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  1. I changed everything that had sensitive personal or financial information. I'll wait for Cloudflare to post a list of breached sites to address those that do not have sensitive info.
  2. UTI'S ARE THE WORST (why are all these threads so boring II)

    Those who deny the righteousness of Oxford commas are those who probably put sugar on their Fruity Pebbles. People who put sugar on their Fruity Pebbles deserve to be shot.
  3. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    On a recently unearthed tape, MY is seen/heard to advocate for pedophilia.
  4. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    to fuckery with lampreys
  5. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    [mod] This thread is not to discuss what is or isn't YA. Further posts in that vein will be deleted. Thank you. [/mod]
  6. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I had excellent waffle fries at a shitty bar with an atrocious beer selection.
  7. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    If anyone has recs, please feel free to stump for them. I finished the first book in the Invisible Library series -- it's steampunk, but it has all the hallmarks of a YA novel without having a teen-aged protagonist. the concept is rad, but the writing is....middling. not sure I'll read the sequels.
  8. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

  9. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I just got back home after more than a week on assignment in northern Mexico. Sweet Jesus my skin is a wreck.
  10. US Politics: Papers, Please

    yeah. Laurie Penny is a great writer.
  11. Should I take the visa free travel?

    Whoops -- I was editing my own post when you replied. I loved Colombia when I visited there in 2015. Interesting country with a fascinating/fraught history, lots of really cool things to do in Bogota, the Caribbean coast is nifty, and the there's the natural heritage. Things can get dicey in certain parts of the country, but Bogota, Cali, Medellin, and Cartagena are all relatively safe, as is the Caribbean coast (generally) and the coffee region. My friends who have visited Chile and Peru greatly enjoyed them as well. Those who loved Ecuador are hard-core outdoors enthusiasts, so it'll depend what your interest are if that appeals. Then again, pretty much everyone I know who has visited Morocco loved it as well.
  12. Should I take the visa free travel?

    Which South American countries? Nvm I just looked it up. You can get to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, and Peru. I would visit any of those countries (except maybe Guyana because the security situation is a bit dicey right now) over Belarus, especially for a dedicated trip. Otherwise, of your choices I'd probably opt for Morocco.
  13. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    when we go post-punk/goth dancing, duh
  14. Careerchat II

    they're only personal if you make them personal. so, yeah, I think you're overthinking it.