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  1. Your analysis has me reading and re-reading the chapter and seeing everything in a completely different light. It seems far more plausible to me that Arya is actually working under the parameters set by the FM than what I'd originally thought, which was that she was just disobeying orders. I try not to overanalyse the material but by doing so I sometimes don't delve in far enough.
  2. We know Jojen will die though, the book all but explicitly say Jojen will meet his end when he gets back home to Greywater. It's a long journey back to the Neck so it's possible his death won't happen until ADOS, although the book sort of seems to be foreshadowing him being wrong about his green dreams always coming true so who knows. We know Shireen, Raff, Hodor and Aenys are either dead or going to die so no prediction is necessary for them. I'll try to go into detail about why/how people will die. We didn't lose too many people in AFFC/ADWD and winter has come so there are going to be heavy casualties. Tommen and Myrcella will certainly die, we know that due to the prophecy. I think Myrcella will be a casualty of either the Dornish plot or FAegon. I could see Tommen dying in front of Cersei with her being unable to stop it and that being a catalyst for her to go berserk with Wildfire, wiping out all of the Tyrells in KL along with the Sparrows and a whole lot of innocent people. I think FAegon will die and when he does, JonCon will soon follow. I can see FAegon getting cocky, screwing up and being captured as a traitor (perhaps alongside JC). That would lead to both of them being executed or if only FAegon is captured JC will feel he's failed Rhaegar all over again and either do a suicidal charge or straight-up kill himself. There is no way JC will live - FAegon can't succeed, he can't deal with the guilt of 'being responsible' for the death of his beloved Rhaegar's son and he feels he's doomed because of the greyscale anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if Ramsay died in Winds because he's never going to flip and aid in the fight against the Others and he's nowhere near the threat level of the Long Night. He was the major villain of the North but the wights are going to invade and that would make him meaningless in comparison, so he's got to go. I feel like the Northern Conspiracy will finally bear fruit with him. I don't think he'll be killed or captured because of the battle with Stannis, though. I definitely believe more people will die than the ones I've mentioned but I can't really give solid hows and whys so I'm not going to bother listing them. They've more or less all been covered by other people's lists anyway. I don't think it's Cersei or Jaime's time quite yet. Beyond that I'm not really certain of anything.
  3. She was definitely stabbed more than once. She was slashed, stabbed twice and then the second stab was twisted for good measure. A great way to ensure death when you stab someone in the abdomen is to twist. I'm cynical so I think they just had Pycelle stabbed because it was meant to be one of those 'omg they did the thing from the books!' moments. Qyburn seemed almost apologetic for his death (much like Varys and Kevan) and I don't think he decided to stab him independently, although nothing would surprise me. There's no reason for him to die like that instead of in the sept unless she wanted him to suffer other than to make it a book reference/shocking death scene.
  4. I saw it in EB Games a week or so ago and wanted to buy it but I held off. I'm still tempted though.
  5. I'm not even sure the name is relevant. They might not have said it precisely because it doesn't matter what he was named, he's Jon, son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. I don't believe he's legitimate personally, but whether you think he's a Targ because there was a secret marriage or a Snow (or more accurately, a Sand), the point is that he identifies as Jon. If he'd been named something Targ-y I very much doubt he'd suddenly be claiming it for two reasons. One, it would be out of character and two it would be super confusing for show casuals if he suddenly stopped being Jon and started being Aejon Targaryen or whatever. It is a TV show, first and foremost.
  6. With Mel being forced South and Arya making her way North, I think it's likely they'll meet up - Mel did say as much way back in the second or third season - and it's possible Arya might kill her, especially if she finds out about the shit Mel has done (and I don't really see Mel hiding it these days). Obvious Cersei will bite it, but I think they'll be keeping her in as long as they possibly can because she's a great human villain and they clearly love Lena. I expect Jaime will shortly follow, which sucks but since Jaime hasn't been Jaime since season 3 it's not as bad as if we were losing bath Jaime (for me, at least). I think they'll need to dispose of most if not all of the human villains (so that means Littlefinger too) and focus the final part of the show on the second war for the dawn or the battle of ice and fire or whatever it's going to be called.
  7. People keep saying this as if it's 100% confirmed. It's not confirmed that Robb legitimised Jon, it's a theory based on the content of the text. Why does the Targ line actually have to be continued? Sometimes lines are extinguished, it's not beyond the realm of possibility but nobody ever considers it might happen. I find it really unlikely Jon will identify as a Targaryen rather than a Stark. Dany could have bastards or even adopt children and then legitimise them herself if she were the queen, just like Aegon the Unworthy did. It's not a huge issue.
  8. I think my favourite D&D improvement this season is how kinslaying is totally fine now. 'No man is as accursed as a kinslayer' - many, many characters in ASOIAF. Kinslaying is badass!
  9. Thank you - I was going to say it myself. The majority of paralegic men certainly can father children. I get tired of seeing the factually incorrect 'Bran definitely can't father children' argument. I think it's quite possible that Jon will become legitimised and be the one to carry on the Stark line while Bran becomes the next 3ER or something (I can also definitely see Bran dying as a possibility), since it doesn't really matter whether it's Jon or Bran (or Rickon in the books) who carries on the Stark name. Somebody will, no doubt, even though the show LOVES to kill off entire houses (branches be damned).
  10. That's why I asked if it was supposition or canon, I didn't think it had ever been explicitly stated in the text. I suppose Robb had the power to legitimise him since he was the KotN and only kings can legitimise people so it's quite possible. It would make more sense to me than Jon deciding he's a Targ after finding out about his parentage. He's always wanted so badly to be a Stark. I certainly hope seeing Wun Wun helps convince the Northern lords that the army of the undead are a thing. I could see them making the Northern lords obtuse and skeptical in the show just for the sake of the big reveal though.
  11. I just don't remember it ever being definitively stated that Robb named Jon as his heir. I remember Cat and Robb discussing wills and I remember the Northern Lords being summoned to sign an important document prior to the RW but I don't remember the text actually confirming it was a legitimisation for Jon.
  12. One of the first things to happen in AGOT is Cat asking Ned about Jon's mother and Ned refusing to tell her and in fact warning her to never ask him again. If she knew he was a Targ bastard she wouldn't need to worry so much about him trying to take Winterfell. Her concern was based on him being Ned's son. If he's Lyanna's son he doesn't have the same claim that the eldest son of Ned would (even if he's a bastard). She was afraid of a Blackfyre situation.
  13. For people saying 'they totally could have got a black-haired baby if they'd wanted to, the blonde hair must mean something' - no. Casting for babies is really a huge pain in the ass. Their priority would have been looking for a baby with parents who were agreeable to the filming schedule. GOT often casts parts on very short notice so as to keep the casting low-key. It's completely possible they cast a baby with dark hair but the baby didn't work out - babies can't be controlled. Sometimes they'll show up on the day of filming and cannot be used in filming because they're sick or won't stop fussing/screaming/crying. It could be the kid they used wasn't their first choice. As many people have pointed out, hair colour can change dramatically between babyhood and even childhood. I had coal black hair as a baby and now it's a medium reddish brown, for instance. A lot of newborns have blue eyes and that can change in the span of a few weeks. Unless the baby had silver-gold hair and purple eyes (and it didn't) the hair colour is almost certainly irrelevant. The baby had the same colour eyes as Jon. The shot of the baby faded into a shot of Jon. It's not rocket science. I really strongly disagree that Rhaegar wouldn't have the KG guard Lyanna unless Jon was a prince of the blood. I think it's fairly clear they're following Rhaegar's orders to the end, honour before reason. They're his friends and clearly feel more beholden to him than Aeyrs. If Dany's visions in the HotU are accurate and Rhaegar believed that Jon was the PWWP that would be more than enough reason to have them guard Jon, as well as the fact he surely knew Lyanna didn't want to be with Robert and that Robert would force Lyanna to marry him and kill Jon too. I think thematically it would be a poor choice to have Jon turn out to not be a bastard when his whole story is about him coming to terms with being a bastard and his place in the world. Not to mention plural marriages really didn't happen with Targs outside of incestuous unions and so the whole marriage thing would be logistically awkward. Just my personal opinion, not looking for a debate.
  14. I think that the show didn't quite think this through and so we're trying to apply logic to something that doesn't actually have logic behind it. If D&D want to do it, they do it. If Jon becomes the actual KotN in the books I'm sure it will be much more thoroughly explained and we will learn more about the KitN title itself. IF it happens in the books. I wouldn't be shocked if this was a 100% show thing.
  15. I loved the library and also the establishing shot of Oldtown with those hundreds of white ravens being sent out.