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  1. OMG Mr. X made a pork coppa steak (pan fried in butter) for dinner tonight and it was SO GOOD. We also had some salad because greens are good for people.
  2. The pernil has been in the oven for almost three hours and it smells SO GOOD. I made a salsa roja with tomatoes, garlic, lime juice, and chlies costeƱos. I need to make some curtido but I'm feeling lazy AF right now. Still, will have to get it done before dinner...
  3. Best kind of outfit. Glad to hear it went well!!!
  4. Hard to answer without more context. Also, going to tag @Aoife because she might have some good perspective on this.
  5. *pours one of the ground for Cassini* Seriously, I got all sweaty-eyed yesterday thinking back on everything that we learned from that mission and how sad I am that it's coming to a close.
  6. Urban Decay brought back (or debuted) a bunch of lipstick colors recently. Anyone who misses Asphyxia, you're in luck! I bought a really awesome metallic orange called Wildfire, and an absurd black lipstick with red sparkles called Voodoo. I'm going to give the latter to my friend who loves black lipsticks -- it's a nifty color but I am never, ever going to wear it (I basically bought it to try on, and then gift to one of the goths in my life).
  7. I lost that battle long ago.
  8. The first Expanse thread is archived, so I won't close this one. Note: NOT A SPOILER THREAD, so do not post spoilers. Anyway, I found the series engaging. It has some good plot and some nifty characters and it asks some interesting questions.
  9. indeed, it is.
  10. nnnnnngh. I still love that duology. Just did a reread and I still love how fucked up everything is in those books.
  11. That's some happy news. How did go when you were out in public? Also, you can't leave us hanging like that -- what did you end up wearing?
  12. They pulled the article? That's some craven bullshit. I see nothing alarmist about the text of the article, although the title was clickbaity AF and because we live in a post-literate world where people just read headlines I am sure a bunch of people didn't even bother with the actual text. Visibility might be a factor in people now trying to erase transgender individuals from public life. But here's the thing: bigots have been doing that shit to women and gay people and people of color for decades, so I guess my final takeaway is to say congratulations to my fellow gender outlaws -- we're now a big enough force in society that people have to confront us head-on with shitty policy moves at the federal level. Champagne for all!
  13. Keep fighting. What other option is there except to walk into the sea? But yeah, this administration can go get fucked.
  14. ^^ Re King James. I knew about most of that, but had never seen the quote where he said it was OK because Jesus was totes gay for John the Apostle. Which is amazing and I'm going to unleash it during random arguments.
  15. I've started being more out at work. But sweet fancy Moses, it's difficult to describe a genderqueer identity to people who just experience a gender binary. I can barely articulate my gender identity to myself (bigender? afab transmasculine femme? void crab?), let alone to people who have never had to think about such things. But...I had a great conversation this weekend with another person who is afab genderqueer and is wrestling with presentation and identity. The sentence "I feel like a dude but god help me I really love wearing lipstick," made an appearance, which I think pretty well sums up how what's happening inside is totally incongruent with whatever is happening outside. We also mined that fertile territory of bisexual erasure and how much I hate the term "pansexual" even though that's probably the most correct term for people like my friend and me. Then someone unleashed a bottle of absinthe on the party and I fled to the kitchen. Anyway, it was a positive weekend all around. I still haven't taken the binder out for a spin, yet. Maybe later this fall.