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  1. Official Testing Thread

    Spoiler blah, blah
  2. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    :crying: at least i'm still correct about it being my favorite.
  3. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    leviathan wakes is another i really need to read. i'm woefully behind. pertinent to this post, though, the quantum thief is my favorite from this year.
  4. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    you hate bacon?!?!?!? madness.
  5. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    i recently read the little bit that is available via amazon and that was enough to hook me. i have GOT TO read this book. kinda reminds me of snow crash but that is just from the small sample portion and what a few people have described it to me as. this isn't a bad thing and i'm sure that similarity is only skin deep anyway.
  6. Good lord, babe. Didn't think you hit this anymore. I got a PM from Laron, that brought me out. Miss ya.

  7. have a good 4th, shannon.

    all the best,

    allen :)

  8. i just saw your

    have a good 4th baby. :)

  9. You will always be special to me :love: