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  1. Those journalists of La Libre Belgique A Flemish Article by A Flemish Independentist Journalist describing the demonstration: https://doorbraak.be/50-000-catalanen-eisen-rechten-brussel/ Apparently one of the policeman said to him: "Disciplined and friendly people, and also very friendly towards us, the police. They can demonstrate every day!". I must say it is very weird if 45 000 Catalans can demonstrate without one incident while a group of 200 Belgians lead to riots
  2. In the metro
  3. I don't know. Personally I just saw a lot of yellow people walking with Catalan flags through the streets of Brussels. Almost the whole European district was inaccessible to cars, ... I did saw some videos of Catalans on the great market of Brussels. I also talked to some Catalans who wanted to know the way to some tourist attractions It is very extraordinary. And Catalan Firemen gave blood after the demonstration in Brussels!
  4. Yes. It is very good for our horeca. They have been staying over whole Belgium - or at least in Flanders and Brussels. The Catalan and the Flemish movement coworked together so that some Catalans could stay over with some Flemish people. A mayor of a town actually ensured (also financially) 100 Catalans could sleep in the youth hostel of the town (near Antwerp).
  5. ik, it is really an invasion! I work near central station so I see a lot of Catalan Protestors and some Flemish ones walking through our windows.
  6. I actually never really understood it, but Wallonia once tried to tax Flanders because all the water originates from Wallonia ? The whole issue lead to a famous arrest of our Constitutional Court saying you cannot tax the export of water because Belgium is an economic and monetary union. Anyway, it is just ridiculous to make an issue of water which flows naturally in a country. I thought this was just a regular case of Wallonia bullying Flanders. The opposite of course also happens. @Meera of Tarth I saw some of your country men today invading Brussels. They are quite visible with their flags and their yellow clothes.
  7. I think they were more scared about the fact the Belgian Court would say no. Puigdemont said he wanted to have a "real" judge decide his case - I think it is kind of ironic he came to Belgium for that - instead of a Spanish judge. Now Spain's decision ensures he actually does have to appear for a Spanish one (and it is only then after the Spanish Justice System made a decision he can go to the European Court of Human Rights).
  8. In my country, Belgium, the biggest conspiracy theories are about the Bende van Nijvel or Tueurs fous du Brabant or Brabant Killers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brabant_killers). A whole Dutch site with theories and possible suspects: http://bendevannijvel.com/ In the 80's there were several armed robberies on some supermarkets with several dead victims. The weird thing about those robberies was 1° the violence wasn't in proportion to what they robbed, 2° the robbers had apparently inside information on the actions of the police, 3° they have never really found the perpetrators even after almost forty years. The theories go about the involvement of the military police (only two months ago it was made public a military police man confessed on his death bed he was involved in the gang), manipulation by the government of the investigation, state terror, terror of the extreme right, sex parties, ... And this is just not anymore the Belgian public making conspiracies. Just in october our Minister of Justice said there was manipulation of the investigation. The same was also apparently said by some magistrates. And yesterday the lawyer of the family of the person who confessed, said that he told his co-workers that if he has an accident or commits suicide, he was actually murdered and didn't have an accident or committed suicide.
  9. And there is no longer an European Arrest Warrant anymore against Puigdemont and his friends. And very weirdly when the Belgian Court delayed again their verdict. It probably went not that easy enough in Belgium. I am kind of pissed now. Don't Spain know how much it costs a court procedure? And who will pay it? I and my fellow country men. Sigh.
  10. That will be fun for my public transport. I already got crazy last year during other protest against Trump. So much noise. If it is after four o'clock I might take a look . Anyway about our favorite EU MEP (who is completely forgetting he us actually representing the Flemish btw*): https://www.politico.eu/article/guy-verhofstadt-alde-alliance-of-liberal-democrats-and-everyone-else/amp/ * Today he is posting some tweets in French and English for the Paris attacks, but he couldn't even tweet something in Dutch to remember the Brussels attacks. It aren't the French or the English who voted him into that Parliament. But then he always have betrayed his voters. I think it is sad the whole atmosphere went that bad between the Catalan MEPS but I still amuse myself Guy is confronted with that situation. Poor Guy.
  11. Smaller but also present: https://twitter.com/jmterricabras/status/929688738510327809/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hln.be%2Fnieuws%2Fbinnenland%2Fruim-500-catalanen-betuigen-in-brussel-steun-aan-hun-regering~a3f815c55%2F%3Futm_medium%3Dtwitter%26utm_content%3DNieuws%26utm_source%3Ddlvr.it 500 people demonstrating in Brussels with some of your ministers present and supported by Flemish Lions and Walloon Roosters
  12. And his speech during de IJzerbedevaart - event where the Flemish Nationalists remember the death of the Flemish soldiers during the WOI - : http://www.lalibre.be/actu/politique-belge/crise-en-catalogne-jan-peumans-tire-a-boulets-rouges-contre-l-europe-lors-du-pelerinage-de-l-yser-5a06fd45cd707514e8b18c63
  13. @Meera of Tarth The First Citizen of My Region - Jan Peumans - is kind of amusing him himself (or rather is very pissed at the fact they put your President of the Catalan Parliament in prison and about what is happening the last two weeks in Catalonia). He apparently did the following things: - He invited the Spanish ambassador to diner- so he can say to him what he thinks about the situation: - He wrote a sms in Catalan to her to wish her good luck - he wrote a letter to Juncker he was not going to a certain event because Juncker refused to act in a mediate role between Catalonia and Spain. Go Peumans! https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2017/11/10/peumans---een-parlementsvoorzitter-opsluiten--dat-kan-ik-me-voor/
  14. Is that for allowing the vote in the parliament? I am not sure you can ever defend the fact this isn't a political prosecution. This is about the most important member of the legislative organ in whole Catalonia
  15. Interview of Puigdemont on the Flemish Broadcast https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2017/11/08/puigdemont-in-terzake/ In French with Dutch subtitles