's just that I was slow picking up characters. And uthred is as lovable as a cardboard box, imho, so yeah, Alfred brings a lot to the story.
  6. Y'all haven't heard of the chupacabras, have you?
  7. I've been planning a short trip in October. Due to various unexpected issues it was on my mind to cancel it. Yesterday I payed my reservation for said trip. Only thing left to do is to get a cheap flight Weirdly the lasts posts are also about getting happy for paying/start paying things...
  8. Will I be alive by the time the seventh book gets published? Should I care?
  9. Finished watching Vikings's first half of the 4th season. Fourth season is crap, nonsense crap. But I wanna know how the story goes on. Not watching the other half until Netflix uploads it because I'm not in a hurry. Started watching The Last Kingdom. Had some problems with the first episode (got confused with so many Ragnars, different ways to call the vikings, etc), but the following episodes are better. I can't help but to love Alfred. Also started watching Glow but taking it slow.
  10. ^^ Well, Cersei does want one of her siblings dead, there's even a price on his head.
  11. A 6 for me. It was ok but not impressive. Nothing happened that we didn't expect. I liked Sansa and Jon's dialogues, Arya being badass is always fine, and finally, Dany reaching Westeros was like: FINALLY
  12. Either from sweat or from splashing my face with water to cool down I end up looking like a raccoon. But I don't wear waterproof mascara anymore. Sorry that your waterproof mascara smears. Maybe you should try another brand. Personally, those kind of days I go without make up or just putting my make up once I reach the office where the ac is running.
  13. Is anyone taking notes? Can we include some of these fine ideas to our next gathering? But firstly, can we all make sure to clear up our agendas and inboxes so this kind of events don't go missing, again? ETA: Am I becoming a fig fanatic? Am I taking all this too far? Should I take a break from the Club?
  14. I've recently changed hospitals for this very reason. I liked my former doctors, but I like better not to have to wait months for an appointment.