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  1. I watched Rogue One. Really pleased with it! I'm definitely not an expert on the subject, but I felt this film was in better harmony with the saga than episode VII (that felt awkward). Now I feel like watching again the saga XD Also finished Dirk Gently's, as I saw several posts here recommending it. Thanks for the recommendation guys. I convinced my mom to watch Stranger Things, and so far she's liking it (she's on episode 4 iirc), aaaand rewatched What we do in the shadows with a friend Friday night (YES, it finally appeared in my Netflix!! )
  2. Hey! I'll be travelling there next month! So I'm very interested in any recommendation anyone can give It would be great if @rocksniffer can give some advises. I bet he knows where to find cool places to drink and rock
  3. @drawkcabi Netflix dvds? What's that? Like a rental service, or you buy the movie? I watched La la land and Moonlight this past week. Maybe as they were nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars I had too many expectations. I know I'm late to the debate, so I'll be short. If I recall other musicals, including Disney's movies, I have to admit to remember at least a couple of songs from each one. Not to go so far ago in time, I find Moana's Your Welcome and Shiny to be more memorable songs than La la land entire soundtrack (not judging whether its songs were good or not, but they just didn't stick). And with Moonlight, though I liked the movie itself, I suspect I didn't understand it the same way as I thought it was presented.
  4. Just watched Sarmasik (2015), a Turskish film. It's a drama/thriller about a crew being stranded in a boat due to the company they work for bankrupting. The last part of the movie is full of symbolisms that I bet if you're able to understand them, it adds something more to the movie. Too bad I missed a great part of them. Normally I would go to the messages board in imbd to double check, but they closed that section of the page. Overall, it's a good movie, with suspense, and it leaves the door open for several interpretations. It's the kind of movie that after watching it you need to exchange opinions with another viewer. @Theda Baratheon My Netflix doesn't have What we do in the shadows In fact, what bothers me most about Netflix is not its catalogue, but its annoying movie browser. It keeps suggesting me over and over the same movies under different categories, that sometimes make no sense. I know free online movie pages with better browsing systems than Netflix, where I can even mark the movies I've seen so the page stops showing them. (Rant over)
  5. Yeah, I saw the same disclaimer earlier in the page. Despite what the page claims, as many have already said, I did find the messages useful. Too bad they even deleted the archive. Is there another page/forum similar to it? I find that my movie experience is in some kind of lack now In fact, I came here to post in the movie thread about the movie I've just watched in hopes someone else understood the symbolism in it after my visit to imdb was useless.
  6. I LOVE that movie I'll check if it's available in my Netflix (crossing fingers). Recently I've watched Hunt for the wilderpeople, directed by Taika Waititi, same director of What we do in the shadows. It made me remember the style of Wes Anderson's films. I deeply enjoyed it, a really warm comedy.
  7. I take no guilt in pleasure XD (the guilt kills the pleasure part) TPB hates cockroaches and kills them merciless when one motherfucker dares show up in their kitchen/bathroom.
  8. Just pick one XD Not that we're gonna argue... @Jon's Queen Consort Whatever is the next game about, I'll just send the list. Fav historical men is ok for me. It'll be easier than this one.
  9. I bought a washing/drying machine last year. A Longvie. I have no complaints. Here dryers are not common at all (only in laundry services), so having the combo was more a plus than a necessity. No room at all to install two different machines anyway. As I live by myself I only make like 3 cycles per week at most: two washings if needed and one drying, as I still hang the delicates. Not using it too much will probably contribute to its life being long and plentiful (crossing fingers), but I can totally see its engine dying quickly if it's used for several daily washing/drying cycles.
  10. Why do you think THE GREA--, ahem, Ramsay, is lying?
  11. If I start naming people quickly in a dark room people will think I'm summoning demons. Why do the ironborn worship Cthulhu?
  12. I haven't tried it, but definitely not on my list of things I must eat before I die. TPB will tell us which food they hate with their souls (and why if there's a reason).
  13. I'm also betting on Meria Martell. According to the wiki: She did not have a warrior body at all, and due her age she might have been considered a weak person, not for her character, but for her health. Also: Her guerrilla tatics, if not understood at first, might have been considered a weak answer for "yielding" and not fighting back up front. And by her answer to Rhaenys when she came to ask her to surrender, she told her that she would remain Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (being a perfect example of her family words).
  14. Not a fan of jams at all. I have a strawberry jelly/jam/whatever in the fridge for whenever I have that crazy urge to spread a toast with something sweet. Quince or sweet potato jam/jelly are big favs around here, but usually the star is dulce de leche (confiture of milk). You can't say no to dulce de leche :o Tpb will share their favorite salty spread (vegetable, meat based, etc).And by spread I mean anything paste-like to be put on a toast/bread/biscuit.