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  1. Except that it's Littlefinger who approaches Jon, and Jon doesn't actually do anything about Littlefinger. It's not even slightly obvious that Jon and LF would have a scene in the crypts that would end with Jon slamming him against a wall.
  2. "Nobody is safe" was never anything but an illusion to up drama (as it is in any well-written series, incidentally). It's not good writing to just randomly kill people; were Jon to actually have been killed in ADWD, it would be a huge dramatic waste, given all of the buildup that had been invested into him. "Plot armour" is just plot. Arya and Tyrion, especially, should each have died about a dozen times by now, but they haven't, because they have a story to be told.
  3. It's not like he would ever admit it's valid.
  4. I think 2-3 are also BTS picks, just without visible crew.
  5. He was a prankster. That's not the same thing.
  6. That's not true, since the DOTD would be the priciest spinoff option, and probably by a fair amount. It would probably have to be as popular as GOT to justify its existence (though I should note that they'd presumably save a huge amount of money on cast salaries by jettisoning Dinklage et al., so it could have an overall budget similar to GOT but shift more of that toward VFX).
  7. He accepted their surrender after crushing them militarily. Not really that dramatic. The Targaryens were not seriously challenged anywhere other than Dorne.
  8. The Conquest would not be a particularly interesting setting for a drama. The Targaryens curbstomp everybody, other than the Dornish, and Dorne is super unpopular with TV audiences. I think the Dance would make a great series (and, if HBO is looking to continue a show as long as possible, it could extend into the tumultuous regency period that GRRM has apparently put a ton of thought into), but the question there would be budget. The show has to carefully ration how much we see of the dragons (often just Drogon), whereas the Dance would need to have tons of them.
  9. Even apart from knowing the ending, my other issue with the idea for Robert's Rebellion as a series is that, considering that one of the biggest arguments for it is the ability to use characters the audience is already familiar with, most of them don't do much of anything (people always talk about casting a young Cersei, for instance, but Cersei does nothing at all in that story other than show up at the end and marry Robert; same with Catelyn, whose only role is marrying Ned; Lyanna, after disappearing, spends the entire war hidden away in a tower and then dies giving birth, something we've already seen dramatized on GOT).
  10. Who? There are circumstances where the ability to offer Sansa and/or Arya as a marriage prospect might have been advantageous, but no alliance prospects are on offer anyway, and people don't enter into alliances they are otherwise uninterested in solely to secure brides.
  11. No, that was Lads, the verified leaker. He said the same thing in reference to how Sansa would get Bran back "in a way" (or similar words), again indicating that his personality is going to be different. It sounds like he's going to be acting like the Three-Eyed Raven was.
  12. According to Lads, he's become quite remote in Season 7 (which is supposedly why Meera leaves), which makes it sound like he's purely an exposition machine.
  13. No, Dany's forces decisively route the Lannister/Tarly army, from the sound of it. That particular scene happens because Dany is in jeopardy momentarily when Drogon is brought down. Meeting with Cersei happens, according to Lads, because they want to end the fighting to face the real enemy and don't want to storm King's Landing because Tyrion believes the casualties amongst the civilian population would be too high.
  14. No, it's very high, because Baelish is driven above all else by grudges. Incorrect. If Ned acted against the Lannisters following an assassination attempt on his son, it would be in the North, where he is guaranteed to win. Cersei, Jaime and the kids are taken prisoner with ease, and Robert is just fine. Then they're free to come south and deal with Tywin at leisure. No, Baelish killed Jon Arryn to bring Ned south and prevent the Lannisters from being defeated, because that would be contrary to his plans to destabilize the realm, as Arryn would have been able to arrest Jaime and Cersei otherwise. He wanted the Lannisters to beat their rivals, because they were more corrupt, and thence he would work against them. Er, no, it wasn't. Baelish quite deliberately acted to stir up a war where none would have existed (if you believe, as you say, that he was the one who tipped off Stannis).
  15. You misunderstand the word "need". He "needs" it because that's what he wants to happen. He could make do any number of other ways, but fucking Ned over is very high on his list of wants, and this is the only way to go about it sensibly. Ned straight-up going to Robert and declaring war on the Lannisters means the Lannisters go down hard, as all of the other kingdoms would side with the Crown (or, in Dorne's case, probably sit it out). Littlefinger doesn't want that. Ned is only vulnerable if he comes south without an army. Confirming his suspicions by making him think the Lannisters tried to assassinate his son would only make that less likely. He didn't need Ned as a counterweight. Indeed, Baelish wants the Lannisters to beat the Starks, etc., as part of his plan. Stannis means very little to him.