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  1. Most people expect Stannis to lose. The odds are against him; Bolton army, starvation, freezing cold, dubious northmen alliances. So he will likely win the battle somehow, most likely using that lake but who knows. As to the letter - I think Mance wrote it. The language used in it is heavily implying him to be the author (focus on Mance himself in the letter, un-Ramsay like Ramsayisms, 'black crows', 'false kings', 'red witch'). Also if it is Mance, his motives aren't as clear as Stannis or Ramsay which makes for a more interesting read. Can't wait for the Missandei/Grey Worm romance =D
  2. Yes, there are clues left of him being a rapist. You successfully omitted all but one of them when quoting my post. Regarding Barry, I was talking about him believing that she was dishonored by someone at Harrenhal + Brandon being a macho/take what I want guy + the drama surrounding a Starks and Ashara at the tourney. It at least warrants suspicion. Also not relevant to the point you are trying to make but the 'looked to Stark' quote is in context of Barristan regretting he could not win the tourney and crown her Queen of Love and Beauty, so Ashara looked to Stark instead. As I mentioned in my previous post I am not saying Brandon was a rapist, but it is implied and will probably never be revealed. I just like to keep an open mind about things.
  3. Jon is described as the most Stark looking Stark; long face, dark hair, grey eyes. Rhaegar is described as tall and handsome with silver hair. I think it's fair to assume he didn't look like a Stark. Either way, if Jon is Rhaegar's son he didn't take after his father in the looks department. It's funny, because between the little Aegon and Rhaenys, one looked like a Targaryen and the other like a Martell, so George hasn't established if Rhaegar's children would take after him like Bobby B's bastards for example. Sneaky bugger.
  4. It's in the post you responded to the first time.
  5. Shit my bad, I thought they were real people. Gosh I am stupid. I interpret Varys' motivation differently. As you said, we won't know for certain unless we get his POV. But you are probably right, I am not as smart at connecting the dots.
  6. That is the most violent case of opinion allergy I've seen. Either case, there are clues that Brandon might be a rapist. It's not uncommon in that world and Brandon is described as hot-headed/macho dude and 'not being shy to take what he wanted' + Barry's suspicions. This is obviously not something to build a case on but it does warrant suspicion.
  7. It would be interesting and fitting if she showed up in ASOIAF, maybe not in person but in spirit (not literally of course). We have Bloodraven as the Three eyed crow and we have Bittersteels golden skull leading Aegons armies, so it wouldn't surprise me that an element of Shiera would show up somewhere in the story.
  8. That's too meta for this book series. Character motivations aren't influenced by the readers in ASOIAF. As for whether Varys lied or told the truth. I believe he told the truth to Kevan. I don't think it was a scheme on his part or anything like that. He didn't say it for Kevan, he said it for himself. He revealed a decade long scheme that he kept secret from everyone but presumably Illyrio and now he has a chance to tell it to someone else, as the plan is coming into fruition. It would be fitting that this scheming, calculating spider who never showed any real emotion finally unburdens himself to an enemy he respects.
  9. Of all the WoW chapters i am looking forward to this one the most. In part because it is so unpredictable as a lot of people have already mentioned and also because it was left mostly 'untainted' by readers' theories over these six years. Jaime's story is supposedly a redemption arc so we would expect him to survive, but you never know with George and his tendency of flipping narrative tropes on their heads.
  10. Jon is going to continue on the same path he was on til the last book. He will be resurrected and change, although not too much to become a different character. Maybe more cynical, driven, moody, what have you. The reason for this is George can't alienate most of his audience by flipping the "main hero" trope on its head until the Dream of Spring is sold. People got really pissed when the Red Wedding happened, and Rob wasn't even a major POV character.
  11. I've never looked at it that way, but selfish is my middle name, so I get that part.
  12. Hey guys. I took some time off from my usual day-to-day, which usually involves writing The Wire/Space Invaders crossfic, taking care of my cats and rampant alcoholism. I made the sacrifice to write up this post and share my unique ideas with all y'all fine folk. This is going to be sort of a Jon Snow/General storyline post. The two are synonymous anyway which makes my job easier but nevertheless a tiring task as I face logic and narrative structure. I will bring forward my thought process and convincing arguments to sway those few who have not yet accepted the widely confirmed canon. Listen. I love Jon Snow, you love Jon Snow, we all love Jon Snow. Am I biased? No. The real question is - why do people think he is not going to win the books? I considered this point for a while as I stroked the carcass of my still living cat and I came to the conclusion that is best summed up in a word - ignorance. Come on guys, we have 164 pinned theory posts for a reason, and it's a good one. People have put their egg-heads together in think-tanks, consulting theories, drawing up trapezoids, reaching for historical and fictional references. After many whoops-a-daisies the decision was unanimous - he is the One. At first I thought Ned Stark was going to be the main character in book one, only to be savagely slapped across the face by his beheading by that nasty, golden maned archfiend. Then I put my sights on Robb Stark, who was younger, handsomer, cleverer version of his dad. He was about to bring the hurt on those piss-haired, incestual satanists atop his wolf mount, but then some tom-foolery happened and he was out of the story. Anyways, Jon Snow is quite clearly the final stage of this sadistic literary trip. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Won't get fooled again. R+L=J is obviously true, we can all agree on that at least. What are the implications of this, I thought as I popped a xanax. First thing that comes to mind is he is going to sit the Iron Throne, what with being the rightful heir and all. But then I went through the shredded pieces of my books and took some liberties with rearranging the paper strips. I ended up with the following sentence: "Jon Snow became Azor Ahai reborn, as the prophecy promised and defeated the White Walkers. He married Daenerys Stormborn and together they ruled the Seven Kingdoms." At a first glance this seems a bit heavy-handed as far as foreshadowing goes, but those are Martins words not mine. This all started making sense to me like a scene from Rain Man when I began recalling book passages in between bottles of Jack. Words like 'smoke', 'salt' and 'cold' started popping into my head. I haven't quite figured out their relevance yet, but I've only been looking at this for half a dozen years. After writing up my daily 'Reminder to write Winds of Winter' e-mail to George, It dawned on me - "Hold up. The book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire." First I thought it had something to do with a huge all-encompassing metaphor to the events of the books with metaphysical elements, but then I realized this isn't that kind of story. Now, this is far out but hear me out anyway. Rhaegar was a Targaryen and they are associated with fire. Lyanna was a Stark and they are associated with ice. Jon can't be a song, because he is a human being (And a hunky one at that), but the song could be a metaphor for coitus between Rhaegar and Lyanna. Boom! Last puzzle piece is Danny. She was acting a bit bitchy lately and has access to nukes but she is pretty so she must be the good gal. I could start explaining how Danny, Jon and Tyrion will be the three heads of the dragon but if I go down that rabbit hole I will be late for my psychiatrist appointment. A criticism I have heard before is - "But Ed, the author told us the ending is going to be bittersweet. This just sounds sweet." This confused me at first but I am going to assume it has nothing to do with food. Look, the happy part is that Jon and Danny rule together happily ever after and the sad part is that other characters, other people like, will die. If that isn't 'bittersweet' then I don't know what is. Some people will still scoff at me and my factual evidence, saying that I have marinated for 5 years, 10 months, 15 days and 13 hours, deprived of my literary dose which has made me switch to alcohol, CW shows and thinking far beyond my capacity to the point of madness. This may be true, and I am by no means a Frank Drebin when it comes to investigation, but I still think my ideas are adding something important to the conversation. You can try to provide counter-arguments, and I am super willing to listen to them but I can't promise I will be all there while reading them.
  13. Here's why I think Jon won't become king: 1. Just because someone has kingly qualities, doesn't mean they will become a king. Aemon is wise, just etc. - wasn't ambitious enough to pursue the throne. Ned - same thing. 2. If he is son of Rhaegar and Lyanna (I know, I said "IF", how dare I?!) the only one who can press that claim would be Howland Reed, maybe someone else if you stretch it. Basically the whole process of him ascending to the throne would either have to be excruciatingly long and intricate or everyone unanimously accepts Jon as king, or he kills everyone who fights his claim through another massive war akin to Bobby- B. 3. Narratively it's just too squeaky clean or unnecessarily complicated (depending on how that story goes). I'll stick to my guns and not believe R+L=J, but I don't have a problem with that theory as it is. I have a problem with Jon becoming the king with barely any narrative precedent, short of foreshadowing. Keep in mind George has foreshadowed a great many things, which is why we have so many insane theories floating around here, and he has retconned a great many things (just look at his first draft of where the story was headed). Anyways here's a smiley face =]
  14. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this case the beholder is Cersei.
  15. Hell yeah! I hate grey characters, intricate plotlines and ambiguous, bitter-sweet endings. Jon Snow, the hero we want, but the hero we don't deserve.