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  1. It is the stress. It is probably not very easy to have a part of your country hating your guts Maybe he wants personally the independence of Catalonia. He would be finally free from all the stress.
  2. It was probably an accident ?
  3. You know more what happens in the Flanders than me
  4. @Meera of Tarth Puigdemont and his lawyer went to the opera of Gand to watch together Le duc d'Albe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_duc_d'Albe) on the invitation by the director. How symbolic LOL The Spanish diplomat was also invited but he wasn't apparently very interested to see the story of the duke of Alba.
  5. A letter to the two Jordi's - the two leaders of the independent movements who are still in prison by a one of the editors of an on-line magazine with sympathies towards Flemish (Independence) Movement: https://doorbraak.be/open-kerstgroet-aan-twee-europese-politieke-gevangenen/ It is in Dutch and in Catalan.
  6. I hope for Puigdemont he doesn't get the same punishment as the one who committed the coup by de Raad van Vlaanderen (that was a coup), August Borms He was firstly punished to death after the WOI because he collaborated with the Germans (and at the same time he declared against their wish Flanders independent). But a papal diplomate intervened saying Borms went only to Germany for visiting Flemish prisoners rather than discussing the collaboration. He was then prisoned for life. In the inter-bellum he was political active from prison. He refused early release because it would bar him from being electable for elections. He campaigned from jail. And during the WOII he was again involved in the collaboration. The German governor created an committee with as task to investigate the alleged atrocities committed by the Belgian government against the collaborators of WOI and distributing compensations. Borms was appointed to chair this body. And then after the WOII he was sentenced again to death penalty and he was finally executed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Borms
  7. It kind of remind me of what exactly happened 100 years ago. On the night of 22 and 23 december 2017 the Raad van Vlaanderen, a quasi-independent government existing of people of the Flemish movement, proclaimed the autonomy and the independence of Flanders. It was also done with the intention to force the German invaders who were then negotiating peace, not chose for a federal Belgium (https://doorbraak.be/de-staatsgreep-van-borms/). Or something like that. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raad_van_Vlaanderen) Happy Birthday Declaration of Independence decided by some 50 people! How democratic But then I actually think there was not a lot of democracy then in Belgium because we were under German rule. A lot of them were also arrested and imprisoned. But they were not prosecuted for rebellion but rather for the fact they collaborated with the German invaders.
  8. I must say it is indeed all very confusing. Our president of the Flemish Nationalist Party (Puigd's friends who are housing him in Sint-Pauwels ) said Puigd and his government actually only wanted to achieve with the referendum as something to force Spain during the negotiations. I think we all can agree that was a miscalculation.
  9. And saying the Spanish State lost ... doesn't sound that conciliatory.
  10. The weirdest thing is that they still the second biggest party IIRC. The first one (Flemish Nationalists Party N-VA had 29 %. What is happening during the polls. Vote from the Flemish Nationalists Party are going back to the Extreme Right Party who were been decimated but now have again 10 % (the more radical Flemish Nationalists are going back to the Extreme Right Party because they think N-VA is too soft on Flemish issues). But they are gaining more than the N-VA are loosing. So the N-VA are now getting (even more) votes which used to go to the Christen-Democrats. The Christen-Democrats used to fight for Flemish interests - which why I voted for them in 2014 - but now not anymore. Supporting Rajoy really doesn't get you the support of flemish nationalist voters. I still don't understand why they should be punished. For example: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/catalonia-referendum-election-pep-guardiola-manchester-city-investigation-spanish-police-support-a8123906.html In my eyes it is a witch hunt. This is prosecuting people for their political opinion. Nothing more. I think I said it before: 1984!
  11. I heared the Spanish are planning to prevent Puigdemont from entering Catalonia. I am still of the opinion the EU have been and are making huge mistakes during the last years regarding the crisis in Catalonia. You either interfere in all MS or you don't. You don't make that decision dependant on which European Political Party the government leader belongs to. Otherwise you might show the moral bankruptcy of the Union and that it is time to return the Nobel Prize of Peace. Some days ago our EU Commissionar Marianne Thyssen said the Catalan Leaders deserves to be in prison because they broke the law. (Of course excluding Catalans I think) nobody on the world expect people in Flanders complains about this. First, this person represents the EU which itself claims to be a beacon of liberty. Second, I kind of felt sick when I heard this. Third, it is very hilarious to hear a Belgian politician saying politicians should be prosecuted because they acted against the law. It is almost a national sport and several Belgian state reforms (which were under the leadership of her party IIRC) were unconstitutional . Four, is she now actually not offending her own constituants, the Flemish people ? Five, Her party's position - the only Flemish one standing clearly on Rajoy's side. Long live the EPP! - ensured her party is been reduced to a low 14% which is kind of a disgrace for a christendemocrat party in the traditional catholic Flanders. Congrats ... Her party certainly lost one vote. And I actually voted for someone who didn't became Premier because Thyssen had to become member of the EU Commission. Ugh. I hate all that behind doors politics.
  12. I just read there might be a problem with the majority of the independentists: 8 of the elected people (like Puigdemont) don't have any right to vote because they are been prosecuted for rebellion. This is of course the legal view More political view: politicians who were elected for their separatist views are being prosecuted for their separatist actions and have been now reelected because by the people of Catalonia for those actions. I am starting to get a headache.
  13. Message from our Minister-President (Flanders) KRLS is Puigdemont
  14. Haha. I might be wrong but the elections didn't solve anything I think? It only made Rajoy and Guy and his Cit Friends .
  15. Those journalists of La Libre Belgique A Flemish Article by A Flemish Independentist Journalist describing the demonstration: https://doorbraak.be/50-000-catalanen-eisen-rechten-brussel/ Apparently one of the policeman said to him: "Disciplined and friendly people, and also very friendly towards us, the police. They can demonstrate every day!". I must say it is very weird if 45 000 Catalans can demonstrate without one incident while a group of 200 Belgians lead to riots