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  1. I can't say how it works for all insurance, but here's how it works for mine. For pharmaceuticals (medicine), my deductible is $100. So during the first drug refill of the year, I'm charged $100 for one of my medicines that first time around (it usually retails for $400 in the US, so I'm sure it costs $15 in Canada). All refills thereafter in the calendar year cost $10. For doctor visits, I pay the visit co-pay (usually $20) at the time of the visit. If it's a check-up, that's all I'll pay. But if it's for a specialist, or I have a procedure done, the doctor bills insurance. Insurance reimburses him/her for what they cover. Then I get a bill in the mail for the remainder. That will happen until I hit my deductible of $1,000, at which point I will no longer be charged for services above the visit co-pay. FWIW, I get my health insurance through my employer rather than through the ACA exchanges.
  2. @mormont I'm really glad your daughter is OK and I hope she can get home soonest.
  3. ooooooof. Good luck with that situation, WinterFox.
  4. Lily that is fucking great. I love you!
  5. Bigly!
  6. Just saw a news report that dude admitted to being on PCP.
  7. thank you for this. I know it's been a tough discussion within your community.
  8. I meant what I said -- if anyone here is just arguing as an exercise in Internet battles, then this isn't the place for it. If you feel that you have a point to make, and that point is moving the discussion forward, then I don't have problems with it. This story is not easy -- I've already had something like 7 different long-ranging, long-term discussions about it elsewhere and in person, over everything including the ethical failures of the editors, the gendered nature of Tizon's blindness and confession, and the kneejerk reactions on both sides of this issue. There's no right answer. But there are ways one can (wrongly) make the discussion more about themselves than the topic, and that's what I will moderate.
  9. [mod] Note to participants of this thread: This isn't a situation where it's important to score Internet points, but a discussion about modern-day slavery and its effect on a woman and the family who kept her. I will be moderating comments heavily, so make sure you're not just here to win some edgelord battle. Thank you. [/mod]
  10. I have a lot of thoughts and conflicted feelings on the article, which of course got worse once I had also read that total sham of an obituary. And a lot of questions for the editors who helped craft this story at The Atlantic. It's been interesting watching the varied reactions -- the story is a Rorschach Test, where readers get out of it only what they bring to the table.
  11. By killing every last human on planet Earth.
  12. You accused her of lying with literally no evidence except your own mangled worldview.
  13. Not going to dogpile, but yeah. Agreed with Karaddin and Robin here.
  14. [mod] Just a reminder that everyone's definition of a spoiler is different, and it's better to err on the side of using spoiler tags than not. Thank you. [/mod]
  15. De nada. For some people, that method may not work. But I'm the kind of person who already kind of knows what kind of meal I'm angling for before I head out (stew vs. pan-fry, i.e. wet heat vs. dry heat), so that kind of classification works for me. Anything I impulse buy, I'm either doing it because I'm curious or because it's a dry-aged ribeye.