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  1. I just want to clarify that when I say Bran is a jerk/asshole/whatever now, I just mean that he comes off that way because he's now the three eyed raven and not Brandon Stark, Lord of Winterfell. I don't think he actually IS those things. His change is understandable. However, I have two gripes about his behaviour: 1. He didn't really die in the cave, because he was acting normally with both Benjen and Meera after that point, basically until he got to Castle Black. He more died at the Night's Watch's heart tree. 2. Bloodraven (or whoever the hell he was meant to be on the show, he clearly wasn't Brynden Rivers) was none of those things. He was courteous and patient. If I had to invent a reason for Bran being a robot when Old Man Weirnet wasn't is because if Old Man Weirnet is anything like Bloodraven, he had the chance to gradually become the 3ER. Bran was normal while he was slowly learning, but having to absorb everything in a minute probably broke him in a way. Of course, that doesn't explain why he acted normal for a while after uploading everything, but the writing is never consistent these days and overlooks important little details as a matter of course. The other contributing factor might be the loss of Summer and Hodor. We know he loved both Summer and Hodor with all his heart. He knows they died because of him and that too could contribute to his mind breaking We all know that when a Stark is separated from their Direwolf, either by death or distance, bad things happen. It could be that if Summer hadn't made that totally unnecessary sacrifice and Bran still had him, he'd have more humanity because his bond with Summer should have transcended even being the 3ER. Of course, that's looking into things too deeply for the show. The death of Bran's Bran-ness has been acknowledged by Meera, and thus the show will move on with no further examination of the issue (to borrow from Preston Jacobs).
  2. Jaime is definitely going to survive, they will make a much bigger deal of his death when it eventually happens. I doubt he's even going to be captured, honestly. Somehow they'll drift downstream and make it out without being caught. I guess plot armor doesn't weigh too much, I honestly believe that Jaime will be instrumental in Cersei's demise (they're certainly not killing Jaime without him turning on her), and the reason they left out the valonqar prophecy is because they want it to be a massive surprise. Also, would have been tricky to explain the meaning of the word valonqar without Cersei's inner monologue.
  3. I forgot to add that Bran is a massive asshole now. I mean, we knew 'saw you got raped, you looked hot though' was bad but it turns out that now he can't even be kind to Meera, who he was acting normal with up until he crossed south of the wall, I have to point out. Meera better be bringing her dear dad into the game, I love her and don't want her to just vanish, plus everyone is dying for Howland Reed (who I have no doubt will be minimised if not outright erased from the show). I wish that, I really do. Bran is in love with her in the books but she's considerably older and clearly sees him as her liege lord and the super important seer/warg/future 3ER. In the show, despite the fact that he was also considerably younger (I think he was 9 or 10 initially) it seems more like Meera is in love with him. Him wanting to protect her would be sweet and in line with the books but this is the show, and everything is exactly what it seems. He's just a dick now. Funny how BR managed to be polite and human, but Bran's just above it all. One thing that made me super happy was the Dothraki bowmen. I said to my husband 'Dothraki learn to use a bow on horseback as soon as they can ride, it would sure be handy for them to have some archers right now' and a couple of minutes later they appeared. My husband and I both cringed through Dragonstone though. Christ, why have they reduced Davos to a Dany x Jon shipper? Does anyone actually really want to see show Dany with show Jon? They're going to have the most deadpan, monotone sex ever.
  4. Totally agree. There's no way Dany is getting her hands on Bronn and Jaime. I have to admit that despite having read the spoilers I was worried for Bronn, which actually meant I felt something for a character for the first time since about season 4. That was nice. Apart from the Dragonstone parts I enjoyed the episode. I thought it was a bit ridiculous that the archers were aiming for the dragon and not the rider (although that seems to be a recurring thing in Targaryen history), and that Bronn was tasked with manning the scorpion instead of chopping through the Dothraki, and of course Dany's an idiot for deliberately burning the grain she was supposed to feed her army with but overall I enjoyed it, certainly more than any episodes from S5 and 6. Oh, and Arya beating Brienne was awful. If I never read the word 'badass' again in relation to Arya it will be way too soon. I think it was a bit anticlimactic how LF just handed the dagger to Bran, who handed it to Arya. I know there's definitely going to be payoff with him giving her the dagger but the previews made it seem like it might be more interesting than that.
  5. Oh god please let Bronn survive this
  6. Arya is better than Brienne now? Is she literally the best fighter in Planetos?
  7. And now to the island of monotones
  8. Poor Meera. I hope Bran never becomes a creepy jerk in the books. BR seemed pretty BR-ish in the books.
  9. I'm worried about Bronn too
  10. That was kind of anticlimactic until now
  11. ..Maybe don't creepily recount her rape to her, Bran?
  12. The Lord of Winterfell returns... well, Bran does.
  13. I was expecting way worse from Cersei. Is the poison the one Oberyn used on the Mountain?
  14. Through the magic of that horseshit Ned mentioned, I believe. I don't even know if Euron had more than one ship. If it were just the Silence I guess sneaking up would be achievable. Why the hell did Euron ram the flag ship and then board it. Isn't it just going to sink and take down his men too? I like battles in GoT but this was about as well thought out as twenty good men. Apparently lookouts don't exist anywhere in Planetos.
  15. Now that the episode has had time to sink in: After the Arbor Gold thing I'm not surprised that they overlooked the fact that Greyscale deadens sensation. Like, shouldn't that stone skin not have feeling since the first sign of infection is a loss of feeling in the extremities that works its way inward? His case is pretty advanced. I get that Sam was removing chunks of skin, but based on the books I'd have thought he wouldn't have felt it nearly to that degree. It was like Jaime when Qyburn removed the putrefied flesh on Jaime's arm, only Jaime was allowed to scream and also had milk of the poppy. George has already said that you don't create a massive wolf pack without there being payoff, so if it's in the show it must be really important since they love to leave out the Direwolves at any given opportunity. Pretty sure the whole point was just to remind the viewers that Nymeria is alive and a thing, since there are no Arya wolf dreams to do that. As I previously mentioned, I hate Grey Worm/Missandei. I can't cope with the aging up of child characters so they can have sex. It was cathartic to see the Sand Snakes go down (serves Nym right for using a whip on a ship), but I don't think I'll be able to enjoy Cersei torturing 'Ellaria', because her torture methods are too extreme. I don't want to see any more Mountain rape. I also like Yara/Asha (in spite of the stupid thrown in lesbian thing) and don't want to see her subjected to Cersei. Speaking of Yara - they had her fight with a sword? I think her suckling babe would object to that. Her whole thing is axes and they gave her a damn sword. As other people have said, why the hell did Dany wait until Dragonstone to bring up Varys' loyalty? Didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. I did actually like the Hot Pie scene and the battle, although I wish it was a bit better lit. I'm looking forward to the next episode.