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  1. I don’t know, but GRRM said as much in one of the SSMs.
  2. There’s no basis for that. The source of the idea was Sansa’s relationship with Robert and his reaction to the stories she reads him. Sansa is never going to develop skills if you just assume without any evidence that any idea she has was planted by Baelish.
  3. I'm not clear what you're asserting here. Sansa has been reading Robert those stories for a while. There's no indication he said anything to give her the idea. Her clearly developed it further to suit his own plans, but that's different. Er, what you're describing is the influence everybody knows him to have. And that has pronounced limits, as Baelish himself said. It's incorrect that the Vale as a whole was chomping at the bit to fight. As GRRM said, some did (particularly the ones, ironically, that aren't on Littlefinger's side), others were neutral, others wanted to back the Lannisters.
  4. As far as the Targaryens are concerned, Ned was a rebel and traitor. Sansa wouldn’t have any reason to think he’d be favourable toward her. Moreover, Littlefinger’s position is not strong enough to commit the Vale to external wars. Indeed, that’s the reason he’s doing the Harry the Heir scheme in the First place.
  5. Again, he left Moat Caitlin well-garrisoned. The fortress simply isn’t meant to defend against attacks from the north.
  6. Not true. His forces in the Riverlands had an objective: hold their ground against Tywin’s army in Harrenhal. He left a strong garrison. It’s not his fault that Rodrik Cassell played things badly (and also had a fair measure of bad luck).
  7. The North has no navy. What else was he supposed to do?
  8. Having exceptional talent at a young age is what a prodigy is. Robb is one of only a handful of historical figures in his age bracket with his kind of military track record (others include Daeron I and Garth VII Gardener).
  9. Did I, or anyone else, suggest otherwise? Every great general has talented subordinates. Robb was lucky to have the Blackfish, but no more lucky than was Napoleon to have Ney or Grant to have Sheridan. You seem to have ignored that the post you quote says that the comparison of Alexander or Napoleon is beside the point as far as being a prodigy goes. Though, as has already been noted, Alexander had advantages that Robb did not have.
  10. Whether he's at the level of Alexander or Napoleon, that he's a prodigy is undeniable. He's an extremely successful military commander (one of the best we see in the series, in fact) at a very young age.
  11. There's no such necessity, though, at least not that we know of. Sansa's an organizer and behind-the-scenes person, not a combatant. She'll presumably be focusing on the skills we've already seen her develop, not suddenly careening into a whole different area that is thematically unrelated to her story.
  12. Because Sansa is one of the characters who exist to demonstrate the value of non-combatants (and female non-combatants in particular). The point is that she doesn't need to pick up a blade (or have magic powers/weapons) to make a contribution. While you can argue about whether it would just be a side-element, putting that image into the series, and particularly so close to the end of the series where it would take on the impression of being an apex, gives entirely the wrong impression. It would be "Sansa's cool now, she's got a sword and everything!" It would be the same as if next season featured a subplot of Sansa teaching Arya to love wearing dresses and all the other conventional-lady-stuff that Arya's whole arc is about not fitting into.
  13. Regarding the original question, first, Aerys was an unstable tyrant. Second, given his paranoia, there was no reason not to think his suspicions wouldn’t eventually fall on the Tullys (Catelyn especially) given their connection to the Starks. Third, Aerys murdered Tully bannermen. Fourth, they negotiated a great deal.
  14. Jon said that, and then Sansa went about her business for months. She’s got other things to do. Sansa learning to fight undermines the whole point of her story.
  15. This is one of those theories you periodically see, but I don’t think it makes any sense. The clans weren’t even in KL when she married Tyrion, so they’d have no reason to believe anything she said there. Moreover, the clans worked for Tyrion on a purely transactional basis, and that ended on bad terms; they wouldn’t give a crap about his wife. Sansa’s skill set is court politics. Also, if interacting with the clans was going to be important to Sansa’s future story, one imagines that GRRM would have had her interact with them in some way in KL in A Clash of Kings, when they were in the same place.