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  1. They continuously have articles on Yahoo calling out to me. I blame you people for sullying my cache. Last week they had one titled 'Your Kind (Christians) Aren't Welcome Here!' Whenever they bring their token female out onto CNN I have to silence the volume lest I get whiplash from her libertarian idiocy.
  2. I've tried playing the Franch, they have a National focus path to Communism now, but I just get bored when it's too easy to bring a country's manufacturing and military online. It's kinda oxymoronic that I'm most interested in the expansion part of the game but I lose interest if I control too much too fast.
  3. I was sitting there thinking that Bill Paxton would have fixed it with a sock and his eyes closed.
  4. Alright, Hearts of Iron update. Ever since I got all the DLC a few weeks back I've been obsessing over the Balkan states because of the tough choices you're faced with. I just lost a game as Romania in which I quickly set about to reforming the military (I manually forced a Civil war against Hitler in Germany and set Yugoslavia down the path of Communism). About late 1936 the Hungarians attempted to renounce the treaty of Trianon, to which I responded with mobilization and threat of imminent invasion. The Hungarians persisted with the backing of the French government, the foreign ambassador paying a personal visit to the Chancellor at a late hour begging to avoid war in Europe. Undeterred, the King gave a rousing speech to the National Assembly in the early morning of October 23rd promising not to allow Hungarian belligerence to once again plunge the world into chaos and a swift response should they renounce the treaty enforced upon them after the dissolution of their repressive empire. At 1300 October 23rd, with Romanian armor massing on the border, Hungary committed to reversal of their attempted policy of rearmament. War was averted, though the tension in the Balkans was growing unstable with Mussolini's ambitions against the Dalmatian coast. A stabilizing Germany, rebuilding from a ruinous year long civil conflict with Nazism, provided much needed supplies of steel to the exploding Romanian arsenal that allowed the nation to refuse Hungary's weak attempt to secure limited rearmament in the ill-fated Bled Agreement with globally recognized intention to pressure the diminished state into accepting a puppet government. Not three weeks later the ultimatum was received in Budapest. The Provisional Government refused and twenty-two divisions crashed into the hamstrung defenders who lacked basic anti-tank equipment and coherent officer deployment. The Bled War lasted fourteen days, during which time twenty-five thousand Hungarians fell in the field. Most of which were in the poorly deployed divisions shattered by the first wave of armor. Angered by the belligerence of the Hungarians, Romania dissolved the state government completely and annexed all regions. A coup was launched against the King during the first days of the conflict, a result of several Generals' opinion that he had badly mishandled the political situation, and a month later King Micheal was recognized as the legitimate ruler of Romania and Hungary by the Legislative body. Seventy days later the Bulgarians submitted to Romanian pressure, installing a Romaniaphile head of state and ceding political autonomy. In May of 1939 the Kingdom of Romania announced claims on Yugoslavia, specifically areas of Macedonia claimed due to Bulgaria before the First Balkan War and Transdanubia as a de Jure possession of the absorbed Hungary. The SFR Yugoslavian (Communist) government announced, with a now grossly extended border with both Romania and Bulgaria, that it would remain firm in the face of Romanian aggression. Uncertain of success, King Micheal appealed to Benito Mussolini for support. The fascist in Italy and the Provisional Dictator August von Mackenson in Germany signed on to agreements to dissolve the poorly conceived state to the satisfaction of all parties but the Soviet influenced Slavs rejected the reasonable offer. Faced with no other choice thirty-nine divisions of Romanians engaged some twenty-three Slavic while Bulgaria launched attacks into Macedonia. The Soviet Union unexpectedly launched into the war, despite their recent conflicts in the Baltic states, throwing fifty-four divisions against a poorly supplied ten Romanian divisions of defenders. Quickly setting to a knockoff version of the Schleffen Plan, the attacks into Yugoslavia were hastened while the remaining fourteen divisions that had been deployed against Czechoslovakia and Austria were rushed to the new Soviet front. Italy and Japan quickly formed an alliance with Romania but even as the Yugoslavian front collapsed from pressure on all sides the Soviets were marching into Bucharest. The armies were quickly turned around and sent back to fight the Soviet menace but it was too late. I lost It kinda sucks 'cause I still had like fifty divisions in the field and I was consolidating my line to hold the Carpathians and I was going to get a lot of support from Italy (Bulgaria was going to be under Soviet control for a while though) but the game rules are what they are and for whatever reason the captured territories hadn't contributed enough points to allow me to survive the loss of half my starting territory including the capitol. I really wanna do Turkey or Spain. I hope they get unique trees in the next expansion Ironclad as they're on the list that the producers have released for future content, but I wouldn't be surprised if America, United Kingdom, and Italy got a big update to their National Focus trees since they're the three biggest naval players besides Japan who got the Focus tree expansion last time. I just have this fantasy of a totally crazy Italio-Turkish alliance that could just gobble up central Europe between them and give the Soviets a nasty potential enemy as they try to face down the Germans and the Japanese. I'm debating whether to resurrect the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which prevents me from even attempting a naval campaign, or... that's pretty much it. It's boring to play as the allies 'cause they already control everything and I love Japan and India's national trees but the terrain they have to fight in is so goddamn nightmarish that I just don't have the stomach for it. Anyway.
  5. "Exclusively almost " Actually.
  6. See, this is what being wealthy is for. I can abide Bourgeoisie overlords if they sate the masses with entertaining infighting. It's been keeping the classes stable for most of human history.
  7. Damn, how high was I when this aired? All I remember of a chase scene is Chrisjen kept dying from the G forces and then the Roci showed up. See, this is why I have been elevated to Empress. As a mere Pony Queen I could not be trusted to both be awesome all the time and recall clearly events of the moment. Don't be afraid. Self-proclaimed genetic inheritance works on the same basic rules as the Peter Principal.
  8. Your fingers would remember their old strength better if they grasped your Sword of Doom
  9. Jake Tapper just now "Play more of the John Barron (Donald Trump's alter ego publicist) tapes just because they amuse me so much."
  10. Can I just say how happy I am that politics has infested literally everything? I know a lot of normally functioning people like to keep politics out of mind, but I love the opportunity to spread my hate and misery!
  11. I saw that this morning and was conflicted by my (majority) stupid brain enjoying violence and perceived execution of 'justice' against very real injustice vs my (almost irrelevant minority) functioning adult brain saying that the long term consequences of this act cannot be positive. Really the only thing that would even be a mitigating effect at this point is if a white Trumper who thought it was Deep State did it.
  12. See, you stupid! Just stop being smart for five minutes and shit starts to make sense. Like the pee pee tape. I saw it. And now I can't see anything. It's a good thing I have such excellent typing skills since I'm basing everything on the f and h keys.
  13. I don't understand your confusion. It's a piece that's lamenting the pettiness of the species at current. Life good. Life find way. Watch Jurassic Park.
  14. My shorthand Amos essentially boils down to "There but for the grace of god go I" The actor is terrific but as has been bemoaned already the show fails to adequately let the characters breathe a lot so motivations seem unclear.