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  1. Pokemon Go

    Yo you live near the water you'll get an even more powerful Tentacruel soon!! (but yeah, that's a bummer)
  2. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    I think you're thinking of Edward Snowden, who is hiding in Russia while seeking asylum. Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, where he's been since 2012. DOH pwnd by Malt!
  3. Pokemon Go

    A gym down the street from my house is currently being defended by three pokemon, the strongest of which weighs in at a mighty 452 CP. If it wasn't so hot out I'd walk down there and take it over with, oh, maybe my half-powered Butterfree or something equally unthreatening, on General Principles.
  4. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    I'm also really surprised that England didn't enforce the follow on.
  5. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    What a way to break for lunch.
  6. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    DOH just when it was at least looking like Pakistan would show some backbone.
  7. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    Damn. Just turned on the match to see 88-6!
  8. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    In general, you and I are totally fighting the same fight. Just wanted to be clear about how one would view things as a journalist. (there are many branches of journalism that are rather compromised, and certain kinds of political journalism are just as bad as car journalism....do not get me started of fucking car journalists!)
  9. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    No, you wouldn't. You might send a section for comment. But sending the whole thing? That shit is just not done by independent journalists. Like, I don't even send whole articles to my own organization before I pub them, and the stakes are much lower... And if sending whole articles for comment is how Politico runs its org, then I am comfortable in writing those cowardly motherfuckers off as not a legit journalistic enterprise at this point. And that's my professional opinion as a long-time journalist.
  10. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    Not exactly. During regular fact checking, you would usually call the sources and maybe send small snippets or quotes. But you would never send an entire article to a source for regular fact checking.
  11. Pokemon Go

    it depends, really. But after trial and error, I've found that it's usually more efficient (and less costly) to power up and then evolve. But I also evolved a lot of crappy pokemon early in my tenure while I also had a Lucky Egg deployed. That gives you 2X XP, and I have gone very quickly from a Level 8 to a Level 19 (almost to 20) just with judicious use of Lucky Eggs, evolution, and typical pokefarming. I am sure others have other strategies that are as good as, or better than, mine. In reality, if you want high-CP evolved pokemon, only evolve those that are within about 10 percent of their CP max and only invest in powering up of pokemon that are within 15 percent of their CP max.
  12. Pokemon Go

    I have no further insight than what Leap has already supplied. But, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I evolved one of my high-CP first-tier pokemon (I even gave it few rounds of powering up so it was near its class limit) and that fucker more than tripled in CP. I now have a nice 1500+ bruiser to go with a few 1000+ workadays. Gonna have fun taking a run at some gyms tonight! (not going to say what type because some of the fun is finding out what happens when you hit the "evolve" button)
  13. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Oh, I'm definitely gonna stalk the streets for pokemon.
  14. I just got confirmation from the programming staff that the BWB Meet and Greet at WorldCon this year is on Thursday at 4pm. I'll update this thread with the room number much closer to the date, but I'm sure it'll also be posted in the convention program. Show up, say hi to old friends and new. Get your t-shirt and any ribbons that I've decided to print (yes, there will be Tingle-themed ribbons), and generally be merry!
  15. Pokemon Go

    Speaking of -- I ALMOST sniped a gym away from some combatants today. We were driving past the gym really slowly, and I saw it go grey. I tried to quickly install Smithers (my most-powerful Pinsir) into the gym...and just as I tried to do so we drove out of range. ARRRRRRGH. *shakes fist*