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  1. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    So, things that I didn't like about the book (most of which also applies to the series): Random brand-new characters that just happen to propel the plot forward. (Sorry Henry and Henry's mom. You would have been a cool addition had you been introduced in, oh, Book Two or so. WTF, Hooved Girl? Why are you here?) This, I felt, was a problem throughout the series, by the by. The way that antagonists were introduced -- brand new book, brand new antagonist! -- was really cheap and jarring. Book three, with that bullshit addition of Colin and Piper, was where I almost hit the eject button on the whole series. Especially when the antagonists are so. fucking. boring. So when we got to rando triplets, I was rolling my eyes so hard. Also, WTF is up with all of our Snidely Whiplashes being from Boston? I mean, Boston is a bullshit town, but come the fuck on. Surely at least one of those miserable shitfucks went to Yale and then migrated to a loft in Tribeca. Artemus was a general waste of time. Piper and her entire arc was a specific waste of time. The pacing of the book was off, although I'd argue that the entire series has had that problem. I love the loping, slow burn. But then we have these frantic build-ups/denouments during the last 10-15% of the book and they are not given enough time/space to develop. And so we get Piper being shot by her rando dad, and the demon magically disappearing, and Gansey comes back to life. And...curtain. All in the span of, like, 20 pages.
  2. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    Chuck Tingle is a national treasure.
  3. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    I am so incredibly TORN on which book I will choose for Best Novel. I love both Fifth Season and Ancillary Mercy so much.
  4. Valley Forge 2017: a NASFiC Bid

    As some of you know, members of the BWB are on the bid committee for NASFiC 2017, which would be held (should we win) just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Putting together a bid is a lot of work, and everything is funded by donation. A number of you have already donated, or liked our page, or submitted a haiku, or all of the above. And for those things, we thank you most humbly! For those who want to help out, please like and share the ValleyForge2017 page/posts. If you're feeling especially generous, please consider chucking us a few dollars to help defray the considerable costs of running a bid. And, if you like our bid and want to see it become the next NASFiC, please consider voting for us this summer. Those going to Balticon can see the ValleyForge2017 crew in action, as we'll be there in force! (follow the link up top to see our full post about helping -- FB algorithms make Proxie the Trash Panda seethe with fury!) Here's the full post we put up on our Facebook page: Calling fellow fans and friends! We need your help! http://www.valleyforge2017.org/Contribute We are all very excited for the upcoming Worldcon,MidAmeriCon II, in Kansas City, MO this August. We're also looking forward toWorldcon 75in Helsinki, Finland next year. Not only are we sure that these con committees will provide amazing experiences, we are also looking forward to an opportunity to host the 12th North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC). Will you support us? http://www.valleyforge2017.org/Contribute Our plans are proceeding apace, but a bid can always use more help. In particular, we’re looking for the following: 1. Monetary pre-support. Even before the site selection vote, a bid must spend money to lay the groundwork for the convention. The more we have in the pot now, the more we can plan to offer to our members should we win. Plus, if we win, each supporter will receive a discount on one full membership commensurate with their pre-support “rank”. 2. A small amount of your time. Running a bid takes a considerable amount of coordination and effort. We are happy to welcome all interested parties, and will definitely find something for you to help with, either before or after the vote. However, even if you can’t make that sort of commitment, here are some actions you can take now that will really help us: - Like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is super-important in getting our word out, so we would love to have interested parties add us to their networks. It’s also a straightforward way of getting in touch with us. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/valleyforge2017/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/valleyforge2017 Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/valleyforge2017/ - Say good things about us to other fans. Word-of-mouth is great for conventions, just like books and films. - Say good things about us to non-traditional or not-yet-fans. We’ve been working on local outreach already, but additional help is always appreciated. We want to be as welcoming to fans who share our love of speculative fiction as we can, especially those who might not have had a chance to attend Worldcon/NASFiC previously. In order to do that, we need to reach them and invite them! http://www.valleyforge2017.org/Contact Thank you so much, Your Valley Forge NASFiC Bid Committee
  5. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Also, and this is my own personal preference for narrative -- I dislikeit when books wrap things up neatly. I don't need a last goodbye from Noah because...it doesn't always happen that way in real life. I love the ambiguous non-ending, and the lack of complete resolution, so long as the arc themselves make some kind of sense. I have to contend with them all the time in my own work, because I don't write obituaries. There's never closure in my work, just always the next point in the progression.
  6. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    I have a lot of feelings, many of them conflicted. But one thing I really disagree on is Adam and Ronan. That's been in the books since the beginning, and is the natural progression of their arc. Speaking from my own experiences,there's absolutely nothing weird to me about Adam checking out Blue, but then hooking up with Ronan. It makes total sense from a character aspect (Adam will glom onto anyone who showshim a shred of regard/affection), and also how I know how I approached my own feelings when I was Adam's age. I hated the whole Piper arc to begin with, so expanding it with her bizarre triplet fathers was IMOa giant turd floating in the punch bowl.
  7. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    I'm a few chapters in and enjoying the fuck outta this book!
  8. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Asses gonna ass.
  9. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Funny. I loved books 1 & 2, and then had a very hard time with book 3. Haven't started the latest one yet. Been too busy and distracted.
  10. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    That one will definitely going above No Award. It's HIGH QUALITY BUCKAROO ACTION.
  11. This Board is not like the book

    Quoth Mr. X: Yep, that is pretty much everything. I should note that if Sandra Hill were involved, that would be a time-traveling Billionaire Warning Point-Navy SEAL.
  12. This Board is not like the book

    If there were any justice in the universe, the book of the board would be written by Chuck Tingle with footnotes and historical accuracy by Sandra Hill.
  13. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Yo I have some lipstick for you then. Try MAC lipstick in "Sophisto." Also-- holy shitballs lady it's great to see your weird hairy avatar again. Edit: just went back and realized that 1) I had already admitted to being too lazy for a matte lipstick and 2) I hadn't reported back on my new purchases. So, I bought two lipsticks from MAC: "Sophisto" and "O." Both are wonderful. Easy wearing, interesting colors. And, weird for me, they're both "frosts." Or, one is. The other just has some gold/bronze shimmer. I usually do not wear anything of the sort. But damn these colors are perfect for how I'm feeling right now. Sophisto is relatively sheer, although you can build the color. O is not as sheer -- it's more a sheer-medium coverage, and ended up darker than expected (it's like Clinique's Black Honey, but with bronze frost that makes it not quite so Goth on those with fair skin, and a better texture). Both work without primer and are easy to re-apply, even without a mirror.
  14. Where to start with Rush

    Another vote here for Moving Pictures.
  15. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    I cannot believe Arsenal couldn't come up with a single goal in this match.