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  1. which cam are you watching? And while I do dig raptor cams, I really dig hummingbird cams, like this one at the Paton Center For Hummingbirds (a MUST VISIT if you're in southeastern Arizona). http://tucsonaudubon.org/go-birding/tucson-audubons-paton-center-for-hummingbirds/paton-center-web-cams/
  2. Y'all got your wish: Oliver's book not only outsold Pence's, but it's the #1 seller at Amazon yesterday.
  3. In case anyone has forgotten: Pence and his terrible policies enabled the worst HIV epidemic in the US in recent years. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/04/28/indiana-hiv-outbreak/26498117/ As such, while I'm glad that the Trevor Project is getting some much-needed visibility, I'm also really glad to see Oliver and his team acknowledge more of Pence's sins than just the homophobic bigotry.
  4. [mod] enough with the rape discussion. thank you. [/mod]
  5. One hundred percent agreed. He's a piece of shit, just like every other person who has collaborated with this shit-ass Administration.
  6. Just updated mine to include PICKLE RICK for best dramatic (short form). Also, The Ricklantis Mixup.
  7. @Mlle. Zabzie Oh, I can definitely help you! For plants, check this out -- enter your zip code and it'll tell you which plants are native to the area and which birds they attract/support. You can drill down to "only pollinators" or "only seed-eaters" or you can go for a mix. https://www.audubon.org/native-plants I also have friends who are very knowledgable about this and can get you in touch! (Edit: Just saw that ToL linked to the Audubon NP database as well. HIVEMIND) For binocs, I think your kids are old enough that you could get some compact 8x32 (adult), rather than buying little-kid bins. We could make a date of it and go to B&H and Paragon (after we shop for stinkwasser!) to test out various pairs to see what feels right. For feeders, you can get some pretty big ones that will last for a week or so. Also, suet feeders tend to last longer than loose seed. All of that said, once you start filling those feeders regularly, the birds will notice and even if it goes "dry" for a day or two, once you're back the word gets out in the nabe and all the birds come flocking back. For field guides -- that's a whole 'nother discussion. I am very fond of Sibley, but I would also suggest that you get Kenn Kaufman's field guide as well because his advice is spot on. His Advanced Field Guide is totally awesome because he just flat out says that some birds are the study of years -- immature gulls in particular -- and that it's OK to suck at birding for a long time.
  8. YASSSSSSSS BTW, spring migration has started. The first timberdoodles have started showing up in the NY area. Love me a timberdoodle.
  9. some days, I'm just happy to see frickin' Cardinals. You, me, and @MinDonner should do some Central American birding. COME TO BELIZE.
  10. That's a wonderful birthday gift, innit!
  11. Not an official presence, but there are a few BWB who go every year.
  12. Retro Hugos are bullshit.
  13. He's also a sexist douche. So, no. I will not give him a pass.
  14. This is amply covered in the New Yorker article that was published the other day. According to all legitimate sources (ie not partisan hacks), the Steele dossier is credible and most of it has been independently corroborated.