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  1. But I thought that was a pretty normal haircut for soldiers in WWI???
  2. Total honesty here, I'm really burned that neo-nazi's ruined that haircut. It looked great on Jimmy Darmody.
  3. Their war casualties are currently at 4.6 million! Good gawd! Right now I've basically reestablished a continuous line from the North Sea to Hungary against the Reds now that the pocket has been reduced and I have enough divisions. Before I was forced to let the Poles fend for themselves along stretches of the line and, predictably, the Soviets were making good headway towards Warsaw and were almost on the point of being a potential threat to cut off my entire Army Group North. Meanwhile, I've sent Heinz Guderian and Rommel to double-trouble pincer on Romania through Makedon and Epirus. They'll make short work of the Romanians and then continue with a section of Model's infantry to drive to Kiev and link up with a planned push by Army Group North that will cut off some 100 divisions of Soviets in central Poland. A Picture of the current field. That giant spearhead through the middle of Poland is what's going to get cut off when Guderian and Rommel move on Kiev after subduing Romania.
  4. The Soviets have been pushed out of German territory for good. The attack recommences to force the Red Menace out of Poland and all they way to Siberia. Correction to previous record: 46 Soviet divisions were trapped in the Vienna pocket. None will ever return to their communist homelands.
  5. Ivan took Vienna, but I cut the city off from resupply when Rommel returned from France. It's the new Stalingrad. He has something like 22 divisions in about a 8 province area (including Vienna) surrounded by 21 of Model's infantry Army and an additional 9 units on loan from Rommel's newly organized 1st Panzer Army.
  6. https://imgflip.com/i/1ri5ae https://imgflip.com/i/1ri58x Operation Vertreibung will commence in 1 hour.
  7. Operation Vertreibung will commence in 1 hour.
  8. I gotted the Hearts of Iron IV, and am glad I did so. My first campaign has been loads of fun, despite my misgivings. You see, I knew before I even bought the game that I might have a bit of difficulty in choosing who to play as. The Brits and Frenchies controlled most of the world in the 30's, the Americans are off doing their own thing, and I'll put a bullet in my head before playing as a Red. So that pretty much leaves me with Axis powers or weird offshoots. So needless to say, I'm playing a damn fascist Nazi. Anyways, it was a lot of fun. I reorganized my military and took advantage of what would be half a decade worth of peace to research both the Panzer 4 (the famous one everyone thinks of when they say Panzer) and the Tiger like 3 years early. Because I had peace agreements with the Soviets I got gigantic armor research bonuses that offset the early research penalties. I was determined not to be engaged by the Allies, having identified a course of action that could allow me to befriend Poland instead of invading them on my way to destroying the hated USSR and everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly in that direction. Until Greece... I re-militarized the Rhineland, annexed Austria, chopped up the Chechz, and backed Itally in claiming Yougoslovia. All the while I avoided open war myself while lending out Rommel with a few panzer divisions to my friends engaged in conflicts abroad. I assisted Italy in overthrowing Ethiopia, ensured the Fascists took control of Spain, and broke through the Chinese lines for the Japanese (a MASSIVE undertaking with just four divisions). About this time, my Tigers and Mk IVs were available and I completely refit my armored units to include support companies of artillery, engineers, maintenance specialists, recon, and a field hospital to supplement 3 battalions of light tanks, 3 battalions of Tiger tanks, 5 battalions of Mk IVs, and four battalions of motorized infantry. I called these unholy forces of destruction 'KaiserPanzer' divisions. Then of course I set about to motorizing and adding armor to my infantry along with updating their equipment with anti-tank support. Then the Italians declared war on Greece. Which meant I declared war on Greece. We crushed them, myself sending the 4th Panzer Army under General Manstien, but before I'd finished squashing Makedonia and Epirus the whole of the Allies declared war on the Axis. This was not ideal, my forces were very badly deployed to defend against a French invasion but General Hoth was stationed across from the Maginot line and did an admirable job of holding off Jaques long enough for Rommel to bring the 2nd Fast Response Army to reinforce. But as I was deploying to the border of France, the English invaded NorthWest Germany with an amphibious landing. I redirected Rommel and scrapped together the 7th Motor Supported Army under Field Marshal Model and was able to split most of their forces off from the beachhead. Model surrounded their landing point while Rommel slowly constricted the trapped army further inland as they withered from attrition. I'd just managed to capture the entirety of the inland forces when the British landed again on NorthEast German soil, not a half-dozen provinces from Berlin! Rommel's exhausted and frankly under supplied 2nd turned and raced along the Autobahn as Model forced the English off their Western beachhead and Manstien (Greece being subdued) turned the entirety of the 4th to subdue France. Rommel stopped the British landing fairly quickly, and Model was set about securing the coastline against future assaults with relatively little incident. I had a bit of a problem, though. The French were constantly pushing against the WestWall from their strong Maginot line, I was holding them off just fine with the 1st, 3rd, and 5th holding their ground (the 6th, having been stripped of manpower to support Model, was my token Eastern force) but there was no way across the Maginot and I didn't care to invade Belgium. So I sent Manstien and the 4th into Italy. They traveled parallel to the Alps to where the Italians had pushed the French back into their own country. And in Southern France, Manstien's 4th Panzer Army (now being reinforced with my new KaiserPanzer divisions) absolutely smashed the French. Within two weeks he had the entirety of southern France conquered from Switzerland to coast, and a week later Paris was under siege. About this time, those treacherous Soviets declared war on my friend the Poles. I sent the aforementioned 6th to help them hold their border and set Rommel to fighting the traitorous Romanians who had just turned Communist and launched into my more or less undefended extreme southeastern territories while I wrapped up my French campaign. And that's where I am now. France just fell, Rommel is hours away from crushing the Romanians, Model has the coastlines secure, and all of my forces except for the badly weakened 1st Western Defense Army will turn to stop the Soviet menace which has quite overrun most of Poland and has had the disgusting nerve to set foot on sacred German soil near Vienna. Not one step further.
  9. Also, can I kill all of the communist citizens?
  10. Does any of you Hearts of Iron 4 nerds know if the USSR can put females in the field? I could never lead communists, but I would be willing to let them live if the game recognizes the only Soviet virtue.
  11. Your consideration of your SO is touching.
  12. So the minute sure leaves town you're going to cheat on her with some Bioware slut!?!
  13. Yeah, it's started. And the thing is broke as fuck, can't click on nothing or search. Always seems to happen during sale time.
  14. I didn't have much in the way of action figures, but on the playground Imperial fighter Ace Jace Amorell more than once had to team up with less than savory rebel scum to pay off gambling debts. Oh man, this one time the Estenian cartel was involved and well... let's just say that negotiations turned aggressive.
  15. How's that hearts coming? I've got an itch for it myself at this point, after watching a tutorial. I'm trying to hold out for the steam summer sale, it should be any day now.