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  1. Poor Meera. Uncle Ben isn't very nice (But I love to see them together!)
  2. He will be again the Prince of Winterfell at least And I want to see her again. My "his lady and her prince"
  3. oooh! But why does he have the stupid eye-roll eyes
  4. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The first episodes I am traveling and visiting the Irish Island (though not Northern-Ireland) in real live so no season 7 needed then
  5. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The first promo Not sure why it calls promo? It doesn't really makes me want to watch the show But then I don't really care about Dany, Usurper Jon and Carol.
  6. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    Yeah but
  7. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I really don't agree with the first argument.
  8. Catholocism?

    I can affirm that. I do not think there are many really practicing Catholics here in Flanders although more than majority of the children does their communions and are being baptized, many have still a marriage in the Church, ... The Christian-Democrats have been traditionally strong in Flanders, and with Christian they mean Catholic. The biggest education organization in Flanders is the Catholic one, the biggest university is the Catholic one, ... And then Flanders is now less religious than Ireland, Poland, Austria, ... And the Catholic Church is very important factor of European cultural history: 1° Protestant groups started to exist (out of criticism) of the CC; 2° The Pope/Vatican had amazingly power during the ME and is still a country on itself; 3° The first universities were built by the Church in order to study theology and canon law; 4° Canon law is one of the main foundations of the current law systems in Germany, France, ... 5° How many art wasn't made by the commission of the Catholic Church? Personally I am not really fan of the Catholic Church as an institution (coverup of sexual abuse, long history of oppression, ...) Certainly not now but the current Pope. I was actually quite happy he was chosen at first because they described him as a progressive and he was also from South-America instead from Europe. But the more information I get from his policies the more annoyed I get. He said this week priests should the aid of exorcists when they cannot help people????? And he also is apparently completely ignoring the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: .
  9. German politics xth attempt

    I am not just sure the decision isn't made on an objective principle. The whole decision is influenced by the fact it is Erdogan And the Netherlands didn't really just disallow it. According to the minister-president there were intentions to hold a big public manifestation which had as result the public safety was threatened. The Dutch and Turkish government went then in dialogue together to try find a solution with the suggestion to hold the meeting in a consulate of embassy. But before they came to a solution, the Turkish government threatened with sanctions (like they almost always do ). And then the Dutch government didn't allow the minister to enter their country. He also says he isn't against meeting to inform people who can vote in Turkey. However those meetings cannot result in tensions in our own society and everyone wanting to hold a meeting should follow the guidance of the competent authority so that public order and public safety can be guaranteed (which the Turkish government refused to do)
  10. @Meera of Tarth http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/your-game-of-thrones-theories-are-probably-right_us_58c0598be4b0ed7182696adb
  11. German politics xth attempt

    The real irony is Erdogan himself calling the Netherlands a Nazi relic and fascist after all his own actions , like jailing journalists, banning the word "no" (hearing 'no' to many times would make the Turks vote "no" at the referendum which would grant him more power), silencing the opposition, ... Of course, the fact the Netherlands not allowing the Turkish minister to land in the Netherlands had to do with the fact there is an election next week in the Netherlands and Geert Wilders advocated not to allow him to speak in the Netherlands.
  12. Yep. I really love his take on Bran And he sounds really bright for his age. And his interviews are making me a little excited about the next season. I will be happy to see Isaac and Ellie back on screen
  13. Thanks for the interesting interview!
  14. Very interesting read, @ravenous reader, like always! I liked especially the part on the sable mantles of Bloodraven, Waymar and Euron. It reminds of some posts I read of Poor Quentyn on Euron. There is a very clear connection between Euron and Bloodraven. I believe it isn't unlikely Euron was one of earlier apprentice greenseers of Bloodraven. However there went probably something wrong with his education or rather Euron is just a psychopath (and one of the most disgusting persons in the books). Anyway it is also really interesting how Euron keeps talking about how many gods he killed and (spoiler TWOW) --- You can indeed say by making Euron wear this cloak Martin gives Euron a godlike appearance. However it is interesting that in the same part apart of this cloak Euron is also naked which do actually give him at the same a sort of vulnerability. When he talks about not being able to fly, his master, it is one of the very few moments Euron does show a little vulnerability. Personally I do associate this nakedness actually with the opposite of being a god: a human without any godlike powers. "The wind came gusting through the window and stirred his sable cloak." (The Reaver, AFfC) You can interpret this sentence as Bloodraven trying to interfere, namely show Euron is actually one big lie. While he might pretend to be a god, he isn't. He is a fraud. (don't forget Vic and Euron are here talking about being able to fly or rather not being able to fly). "There was something obscene and disturbing about his nakedness". Euron is a human, but a very sick and twisted human. You only need to read Aeron's chapters to see how twisted he is. Sometimes people are complaining about how boring Aeron is and how irritating his fanaticism is. But they actually forget his fanaticism is Aeron's way to feel himself strong again because Euron completely messed him up during his childhood. (Forsaken really made me see how strong and brave Aeron actually is. While all those Ironborns with all their weapons are bowing to Euron, Aeron keeps standing up against him). "Euron seated himself and gave his cloak a twitch, so it covered his private parts". While Euron keeps talking a game, it just really a facade. This facade where he keeps talking about being a god, is a cover for the fact there isn't one a godlike thing about him, just like Euron covers his private parts (his humanity) with a sable cloak (a skin - reference to the old gods). And Bloodraven is trying to take this sable cloak, the cover of his obscene and disturbing humanity away. Bloodraven wants to show Euron is one big fraud. Go Bloodraven! BTW you can also say the same thing about his eye patch. His eye patch is a red eye which is a reference to Bloodraven. However this is not really his eye. It is also a cover for his real eye which is dark, terrible and full of malice. He is again here using something godlike to cover his dark and terrible humanity full of malice. Which makes Euron a double fraud.
  15. US Politics: Papers, Please

    And we are still the record holder I think! How awesome are we! And we celebrated it with french fries. The Walloon-Flanders conflict is actually a big danger to the brexit negotiations. Some time ago we gave our regions (like Flanders, Wallonia) the competence to make treaties with (other) countries so long they also are (internal) competent for the subject matter of the treaty. The regions are competent for trade so both Wallonia and Flanders are actually the ones deciding if they do or doesn't agree with a treaty (and gains in this way a veto). While Flanders does have a huge interest in a good trade with the UK, Wallonia has a lot of less interests in a good trade agreement with UK. +/- 85 of the import/export with the UK-Belgium happens with the Flanders. I believe it is not unlikely Wallonia would believe some other things are more important than supporting the trade between UK and Belgium just like they did with CETA. Wallonia has a large number of people voting for socialists, ... but those people are more and more looking in the direction of the marxist party. It is said in the Flemish media the French-speaking socialists were actually being difficult during the CETA negotiations only for the reason to regain their voters (yeah, annoying 27 countries solely for national politics ). But sadly for them the French-speaking socialists lost those bonus points because of a huge scandal and are losing again their voters to the marxist party. So yeah, I believe they will be very difficult during the next trade agreement negotiations. The Walloon MP actually made last time even the Canadian Minister of Trade cry ... It would probably hoping for too much to see Trump cry after a meeting with the Walloons Who cares what Verhofstadt says? http://www.socialistsanddemocrats.eu/newsroom/sd-group-verhofstadt-s-new-political-somersault-grillo-berlusconi-one-week Wondering he actually asked his group if they do agree with that standpoint? Likely not. Haha, I just saw he was named the head-negotiator in the name of the European Parliament during the Brexit Negotiations. O my god. We are doomed... Why do the EU always have the tendency to give all those Belgian premiers who used to mean something but not any longer in Belgian politics some high post?