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  1. I suppose it's more about the complexity of their journeys and the moral dilemmas and conflicts they have to deal with. Jon and Dany both have a lot of hard decisions to make and lose important people, suffer emotionally and physically for their growth and the food things they get are very much balanced by bad. I'm jumping to conclusions a bit with Euron as we've seen little of his past up close and his future is unknown, but if theories about him getting a dragon and conquering parts of westeros and generally getting everything he wants at no personal cost are true, then that is the difference between him and pretty much every other character in the story so far!
  2. It's bothered me for a while that Euron has been set up as such a powerful character. So far we know that Euron has or had: - got away with multiple kin slayings - been a successful explorer - had enough riches of some kind to buy a faceless man assassination - claims to have been to Valyria - had chests of riches to disperse at the kings moot - has a ship crewed by people he has mutilated but there is no mutiny - has a dragon binder horn - has Valyrian steel armour - has captured powerful warlocks - has successfully invaded the Shield Islands (although presumably that won't last) - has intelligence and good looks - may have some kind of greensight or the potential for it - had a dragon's egg (allegedly) - has possibly achieved some kind of occult knowledge through his imbibing of shade of the evening and by consisting with warlocks from all around - is apparently feared in ports all over Essos It just seems like too much for one man. I'm not saying that the character is written badly or implausibly, GRRM does quite a good job of explaining Euron's philosophy, just that when GRRM has worked at the downfall of our 'heroes' before as in the failure of Robb's war and the red wedding, he has had to subtly tip the odds in the favour of the Lannisters and their allies (Race for the Iron Throne is really good at highlighting this). Never before has there been a character who is consistently so successful. Can you imagine Jon or Dany or any POV character getting such an easy ride? I'm aware this kind of set up usually means a rather large downfall for a character but I know a lot of the fandom think Euron will be successful in getting a dragon/marrying Dany/ending the world or whatever particular theory you adhere to. Am I alone in being bothered by the idea that Euron could get a dragon so easily, for example, given the travails Dany has so far experienced in her arc? Is anyone else waiting for the other show to drop? Does anyone else not believe the hype? I have heard and read other people's opinions about Euron being a stage 2 villain, for example, something no-one has face before, in an escalation of enemies towards the white walkers. To me Euron just seems like a huge Mary Sue villain and I have too much faith in GRRM's writing to believe that he will succeed.
  3. Though the symbolism isn't direct I agree that the stone giant Sansa will slay is LF, it's just so thematically on point. I am interested in what the spark for this will be, but I doubt it'll be Jeyne spilling her guts to Jon cus he'll be dead about the time she gets to the wall and even if he comes back immediately I don't know if I believe that he'll remember Jeyne or be concerned with the affairs of the North, remember that Beric forgot much of his former life after resurrection (although it's uncertain how long this took). I also tend to think that poison will be the weapon, as I think Sansa will learn her lessons well and give Petyr a taste of his own medicine, a death behind closed doors. Arrest and a trial and public execution give many opportunities for things to go wrong.
  4. Not just replying to you but I couldn't be bothered to quote everyone Honestly, part of my resistance to this narrative comes from having it shoved down my throat as a tomboy and a lesbian and as someone who generally thinks romance is shoehorned in to too many stories, it's entirely personal, but at least I recognize that my reading consists of what I bring to the table in addition to the text. It would be nice if other people acknowledged their own biases too. I'm not necessarily referring to you guys but a lot of fandom seem to just ignore that. YMMV is basically what I'm saying. Until its textual, I will happily ignore it. Anyway I feel like my first point is the most relevant, which is that them getting together later on is too neat, contrived and fairytale for GRRM!
  5. Yes! This exactly. Sometimes I wonder if I'm reading the same books as other people. Sansa is a main character because she has had chapters in all the books bar DwD and we have watched her personal growth from a romantic, naive girl, to a young women who has survived an incredible amount of loss and violence. She is now beginning to find her feet, to figure out how to be an active agent in a world where she is supposed to be passive, and I for one am excited to read about how she goes forward. Whether she dies before the end of the series is completely irrelevant as to whether she was a 'main' character. The important thing is that she is a central figure who I care for and have feelings about, who I root for and want to see succeed, who I empathise with and learn from. She has a character arc, and it is not done yet.
  6. I was meaning that Arya as someone who is gender non-conforming is probably going to have fewer reasons to want to marry specifically, like we have seen with Asha and Brienne. I didn't mean that her gender has anything to do with her ability to have a romantic relationship of some non-marrying sort. Your comment that I've bolded basically typifies the things in our culture (and Westeros') that I was referring to, which is that no, this isn't something we all did. I like playing rough with boys when I was a kid and there was no romantic undertones to it. I don't understand why people insist on seeing this when it can just be two people play fighting? I mean it seems clear to me that the whole song that Tom sings and the way the other adults look on their play fighting is exactly the same irritating way adults used to share knowing glances about me and my male best friend as kids. They like to pretend there's something there because it's 'romantic and cute', not because the kids actually fancy each other. The man turned, spoiling for a quarrel, but when he saw Gendry's size he thought better of it. "Your sister, is she? What kind of brother are you? I'd never bring no sister of mine to the Peach, that I wouldn't." He got up from the bench and moved off muttering, in search of a new friend. "Why did you say that?" Arya hopped to her feet. "You're not my brother." "That's right," he said angrily. "I'm too bloody lowborn to be kin to m'lady high." Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. "That's not the way I meant it." "Yes it is." He sat down on the bench, cradling a cup of wine between his hands. "Go away. I want to drink this wine in peace. Then maybe I'll go find that black-haired girl and ring her bell for her." "But . . ." “I said, go away. M’lady.” Arya whirled and left him there. A stupid bullheaded bastard boy, that’s all he is. He could ring all the bells he wanted, it was nothing to her. My thought process was like that the class difference between Arya and Gendry has been a longstanding conflict, a difference between them that Gendry feels keenly and Arya is a bit flummoxed by, and that Arya has a history of lashing out angrily when he is resentful about this. Witness this scene in the forge at Harrenhal: “Winterfell,” she said at once. “I’d tell mother how you helped me, and you could stay-” “Would m’lady permit? Could I shoe your horses for you, and make swords for your lordly brothers?” Sometimes he made her so angry. “You stop that!” “Why should I wager my feet for the chance to sweat in Winterfell instead of Harrenhal?” Why would he save her from a sexual predator? Er, for the same reason any decent person would. Weaponising Bella (I think that was her name?) against Arya isn't about sex, it's about Gendry demonstrating to Arya that he doesn't need her high born graces to live a life or be independent or successful - a theme we'll see repeated when he chooses to become a knight in the BwB. And why wouldn't Arya say the bells he rings are nothing to her? She is saying that she cares not what he does with his life or his time. I don't see the 'ringing of bells' as being the pertinent thing here- it all builds into a conflict between Arya and Gendry and their relative statuses in the world. I hadn't heard that GRRM had said they were going to meet again or spoken wistfully about it, or anything else. Is there a link to that? The last I heard was that GRRM said their paths might cross again but don't count on it. I mean I don't particularly care if I'm wrong and something does happen or they were meant to be crushing on each other, I just read the books with a different perspective and that's not what I took from it.
  7. I personally don't like or believe the idea for a few reasons, the first of which is that it's too tropey and typical of fantasy which GRRM tends to turn on its head, or turn into a more complex and human narrative. So just a wee bit fairytale for my tastes. Secondly I think it reflects a weird cultural obsession with first love or the idea that two people could meet as children and continue the same relationship for many years to come. People change loads between 11 and 21, and beyond, and while the rare couple can grow together well, many dont. I can't see the Arya that we know now being the kind of person that loves Gendry or is loved by him in return. I think he'd be terrified of her. Thirdly I'm not convinced their relationship was ever romantic. I find it irritating that people assume that a boy and girl can't just be friends. Even if Arya does have a small crush on Gendry it is far from mature love. Related to this I think people assume that Arya will grow out of being gender non-conforming, but I see no reason she would - why would any woman submit to marriage in Westeros if they weren't interested I those aspects of womanhood?
  8. I'm surprised no one has said this yet but I usually get the hardcover from my local library when it comes out ( need to get on the waiting list early!) to satisfy my need to read it and then buy the softcover when it comes out. I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks to get my hands on it and avoid the internet for a bit. Would prefer to digest it myself and not just race through it and hop online to fill my head with other people's ideas.
  9. Yes! Never seen someone else post this theory (though I admit I haven't trawled every one of these threads). I've always thought each iteration of the mount/treason/fire repetition reflected a different moment in Dany's character arc. The first three, as you say, all relate to the start of Dany's journey of self-discovery and becoming. The second three will probably all centre around the stuff about to go down, where Dany symbolically embraces her 'fire and blood' heritage. The third three will, again as you say, likely relate to her end game in Westeros. I thought that the fire to love could be the fire pit that adherents of R'hllor jump over when they get married. Also had thought the finally betrayal could be Dany's own betrayal of her dragons when she realises that they cannot exist in the kind of peaceful world she wants to building.
  10. Disagree with some of what people have mentioned. Can't imagine Brienne dying before Jaime to be honest! I always thought Brienne would be one of the end game survivors but I suppose she could end up biting in in the LSH encounter somehow, saving Pod and Jaime. Why would Brienne and Jaime be in a trial by combat though? And can you really imagine Jaime being so convinced of the worth of his own life that he would kill Brienne? Myrcella and Tommen pretty much have targets on their heads, and following their deaths Cersei will die at Jaime's hand. I think the jury is out on how Myrcella and Tommen die though, Myrcella is currently minus an ear so its more likely she'll die of infection than anything as I think Doran will try and keep her safe in the Water Gardens. Tommen seems most likely to die from an extreme case of Sand Snake, specifically Nym poisoning him. I think Theon's time is almost up too, mercifully, and can't see Victorian, Aeron or Euron surviving the WoW. I think Asha will be the only Greyjoy left standing. Hopefully the Boltons and the Freys will suffer extreme losses, though I have this feeling Walder Frey might out-live most of his heirs! Not sure I see Arya killing him tbh, think that was probably a show invention and not a particularly good reading on Arya's character. The Battle of Ice and the Battle of Fire are both going to have heavy losses so I agree that we may have a bit of character cull in those areas. I'm holding out for a bunch of the Martells and Sand Snakes surviving too. Darkstar is not gonna turn out to be some big badass who kills Areo and Obara and Balon. At least I will be headdesking if he does. I think Raff, Jojen and Shireen have all pretty much been confirmed/spoiled by the show right?