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  1. And so the hype train comes to a crashing halt:     ETA: Actually, now that I've thought about it for 5 seconds, I'm sure this definitive quote can and will be interpreted to show that she may and will still arrive so the hype will no doubt continue.
  2. Martin said we would find out where whores go so I think Tysha's fate will be resolved even if they do never meet again, based on his answer here. It's been a while since I saw the interview but I think it's toward the end.
  3. I've seen this a few times but I'm not sure how or why people are making this correlation. I know that the old Starks have been called more fierce and grey than Ned but that is a completely different world than the Others trying to kill out mankind. Perhaps there's something to the Night King's wife but that would be the only way I could see there being some Other blood in the Starks. I think the Starks are the ones that are meant to keep the Others in check, not be a part of them. That would put them in the same league as Craster and his sons and I really don't see the Starks being in that league.
  4. That reminds me, there was some question about the "evil-ness" of the Others and that they might be misunderstood. However, they are clearly positioned as bad guys here - the ultimate antagonists - and I'm wondering if there will be some ambiguity in the books.
  5. Oh yes! I loved that line.
  6. Yes, I really got the feeling they were a different race. And yes, the Night's King was staring Jon down. They've really set up the rivals. I hope there's more of a reason why he singled Jon out other than seeing him use the Valaryan Steel. I hope not. That chat was really fun. I hope there'll be plenty more like it. :lmao: I love every second of it.
  7. This! It was very obvious but still, nice to see it play out. Sorry to see NotVal go. She had real spunk.
  8. Great episode. I really liked Dany and Tyrion. He's going to really help her. I really liked Cersei being all "I'm not groveling. I'm the queen." And then slurping the water off the floor. I really liked finally seeing Arya do something. Glad they're keeping the merchant murder. I really liked that Sansa knows her brothers are alive. And I loved Jon being all LC "I run things here" Things I wasn't so crazy about. Why would Jorah go back to the pits? The Undead. I really hate all things zombie. I don't care who resurrects you. Zombies suck! But the fight scenes were great, even if it is zombies. It really clear that Olly thinks he has to do what he has to do after that chat with Sam. As for next week's trailer, the look Alister gives Jon.... oy.
  9. I expect to see the BwB next season when Walder Frey is slated to return, according to the actor that plays him.
  10. There seems to be more than one way to reach the tower. It was part of the keep after all and Cat was there investigating. She hardly climbed. I assumed Sam would remain at the Wall but it looks like he might sail for Oldtown after all. Still, I'm not sure if we'll actually see it. It would require quite a bit in terms of world building on the show and the sets and maesters would not be easily shown. A lot of complaining about Dany proposing. I have no problem with it. In the books, she's forced to do something she absolutely does not want to do, yet no one said anything about uncomfortable or rape. On the show, she tells Hizdar what will happen or he can remain where he it is. Same thing but all of a sudden it's a forced marriage. I suppose it's because it's different..... I am really wondering how things will turn out with Stannis and his women while they are battling in the North. That really seems like a strange move and I'm not sure what's meant to happen other than trying to sacrifice Shireen for a victory. Still, I enjoyed the episode and look forward to me re-watch.
  11. I've long predicted that Missandei will betray Dany for love. I think the show will try to show that with her relationship with Grey Worm. And the books might show it with one of her brothers.
  12. I loved the look on Ramsey's face when he realized how he'd been conceived. It's rare to get that expression with him. He said "fewer". He was being a grammar nazi again. (see battle of blackwater)
  13. Damn. I missed that. I'll watch closely on my next viewing. Does anyone else watch each episode more than once. :blushing: I disagree. People are describing the dinner with her new in-laws as painful and yet if we think of how she behaved when she was having dinner with Cersei in Season 2, we can really see a world of difference in how she carries herself. She was not behaving like a victim at this dinner.
  14. Yeah, no. Yeah, it will.