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  1. Has everyone heard about how Susanne Colins and her talking stick ended the shutdown!?! I remember when I was in the second grade too.
  2. What exactly do you want to happen? What exactly do you think will happen?
  3. NOOOO! BOOOO! You were doing so much better! Sorry guys, sorry everyone! I tried.
  4. Hey! Look at that! You can talk almost like a real boy! Yeah, Jace is super excited about McDaniels because it's so up in the air. He could be a psycho, Malik Hooker could never be the same, and Bradley Chubb might be a bust. But that's what makes it so exciting! With Peyton Manning and everything after Tony Dungy we always knew where the ceiling and the floor were. But now this is like a real insane clown posse football team for the next few years. It's so fun! And then you have the Lions and MAtty P. I hate to say it but I'm afraid that he will take that team where it's never been. To a safe parking lot! If Jim Bob Cooter gets fired I can accept Lions contention, but Jace is a selfish Pony Queen and guards happiness jealously! It must be kept from the low ones for their own good! Too many happy faces and questions are asked! Where is my money going? Why is there a needle in my heart? Yes. Keep them docile, keep them sweet! And least of all never their expectations meet!
  5. Exercise in logic Talking with you Never gonna know what we been through It's our time Colts up front Stomping on bitches Goin' right for your cunt McDaniels in the house with actual plays Even if Luck goes, Jacoby stays! Don't use no 3rd pick on RB's Our ball hawking secondary be cappin' knees And if this Ballard frog man can do some things 860 thousand Benjamins! Ringing on Bells or amphibious Land-rying When the market close none left standing Get your head out the past This is the last Coach they gonna hire Nuclear Blast!
  6. Poster of a free gal Don't think she can't see now You blind and not like a bat way you go sneakin round think you a cat With the Patriot! Logo up front Your silly talking points ain't worth much When we blast you Right on course Jumpin' on bandwagons Get seat sores! If your faces can't handle the Winters of Russia Don't let my words hit your heart or I'll SHUSH ya!
  7. Is it just me, or does James Cameron kind of get it? Seriously, as an artist. I don't give half a fuck about his personal life, but in on screen presentations of independent and complex humans with ladyparts. I mean think about it. Sarah Connor Ripley Sigourney Weaver in Avatar Even the blue one is ok in Avatar True Lies Vasquez Michelle Rodriguez in Avatar Fuck, even Rose was pretty well rounded considering. They're not all perfect characters or even role models, but damn if they aren't actual characters instead of talkative scenery.
  8. R's to my left L's to my right One of these bitches dyin' tonight Faster than you eyes Quicker than your thoughts Won't know the pain that my wrath done wrought When I expose your lies Gonna steal your fries Think you call me honey I ate your lunch money Remember when You said you'd win Those lips said we're lemmings But the truth been stemming You may not be evolved But don't think that you're absolved Your boys may be shilling But I am Dar-winning
  9. If she took money she's a hooker
  10. I don't like bland I don't like brand I don't like sand It's rough It's course It gets everywhere And I'm a god motherfucker, back from the dead Can't stop eatin' your soul when I'm already fed Full Full on pain Runnin' these tracks, a big ass train Stuffed with brothers who hit dat shit Sisters trappin' fools, gettin' straight lit Won't see you, hear you, know you, want you Broke my foot off in your ass, lost my shoe Will a real Pats lover please stand up Your fear runneth over, filled my cup Got bitches in the front, haters in the back Want to post with no sight, gonna catch flack Ain't got a chance when your vision starts to fade Jace gonna be here castin' that shade Fight in the dark, battle in the sun Pony Queen colors just don't run
  11. Why are we even talking about this still? It doesn't matter. R voters already think that the billionaires should be thinking for them, they don't give a damn about campaign financing laws. All of this is just a bug splattered against the windshield as a semi-truck carrying undiluted fascism has crossed the median and is in our lane. Who in god's name is going to be talking about a hooker when the only agency left that wants to do its job is being dismantled brick by brick? Reopening the government is good, but now Nunes is going to release this memo full of nonsense and that's the last act. Nobody is going to be talking about the B story arc of sharkfucking Time magazines while getting pissed on when the credits roll.
  12. I don't know what it is that you want Tellin' lies with every bit of font Polite? And right? Boy you out your mind? This the NFL thread, and now your ass is mine Best be pickin' some outrageous shit to say Before the end of the day Or we gonna roll up on yo soft core fandom Westeros lightning gonna make bitches stand 'em Up Like the end of the world Rainin hard on your head Smash it like a gourd Ruin any fucka that compliments a team Yo last word Gonna be a scream Can't handle mad cats and dogs Cause they leash done been unclipped from logs Best quick go and find a stance Fore this rap hit your brain like a lance
  13. Everything I've seen suggests that it's just another chance to iron out details and get on the same page about coaching hires. Ballard can still reach out to the guys McDaniels wants even if Josh isnt allowed to talk dollhairs. And hell, it could be as simple as Jim Irsay wanting to do lines as they surreptitiously 'infer' that maybe Jacoby Brisketie should start sharing scheme info with Luck
  14. Sure. And that happened a lot towards the end of the season for the defense because the starters all played too many snaps. That shit adds up over a season. There is a reason the great defenses have a number of d linemen to work through a rotation.
  15. Eh. It wasn't that bad. It was bad. But not THAT bad. In context, sure it's easy to see the curse. But teams get fucked up sometimes and I think the Vikes can fix the issues by adding some depth and getting healthy. Too many of the starters played too many snaps, they need to fill out a rotation which is a lot easier than it sounds. A couple of nice 2-6 million dollar contracts here and there keeps the D fresh at the end of the season.