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  1. Sorry, just don't have it in me today. Maybe if I drank more...(not gonna happen tonight, as I have work tomorrow).
  2. Everyone in a consensual nonmonogamous relationship or marriage, of which there are a number among my friends, including a number of boarders. It's not as unusual as you think, it's just not something that's talked about much with most people because, for whatever reason, lots of people get aggressive/weird about the thought of nonmonogamy. Ain't nobody got time to be lectured by some rando about one's consensual life choices. Also, if you think that consensual nonmonogamy doesn't involve making and keeping promises to someone (e.g. your primary partner), you're profoundly misinformed. (BTW, I think monogamy is a fine choice that works for many people. I just don't think it's the ONLY valid choice for long-term relationships/marriages.)
  3. With all of these hearts and butts, I feel that your immortal should still observe the customary mourning period and not engage in outside coitus. This does not preclude the immortal from going ass-to-ass with his or her heart's butt and butt's heart, however, so the urges should be more than manageable.
  4. Should you be cheating? Hell no. But as felice says, monogamy is not the only mode of relationships available to us in this glorious modern era, and if consensual nonmonogamy something that everyone in the relationship wishes to explore, then more power to them (you).
  5. Do immortals have a butt's heart? This is very important.
  6. You know in your butt's heart that love is real only for those who kiss, not those who time-travel for the purposes of bigamy.
  7. You're right. I need to stop overthinking things. Now I just have to unearth my measuring tape because sizing on these things is a bit arcane...
  8. You're not overreacting. And yeah, this isn't something I'd bring up with her, either. She knew damned well what she was doing -- you don't get to the level of seniority that you and she (and, for that matter, I) have and not know. Just maintain civility but otherwise walk the fuck away and obviously never trust her again. I'd also do some extra networking to make sure you're not left out of the next opportunity.
  9. I love you all. I think to pinpoint some of the unsettledness -- I keep asking myself "what's the point?" So much of the narrative around gender dysphoria is about transition -- and that's great! I am not criticizing anyone who decides to transition whatsoever. But I do not think I will ever transition, because "female" is part of who I am...it's just not ALL of who I am. So it just feels weird to decide "well, now it's time to wear a really uncomfortable article of clothing to dispel my increasing alienation from my boobs" and have that be the end-point, rather than a beginning. There were a couple of essays that covered femme nonbinary/femme MTF individuals (I need to dig those up again), and while those essays did absolutely nothing for me in a solution sense, it felt validating to know that others acknowledge the struggles of AFAB femme people who strongly affiliate with being male, at least some of the time. Note: while I'm struggling to articulate myself, I will probably say something badly. If I do, and you're hurt by it, please let me know so I can apologize/correct myself. It is not malicious, but I also recognize that intent (or the lack thereof) does not erase an injury.
  10. D&D owe you some royalties for your IP lady. Because you know this is how it's goin' down.
  11. The WORST idea. /thread
  12. I'll need to think a bit before I can answer, because right now everything is just a jumble of emotion and lots of self-doubt. I am not even sure what is motivating this step, this desire.
  13. I started shopping for a binder today and I am not sure how I feel about it.
  14. Happy birthday Kay!!
  15. so very not alone. My hair...it is a vision of hideousness. Silver lining: it also makes me look queer AF.