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  1. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    He executed her father and waged war on her brother. Nobody with an ounce of brains believed she wanted to be there. Because the Crown's official story was that they had nothing to do with it, so being seen to do something about it would make them look good.
  2. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    At that point, Tyrion has been on the run for months. There'd be reason to expect his capture is imminent; indeed, Littlefinger would most likely assume that Varys helped him escape.
  3. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    No, that conversation occurs long after Tyrion escaped King's Landing.
  4. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    "Horrors enough" is a common expression. If a cop said that a teenage witness to a murder had seen "horrors enough", nobody would assume she must have witnessed multiple crimes. Waynwood is an experienced old lady. If she knew or suspected who Sansa was, she wouldn't give it away that easily. Moreover, Sansa herself would have thought there was something odd about that statement if it departed from her cover identity.
  5. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Theories that the Starks' Whent ancestry will matter to the story always founder, for me, on the fact that the Starks' Whent ancestry is literally never mentioned in the story, even in places where it logically should be. Minisa Whent is a name on a genealogy chart, nothing more, to all appearances. GRRM's worldbuilding includes a ton of mothers who are like that.
  6. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Cregan, likewise, was dealing with people who were sworn to serve Aegon. Sansa was a hostage, and everybody knows that. By his side I mean he has consolidated control over the Vale, which he will use to put himself at the summit of power. It's far more beneficial to him to let Aegon and the Lannisters slug it out, and then destroy whoever wins (who will assuredly be weaker). Aegon is also Varys' agent, so Littlefinger would not be able to obtain maximum influence with him.
  7. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Sansa doesn't have Hoare blood.
  8. Most Moral: To cite one not mentioned thus far, Brienne defending the Crossroads Inn orphans against Rorge et al., living up to her own earlier insistence that old Ser Quincy Cox should have tried to defend Saltpans even if it had come at the cost of his own life, because that's what knights do. Least Moral: Quite a competition for this one, but again, to offer up a novel suggestion: Cersei handing 11-hear-old Jeyne Poole over to a life of forced prostitution because, LOL, why not? This is peak Cersei, as it's not even done in furtherance of any agenda -- she could do literally anything else with Jeyne, but can't be bothered to shown even the slightest human consideration for this irrelevant little girl.
  9. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Jaime is disliked because he was an oathbreaker (and, to many, an opportunist), while kinslaying is a universal religious taboo. Sansa was a child hostage; totally different situation, nobody would blame her for killing Joffrey unless they actually liked Joffrey. Littlefinger's strategy to date has been to put together his own side and watch his enemies destroy each other. Aegon's arrival would most logically see him continue that strategy.
  10. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Harry is 15. The marriage isn't happening right away; it's logical to assume it would happen after he was of legal age. Also, the main reason Yohn Royce is anti-LF is because he thinks he's a Lannister stooge. Once Littlefinger reveals he saved Sansa, the anti-Lannister faction in the Vale, which generally regards him as an enemy, would now have every reason to think more favourably of him.
  11. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    Again, Littlefinger went through this: Petyr put a finger to her lips to silence her. "The dwarf wed Ned Stark's daughter, not mine. Be that as it may. This is only a betrothal. The marriage must needs wait until Cersei is done and Sansa's safely widowed. And you must meet the boy and win his approval. Lady Waynwood will not make him marry against his will, she was quite firm on that." Littlefinger has never said anything about annulment.
  12. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    You answered your own question there, as to what horrors she's referring to. Waynwood wouldn't make that comment if it was giving away anything. I've never understood why so many people get hung up on this point. Littlefinger has accomplished most of what he's done via influencing other people, not by directly wielding his own power, and he himself notes to Sansa that as Lord Protector his power is quite limited anyway, so stuff like going to war is beyond him anyway. Trading in the Lord Protectorship for a more charismatic, conventional nobleman serving as a pawn is entirely plausible as a necessary part of his plan. The wedding isn't going to happen until Sansa can marry, as Littlefinger said. The Vale has lots of Stark loyalists in it, as we've seen. And the Lannister regime is going down the tubes, which is also part of Littlefinger's plan. The only people who care about that are people who support the Lannisters. For people who hate the Lannisters, killing Joffrey would be a good thing.
  13. Sansa and the Tyrells

    GRRM gave some interviews after the show's version of the Purple Wedding that clarified this. The Tyrell plan was that: 1) In the best case scenario, Joffrey's death is believed to be choking. Nobody is held responsible, Sansa is spirited off to Highgarden and marries Willas afterward. However... 2) If it's determined to be poisoning, then Sansa will take the blame for it, because she's wearing the hairnet. This also explains why the Tyrells didn't just ask for Sansa's hand upfront, which they could easily have done, given their enormous bargaining power. They were waiting to see if she needed to take the fall; if she did, no reason to have the treasonous murderer formally associated with them beforehand.
  14. No, Littlefinger had him infiltrate Cersei's household and become one of her minions. There's no conflict between those directives.
  15. The Others: Why now?

    Why would the idea that the dragons were on their way back trigger it, when the Others did nothing in the 150 or so years where the Targaryens originally ruled the Seven Kingdoms on dragonback?