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  1. I think Pierre Garcon is the perfect #2 if you already have a #3 you like better. Like if you have a good slot guy like Wes Welker, Garcon is the dude you turn to 4 times a game for the grittiest first down catches you'll ever see. He's like Anquan Bolden except every time he gets hit it looks like the stock market just crashed into Jupiter. Also, Griff Whalen is still on the Ravens' active roster.
  2. Wait a minute, I'm almost sober (gonna get to work on that). How was Gabriel in the trailer for that strange and upsetting pants shittery comment and also there for Rick's speech? Was there a time jump I missed? Is this whole season going to be one day of war with Neegan, 24 style? That'd be interesting, but then where would all the filler go? Neegan's kinda cool, I like him and the actor who does him. He's the worst thing that could have happened to this show, a comic book character just totally given life by a charismatic asshole. I'd totally be that chick who gave Mullet the jar of pickles. Actually, I'd probably be like the union rep for the serfs. "Ah, Mr. Neegan? Big fan, kneeling here. Totally kneeling, I'm the best kneeler. Look at us here, kneeling... We all kneel, because You. Are. Neegan. All of you here, you're the Neegan's. We're the numbers. Do you like my chess set, Neegan? I made chess, I invented it. Just like priming the pump, nobody said that. None of the numbers, we didn't say that. But now I've made chess. As you can see, the board is made out of a chess board... the different colored squares indicate the... chesstuary. As you can see, the rest of the pieces are chess pieces. It's true, I made them myself. I found them in a box called 'CHESS', completely unrelated. I opened it, and inside were both the board and all of the pieces. I'd like to give it to you, Mr. Neegan. The board. The pieces. On behalf of all of your numbers, we appreciate both you and your rules. You keep us safe. You're taking all of the food! We have no water. You're killing 9 of us for lack of production... thank you Mr. Neegan, we'll see you next week." Y'know, like that.
  3. You gotta get schwifty in here!
  4. Yeah, that was a nice win streak you had. A shame somethin had to happen to it.
  5. If Eddie Jackson doesn't take these two lucky breaks and become Ed Reed reincarnate, I will be [email protected]
  6. This show is garbage. But I'm garbage too so I keep watching it. What a terrible pothead I've become!
  7. Oh my god. For the umpteenth time Chuck Pagano just broke down at the post game presser
  8. My glorious republic, last champion of a Teutonic Europe, teeters at the edge of a bayonet. Poland turned savage again with the aid of perfideous Courland while I am battling in India.
  9. I think I want to write a Shakespearean play about Tom Brady's relationship to Eli Manning
  10. The Giants have made like 9 goal line stands in a row. The 2nd quarter just started.
  11. Playing Empire Total War. Took Prussia in 1705, started a massive naval effort. By 1710 Austria has gone to war with the Poland-Lithuanian union. Austria conquered up to Gdansk before I jumped in, conquering all the way to Vienna before arranging peace with the hapsburgs. By then those fucking Venetians declared war on me as I conquered to the medditerannian coast so I had to take Venice. But then I sold Venice to the hapsburgs for tech and sold Croatia to the Spanish because I could. Now I have buffers between me and the ottoman turks but those fucking poles have invaded! So while establishing a colony on Madagascar and 2 in the Caribbean I underwent a revolution that has resulted in a constitutional monarchy. As I subdue the poles, Austria strikes at the newly made Hungarian state and I prepare to sell eastern Europe to the highest bidder. The future is Teutonic
  12. I tell You, if the Colts don't score on this drive... this is the kind of game that gets coaches fired.
  13. Chuck Pagano is the human angle equivalent of a staph infection, unexpectedly virulent. I truly adore that man, and I want him to lose his job.
  14. You're great. Don't let anybody get you down.
  15. Did Corey Coleman break his hand again? I just saw on PFT that he's on IR for a broken hand. That shit happened last year at like the exact same week. Remember when people questioned her excellence Jace, The Pony Queen for saying that the Browns had found a new low 2 years ago at the hiring of Sashi Brown and the Moneyball people? Remember? REMEMBER!?!