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  1. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Get all three.
  2. March Reading 2017

    Other books I'm currently reading: Nixonland by Rick Perlstein -- recommended by Brady and Ser Davos, and I have to agree with them that it's a solid take on the rise of Tricky Dick from 1966 through the '72 election. But I did not anticipate how often I'd want to reach through space and time to punch Nixon in the piehole. As such, this is a book I can only handle in small doses. The Hate U Give by by Angie Thomas -- recommended by Kair and I agree with her that it's a very good read about a 16-year-old young woman of color who is the sole witness of her friend being murdered by a white cop during a traffic stop, and the fallout from that.
  3. March Reading 2017

    I really wanted to like The Stars are Legion, but in the end I did not. The kernel was there, and the beginning was promising, but it just didn't come together for me.
  4. Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    I don't think so.
  5. Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    On the whole, yeah, it's usually pretty straightforward to mention one's SO in conversation if that's important information to convey. That said, I've actually been in situations where it felt really awkward to just throw that information out there -- for whatever reason, that's just not how the conversation ended up going, and it would be one of those "yes I'd like a glass of water DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE A PARTNER" *deathlike silence* And then there are situations where they're in an open relationship, and discussing that aspect of their lives isn't applicable until the second date or whenever it becomes apparent that there is some chemistry and it becomes an informed consent situation. So, I generally don't judge someone for not mentioning SOs right off the bat.
  6. Thank you Board hive mind. - Pyjamas work.

    I'm glad that the board could help with this issue.
  7. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Pliny the Elder is fairly easy to come by (you can buy it from the brewery). Pliny the Younger is the unicorn of Russian River.
  8. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I suppose that depends on the audience, right? Everyone outside of the dumbest of motherfuckers will be able to see that the conservative wing of the Republican party did not get on board with Trumpcare (unless they're so intellectually bankrupt that they refuse). So, does one actually give a fuck about the dumbest of motherfuckers and the intellectually bankrupt at this point?
  9. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    And we're at 400. I've started a new thread.
  10. LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    Last thread reached 400. Do continue. Reminder: This thread is for the discussion of issues relating to the lives of LBGTQ+ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender/transsexual, queer/questioning) people. This thread aims to be a supportive space for issues on sexuality and gender identities. Please do not post comments that negate, belittle, or insult people's chosen identity.
  11. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    Cool! Ordered it -- will report back once I've had a chance to start it.
  12. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    That's wonderful news Winterfox.
  13. Terror attack in London

    Just wanted to report that most of the London-based board members with whom I have regular contact have checked in and are safe, including BFC and TF (police and works in the area, respectively).
  14. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I probably would have taken the medication back to the pharmacy and left it there for the customer to pick up, but a sealed envelope is a good move too.
  15. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Don't use anything with mica that promises to "highlight" your features. That shit glows like road stripes under TV lighting conditions (I know this because I asked this very thing of my makeup artist in those wonderful days when I had to do TV segments...) In general, stick with mattes for setting powder, blush, and eyeshadow, and a creme for lipstick. Don't do a "nude" lip. Pick a color that's actually a color, and at least a shade darker than your natural lips. If you use foundation, make sure you blend that MF really well, especially at the hairline and jawline. If you fill in your eyebrows, stick with a color as close to your natural color as possible.