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  1. Republican greenlanders... thinking healthcare can be bought with gold!
  2. It's good to know my work is... appreciated?
  3. Hey! One of those can't miss prospects had the good sense to refuse to play in that shithole! There will be a reckoning!!!
  4. Sorry to interrupt the Washington weepfest. I am happyish with the outcome of the first round. Hooker could be great, which is more than you hope for with a mid round pick. Now it T.J. Green develops we could be blessed with watching a good Colts defense. I won't get my hopes up, although allegedly Green was a Pagano pick not a Grigson one.
  5. Ross is great for cincy
  6. Say what you will but I liked David Garrard
  7. They've had great RBs. Fred Taylor, MJD
  8. Is John Lynch a genius?
  9. DA BEARS!
  10. Meanwhile, I have the Colts (generously) going 8-8. And that's assuming Luck is full-go by game one. Could win this crap division, but I'd rather they didn't. In fact, I'd much prefer a 5-11 type season so long as Ballard didn't go full Chieftard and hire Dave Toub. A nice draft pick and a chance for a team I'll actually watch on Hard Knocks is all I ask. James, did you not know that?
  11. It's the EA effect, we all knew it was a matter of time. I loved ME3, warts and all, DA:I was fun-ish and I just wanted Andromeda to be passable fare. But playing this game is like watching the family dog wasting away from age, eventually it just needs to be taken to the vet to be put down. That's what Andromeda is for me, it's seeing my favoritest studio lying on its side in a puddle of filth barely able to draw breath for the pain of its failing body, and the eyes... It's the eyes. All the pain and fear has faded out of them to be replaced by a simple desire by the beast to finally let go of the life to which its family has selfishly clung too long, ignoring the signs and causing more damage to everyone than we'd ever thought previously possible. Now our memory of the studio that brought us KotOR and Mass Effect and helped create other vestiges of our cultural persona will always be marred by the descent from youthful vitality that culminated in Andromeda being unable to gain purchase on the waiting lap of those who wanted only to spend time with it. Or somethin' like that.
  12. They tried to sell to Chris Ballard. He raised the alarm.
  13. Simon, I feel you. I think the game is legit awful and only the blinders of Fandom has allowed it to achieve even mediocre status in the eyes of the video game cognicenti.
  14. No
  15. You either die a winner or you live long enough to see yourself become Matt Millen. Meanwhile, it's a good day. The Colts have added a beefcake to the defensive line and a billionaire died. Score one for the proletariat!