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  1. I'm seriously not trolling. I missed it. My dog must've wanted my attention when it happened, and I must've missed it because it was a quiet scene.
  2. Tommen killed himself? I didn't get that from the episode. You're right that she did prevent him from a flaming death, but I must've missed it where it was apparent he did so. Wouldn't she have been more distraught about it?
  3. A few things: Now that Cersei had Tommen killed, I think we can safely assume that Jaime will be the valonqar in revenge of the killing of his last child and kill her. I believe it might actually happen while Cersei is trying to convince him to hav more babies with her. The only thing I could think while the entire Great Hall was hooting and hollering about Jon was "Guys, we've been through this already, and last time it didn't work out well." Also, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams get prettier every episode. Geez. Hmm...Just remembered a theory that says that Arya and Jon might become lovers. What if the show takes this approach, except with Sansa and Jon? It will solidify his hold on the north and will not be as awkward now that we have confirmation he is Sansa's cousin, not half brother.
  4. Did Aegon and his sisters sit on saddles while riding their dragons? Did anybody?
  5. I personally think that her last betrayal has not yet happened and that she will die of this last one.
  6. I strongly subscribe to Cleganebowl and am pretty sure that it is the fate of UnGregor to die by his little brother's hands, through fire. Of course, at best it will be a horrible, pyrrhic victory because that's how GRRM rolls.
  7. I personally don't think there was anything particularily sinister behind Syrio. I imagine he was there just like anybody else,trying to make a living. After all, KL is, at least in terms of the WOIAF, a metropole. You can probably find anything you want there.
  8. That's not what the topic title said
  9. There is plenty of recorded information on animals changing sexes as needed. Clownfish, for instance, live in a matriarchal hierarchy with the woman at the top. If the female clownfish in charge dies, a male fish changes genders. Not to say that dragons are all stuck in a matriarchal hierarchy, but hell, if this kind of weird shit happens in real life, why can't beasties who were created with a little blood magic not change sexes?
  10. How would anybody who has never held anything resembling a tool forge a weapon? As the Sellsword King said, she might get a hold of Brightroar. It's not inconceivable someone trying to get her favour will get it for her, offering her some Valyrian steel.
  11. If you've read any further into the series, you will know who I pledge to. Golden skull + my location should tell you all you need to know.
  12. I'm pretty sure that Varys knew, or at the very least had suspicions. We all know that Varys is no dullard. Certainly he could have connected the dots here and there. As for Littlefinger...I doubt it. He was too young when all of this went down. And even if he wasn't too young, he certainly was nowhere near the action if I recall correctly.
  13. Not at all strange.
  14. "No. I am your father."
  15. You've got it all wrong. It's obvious that Jon's mother is Jon himself, having undergone a sex change and being sent back in the past to have sex with Ned. DUUUUUUUUUUUUH.